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DVDs "Structural-Fascia" Stretching Method & Exercises
& Complete Hands-on Structural Bodywork 2-hr Mini-Courses
Helps individuals including with my 1 to 1 phone coaching & structural analysis
Individuals' Customized for YOU, Self-Help Mini-Courses & Specific Fixes
Is Also a Complete Therapist Training How to - stroke by stroke
Includes In-Depth E-books, Informative CDs, Phone/Skype & Video Training from Lou

Fast, Significant Back, Pain, Tightness & Stress Removal
Very Clear DVDs - I also Take You through it for YOUR Body (& Clients)
My CD explanations give you understanding, & a tightness-back-fix "system"
Use even in Clothes at work, at the car, as part of your Workouts & on-site
Increases Benefits of Yoga & Massage - More length, faster than typical Methods

This fascia lengthening METHOD Improves your other stretching.
Teaches you a lot in stretching
that most people do not do
Teaches you how to combine
hands-on with stretching for even better results.

FREE Initial 1+ hr Phone or Skype session Proves it works in YOUR body.
        Includes analyzing your structure & instructing you just what to do.
  Stretching & Hands-On DVDs Info Page
     DVDs Include 1-to-1 phone-video Initial & ongoing support
structural analysis & coaching from Lou

I received the DVD's on Saturday - they're perfect !
So easy to follow, and so informative
Months of chiropractic and massage therapy did nothing
to affect change the way this has.
Ms LZ, Phoenix ,Arizona, even from initial 1 hr.

Last night's 1-hour phone stretching session worked incredibly well.
  It helped the tightness in my shoulder & scapula muscles,
& the crackling in my neck has subsided greatly.
I learned some great new stretches &, I want to mention,
that I've tried Hot-Bikram Yoga which helps,
but your stretching program is better,
Karen S., Newspaper reporter

Even a week later,
the long term pain I'd removed from my right side and low back,
from just the first part of DVD 1, are still gone.
Health Educator

Includes do-it-yourself Bodywork 1 & 2 hr Mini-courses
You learn how to do bodywork with Lou on the phone, too.
That and the mini courses on DVD  work for
You on yourself  -  For you to others you know -  For Family/Friends to you
         & For local Massage Therapists to treat you
Can be done by you, on your body, thru clothes, even at work
        or while watching TV, in the car, or lying in bed.  5-30 mins at a time.
Along with your stretching 5-30 mins at a time    at home & at the car, etc
Results last for days and then even weeks and longer.

Teaches professionals with Easy-to-learn 2-hr courses
     Immediate capability for
     Therapists, Trainers, Doctors, Nurses, Acupuncturists
      --- include parts (incl back & neck) in massage -chiro -nursing

Get Single DVD or up to 7 hrs DVDs --- all include Info CDs & Big E-Books
---talk directly with Lou about what's best for you
---big price discount on 4 & 5 DVD sets.

     I used to have a lot of low back pain from cycling.
Each time I'd cycle the pain would get worse.
Now I do these stretches before I cycle and
no longer have the pain.
Health Food Cafe Assistant Manager

Lou's stretching has taken away my many year's ongoing neck pain
& severe tightness, that nothing else did.  J
ust the wrong turn or tweak
& it would be in great pain for 2 weeks at a time.

Lou's method of stretches also made me stronger.
Before, I couldn't add any bulk from working out.

By now stretching the way these DVDs teach, I can relax the muscles,
& actually added an inch to my arms in just 2 months.
Retired Railroad Brakeman, Conductor, Supervisor

Improves Yoga lengthening & makes it easier to do
Produces longer Pilates stretches
 Why the body becomes hard to stretch       Free Article   STRETCHING TIPS
11 Ways Structural Integration Bodywork     Free Article   Increases Yoga Benefits

Louís Str Int "Bodywork" put my mind and awareness more into my body.
I can also get into more positions easier and they stretch further.

Ms JM, Certified Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist,
 Professional Dancer

I invited Lou to teach Structural Integration "Stretching" at my yoga classes. 
It helped us stretch noticeably further, & also increased our body-mind awareness.
Mr CL, age 81, Yoga Teacher for 50 years,
Studied Primarily with Swami Vivekananda of Australia,
who was also a medical doctor and psychiatrist.

I saw more effective ways to do the stretching positions I was already doing
and I saw ways to stretch areas I never stretch.  And I stretch daily

Long Term Senior Athlete and Personal Trainer, age 60
     including PNF Stretching Certified.

Relengthens muscle systems and fixes misalignment - FAST
It Lasts, because the actual tissue, the fascia surrounding the muscle fibers, is lengthened. 
And the legs leaning forward with torso-back leaning back, is straightened.  Both improvements are what cure many people's lower back pains. 

Structural Integration Bodywork  This Method is Based On -- 
Many Free Articles & Testimonial


I am much better after the exercises. haven't done stretches for a while,
but am still pain free. thanks!!!
Grace Canlas Reyes, Nurse, Australia

The Bodywork one to one DVD coaching
     is an easy-to-learn Hands-on Method that
    you, family & friends can add to stretching for better results - in minutes
    and that massage therapists and nurses can learn how to do easily

Teaches you how to re-lengthen interconnected muscles' tightness, too,
      that are causing the local problems    GREAT for CHIROPRACTORS
      AND  How to make your other stretches do more - with the fascia lkengthening
           method that lengthens whole lines of muscles thru your body.
      Makes you stand more upright automatically, right away, and easier
           while you feel looser, longer, & have more muscular power

Educates Massage & other therapists in more effective, faster & longer
    lasting loosening, pain removal, & immediate performance improvement.

     Structural Integration Bodywork  This Method is Based On -- Many Free Articles & Testimonial
How Structural Integration Bodywork is different from &  Benefits Massage   Benefits Chiropractic

---- Getting your own Professional Structural Integration Bodywork?
Increase the results from those Sessions --- Lou tells you how ---
            & then use these tools as effective long term maintenance at home
---- For the cost or 1/2 cost of a single Str Int Bodywork hour "step,"
          you get hours of my Instruction, including 1-to-1 phone-Skype & Video DVDs
          you can learn from & use every day - Plus Informative Detailed Ebooks.

          See  Background & Training of Lou Gross

I've had long term pain all over, & recently got 10 sessions of Rolfing (r)
I also now get trigger point therapy & chiropractic, so most of the pains are gone.
Yet my neck is still sore and my deep muscles are still tight.

    Lou analyzed my structural photos & explained how I still have
a big zig zag & indentation in my lower back, with my neck sticking forward. 
& this misaligned shape is part of the inner tightness I feel.

Even though I'd already gotten these good treatments, when I then
did Lou's Stretching DVD #1, I felt so much lighter & even straighter.

Adding Lou's "Bodywork Stretching Method" to the
Structural Integration Bodywork, ie"Rolfing (r), I'd gotten, has helped already.
And having had the Bodywork enables THIS stretching to create
the increased looseness, muscle length & alignment, on my own.
They help each other, & I hadn't known a LOT more Str Int could, & should, be done,
beyond the first 10-12 hours of the Standard Rolfing (r) Basic Series.
Computer Operator

You learn about  your Body -- how it's "constructed" to lengthen
     - How a muscle works, tightens, & can be made to stay longer again.
     - How all the body's muscles are interconnected.
Then, how to do it --- the areas, the sequence, the method.
Method pt 1   Method pt 2 - The Structural Integration Bodywork System
Fixing Accumulated Shortness Ė How shortness all over the body decreases physical and athletic performance and creates chronic pains,
HOW OUR STRUCTURES WORK - & Why We Have Problems -  Chapter excerpts from the Back Fix Bodywork book

Besides demonstrating & explaining the actual stretches,
Lou explains, for the average person to follow,
WHY we want to do them to help ourselves
& HOW the body can be made to work a lot easier,

And most other stretching videos don't explain like this.
Office Worker , Avid Social Dancer

I learned some new things from this video that I've now incorporated
in my own yoga practice, especially the technique of how to get more length
by taking my attention into the muscles and spreading the fascia.
I also learned new positions in order to lengthen more of my structure.

Co-Director, Yoga Shakti Residential Country Mission, Florida

---- Has Consistently Improved over other methods
           including Internet advertised famous ones with weights, a "robot"
           & sitting down stretches.   They miss sufficient Fascia & Alignment understanding.
  ---- Has also helped people use those techniques more effectively
           to get a lot longer lengthening, faster, using this fascia spreading method
          & applying it to the many areas your body needs to lengthen & stay long.
          See section 5  below,  then read sections 2 & 3 below

Please Read This informative Section 1, especially parts 2 & 3 & 5
See more Info
-- Most Popular Requests BRIEF Section Below - & - on DETAILED DVD INFO Page
      -- Consult-Analysis Intro -- Stretching & Hands-on How-to Videos
      -- Stretching & HANDS-ON DVDs - big Info Page
Email and phone Lou with brief Description of your condition
      -- A "structure" checklist - what info to provide Lou
-- Stretching Tips Article

Order Immediately OK   Buy Now Button
And get free coaching-consults & personal Structural Analysis later
Even people with tight legs, stress & back pain can use the DVDs right away.
since the CDs & DVDs have detailed Instructions & Demos.
& the Ebooks give detailed, easy to understand explanations
Right column Website Menu sect 3    Books w/Download Links

Or Email & Speak with Lou first
Free No-obligation Initial Phone or Email Structural Analysis
& long Free Stretching fix-instruction
    A "structure" checklist for your emails & tel interview - what info to provide Lou

Your own Structural analysis & Coached Stretching Session
   proves that it works for you   &   Teaches how to do this Well.
   (before you buy if you want - or after - plus ongoing tune-up help)

With DVDs You get 2-1/2 hrs of CD ROMS instructions & a 17 page write-up
  --- Describe how to use the stretches for overall & specific common conditions
  --- Gives the latest stretching improvements
           & an improved sequence of stretches method.
Plus another detailed write-up describing
           how different body areas & stretches help each other area.
If you only try it on your own & get shallow results
    Lou will still coach you in detail
     how to do it better, including deeper & more thoroughly throughout the Body

You can learn how to improve your structure & other people's too
CDs 1 & 2 describe FIXES as I have done in person & on the phone many times:
the fascia, bunching up, interconnected shortness & basic imbalance problems
   & how the Structural Integration Bodywork & Fascial-Alignment Stretching works.

See - Professional Bio Page - Lou Gross
I did over 20,000 hours Professional Hands-on over many years.
Now I have perfected a remote how-to method that I can teach you
   with phone instruction,
DVDs, CDs, Free Website Articles & Detailed E-books.
--- Includes Stretching, Hands-on, Body Structure Nutrition &
        In-Depth Knowledge  
--- Proven over 20 years in-person,  & now for a reasonable cost


--- First, what it does, who it's for
--- Then details of the method just below
               especially sections 2 & 3 below

See more Info -- in Most Popular Requests Section Below - & - on detailed DVD INFO Page
  --- Consult-Analysis -- Stretching & Hands-on How-to Videos Intro
  --- Stretching & HANDS-ON DVDs Info Page
Email Lou with brief description of your condition  --  even right away
  --- A "structure" checklist for your emails & tel interview - what info to provide Lou

Personal Improvements for Yourself, Family & Athletics
Unique Very Effective Stretches, use any time daily & after workouts to restore flexibility
   --- & use your existing stretches Better  - More length - easier
   --- & combine with mine, knowledgeably,  for more areas stretched, & stretched further
Helps at Computer work & car driving in 1-3 minutes 
For many testimonials
See DVD Info Page

Fix Pain, Remove Stress, Use as Quality Time
First 1-hr of DVD-4
   shows How to do Bodywork in a chair thru clothes on,
    for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms & Hands, Head & Face
    while watching TV or at the office etc
even use parts for 5-10 minute "refreshment" to co-workers or family before supper.

This Stretching Method
Immediately increases results from
   chiropractic, massage, yoga, athletics physical therapy stretching
   & even professional Structural Integration Bodywork.
Enables chiropractors to get more in & keeps vertebrae in longer

Easily used as Complete Therapist Mini-Courses
Practitioner Testimonials of how the DVDs helped them learn & treat Clients

Includes Chair & Table Full Body - 2-hr courses.
Also Self Bodywork Hands-on, including Arms
   With specific area & overall body & Back - Leg fix
   Self & Client loosening & lengthening stretches
2-hr for Back Fix, Stress, Overall Body & Structural Alignment
includes 1-hr chair Bodywork - can also select key areas to combine in your massages
2-hr especially for Pelvis & even Deep Legs - Runners, Dancers, Seniors
1-hr Overall Self-Bodywork on yourself Head, Torso, Legs, Even Arms
Show clients how to help themselves - demos & explains what to do
2-hrs of Stretches to select for increasing massage & Str Integration Benefits
Rejuvenates the therapist between sessions - Gives clients something to take home

Helpful for chiropractors, trainers, yoga teachers, nurses & sports medicine MD's
Helps Coaches prevent injuries & increase speed, flexibility & range of motion.
Yoga & Stretching are easier for people to do & it goes further
Lou will tell you how to use them FOR YOURSELF
AND to increase results for your profession & patients.
Call or email Lou         Order DVDs with CDs &Ebooks Packages
A "structure" checklist - what info to provide Lou

Quick results & fairly easy to learn
   Long lasting, cumulative, significant results.
   Comfortable, even fun to do.
On DVDs Lou Demo's & Explains each step of everything - one-to-one
   Including the Unique Hands-on technique I Developed.
   Every Hands-on stroke in each location.
   Why we do the areas *& what improvements they give.
   I continue to help you free,  by phone & email, after you get the DVDs, CDs, Ebooks & Info

Shows coaches & trainers how to do hands-on,
   even some at events, as I have done, for a championship track team
Increases Athletic Performance right away
Provides ongoing loosening maintenance as well as fixing things by itself.

--- Helps Coaches Improve their Athlete's Performance.
--- Reduces & eliminates tightness & pain,
        noticeably more than just massaging & much more long lasting.
--- Reduces chance of pulling a muscle
         because many interconnected muscles - are relengthened a lot.
--- Increases range of motion, agility, power, endurance, & accuracy of movements

I was the Bodywork Expert for the best Jr College Track Team in California .
I helped Olympic Athletes & College coaches
       Over 20 Olympic Athlete, College coaches & trainer,
       6 Recreational 10K & Marathon runners.

Restores flexibility & length after Aerobics, Weight work, Running, Dance
Relieves tightness from car rides, computer & desk work
   - usually fast & easy
A lot can be done, after workouts even at home, or next day

Works in wheelchairs -- work/street clothes --Track-Gym-Health Club
Works if done a few mins a few times a day  - `after Driving, Computer work, Gardening,
and - as a full 30-60 min routine
Stress Reduction happens in minutes

Fixes Backs & Pains,
   at the same time it makes people more flexible & relaxed
   than they've been in a long time.
Back Pain & Muscle Tightness are often very fixable, & much easier than people think
Bodywork Testimonials   Back Pain & Tightness   Other Pain & Tightness Removal   Seniors

Not just a back pain reliever,
  but a whole body lengthening, loosening
  & muscle-group organizing  ---  for better & easier --- body movement.

 "I didn't know you could fix the back
     even without touching the back."

            from two Massage Therapy Class Students where
            I gave a guest class at Kaiser University on the Stretching
            & the Hands-on for fixing back pain & tightness.

See Lou describe fascia spreading - alignment stretching  on You Tube 
louis gross structural integration
From the actual Stretching DVDs

See - Professional Bio Page - Lou Gross


Simple to understand - Very informative
Just read down or skip thru these sections

1.    Free Personal analysis & Stretch coaching Session.                               
2.     Unique METHOD of  Fascia, Interconnected & Alignment stretches.                     
3.     WHY does it give better results    How my stretching actually works           
        & how ADDING self help Bodywork or from a friend or local massage therapist
IMPROVES the stretching results quickly & more what you're wanting       
4.    Discount packages of DVDs w/CDs & E-Books  &   BUY NOW Button   
Jump down on this page -- to Sale packages & Buy Now Button               
Price Discounts Available for low income folks                                                             
5.     Improves on other stretching                                                                                     
What many stretching approaches do insufficiently                                    
            THIS does the needed additional areas & the fascia lengthening        
&  improved chiropractic ability                                                                        
   How DVD Mini-courses Teach & Help Bodyworkers                         
            & how they can teach a local massage therapist  how to do it on you                
       --- also see Trainings Page                                                                                 
7.     Descriptive Links to on-site articles                                                                         

For even more details after you read this page's info
 Jump to --- Big DVD Video Info Page
On that page, Especially choose the link selections  for
Jump to the Heart of the Matter,
& What's on each DVD.

See also more Info Below -- in Most Popular Requests
      Consult-Analysis -- Stretching & Hands-on How-to Videos


1. FREE Personal Analysis,
FREE Long Improvement Session
with personal Instruction of Stretching & Hands-on Experience Session  via Phone or Skype - worldwide
Directly from Lou, the 27 yrs Structural Bodywork expert.
A "structure" checklist for your emails & tel interview - what info to provide Lou

There are specific factual, anatomy reasons why structures are tight,
 misaligned & in pain, and I tell you, & work to fix, yours

Even available with FREE Skype-Video to coach you
while I can see you doing it - just as I do with in-person clients

-- First I verbally analyze your condition for you,                         
-- Then we use the stretches to further analyze with your feedback
-- At the same time we use the specific stretches & sequence 
       to teach you how to do it well                                                    
-- And it actually improves you noticeably, often significantly. 

-- I tailor this to help with your specific tightnesses & pains, as
       we go thru a systematic whole body, "integrated" lengthening.

-- Proves to you and me that it works for you.       vvvv      
-- Shows you how the Structural Integration with              
Fascia Stretching method,  works                      
-- Shows how it works more effectively, & faster,              
than most other methods.                                   
-- How to use this method with your other stretches,     

-- My own special stretches as well as how to do yoga       
      & physical therapy stretches better.                    

Everyone gets good lengthening, loosening & stress removal.
Many have their pain cleared right on the phone.

This method FIXES or significantly reduces Backs,
& other pains & overall tightness
For YOUR exact structure-  that Lou Analyzes for you .

I even explain what's happening as we do it.

After you get the DVDs, you may get Free
Short tune up advice and stretches available .
Additional long sessions are available for a reasonable cost.

Just call or email & describe your condition

  ---  A "structure" checklist for your emails & tel interview - info to provide Lou
       ---  Jump down to Contact Lou info -- even call or email right away

Lou will analyze Your Structure Visually for you, too.
You may Email me your full front, back & side digital photos

   in a bathing suit or running shorts (& small top)
   I'll analyze your structure for you in our initial session, or in part, by email
I'll even look at your shape on Skype Video

See - Professional Bio Page - Lou Gross
   Lou Gross BSEE & School Certified Master Postural integrator since 1983
   27 years & 24,000 hrs professional Experience


Blue type summarizes key points

This is both a local area and an interconnected area stretching system. 
By doing a series of specific muscle areas and then a number of muscles
in the same line of your leg, arm, torso, etc,
you get more of your body lengthened & loosened,

and the next time you stretch any one area, it goes easier & further.
You'll also see the difference of first releasing muscle nerve tightness
& once that step is done, you can get bigger & longer lasting results
 in the same areas by then lengthening the shortened 'fascia' part of your muscles.

Developed from what I've created from the Structural Integration Bodywork
yoga, & physical therapy, for 26 years
I do the Yoga & PT stretches in the same section by section
fascia lengthening method  that I do the original ones i developed,
 & I integrate them into the 'system' for aligning and interconnectly
 lengthening areas, &  the whole body.

It teaches you by doing them, how to stretch the bellies of the muscles
and groups of muscles, as well as linking the stretches from one area
of the body to others.  This results in each area lengthening more

& your joint looseness is better than the usual way people are taught to stretch.
You can learn how to integrate your yoga & other stretches to improve
your body a few steps better than how you would do it
isolating the stretching of one body part from another.
Stretching Tips Article   -
-   typical stretching method shortcomings
& gives a method of how to do a little of what the DVDs do a lot.

Importantly, you experience how tightness in one area causes
tightness & pain in other areas. 
When you loosen both
the painful or tense feeling area, AND, the interconnected areas
 where you may not feel tightness and pain, then all of the areas feel much longer,
even where you thought you had no shortness.
(Even Olympic Athletes saw how much looser & longer they could become)
Bodywork Testimonials     Athletes      Back Pain     Other Pains & Tightness`    Seniors

   You can stand straighter with less or no effort,
your chest can feel more uplifted, arms not so curved over,
& your arm reach & leg stride are longer.
   You can even feel how the arms lengthen from the middle of the chest
 and how the legs can "move" from the belly & back.
   You can feel how lengthening arms & legs also loosens
the neck, back and rest of the torso.
   Fingers & hands get looser & feet more flexible.
   Your torso & limb muscles also get lighter yet with more power.
   The removal of deep fascial-muscle tightness gives "lighter' feeling.
I've often helped people release their shoulder blade area pain,
with stretching right on the phone.  Free Phone Session w/Lou
Breathing gets increasingly deeper, fuller & easier
   as more of the body gets longer.
   (I also tell you how & why the improvement works .)

With this approach I made my & others' Bikram's  & other Yoga go longer & easier,
(The Bikram Teachers noticed.)
Physical Therapy stretching also increased.
Bodywork Testimonials   Yoga Teachers & Students

I use these same stretches & method in my hands-on sessions with clients,
Other people said their Bodywork from other practitioners also increased.
Adds noticeable whole body length & looseness to the hands-on,
Enables next hands-on to go further & deeper.

The stretches & the groupings on the DVDs
lets you do groups of related stretches at a time for backs, neck, arms, legs, stress
through the day, even in clothes at work  -- in 30 sec to 5 min stretchings

GREAT for computer tightness quick improvements --  right at your desk, too.
You can uplift & widen the torso & neck, stretch the arms, shoulders & hands,
   relax your legs, straighten your back & relax your face & head,
   all while even sitting down.

Releases tightness & stress right in the car or between stops.
You can even do leg loosening more & more thru the day, 1-2 mins at a time.

As well as in a whole DVD routine at home or in the gym

You get the feel for putting your awareness & feeling into the areas you are stretching,
& feel for yourself how it keeps spreading longer.

Also, if you are tight in any areas,  you can do my unique
 'brief & repeated tugging' (not bouncing) method,
 to get the muscle-nerve tightness loosened as well as the fascia lengthened.

Further, this is NOT a struggling painful stretching. 
Rather, as the fascia in each section gets longer, other areas lengthen more easily
& then returning to the original area, it gives way further & easier, too.

Just call or email & describe your condition

Jump down to Contact Lou info -- even call or email right away

Jump down on this page -- to Sale packages & Buy Now Button
Price Discounts Available for low income folks, too.

You can learn a lot more from my Understanding & Fixing Back Book, and
How to Make Your Body Work Better Book,
Read Overviews, Chapter excerpts, table of contents, Section Summaries, Testimonials
Come with DVD sets, as well as available individually.


This system is more thorough than many others to improve the three necessary parts:
Fascial lengthening --- Interconnected muscle groups --- Structural realignment
And you can add to its effectiveness with your additional stretches
(But it is usually insufficient to try to incorporate these individual stretches into
your own routine that has not been a successful improvement method for you already.)
Just keep in mind these three necessary elements.

More thorough fascial fiber spreading in more areas
of the muscle, muscle groups, & whole body.

In this Structural Integration method,
what I have you do is put your body in certain positions
& keep a gentle but firm pull in a long length of muscles.
Then you focus on each few inches of the longer length
to encourage the collagen fibers of the fascia in that section of the muscles
 to spread one from the other, back out to their proper distances.

We also get more of the muscle areas than most other stretching gets.
For example, after doing say, a long stretch down a body part,
we then turn the foot, leg, arm or torso to get a couple other angles for other lines
of section by section stretches moving up the line. 
For example, we stretch the back of the legs
 in three lines, the adductors also in three lines,
and adjust the foot and leg position to get both the lower leg as well as thighs longer. 
We angle the quad stretches to lengthen the pelvic area as well as the middle thighs.
The same in the torso,
besides detailed methods of stretching the front and back center lines,
we also do the angles of the front and back and the sides,
including on the outside, in the rib cage, and along the spine.

This multi-line method as well as the section by section of each line method,
gets noticeably more length than just, for instance a stretch only down the middle
 of the back of the legs.  And in addition, lengthening one side angle
 of the same muscles enables another stretch down the middle line
to go further & easier.

We also do twisting stretches to open the leg and arm muscles,
separating one muscle bundle from another as there are a lot in say, the thigh or arms.
  That way, the leg or arm is looser that just from the lengthening stretch,
and the areas it connects to get looser as well, because the pulls
on the bones of the pelvis, for instance, the bone that also connects
to the belly and back, will then be less pulling on that bone. 
And that bone is then less pulling and tightening on the abdominal & back muscles.
Also, the next lengthwise stretching of the opened thigh area goes further.
The twisting releasing, which opens up more of the bone, joint and muscle
 range of motion, increases agility.

There's also a way to rotate the torso in a sequence to get all the areas
 to lengthen more, and a way to open the ribs and abdomen in front,
as well as stretch the spine in back more precisely & thoroughly than most people do
in yoga spinal twist positions.
You learn to guide subtle body movements to pull at specific areas
one after the other.  This spreads the collagen fibers back out and the areas
you have done this in will be longer and stay longer.

Why we do multiple areas and multiple lines.
This is different from the isolated stretching methods used by others
because we are lengthening the fascia bodysuit that everyone has.
Our fascial shape, including length, is made of thousands of tiny collagen fibers
throughout a gelatinous fluid that surrounds all the muscle fibers
& wraps up the whole muscle. 
It is this fibrous fascia filler & wrappings that become the tendons that connect
the muscle belly to the bones across the joints. 
And with activity, including athletics, and also tension, collagen fibers bunch up
closer together through the whole muscle and in many muscles,
more & more  When you get longer from Bodywork & stretching, it is because
you are spreading the collagen fibers back out from their bunched up locations.

So to both make the muscle fiber and nerve tightness 'let go' and to then
lengthen back out the distance between the many collagen fibers through the whole muscle,
we are relengthening the many areas of each muscle,
 and the groups of muscles that interconnect with one another. 
If you only lengthen the calf or the thigh, or in one line down the middle
of the back of the leg, you are only getting some of the distances to relengthen
 while the other areas of the muscle are just as short as before.

In addition, if you only try to lengthen the one muscle in a line,
then the shortened other muscles in the next lines, are still pulling the area tight. 
This is because fascia is like  a big body suit all over the body,
and tightness anywhere makes its pull felt in all other areas.
It is also because the tightness of nearby muscles pulls with their tendons
on the bones that this muscle is connected to, and that makes the same joints
still tight and keeps a tight muscular pull throughout the whole multi muscle length.

Here is an example of my method in this regard.
There is one kind of back of leg stretching standing,
and one lying down, that are unique groupings of areas.,
and I add a modified, one legged yoga position (to get more length out of it
 in the standing leg),  and some other yoga and Physical Therapy stretches
that again focus on the section by section collagen fiber spreading back out apart.

I significantly improve the calf stretch type of position
Not only do we do an extra front to back
 pushing of the calf as we are doing the lengthwise pulling,
we also do the same technique for the ankle-heel, Achilles tendon,
behind the knee, and lower and upper thigh, as well as in the belly of the calf.
In addition, we do the foot and leg turning at different angles to get more of this deeper modified calf stretch (leg stretch)

I have people do stretches in an order according to how tight they are and
in which sequence, --  we find by doing, will give way better.

It is the unique positionings of the body,
the focus of your attention inside the muscles you want to lengthen,
and the longer lines of interconnected muscle groups that
enables this stretching to go further and easier.
Plus, there is a repeated set of stretches that keeps lengthening legs & back
as we add additional areas of stretching.

By understanding the alignment & misalignment of the legs
to torso to head and neck, we can lengthen multiple areas of the whole body

 so the zig zagging of the structure front to back and side to side gets less and less.
It is this tilt one way and tilt the other way that keeps the body tight as one part pulls back on the others, and vice versa.  This is to try to keep you upright against
the downward pull of gravity.  But that gravity is only pulling you down
because the parts of the body are tilted to it.

And importantly, you should know that the fascia grows
into the positions the muscles, which keeps holding that shape,
 as well as the tightness is repeatedly
bunching up the collagen fibers.

So if you can't stand upright easier and straighter after stretching
or Bodywork, then your body parts will tilt back to the compensating other side,
  Even if you had loosened the legs, for instance, or the back,
then the body will be forced to retighten in the shape it did before,
just to compensate again for the parts that were not lengthened.

Spreading apart the positions of many collagen fibers,
Lengthwise and across the muscles,
coupled with the arrangement of the stretches & what each stretch's
purpose is  in the structural shape,
makes this system effective.
Longer On-Site Article   Improving Athletic & Physical Performance with this Approach

As I mentioned above, this creates
Significantly More Muscle Length 'Between' the Joints,'
as well as at the joints, that you normally 'think' is looseness.

So this longer   Belly-of-the-Muscle   LENGTH  ---  frees joints to go further.

increases flexibility at the joint ,& even in the way the muscles themselves move.
individually and in coordinated groups.
The muscle-joint movements move together:
the bellies of the muscles lengthen and rotate along with the joints themselves.
  So there is greater range of motion that is also more integrated one muscle to another.
And the whole body functions more as the properly functioning system
it is designed to be --- once a lot of the shortened fascia is re-lengthened.

This is also what fixes structural misalignment ,caused by short muscle fascia,
including the structural misalignment that creates tightening the back

which is caused by pulling from other shortened body areas, especially legs.
This is THE MAJOR CAUSE of developing back problems.
E-book Overview & Excerpt Page    Understanding & Fixing the Underlying Cause of Back Pain

Lengthening the Fascia of the Bellies of the Muscles increases the muscle power
because the muscle fibers can then move a longer distance
 & more of them in the muscle groups are "organized with each other."
Lengthening the muscle belly also removes spasm pains
& the chance of pulling a muscle or tendon.
See my brief article on site Stretching Tips

Lots of details below & 
 on Big DVD Video Info Page
Choose the selections on that page for
Jump to the Heart of the Matter & Testimonials

Contact Lou even right away
for info, free consult, sessions & ordering



You get FREE hands-on instruction (& suggested DVDs)
to spread fascia on yourself (DVDs `3 & 4)
     --- building on the stretched improvements
     --- to get more lengthening overall &
     --- to make length in specific areas that are hard to stretch.

Back pains
    --- ALWAYS involve tight legs in their shortened & hard fascia.

My stretches work effectively to lengthen legs
    --- to release tightness on the lower back.
The System works even better when you learn
    --- to do some Fascial lengthening on your own legs & pelvis
    --- I recommend doing it regularly for back pain & athletics.

Or, have a massage therapist or friend follow
    --- my Video Mini-Courses DVDs 4 & 5

Leg hands-on is relatively easy to do
    --- I coach you doing it right on the phone or Skype Video. 
    --- & you see me doing it & explaining it as I go
        right on the DVDs

    ---The DVDs 4 & 5 are mini-courses that show
        massage therapists, friends, & other family members
        --- how to lengthen a lot for you.
        --- or you for them.



Ongoing DVD & CD ROM & E-Book Sets - Price Discounts
Great for therapists & individuals on their own.
Complete Mini Courses included

Stretching combined with Self Help Hands-on - With detailed explanations

BEST #1:  All 5 DVDs, 3-CD's with 3 E-books & Free Phone-Video Coaching - $171 total
You get two 2-hr self-others hands-on courses, one 1-hr self hands-on course & a 2-hr stretching course
DVD 5 complete 2-hr pelvis-leg-feet mini-course for Tight Legs, athletes, dancers, seniors
Plus E-Mailed Still Photo Structural Analysis   

And 3 Original Body Analysis & Fixing E-books & Lou's ONGOING structural analysis & coaching
Improves Posture, Looseness, Flexibility, Power, Range & Integrated Movement,  Fast Stress Removal

BEST #2:   4 DVDs etc -
without deep legs, pelvis & opening belly & back as much    $134 total
You get one 2-hr hands on courses, a 1-hr hands-on course & a 2-hr stretching course + Ebooks
Plus E-Mailed Still Photo Structural Analysis
THIS IS WHAT I USUALLY RECOMMEND FOR INDIVIDUALS - EVEN enables therapists to work on you.
See more specials  below BUY NOW YELLOW BOX         


Prices include Pay Pal fees of $5 per $100 of products, & Packaging w/postage

You may order complete set NOW & get personal phone
coaching later -
or Call Or Email Lou first
& get the Free Phone/Skype Coaching
& Structural Analysis - before you buy

Plus free tune up, follow up calls & emailing.

DVDs/CDs Usually mailed first class w/delivery notification in USA
If you just order from website & do not talk with me directly
the package to US will be sent certified, signature reply card required.

Use drop down menu to select
which sets of DVDs
Or Send any amount via PayPal from your account to

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Buy NOW button takes you to a paypal page where you can
Pay with PayPal acct or regular credit card.
I don't see the card info but get the money transferred to my acct.

For more info on the DVDs please go to
Stretching & Hands-on DVDs Detailed info Page

You'll learn how to do your own stretches for better results
     & incorporate them into this Structural Integration System.

You don't totally use my stretches versus yours.
Instead, you learn how to do it all better.
And Chiropractic, Massage, Physical Therapy can do more right away
Even Performance & Training improves immediately.

My throws are stronger & more accurate -
High School Baseball Shortstop

I don't have to work at control as much, now my movement
 just go where I want them to. 
After the 3rd session I
jumped a whole foot further than I had been doing
all season -
Mike Powell, World record Holder - Long Jump

After one long session my 3 week long hamstring tightness was gone
& 2 days later
I equaled my best time for that time of the season, done 3 years earlier -

Christina Cahill, 6-time British Women's 800-1600 meter champion

After 5 hrs Bodywork, my chiropractor could get vertebrae in
that he hadn't been able to do for 8 months -

National level High School Cross Country Runner

After the first 2-hr session, my upper back pain was totally gone,
I was looser & more upright & when I got home I immediately increased
my Bench Press from 100 to 120 lbs
- 30 yr old weight lifter.

The Typical Problem
People who have had Muscle Tightness & Pain  
And have been Stretching, Getting Massage, Chiropractic, etc
& it doesn't help much or it doesn't last
Then they are not lengthening the fascia - systemically
 - & not in the body's front or legs.

What's needed is
You need to spread fascia all over the body, not just locally,
to re-lengthen the "interconnected muscles"
 & your top-bottom & left-right "zig zags"

THEN people get noticeable, fast,  increasing & lasting improvements.

My Effective Solution
The KEY is to spread out the accumulated shortness, or bunch-up,
of the collagen fibers in the fascia parts of the muscles,
& the way to do this well is to lengthen small sections at a time,
going methodically along long lines of interconnected muscles. 
My exercises teach this.
Easy to do, not straining, yet powerful good effects.

This "method" of "fascia fiber spreading"
 increases people's other stretches' effectiveness as well.
So instead of just isolated muscle stretches, we do section by section
spreading apart of the collagen fiber bunch-up people have had for years.

My Method automatically teaches you about your body's misalignments & how to fix them,
Including the Cause of Lower Back Pain.

All our muscles and bones are interconnected
& tightness even in a distant area, pulls on many other places.
So as more of the Body is relengthened, all the areas get freer
& can stretch even longer themselves.
You discover this "happy fact" with my phone coaching,
& when you do the DVDs at home.

Low Back Problems

These are almost always caused by accumulated
shortness of the fascia in the legs and abdomen,
& your whole body gets pulled forward in the legs
& has to lean backward in the back,
with your internal muscles getting strained and pulling
your back vertebrae too close together.

In order to keep you upright and not falling forward,
the back of the legs up to the back of the head gets really tight,
and your hips and knees get pushed too far forward
& get un-natural strain put on them.

It is a classic case of overall body misalignment
from accumulated shortened fascia -
& for most people, there IS a WAY to FIX it !

Read about my Back Fix Book
Overview, Chapter Excerpts, Table of Contents, Detailed Sections Summaries
"Understanding the Underlying Cause of Back Pain & How to Get it Fixed"
Comes with DVDs or purchase by itself $21
If you buy the book & later get the DVD set, you get $20 credit..

Contact Lou even right away for
info, free consult, sessions & ordering


6. How my methods Teach Bodyworkers
& other health practitioners
Practitioner Testimonials of how the DVDs helped them learn & treat Clients

Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Trainers, Coaches, Doctors
also see Trainings Page

Your Success is my Business

Teaches Massage & Other Body Therapists - World Wide
You can be noticeably more effective in your own field.
Add Structural Integration Bodywork To Your Professional Sessions
Quickly learn what I know practitioners need most -  & For Low Cost
Ask Lou to explain how to use these in your own practice.

Chiropractors, Trainers, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Phys Medicine MDs
Helps Chiropractic get more vertebrae in, easier, & they stay in longer.
DCs & MDs --- Get the DVD Mini Courses for your in-house massage therapists.
Nurses - help your patients sleep & move around better.
Trainers, erase the tightness that gets created with strength & aerobic exercise
Acupuncturists, get length that stays - and tissue consistency that provides more chi flow.
Psychotherapists, remove stress & tension easily, & reduce blocks & resistance.
Helps achieve more Emotional Trauma Release, easier & less traumatically.

YOU LEARN how to SPREAD COLLAGEN FIBERS of the fascia further apart,
     thus re-lengthening the bodies of the muscles - long term.

You learn how to do it in Interconnected Muscle Areas
so that long lines of muscles get longer from bottom to top - & stay that way.
I teach you how to ELONGATE the body so MISALIGNMENTS GO AWAY.
You learn how to do it, & why it works.

Helps pinched nerves, protruding disks, low back pain, neck & shoulder pain.
Enables people who have been very tight to quickly return to working out & running
without the muscle tightness & pain they had & even with better abilities.

Helps Seniors a lot  (Testimonials)
I used this method with Olympic Athlete World Record Track Athletes  (Testimonials)

Doing the Mini Courses Fixes back pain, leg & other muscle tightness,
& releases stress significantly & quickly

Long lasting effects that are easier to maintain than the previous tight overall condition.
Doing the DVD course a second time on a person increases the improvements.
Bodywork Testimonials   Removing Stress & Improving Personal Development

Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists. Trainers, Chiropractors, Nurses
Practitioner Testimonials of how the DVDs helped them learn & treat Clients
You can even include the stretches & some of the hands-on
in your own massage sessions, to make "you" more effective.

Great for lengthening BACKS & NECKS at the end of the hour,
& in chair massages.
People say it feels "great."

Read about my Back Fix Book - BuyNow Button provided
& read in-depth excerpts --- comes Free with all DVD packages
"Understanding the Underlying Cause of Back Pain & How to Get it Fixed"

People needing hands-on help:
My How-to DVDs are complete step by step Mini Courses
that can teach local massage therapists to help you
including when no Structural Integrators were available or nearby.
DVD-3 - on yourself
DVD-4 - Backs, Stress , Whole Body, posture, meditation & yoga,
DVD-5 - Deeper Legs & Lower torso looseness - great for runners, dancers, seniors
DVD 1 & 2  The Integrated Fascia Stretching Method

DVDs, with CDs, E-books, & Lou's personal phone coaching
See Above - BUY NOW BUTTON & Description of Packages

Contact Lou even right away
info, free consult, sessions & ordering


7.  Want to know more ?  Like to Read?
Info Pages  &/or  Call-Email Lou right away

   1. Detailed Page about the "DVDs for Structural Fascia Stretching" & Hands-on How-to 
 2. Detailed Page that tells you what's in each DVD                                                        
3. Info Page about the FREE Phone Consult & Stretch Coaching Session                     

--- Article about How Shortness & Pain 'Builds Up"   Fixing Accumulated Shortness                   
--- Athletes - also read:  Sports Medicine Explanation with Testimonials from Olympic Athletes
--- How this 60 yr old method is
    Different from Massage     Complementary with Chiropractic

Read the unique article on site  Foods for Structure
to make muscles more stretchable and pain a lot less.
This stuff works - for 26 years
increases flexibility, decreases pain, stretches go farther,
increases strength & endurance
even increases  fast twitch muscle action
--- 100 pgs of more details comes with the DVDs or purchase by itself $21.

Back Problems Your Primary Concern ?
Back Problems come from leg-abdomen & misalignment fascial shortness
Read about my Back Fix Book & read in-depth sections
"Understanding the Underlying Cause of Back Pain & How to Get it Fixed"

How Good Am I?
SeeOlympic Athlete Bodywork Testimonials
Back Fix Testimonials        Other Pains & Tightness       Seniors over 60

SeeLou Gross Professional Bio

How good is the DVD instruction for practitioners?
See:  Body-Practitioner Testimonials, for this DVD Instruction

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Body-Mind Therapy -  Personal Growth
Trauma & Grief - Loss Removal from the Body - Including Abuse 
Easy to do, non-traumatic or low traumatic,
including for emotional loss clearing

I am an experienced Expert on removing the trauma & affects of abuse
including flashbacks, withdrawal, tension, drawing in negative people,
repeating the same patterns, even depressive thoughts & feelings.

This is not a repetitive mental re-living or a psychological talking it out method,
This ACTUALLY Removes & Clears emotional energy & negative belief systems
 out of the body & its energy field - they are gone.
From Recent or from long ago including childhood abuse.
Works WORLDWIDE with Skype or phone, to your phone or computer headset

The events are long gone, but residues remain in all of us, even from as long ago as
prenatal, birth, infancy and childhood.

This method enables you to find, loosen & dissolve out these residues.
At the same time, you become more comfortable, less vulnerable, & "even."
You get a fresh start.  You can remember the events, even more clearly than before,
but the emotional charge is gone.

People say it's helped in their psychotherapy and personal growth 
They clear faster & see issues better

MORE  Details about the method in my article below 
    in most popular requests
Trauma & Grief Release Explanation & My Contact Info

Detailed  FREE  On-Site Intro Article on the main techniques I use
Trauma Release Processing  with links to many other FREE On-Site Bodymind articles

My UNIQUE Abuse Clearing Book  ---  BuyNow Button Included
Read some details, Chapter Excerpts, Detailed Table of Contents
Abuse Clearing from the Bodymind - Hand-Book
Total Book only $21 - can order on line - Includes Additional 2 Detailed E-books

Bodymind Structural - 19 Chapter Bodymind therapy E-book on my other site
More Detailed & thorough  info about Issues the method clears permanently
Comes FREE with Abuse Clearing E-book   AND/OR   Your First Session

Try it, talk with me - Free Initial talking & in-depth consultation
FREE Kind, Capable, Analysis for you, &
Body & Mind release phone - Pay only if it works
Abuse, Accidents, Stress, War, Loss & Grief, Removing "blocks" specialist
Low Phone-Skype costs  &  Session  Rates  $50/hr & less 

I have developed ways to loosen emotional and tightness energy
out of the body fairly easily

Uses the Unique Netherton Method of expressing the feelings out of the body
that went in from other people as well as yourself. 
I add with Reichian therapy movement & breathing techniques
& Structural Integration Bodywork-Stretching
to loosen & move the energies out in a comfortable & very effective way.

At the same time my combination method dissolves out emotions & negative patterns, increasingly & noticeable  -- permanently
it reduces muscle tightness, back & other pain & creates a lot of body relaxation

I also teach you how to loosen your own head tightness & stress tension
People even use my special Stretching & Hands-on How-to DVDs
before & between sessions to get more release on their own.

Body-Mind Processing also works well in my Bodywork Sessions,
or alternately with your local professional hands-on

Intro Details about the method in article below 
 Trauma & Grief Release Explanation & My Contact Info
Detailed Intro Article
 Page on the main techniques I use 
  --- with links to many more on-site Bodymind articles
Trauma Release Processing

25 Years consistent successful experience -
    trained by PhDs, MDs & other experts
Integrated knowledge of 4 school trained bodymind methods
30 years spiritual & meditation practice

I make who you ARE better, so everything you DO is better !


Articles on Site

       Intro Details about the method - below 
              Trauma & Grief Release Explanation & My Contact Info
       Detailed Intro Article
  Trauma Release Processing - includes the Main Methods used
            Link to list of my in-depth   Key Detailed Articles   
Link to intro & Details of my Book-  Abuse Clearing from the Bodymind Explanatory Hand-Book
  Trauma & Grief     Personal Development     Stress Removal

       Professional Development   Explanation, My Abilities, Overall Treatment & Benefits Article
       Links of Wholistic Benefits Programs for 
                 Prof's, Police-Fire, Perform Artists, Seniors, Disabled, Meditators

       Tightness? You might also have undernourished muscles & nerves --  read Foods for Structure

I transform people into higher performing mind and body capable individuals.
For both emotional release & for personal & professional development

Stored trauma, tension & grief that was there for even years, just dissolved out of you.
Even if you have no outstanding trauma, I can make this kind of BLOCKAGE improvement.

I am compassionate, understanding & simultaneously focused
to move you through the releasing with good coaching & clear explanations as we go along,
& helping you with the process when you get stuck.
You get to learn the method as you do the it with me, & you get continuously clearer.
AND I don't get thrown by ANY things people have been though, nor by their existing issues.

I draw upon thousands of hours of experience & good training by PhDs;
I also have done 3 decades of deep spiritual-meditation development
I supportively acknowledge your other methods & their benefits.
And tell you how they fit into what we'll do, to take you further.

I also know about advanced,
& economical Nutrition & herbology that adds to the improvements.

Contact Lou for info, free consult, sessions & ordering


USE THIS BUTTON to pay for Bodymind therapy on the phone-skype
Contact Lou for Bodymind Therapy Payment via check or money order,
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Structural Integration Bodywork, plus
Removing Tightness & Tightness Caused Pain

Hands on Bodywork
I can even travel to you nationwide -or- You come to me
My unique hands-on & system method allows me
 to do 3-4 hrs a day, 4-10 days in a week or 2

25 yrs successful track record  -- Free Phone & E-mail Consult - with Structural Analysis
Back Pain, Muscle Tightness, Performance Increase & Stress Removal

I re-lengthen lots of accumulated shortness - quickly & comfortably
I use the "system" in longer sessions to make people feel better sooner.

Experienced with Olympic & Recreational Athletes, Seniors, Kids & Teens.
Professionals & business people can do more with less effort & at higher proficiency

Big Bodywork E-Books Available for Download - See Detailed Info Pages
Back Book      Athlete's & Performer's Book      How to Make Your Body Work Better

Ordering an E-book, you may also get a free personal consult.
Interested in self help DVDs?  Can also get a Free Stretching & Analysis session.

For Lots of Bodywork Session Info, please go here
Link to Big Bodywork Info Page
Los Angeles, California, Florida, Travel to You USA-Canada
In Travel I can treat you, family members, friends - many hrs/day & week

Also Helpful additional Info Below
Intro Details - Bodywork from Me  
in Most Popular Requests Section, below

And, What does Structural Integration do? 
Benefits of the Bodywork Article, below

I de-mystify the causes of people's muscle tightness & pains,
& correct them.
YOU also learn about your own structure & how to maintain it at its best.

I am in Florida area - halfway up the Atlantic Coast, 2- 2 1/2 hrs from West Palm & Orlando.
Major airport 1/2 hr away, Motels 15-30 mins away.
Can do 4-5 hrs for you on a one day - "spa" trip, 8 hrs on a 2 day trip, 12 on 3 days.

I can travel to you L.A., CA , Northeast- & in US, Canada, I travel & do multi-sessions/day
People may also come to me from a distance for multi-hour sessions per day

See Benefits at   Week-long Travel Visit Testimonial - from an Athlete
See Suggestions  - Explanations   Multi-hours/day, Multi-days/week

Your Success is my Business !
I make who you ARE better, so everything you DO is better

Also, for beauty & stress removal, 
You can look younger in an hour, 
& look, & feel, a Lot less stressed.
Legs can be made to look more beautiful - really.
And it LASTS.

Even able to loosen you & others in a chair at work;
For Big stress release & feeling lighter & clearer headed,
& more refreshed & productive
Back, shoulders, neck, head, arms & hands
& teach you a few stretches to routinely loosen legs, arms & back,
done right in your chair


Payment thru Lou via check, money order
OK to pay direct thru this Website BUY NOW Convenience Button
Secure PayPal or Visa/MC, Discover, Amex thru PayPal Website
Send any amount via PayPal from your account to

Convenience button for
Hands-On Bodywork,
Pay after Treatment
(I also take checks in the session visit.)



You can learn about Structural Integration Bodywork  

Principles of the Structural Integration Method - Part 1     Part 2
New to what it routinely does  - See Summary Benefits of the Bodywork

Improving Physical & Athletic Performance & Pain
Fixing Accumulated Tightness & Shortness     

Athletes - also read:  Sports Medicine Explanation - with Testimonials from Olympic Athletes
Annotated Links to 20 free website articles   (including the above)    Free Articles Page

Testimonials   Muscle tightness & Olympic Track Athletes      Backs      Neck & Other Pains & Tightness     
Seniors' Physical      Improved Yoga      MD-DC-other Health Practitioners      More Testimonial Categories

Low & other Back Pain - Necks - Pinched Nerve - Sciatica - Protruding or Compressed Disk - Tilted Pelvis
See My Unique - Back Fix E-Book -- Overview explanation page with Book Excerpts
Testimonials - Backs      Neck & Other Pains & Tightness

Stress Removal
Stress Removal Bodywork BOOK     Stress FIX Bodywork Page    Stress & Business Performance Testimonials

Wholistic Benefits Programs for
Professionals, Police-Fire, Perform Artists, Seniors, Disabled, Meditators
Professional Business Development  
Explanation, My Abilities, Overall Treatment & Benefits Article

For Muscle Tightness Loosening, Pain Reduction & Easier Stretching
Free On-Site Nutrition Article -  Foods for Structure
The Bodywork even does more, easier
based on my repeated observations over 25 years


Explanation from Lou Gross
This Bodywork


This creates immediate rapid (in the first 5 minutes & 1st hour), 
      and long term improvements
      (lasts for weeks, months & years) 
It re-lengthens, in very large amounts & very deeply, 
   the accumulated "fascia" shortness that creates muscle
   tightness,  that has increased over time, like years and
   decades, or even recently in training or recreational sports.
It's the shortness in the body's physical fascia tissue
    that is bunched up.  
Lengthening it with this approach fixes backs, posture &

DVDs for Do it yourself & with family & local massage therapist

This is NOT a bang-into-you painful deep massage.
We actually spread the muscle-fascia of your muscle system
   "horizontally," along the length of the muscles,
   so they are restored to their more original longer length.

There is then more muscle power
Because you can use more of the muscle fibers' lengths
   & the joints then get noticeably looser.
Tightness caused pain is reduced & even disappears.
And there's less chance of injury pulling or spasm.

Plus, it enables chiropractic & massage to do more,
   as more of the body is accessible,
   and  the muscles are longer so vertebrate can move
   & be  adjusted.
And they stay in much longer since the chronic pulls that
    were pulling them out, are now relengthened.

Feels Good -- Fast Significant Improvements Immediately
Long Lasting -- Cumulative over the whole body
Posture gets a lot straighter fairly quickly - & stays

Also Helpful additional Info Below    See:
  Intro Details - Bodywork from Me  
in Most Popular Requests Section, below
And, What does Structural Integration do? 
Benefits of the Bodywork Article, below
Link to Big Bodywork Info Page   See:
Los Angeles, California, Florida, Travel to You USA-Canada

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Structural Integration Bodywork
and the Fascia-Alignment Stretching Method &
Hands-on How-to Mini-Courses

Are You a Practitioner, Coach, Trainer
Athlete, Caregiver, Family Member
Looking for Knowledge or Assistance?

See   Training items & courses ---  Info Summary --- White Box Below

See:  Trainings Page
Lists Short Programs of  In-Person Specialty Bodywork Trainings
See Below More Details Training Info Summary Box w/Links  

Immediately Incorporate some Structural Integration, for large, effective,
   & fast loosening & aligning for patients-clients, 5 mins to 2 hrs
For massage, trainers, chiropractors, sports MDs, acupuncturists

Contact Lou  --- for info, free consult, sessions & ordering
            Professional Bio Page About Lou Gross  

My fastest & quickest to get  Media Training Products
Training Anywhere with my Very Unique DVDs "plus" Pkgs - Low Cost
Practitioner Testimonials of how the DVDs helped them learn & treat Clients

Come with information-filled original Ebooks & CDs
   understandable by professionals & individuals alike.
Also include FREE intro In-depth Phone analysis-consult
 & stretch coaching session, customized for you
Also include FREE Ongoing consults after you get & start to use the DVDs

Purchase DVDs w/CDs info & Ebooks Info
See top of this page for links - or sect 1 on this page
E-books purchases alone - go to individual E-book's info pages
See section on right column Website Menu sect 3      3-Books w/Download Links

Send any amount via PayPal from your account to

Read About the DVDs

Do it fast Hands-on Mini-Courses - for Back Pain, & Leg & other Muscle Tightness
Lou's personal "me to you" step by step Demonstrations w/Explanations

Teaches Massage Therapists, Trainers, Chiropractors, Doctors, Nurses - for Low Cost
You can also work on yourself & Teach Clients to help themselves for maintenance - DVDs 1 2 3 4 5 pkgs

MY Stretching METHOD actually Makes Bodywork, Massage & Yoga work better 
DVDs come with Lou's Own Info-Packed E-Books - Easy to Understand
Designed to Fix Back Pain, Necks, Leg, Arm, Shoulder, etc Muscle Tightness & Stress.

BACKS w/Specialty Book 100 pgs
Read about my Back Fix Book & read in-depth sections
"Understanding the Underlying Cause of Back Pain & How to Get it Fixed"

DVD 4 combined with DVD 1 gives practitioners a whole mini course to fix backs.
For individuals, get DVD 1 & DVD 3

Read about my Athlete's & Performer's Sports Medicine E-book
How to Make Your Athletic & Performing Best, Better

Get hands-on DVD 4, then do Hands-on DVD 5, & stretch with DVD 1

FIXING & REMOVING STRESS w/Specialty Book 70 pgs
Read about my Stress Removal 4 session 8 hrs Stress Removal E-Book
Removing Accumulated Stress with Structural integration Bodywork

Get DVDs 1, 3  & 4

Teaches You & Family to help each other, 
   Including teens' Athletic tightness & Older Parents
Plus Hands-on for Yourself,
   or have it done in your area by your family, friend or local massage therapist

click photos 1,2 for bigger image
Louis A. "Lou" Gross BSEE
BS Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University
Certified "Master Postural Integrator" since 1983
2000+ hrs training, 26 years & 24,000+ hrs professional
36 years Strong Spiritual, Meditation & Personal Growth Practice
Highly Knowledgeable & Experienced, with Clear Understanding & Explanations
& Repeatedly Acclaimed, Great Hands
BIO: Professional Education & Experience  

Call or E-mail right away, before reading, if you wish
Please say your tel nr & name twice, also spell your email address
Please leave when to call you & "time zone or state" on phone
Lou Direct 
USA Eastern Time Zone  (GMT -5 hrs)  10 am - 8 pm,  7 days/wk

Best is to both email & Telephone
 -even with short message on one, just so I make sure I get to contact you.

Please also leave Email address if possible & tel nr on email if you want.
A "structure" checklist - what info to provide Lou

Skype Video Stretch Coaching Available
  E-mail Initial Consults also OK

Please also leave brief email w/tel msgs

DVDs-E-books - Stretching -Trauma Release -Consults
I CAN call you using Low Cost Skype.out
or we can even talk Free, Skype computer-to-computer

I personally answer all e-mails & phone calls within 1-2 days.
If you don't get a return call or email
, voicemail msg was delayed or dropped
PLEASE re-call
Email as well to be sure

You can use my  "Structure Checklist" - select the appropriate info to provide Lou
Are you tight?  In pain?  Also read Foods for Structure

               WHY CONTACT ME
"I called Lou up because, reading his website info,
    he seems to know what he's talking about.
And even from JUST the Stretching on the phone, & his Consult,
    he can DO what he's talking about."
And his hands-on Bodywork & Release Therapy has enabled
    me to get further than from anyone else in these fields, for years.


             This site is     Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 , 2007, 2008   Louis A. Gross    All Rights Reserved

      A link to Lou's photo while he's working is also at
    Positive Health Magazine Website
    for Lou's Published 2003 Bodymind Therapy article

Want to know what I do,
& how each service helps you?

For detailed info on my services    

Or Go to these Individual Sections

1. FREE Consultations and Stretching & Hands-on How-to Videos
2. Bodywork by you or by me - anywhere
3. Trauma, Stress & Grief Release - & Personal Growth - even on the phone  
. Holistic Bodywork Programs, tailored to Professionals & Others
5. Trainings & Mini-Courses/Classes & DVD's- for Professionals, Spouses, Athletes

6. Unique Life Coaching - This is:

Life & Career Development -with Management Guidance,
Upcoming Events & Optimal Life Direction Analysis- Blockage Clearing

Links on Sect-10 Right Column, of Wholistic Benefits Programs for
Professionals, Police-Fire, Perform Artists, Seniors, Disabled, Meditators

Businessperson Professional Development Detailed Articles
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Want to know
how good I am?

Bodywork Testimonials
Here are links to dozens of descriptive testimonials

Summary Selection of different kinds of benefits

Back Problems       Other Pains & Tightness
Olympic Athletes       Coaches & Trainers       10K & Marathon Runners
Week Intensive Travel Visit Report - for Physical-Athletic Improvements
Stress - & Business Performance Improvement    
Seniors - Pain, Flexibility & Mobility     
Health Practitioners - from MD's & Nurses to Massage Therapists
Yoga Teacher- Yoga Student Improvements   
Meditation Positions, Breath, Energy, Focus


   Trauma & Grief Release       Personal Growth       Health Practitioners

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Free Consult with Lou  
Good, accurate help right away
24-hr toll-free voicemail  1-321-726-9083
310-285-8132 for Los Angeles & overseas

This Green Box tells you info about

1. Free Consult with info to help you
            understand what is happening in your structure

    2. Info about the unique Stretching Method & DVDs

 3. Sports Medicine Info, Training for Massage Therapists,
         Chiropractors, Trainers, Sports MDs, Sports Teams

My Athlete credentials & Bio & experience with top athletes

    4. Links to Free Detailed On-Site Bodywork Articles
  5. Body-Mind Trauma release article links

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first section
I analyze & teach you on the phone &
    My DVDs teach you as if I was right in the room with you,
        describing and explaining as I do the stretches & hands-on
        right on screen. 
It's a show and tell with me being right there for you.
--- A "structure" checklist - what info to provide Lou
   & still photo structural analysis when you get the DVDs.


Link to Intro Article Details below
     Also See Detailed DVD Info Page  
         Available Even Overseas with Skype

      Email Consults & Videos-Book Orders also fine
 Call  Lou     321-726-9083   or   321-726-9083


Further Benefits of the C
onsultation- with Stretch Coaching

        w/free structural analysis,
includes free body testing & loosening stretching
        w/hands-on how-to coaching in your key areas.

  A number of stretches are given in the free lesson
     & after you get the DVD-videos I also phone coach you free as needed

Please See the Detailed DVD Video Info Page
Look specifically with the link on that page
   Jump to the heart of the matter.
Testimonials about the DVDs are there, too.

2.  See this Page if you want,
   A "structure" checklist - what info to provide Lou
SCAN THIS & mention SOME pertinent info appropriate to you.
You do NOT have to FILL OUT out everything on this checklist
 - just tell me what's the issue,
-  what has helped or not helped
-  how long you've had it

Mainly I want to know
...what your shape looks like (leans, tilts, twists)
and where you have tightnesses or pains,
...what accidents you had or if it is a pain or tightness just creeping up and getting worse. long it has been there,
...& if massage, chiropractic, stretching etc help or not, and if they last.
...Also outline a few areas of most significant tightness or pain & mention what stretches you do. 

 & I'll ask the rest of the questions & explain what's going on for you,
usually in 5-15 mins. 

If you are ATHLETIC you probably also have decent fascia and your structure is probably short in the fascia from muscle tightness
and "bunched up" -- plus like other people, you'll have shortness
caused zig zags
My unique stretches (as well as hands-on) help this a lot.
See Descriptive Testimonials
Olympic Athlete, Coaches, Recreational 10K & Marathon Runners

I'll repeat info on the phone but it helps if you get some kind of idea about fascia shortness and muscle tightness - and zig zags in your structure causing tightness all over. 
Then I'll tell you what to read after we talk

In the RIGHT column of this page -- Website Menu
The Most Commonly referred to Articles Section 5
-----the 1st and 3rd articles -- Fixing Tightness & Foods for Structure
-----the articles on cause of back pain and different from massage and compatible with chiropractic.

3. Q & A about Tightness, Backs, etc & Misalignment
This is also helpful, to learn about your body tightnesses
   & how it is bent or twisted, or in pain.

It's long but it does tell you a lot about "why"
   -- what's going on causing Backs, Necks, Tightness
Talks about how zig zags in the structure & tightness
  are an overall pattern that causes many problems,  including Backs.
  We call them typical misalignments & over the whole body
      it's called- the standard or basic imbalance -- & when it's extreme,
      people feel tightness & pain.

These are E-mail Dialogues with an athlete trainer
    about common structural  issues.
I recently re-read it & it's just what I e-mail back and forth
    to a lot of people   --  Just as if I was in person talking to you.

We correct these starting in the first stretch sample sessions,
  & the first hands-on hour or two


4. Back Problems -See Back Book Menu & Ordering Page
Helpful to read at least
the Long Blue Narrative on this page - also can read the testimonials & what causes back pains and the method of the Bodywork

"Understanding the Underlying Cause of Back Problems
   & How to Fix It"
"Lou, Your Back Book offers a very clear understanding
       of the problems that are manifesting by the millions
       in this country. "
       JK, physicist and back problem patient for years

There are standard shortnesses and misalignments in almost all people that, when a lot, cause back problems, hip problems, tight hamstrings and neck & shoulder tension.
 They CAN BE improved fairly quickly & easily for many people.

This Book gives Specific Explanation of Lower & other Back Tightnesses
   & How the Structural integration Hands-on & Stretching
   Methods work to fix the back, neck & rest of the body,
   while making the whole structure looser than it's been in
   a long time, years, for many people.

This is a PhD Physiologist & MD created method that has been in use by practitioners throughout the world for decades.  I have been doing it hands-on for 25 years, & I developed stretching exercises & a fascia lengthening method to simulate & improve upon the hands-on treatments, plus, I have Instructional DVDs that teach you & others how to do the hands-on in your own home, athletic area or practitioner's office.

section 2 - helpful to review this

See the Detailed DVD Video Info Page
Look specifically at the link
   "Jump to the heart of the matter."

You can read what's in the
DVD's 1,2,3 Package & 4,5 - Info Page
You can read Bodyworker-Practitioner Testimonials, for My DVD's


As a Structural Integration Bodyworker I have developed
stretching that has worked for people for 25 years. 

It lengthens the fascia part of the muscle system in interconnected lines of muscles so that the pulls down from other areas are removed and the area of pain and other tightness is released.  People feel lighter, taller & looser.

Comes with unique, detailed 100 & 200 pg
Informative E-books.

Hi Lou,  
I received the DVD's on Saturday - they're perfect !  
So easy to follow, and so informative. 
From Ms. LZ in Arizona USA

Lou's DVD Videos are a good value.

From a Health Club Owner in the UK (England)

This is NOT a yoga nor aerobics method, but I & others have used this method, & some of these stretches, to improve our yoga & aerobics.

It IS a Structural Integration Bodywork method, to lengthen the fascia & learn how to stretch "actively," not passively, in long groups of muscles, section by section, with your mental awareness right inside the fascia-muscles you are stretching
.  And by using other parts of your body as a lever while you are in special positions.

This Stretching definitely helps the hands-on Structural Integration Bodywork sessions.  Doing them in between sessions, the Bodyworker can often do more in the session.
And in the stretching people get more results, in lengthening & in aligning their bodies.  Definitely, the hands-on helps the stretches do more, too.

Both the DVDs & My Free Stretch Coaching Introductory Session are Personal One-to-One FASCIA Anatomy Instructions & Simultaneous IMMEDIATE Body Improvement.

There's a few paragraphs more about the method just below.  A New, improved "Method," for ALL Stretching

I explain on the phone  with "making sense" talking
 - & then you also see it with stretches as I coach you,
   paying close attention for your own body.

Besides feeling better, people learn two major things


A lot of people
have stretched away their back pain at home & for low cost, & some even did it right in the phone consult, including a professional golfer.  At the same time you help BACK pain, you also help HIP problems.  

Here's the re-lengthening concept

If you make your LEGS longer on the insides (medial), & front, & make the front of your torso longer & more uplifted, as well as lengthen some of the tightness you created in the back of the legs, then you can get the torso to sit over the legs, instead of arching backward in the low back and maybe bent over in the upper back, chest and neck. 

When you have to arch backward, you simultaneously have to push your hips forward & that makes tightness & misalignment in the hip joints, too, plus even more tightness in the thighs and legs, including the hamstrings.

Lengthening the front & front of legs is key to loosening backs better.
You can Read  Combines with Chiropractic & Improves Its results
For more info about improving backs  Back Fix Book Info Page

Often helps prevent surgery, like disk replacement, if the back is lengthened soon enough, & it usually helps the surgery to be more successful after the needed disk is replaced.
You can Read
 Helps orthopedists & prevents unnecessary surgery


This Stretching "Method" Improves ALL Stretching:  greater length, more loosening, easier, & it lasts longer because you're stretching the interconnected muscle lengths, too.

You can Read   Different from & Compatible with Massage
Massage can make it easier for me to stretch with my own body, because it can break up the muscle-nerve tightness, & then the fascia spreads easier.
    but regular massage  is not a fascia lengthening process.

You can also use specific stretches at brief times in the day and at work, and also integrate them into your longer workouts.  People have said they help with car driving, desk sitting, leaning over a computer & typing, & lots of walking.


You'll probably learn things about your body structure that almost NO Pilates teacher may have told you.

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Just call or email when you've read enough.
I'll explain more, simply & clearly, personally for you.

5. My Credentials in the Athletic Field, too

Helps Sports Medicine MD's & DC's
And Trainers.

Adds complimentary capabilities to your practice
   that can make what you already do more successful.
A Mini-Course in Fascia Lengthening & Structural Alignment
Videos, Books, Personal Coaching,
Ongoing Telephone Analysis & Treatment Suggestions
  with Your emailed Photos for Patient Structural Analysis

My Experience - Bodywork Testimonials
Olympic Athletes       Coaches & Trainers       10K Runners
Backs      Other Pains & Tightness       Seniors       Stress

Health Practitioners Bodywork & Bodymind Therapy, too.

I'll also come to your clinic & train you & your staff in varying amounts of Hands-on Structural Integration Bodywork
Reasonable Costs

See   I teach this for Practitioner Training
See   Training Page for some in-person course descriptions

See   Training Box       See   Training Info in Most Popular Requests

Customized Stretching & Hands-on How-to
DVD's & Audios/CD's
are available to be made

You get the basic DVD set and a custom stretching - hands-on
& energy breathing & guided relaxation, raw food & herbs.

DISCOUNTS  to interested practitioners for learning & selling or giving out my DVD's to patients  - Some basic DVD's by mail.

Contact Lou for info, free consult, sessions & ordering

BIG Info Page   
Detailed Q & A on Structure, imbalance, pain,
   including backs, tightness, stretches, misalignment

Info blurb below
Improved Way to Do Your Stretching

School Teams - Win over tightness
      AND - Increase Speed, Agility, Endurance & Power
Special Price breaks on DVD's for
High School & College Coaches

  in exchange for using my methods to help your teams
  & then providing me with descriptive testimonials of successes.

  Helps you - & Helps me help other athletes & coaches.

Free Stretch & Hands-on Coaching for coaches & some Student Athletes on Phone Conference Call - then get the DVD videos for hands-on as well as stretching so you can do them regularly & see exactly the positions, hands-on stroke method & locations & sequence to do everything.
Contact Lou for info, free consult & stretching demo, sessions & ordering

If you stretch already, I will show you how to get more length, easier, & immediately increase performance.   Even over the phone.
DVD Videos, Phone Conferences, In-Person Travel Visits
This system reduces chance of tightness caused injury
    from working out & getting too tight.

Describe your team & program
  --How you would like help
  --Ask about the Cost Discounts for you.

Checklist of Structural Info to Tell Lou
      Select what is appropriate & add your own specifics
Contact Lou for info, free consult, sessions & ordering

If you'd like to read more before calling or emailing
Brief Article Below  It is a Unique-Improved Way to Stretch
Detailed DVD Info Page
Why to get the 
DVD's 1,2,3 Package & 4 & 5 - Info Page
20 Detailed Articles annotated menu  Free Articles Page

I also offer Customized DVDs for your sport

Jump down to
Next Green Box for Video Packages Info & Costs


The Athletic Results

1. More Muscle Fiber Length Is Used in Movement.
2. Different Muscles Work Better Together - in Groups.
3. The muscles' system then works the way the nerves
        are already "wired up."
4. Entire Body Integrated Movement in increased,
        resulting in greater power & agility with less need
        to try to use more muscles to control the
        movement.  Thus:
5. Improved Economy of Effort.

This do it Yourself Method gets similar results to my own Professional Bodywork.  Here are some testimonials.   Many more testimonials Links

 My throws are stronger & more accurate
             High School Baseball Shortstop

One of my sophomore basketball players had just
         one 2-1/2 hr session.  I'd noticed all season that
         he had trouble dragging his legs up and down the
I noticed in practice in the very next 2 days
         that he moved much more efficiently.
  And he
         himself felt his legs were much looser.
               College Basketball Coach

My best Long jumper had been out of practice
          for a whole week with low back pain.  After a
          single 1-hour treatment he was back in practice
          with no pain & more looseness.  During the State
          Championships he got a cramp in one leg that
          would not release.  After a 45 minute treatment
          in the trainer's tent, with his next jump he took
          second in the meet.
             College Track Coach

A senior baseball catcher had been receiving
          electrical stimulation healing for a week for the
          triceps muscle in his upper throwing arm with no
          correction of the pain.  Lou found the arm & his
          whole body were very tight.  After 1-1/2 hrs
          treatment the arm pain was totally gone and
          was still gone a week later.
             College Head Trainer, also taking the Olympic Team
                  Training Course.

        Now I don't feel beat up nor have to see the
          chiropractor after each strong workout.
             Olympic Team Alternate Long Jumper

 They taught us that running is faster when the
           body is relaxed.  Now I can do it.
                Olympic Team 400 Meter Runner

I didn't even know my feet were tight.  I just
          came in for hip tightness.  Now I can also push
          off with my toes.
                6-Time Big-8 College Conference 400 Meter Running
                Champion (Now the Big 12)

Now I pass people at the end of a marathon,
           going up hill, and I am completely recovered
           after just 2-days.  I am 3-months ahead of the
           Runners' World magazine schedule & this is the
           only thing I've been doing differently from what
           they say.
 Dentist. 28 yr old Marathon runner

       Even from the first sessions, a tremendous sense
          of looseness, relaxation and lightness appeared
          in each of the areas of my body that were
          worked on, including my legs.  My neck & lower
          back problems have significantly improved, too.
        Now after hours and hours on the tennis court, I
          usually do not feel the stiffness and tightness
          that I used to feel on an almost daily basis.
            Country-Club Tennis Pro

         I'm age 36, training for my 4th Olympics.
         I'd had chronic Achilles tendon tightness and
           operations for tears on both ankles.  The
           bodywork corrected the tightness in my calves
           and they now move fluidly.  Scar tissue had built
           up & that also got broken up. 
         My thighs are also looser and lighter, they move
           easier and faster & I've noticed I'm picking up
           speed in my training.
 The treatment broke up &
           loosened the scar tissue under my buttocks at
           caused from pulling too hard during weight lifting
           about 2 years earlier, tearing the upper
           hamstring.  And it was never the same.  Every
           time I did weight lifting for it, it would hurt.
           Now, it feels a lot better.
       My torso feels looser and more flexible & an
           ongoing point of pain is now gone. 
         I'd also had a misalignment
so that when I lifted
           my right leg it didn't come up straight but twisted
           outward after it was half way up
That, too, was
        This all was accomplished in three, 3-hr
            treatments.  I made finalist in the Olympic Trials.

              Willie Banks, WORLD RECORD HOLDER, Triple Jump,
                    3-Time OLYMPIAN

        Jump up to Links for Many More Athlete's
               & Other testimonial's


Mike Powell, WORLD RECORD HOLDER Long Jump
(from many 2-hr and 4-hr Bodywork sessions)

            Lou makes my body work the way it's supposed to work.  The treatments allow me to do what I do, easier, and more fluently.  And when I really have to work hard or dig deep, I'll be able to go further.
            After each session my flexibility, range of motion, speed and balance are all better.  When I get to the warm-up, that's when I realize how much more I have.  My range of motion is so increased that it takes me some workouts to get it integrated with my strength and technique.  And when that happens my overall performance gets even better.
            After the third session, I had the best workout I ever had in my life and jumped 28-2, almost two feet longer than last years best in a workout. Even when I'm tight, I've jumped 27-6.  The looser I am, the easier it is to get out there.  I had the speed and strength before, but the flexibility I've gotten from the treatments allows me to utilize it.

            I also don't have to work at control as much; now it just happens, and I only have to work on the areas that need work.
           My overall body positioning is also better, and the way I walk and stand is better

Read Mike's full testimonial & Other Olympic Athlete's Testimonials
Coaches & Trainers Testimonials
Recreational Runners' Testimonials
Back Fix Testimonials        Other pains & Tightness Testimonials

These DVD's teach Massage Therapists, Trainers, Yoga Teachers - Even MD's, DC's & Nurses
who are used to thinking neuro-muscularly, & locally,
how to also see the body as an interconnected unit,
a fascial putty & bone-muscle system of
"whole body architecture."

Both the Stretching & Hands-on How-to
   Give you a more powerful tool to remove tightness

It is especially fast in removing large amounts of tightness,
    & it's long lasting.
With fascial, soft connective tissue manipulation and this
    fascia stretching method, a person's structure can be
    systematically reshaped for pain erasure & significantly
    increased performance, & rather quickly,

You will see how to lengthen local tightness 
  & lengthen the Interconnected shortness of other muscles,
  where it does not feel tight or in pain,
  & also lengthen the Misalignment & tightness,
     BOTH OF WHICH ARE continuing to cause more tightness,
     where it hurts, such as tight legs & abs cause pain in
     backs, hips & knees.

Bodyworker-Practitioner Testimonials, for My DVDs

Teaching to BOTH Professionals & Family Members
Teaching Info Summary Box - with Links
Trainings in Most Popular Requests
Costs & Recommended Packages Discounts
Structural Integration Bodywork Info Articles - Menu at Right
 or go to Free Articles Page for annotated menu

  NOW PROVEN - Golf Specific
  Flexibility, Power, & Pain Removal,
  Structural Alignment
  & Better Interconnected Movement.
  Improvement Right on the Phone.

I worked on the phone with a Golf Pro to know how
to make sure you get sequences of stretches to make you
properly- & significantly - flexible to do the
best integrated motion with the optimal length of swing.

I work with Golf & Tennis Pros & Coaches.
I explain to you "why" as well as show you "what" & "how"

In the first phone stretching session of 35 minutes,
    we increased his range of motion so he could twist more
    & raise the club way over his head into very good form & power.

In the second phone stretching session of 40 minutes,
    we fixed his lower back pain & it has not returned in months.

UP in this box to   Free Consult Info    What to Tell Lou Info List
Top of This Page


My Credentials
- see Testimonials Here, too

I was the Structural Integration Practitioner for
the Best Jr. College Track Team in the State of California.  Then they won BOTH the Track & Cross Country Championships in the same year - a California First.  I kept them healthy & performing at a high level.

Lou makes my body work the way it's supposed to work.   World Record Holder in the Long Jump.

Lou, you're a miracle worker.  And if I'd had you nine years ago I would not have torn my Achilles tendons nor needed the repair operation. 
     World Record Holder in the Triple Jump

See Coaches & Trainers Testimonials

See 10K & Marathon Runners' Testimonials
See Olympic Track Athlete Testimonials
   See About Lou - Professional Training Bio

I increased performance & improved the structures
of TWO World Record Holder Men's Jumpers, &
The 6-time British Women's Middle Distance Champion, & I
fixed the back of the #11 Women's Doubles Player In the world.  I also treated other Olympic & professional athletes & college coaches.

After 8 hrs of Lou's Bodywork, I was 2-3 months ahead of the Runner's Magazine Program Achievement Schedule, I was passing people at the end of a Marathon, going up hill, I had no change in gait from it, I could play Golf 6 hrs later on the same day, & I felt totally recovered in just 2 days.
   28 Yr Old Dentist, Athlete, Marathon Runner

A Massage therapist found a limiting tightness in my hamstring 3-weeks earlier but couldn't loosen it up.  I had been experiencing this restriction, too.  Lou did a long afternoon Structural Integration session and it both removed the hamstring tightness & made the rest of my body more open, longer and more flexible, too.  My Performance went up in an elite race just 2-days later.
  6-Time British Women's Middle Distance Running Champion
       & 3-Time Olympian

I'd had chronic lower back pain for 50 years and had tried acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, diet and been to famous doctors.  This bodywork was the only thing that really helped, removing the pain completely for weeks and months at a time.

     Ms I.G., Artist/Homemaker, age 76

I was absolutely ready to schedule back surgery for a severe extruded disk in my lower back at L5-S1 (12 millimeters).  I also had sciatica in the right leg for the previous 2 months.  I had 5-hrs of Bodywork in two sessions.  About two weeks after the second session the pain completely subsided and I had full use of my right leg.  Two years later I am still well.
     Mr. N.S., Interior Designer & Firm Owner, age 38

I stand up straighter & breathe deeper.  I see further from side to side, turning my neck much further.  I used to get a lot of pain in my hands & now it feels tremendously different, unbelievably so.
  Before Louís 2-hour treatment on my arms and back, I didnít feel like doing anything.  It was all a chore.  Now I am enjoying making cookies and cake for my son. 
Ms. B.F., Age 69

My DVD #4 enabled an Italian Sports Massage Therapist to
straighten & elongate the structure of the Italian Women's
50 Meter Swimming Champion & 3 weeks later she won again.

25 yrs, 24,000+ hrs experience - over 1200 bodies - in depth
-- Worked in 2 college training rooms, 2 Chiro offices
-- Referred by MD's, DC's, Nurses, Trainers, Coaches
-- Taught Massage Therapists
-- Lettered in Track (sprints) & Soccer in High School
-- I explain to you "why" as well as show you "what" & "how"

Contact Lou for info, free consult, sessions & ordering
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Info:  Bodywork from Me Intro Write-up
   at Most Popular Requests on this page

Also see Tired of Being, Stressed, Tight & In Pain?
   It's a Self-Help "Solution" Recipe Article
   To use the info on this site & contact me

My Professional Bio  I am a Tightness Removal Expert
with over 24,000 hrs experience in 25 years.

Do You Like to Read Helpful Info -
See More Great "Structure" Articles
My MOST Commonly Recommended
   Articles on Body Structure
    Right Side Vertical Detailed MENU Section 5
All Articles are also listed on the Bigger Free Articles Page

There is also an
Interesting Big Informative Narrative

On THIS page, if you like to read,
Detailed Explanation of the Bodywork's Benefits
with lots of in site links to each of the associated topics

Descriptive Testimonials
Over 100 - Grouped In Categories
Includes Golf & Tennis
Structural Bodywork - & - Body-Mind Therapy
See Testimonial of a Week Visit of 4-hr/day to an Athlete &
Testimonial BodyMind Therapy & Bodywork 4-Week Travel Visit
    UNIQUE: Travel Visits 1-14 days - a lot done fast & conveniently -
    Multi-hours/day, Muti-days/week.


My Other EXPERTISE  22 years: 
Body-Mind Processing

Free Phone-Email Consultation
Processing In Person & Phone Sessions
Works Even by telephone or Skype overseas
Contact Lou for info, free consult, sessions & ordering

Lasting & cumulative releases occur even in the first session.  Immediate clearing right away and as you say the next part, more releases.

Trauma   Abuse   Rape   Accidents  War
     Loss & Grief Release, childhood trauma,
     birth strain, pre-natal trauma to baby or mother,
Great for interpersonal issues.

MUCH more than only Bodywork Release Sessions
A Real, Systematic, Multi-Level & PhD Multi-Discipline Understanding  -  of Body-Mind Therapy
Reichian Therapy, Netherton Therapy, Structural Integration
   with Energetic Assistance, Chinese Medicine Organ Systems,
   Living Food Nutrition & Herbology

Easiest to first Understand Basic but detailed  Info Article

Get a personal experience by doing it.  Try a little, Free
.  When you feel it working, you may continue right then for longer, in a reasonably low priced session.

Post Traumatic Stress CLEARING
EFFECTIVE & rather fast & thorough
See Easiest to first Understand Basic but detailed  Info Article

Narrative About this Below w/costs in Most Popular Requests

Remove Accumulated Trauma/Grief
      & do Professional & Personal Growth
Significant, Cumulative & Permanent Improvements
Starting in the very first session

Personal Development thru the BodyMind
    How our Issues & Abilities are in Different
    Layers of the Body as well as the Mind
    And How we Integrate them together as we
    Also clear them of tightness & Pollution
See Article:
Who We Are & How We Can Have More of Ourselves
We Make Who You ARE Better,
So Everything You DO is Better.

We actually make the substance of who you are
   cleared of old, absorbed, polluting energies, negative
   emotional & stressful behaviors & constantly
   tightening muscles, while we simultaneously integrate 
   all your different physical & energy-system parts
You're then much cleaner & you work a whole lot better.

List of Primary Body-Mind Articles w/links to on-site
See  Links List of Most Important On-Site Articles
I consult & team with Psychological Therapists

Testimonials Links for all categories
Testimonial -BodyMind Therapy & Bodywork 4-Week Travel Visit

You can often find Structural Integration practitioners near you who do some of what I do, I can do the rest by phone & thru my videos and books. 
to open the tightness for better releasing.

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A NEW Stretching & Hands-on Approach
Why it works better, &
How it can make your other stretching
work better, too.

       A Key reason My Methods seem to work when what people have already tried didn't work as well, is because as a Structural Integration Bodyworker, I've been trained to know which deep & interconnected muscles need to be lengthened.
       And then,  as a college degreed engineer, I teach people a specific body structure "engineering way" to do both hands-on & stretching movements, to lengthen all those local & interconnected muscles in their "fascia" parts. 
      It's an educational information & a how-to-do-it for-what-results instructional approach, rather than just a "going to a class with everybody else, following along, approach."
Once your tightness is much looser and longer, you will be able to do, yoga classes, athletics and so forth more, and enjoy it better.  AND, you can make these other activities more effective for your stretching by using these interconnected-muscle, fascial spreading "methods" from my system.
   What about Pilates' lengthening?  Pilates helps a lot, but I always check people & see they can be "helped" by both increased lengthening in the bellies of the muscles & by creating a better structural alignment.
         In Pilates, too, the instruction is "Position like this," and "Stretch it." 
         But no one is telling you, bring your mind's attention here, and adjust your pull with this other part of the body, as well as inside the part you are stretching, so you get right there, and then adjust a little further this way, and then that way, to make the other parts of these muscles lengthen more, & now go on to the next area of muscles inch by inch in your full length of the stretch.  What do you feel?  Test it out like this?  If it isn't going fully, go back to here.
           And now go back up through the areas and pull in the opposite sequence.  In fact, go to the opposite side of the body, and instead of trying to bend and stretch this new side, while contracting the first, let's try to lengthen all the sides together.  And so forth.

         So in my method, we use a special "positioning," based on structural architecture & we emphasize a unique mind-into-body, very meticulous, section by section re-lengthening  of the fascia in the bellies of the muscles, for the whole body sheath & in-between organs.  We pull the collagen fibers of the fascia into a longer distance.  We also do a unique separating of the bellies of each muscle from their gluing onto the bellies of other muscles next to them. 
   In this way, people always get much longer "length" sooner, & that increases flexibility, and strength, plus balance and power.  It even increases endurance and reduces recovery time. 

          Olympic Level athletes said that after my hands-on, they could run faster & be more relaxed at the same time, as well as being more relaxed, taller & straighter just walking around the house.  Seniors & Business people got immediate, deep stress removal & felt deeper ongoing relaxation, stress "immunity" & had better sleep.
          A very stressed 16 year old said even just the first stretches on the DVD always calm her down right away.
          And a number of people have said that even these gentle stretches are ALSO a very good workout.

So this method is not to replace your yoga and pilates, not even your massages, but to complement them, that is, to make all your stretching work better by making use of how your muscles are constructed; and very significantly, to show YOU, with your own body experience how to make them more effective right when you do them.

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       "I  was told by my doctor that I probably have Fibromyalgia, was put on a dairy-free / wheat-free diet, and supplements such as fish oil and vitamin C (for inflammation). Some mornings my legs seemed almost paralyzed, and it would take 15 minutes to loosen up all my joints before getting out of bed. After shuffling and hobbling around for the first hour, I would gradually begin to limber up enough to make it through the day.
        I discovered Lou's website on the internet, and called him.  Lou was very patient, asked questions, and listened. Then he guided me through a process of stretches over the phone. They were a bit intense but gentle at the same time. I was sweating heavily  and drank water - it seemed like a lot of 'junk' was sweating out of me.
        Over a  couple hours on the phone I learned ;  !.) how to make immediate changes in my diet    2.) how to do the stretching on my own  3.) how to release muscle tension caused by trauma.    
       The next day my legs had improved. I continued the stretching throughout the day. The second day my legs were noticeably different. I could get out of bed right away, the pain had lessened, and I wasn't as tired. I am very impressed with this technique. Months of chiropractic and  massage therapy did nothing to affect change  the way this has, and I  actually feel hopeful for the first time in months.
        I would like to recommend Lou to anyone who feels they suffer from the same condition. Lou is also a very compassionate person to talk to.   
L.Z. Phoenix

Lou Coached me thru some of his stretches for 25 minutes - right there in an herb shop relaxation area, and my chronic hip pain was gone, my leg tightness was much better, and I felt taller, more upright & more flexible all over.  And I have been stretching & getting body treatments that did not fix this.
Mother, Teacher, Part time Ballet Dancer.

More Immediate Testimonials on Stretching DVD Page
Many more testimonials from using the videos, too.

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 I SPECIALIZE in direct and custom
with people who want specific
Body Structure & Body-Mind improvements.

This website is also an information library for
    Structural Integration Bodywork &
    Body-Mind Release Therapy

I offer good products and services, that work,
     Rather quickly, and thoroughly &
     At good value

Lou Gross, BS Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University
School Certified Master Postural Integrator since 1983
Bodywork & Stretching Engineer

Package Deals on my recommended sets
Further discounts to low income & disabled.
Costs & Descriptions Details Just Below

Be sure to see Green Box Above
for basic Video & Consultation Information & links.
See below in this box for packages & costs.

To order Anything, Contact Lou
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I take mailed in
checks & money orders in US Dollars,
PayPal, Western Union and Moneygram.
310-285-8132     321-726-9083

See in Green Box above
A New Stretching & Hands-on Method - Short Article

    Usually Re-lengthens a lot of Tightness & Often Helps Backs Loosen & has Removed or reduced a lot of people's Pain right on the phone.  Then you can do more over time & improve further.

Helps people understand & get a feel for doing other stretching more effectively, too.  Where to stretch first, then second, & how to get more muscles to lengthen than most people seem to have been doing.  And where to do special hands-on, where the stretching does not work as well.  Then hands-on also makes the stretching easier after that.

     An orderly systematic releasing approach based on the Bodywork System & then using this "method" of fascia spreading & interconnected muscle groups stretching with yoga & other kinds of stretches.  People learn about what is causing which tightness - and you can even get my inexpensive Ebooks that explain a lot more for you, too.

     TEACHES YOU Structural Integration techniques & a whole body treatment understanding, how each muscle and body area affects others, so you can correct the whole tightness & improve the pain and back, neck, etc.

The combination of THIS stretching & the Hands-on works better than each individually.

ALSO SEE:  What's in the packages.
DVD Info Page
Athletes' & Performers' E-Book Info
Understanding the Cause of Back Pain Book Info
Stress Release Areas to Cover Book - Good for Therapists, too.
Abuse Clearing Book
How to Make Your Body Work Better Book - Good for Explaining  the benefits of the Bodywork System & How it goes about doing it.  A lot of overlap & with many duplicate chapters of the Athlete's etc Book.

Mr. Green's Health Booklets Info Page

Bodyworker Practitioner Testimonials on the DVD's

These explanation pages tell you more.
+++ Detailed DVD's Info & Testimonials on them Page
+++ Phone CONSULT with Stretching Analysis &
            Benefits to you
+++ MORE details of WHAT'S IN the DVD's than below here
+++ Most Popular Requests - Consultation-Stretching Info

Then can read an actual Email Dialogue about common structural issues  - incl Imbalance & Causes of Ongoing Tightnesses from one place to another
Q & A about Tightness & the Basic Imbalance

DVD Videos Currently Available
2-hrs video
- Structural Stretching
1-hr video - How to do Bodywork on Yourself.
2-hrs video  - Fixing Backs while Fixing Whole Bodies - Hands-On Bodywork for Others
How to help backs, necks, arms, shoulders, stress - & loosen the whole body  ADD THIS - RECOMMENDED
2-hrs video - Deep Legs & Pelvis-
Great for Dancers, Runners, Seniors with tight Legs, Back Issues
All work for both Body Therapists - Nurses &
Everyday Folks to help family and friends.

Package deals

& Explanations of what they do for people

Packages I recommend based on my experience. DVD Nrs.
See Good Details in Paragraphs Just Below
Also SEE:
Why get the DVD's 1,2,3 Package plus 4 & 5 - Info Page

Stretching 1 Low Cost & really does lengthen & help align
Stretching 1 & 2
If you want to stretch a lot & laying down, too
Stretching 1 & Hands-on 3 
Good Basic Combo Package
Stretching 1 & 2, Hands-on 3
* Hands-on for Others (& Yourself) 4
* Stretching 1 & Hands-on to Others 4
Stretching 1, Hands-on 3 & 4
Stretching 1 & 2, Hands-on 3 & 4
Stretching 1 & 2, Hands-on 3, 4, 5

     COACHING as well & Ebooks
Call me with ANY questions.

For all DVD's - please also see my article that
     details how to be able to stretch further, easier &
     to allow the Hands-on to be able to do more.
     Foods for Structure

I recommend DVD 1 2 3 4 as a whole package but to have a few of these to start is also sufficient for most people.

PayPal add $5 per hundred dollars,
Overseas shipping add $5 for basic order, $7 for the full order.
See BIG DVD Info page for lots more information, how to make use of the videos incl as a practitioner for clients, &
HOW TO ORDER - Just Contact Lou - Email or phone


   1.  The 2-Str Videos & Consult-$89 
   with a Free Back Info or Athletes' Info
   E-Book    (Save $10) - includes ongoing

    What You should Get for Stretching Thoroughly
           (overseas please add $5 shipping & PayPal $5)
Just the Stretching combo (1,2) is great if you
        already get deep massage or Fascial
        Lengthening Bodywork & they do your head.
        Especially for stress & back tightness, loosening
        the head & hands on fascial manipulation is
        very helpful. 

From seeing clients' improvements & watching
         Video 3 again, I notice My Hands-on method
         combined with Stretching method is better than
         just the stretching alone.
 So I made a discount.

  2.  Add Video 3 - Hands-on for yourself - 
  adds the hands-on to the stretching,
   including Bodywork on the Head
   - Very Helpful. 

       "Just from doing the head hands-on in Video 3, I sleep
           better," said a web designer, age 50.
    Plus two muscle spreading apart stretches, an
      analysis of the basic imbalance causing back,
      neck, shoulder, & hip problems plus head
      tightness, & a method to release emotional
      tension even from deep inside & what got stuffed
      into the legs. 
   Also directions on what needs to
      be lengthened for cross legged meditation,
      legs looser & back easier to sit up straight.  You
      can apply this instruction to enabling you to
      be able to sit easier with better posture in the
      car or bus, at school or work, at meal time, etc.
      (Now Only - $30 w/both Stretching Videos
        - on its own $45)

    Special Package - Total $115
           including analysis, coaching & Ebook.
           (overseas please add $5 shipping & PayPal add $6)
This 3-Video (1 2 3) , 1-Book selection is the
        package I recommend to do for yourself by
        yourself.  Add in the Foods for Structure article
        free on the website for a self-help course.
     Video 2 is helpful for lying down stretches, & more
        yoga stretches including spine loosening &
         inner organ stretching.

    Economy Package - $89
        Substitute Video 3 for Stretching Video 2:
    Get Stretching Video 1 - for great lengthening,
        & Hands-on for Yourself Video 3,
        plus an Ebook, w/Consult-analysis 
  This does help.  Video 3 teaches you how to do
        hands-on for yourself a little at a time, through-
        out the day, in front of the computer, while
        relaxing watching TV, riding in a car, etc. 
        The loosening for the face, eyes & jaw as well
         as hands helps remove accumulated strain.
     The stretching can also be done throughout the
        day in 1-minute to 5-10 minutes at a time,
        including to loosen arms, legs, neck & torso
        in the car, on the job & adding it to your
        workout routine. 
     The twist stretches in Video 3 help separate
        muscles from each other in the legs, pelvis &
        some more torso, so they stretch further with
        the elongation stretches & you feel looser.
       They also stretch & loosen the internal
      At the end of Video 3, there's a unique method
        for releasing emotional tension & feelings or
        thoughts that I use with my clients & there is
        also an explanation about the zig-zag
        imbalances we get, & how to help correct them
      And if you are a cross legged meditator, or in
        yoga, there is instruction on where to lengthen
        to make the legs looser & to be able to have the
        back more upright & easier.


  ALSO ADD Video 4 -A Mini Bodywork
   Course for family members, friends,
   athletic coaches, trainers, nurses, &
   chiropractors & sports medicine MD's. 
     Counselors at summer camps as well
     to help the kids athletically. 
It's a great mini-course for massage therapists,
      so your own therapist can do this for you & learn
      a new tool he or she can then use for other

     Video 4 by itself
.  With Athletics, Sports
       Medicine EBook & a phone consult

     Video 4 combined with Video 1 is an excellent
       set if you work on other people.

     You can give the pair as a gift to Body Therapists.
     Videos 1 & 4, 2-1/2 hrs,  incl 200 pg Athletes
       & Sports Medicine EBook, Raw Food Details &
       consults with Lou.

     Videos 1, 3 & 4, 3-1/2 hrs,  incl 200 pg
       EBook, Raw Foods Info & consults.
       A great set for Massage & Physical Therapists
       To do hands-on for yourself, Video 4 added
          to Video 3, helps you get to do more, with
          a lot more instruction & stroke by stroke
          demonstration on the legs, arms & head,
          as well. 
Includes an Email Digital Photo
          or postal mailed prints of your structure &
          further advice than on the verbal,
          on where to stretch & do hands-on.

     Videos 1,2,3,4, 4-1/2 hrs, incl 200 pg
       Ebook, 100 pg Back EBook, Raw Foods Book,
       & consults.

         (overseas please add $5 shipping & PayPal $8)

ALL of Mr. Green's Health & Energy Book, includes
              Life Force & Green Leafy Vegetables
              Health Experts' Programs
               Other Diet Analysis
               50 pgs How To for Diet, Cleansing, O2 & More
               Brain, Adrenals, etc info
               Living Food & Ann Wigmore Info

   Video 4 More Details of what's in it:
    ** Also see What's in the Videos page for even more info
     Hands-on info in greater specifics for
     someone to lengthen & loosen backs
     head, arms, upper chest for the
first hour
Then most of a
second hour to lengthen legs, pelvis & torso front more, including abdominals, to create alignment to help backs release more tension, stand straighter, & not fall back into the tightness & arch as much. 
     Tight legs (that we all get) keeps low back
        tightness & tension all the way up to the neck
        & head.  Tight legs & arms even keep chests
The Back Book Explains a lot of this.

      This is an actual stroke by stroke hands-on
        session, showing just how to hold the hands,
        where to push, in what order, what
        improvements you want to look for & how to
        look, & even a couple complementary
        stretches to add to the hands-on.
      It helps in athletics.
      The first half on back, neck, head, arms is with
        the person sitting in a chair, on a bed, even
        sitting on the ground outside.  You can adapt
        it for someone lying down if they are
        bedridden. So you can do it all or in part as a
        tune up for family, friends, at work, at the
        health club.  You can do elderly parents,
        spouses when they come home from work,
        & it's great to relieve back tension & stress,
        even helps headaches with the head, back &
        neck loosening. 
      And on the face it makes a lot of people look
        younger.  It removes tightness from a lot of
        driving & computer work.

      Do Video 4 again & you can get deeper into more
         muscles, to make the treatment do more.

Seniors & Structural Illness Improvements
      Doing what's on Video 4, I have helped people
         who have had a stoke or have Parkinson's,
         MS, Cerebral Palsy or are confined to a
         Wheelchair.  They get more mobility &
         flexibility, better blood & lymph circulation,
         greater relaxation, & often even better
         expressiveness & happiness.


        TO WORK ON YOU? 
         AS WELL AS VIDEO 4.
           Legs Video Mini-Course  by itself.
             Great for Dancers, Athletes, Seniors, Backs

This is also VERY HELPFUL for Emotional & Trauma Release
   processing - as the leg tightness we all get, holds the
   belly, chest & head tight.  Loosening deep in the legs
   I always found releases deeper emotions & blockages,
   & even removes stress from the torso and head - a lot.

ALSO SEE:  What items are in the packages.
DVD Info Page
Athletes' & Performers' E-Book Info
Understanding the Cause of Back Pain Book Info
Stress Release Areas to Cover Book - Good for Therapists, too.
Abuse Clearing Book
How to Make Your Body Work Better Book - Good for Explaining
    the benefits of the Bodywork System & How it goes about
    doing it.  A lot of overlap & with many duplicate chapters
    of the Athlete's etc Book.

Mr. Green's Health Booklets Info Page

So all of the DVD's, (7 hrs) (regularly  $225)
3-EBooks (individually total $55) & the Health-Energy-Diet Book
  (individually $25) & My phone teaching, plus the free email digital photo structural analysis (individually $25)
  now at discount

(overseas please add $7 shipping & PayPal $10)
    This is the package I recommend for practitioners
    and for people with tight legs, or students with
    tight legs, & dancers & runners who preferably
    have help to work on parts of themselves they
    cannot reach.  Even help from fellow Dancers &
    athletes - you can work on each other.

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"       I  was told by my doctor that I probably have fibromyalgia, was put on a dairy-free / wheat-free diet, and supplements such as fish oil and vitamin C (for inflammation).
       Some mornings my legs seemed almost paralyzed, and it would take 15 minutes to loosen up all my joints before getting out of bed. After shuffling and hobbling around for the first hour, I would gradually begin to limber up enough to make it through the day.
       I discovered Lou's website on the internet, and called him.  Lou was very patient, asked questions, and listened. Then he guided me through a process of stretches over the phone. They were a bit intense but gentle at the same time. I was sweating heavily  and drank water - it seemed like a lot of 'junk' was sweating out of me.
        Over a  couple hours on the phone I learned ;  1.) how to make immediate changes in my diet    2.) how to do the stretching on my own  3.) how to release muscle tension caused by trauma.
       The next day my legs had improved. I continued the stretching throughout the day. The second day my legs were noticeably different. I could get out of bed right away, the pain had lessened, and I wasn't as tired. I am very impressed with this technique.
       Months of chiropractic and  massage therapy did nothing to affect change  the way this has, and I  actually feel hopeful for the first time in months. I would like to recommend Lou to anyone who feels they suffer from the same condition. Lou is also a very compassionate person to talk to.   L.Z. Phoenix, Arizona
My legs feel SO MUCH  better, especially the left one, just from the mini-session I did in my office. 
Avid Social Dancer, Chicago

I've Been Stretching Daily for 30 years & I learned things from Lou right in the free initial phone call with 3 stretches for both sides.   I went out & played squash right after  & my movements & performance were much better.  Then I got the Stretching Videos.  Tremendous Stuff, wonderful, beautiful.  You even mention the muscle names & what they affect.
72 year old Fitness Expert & Athlete, Australia

Lou Coached me thru some of his stretches for 25 minutes - right there in an herb shop relaxation area, and
my chronic hip pain was gone, my leg tightness was much better, and I felt taller, more upright & more flexible all over.  And I have been stretching & getting body treatments that did not fix this.
Mother, Teacher, Part time Ballet Dancer, age 52

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Bodyworkers Worldwide can learn from me.
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Here's a Brief Summary
1. Stretching DVD's: 
    2-hrs Hands-on for first relieving &
    improving backs,
then fixing the whole
    structure to fix the back even better & make
    the fix last longer. Also, necks, arms,
    shoulders, then rest of body loosening &
    lengthening - with explanation of overall

A mini course on improving overall body
    alignment & muscle group integration.
OK to get just Video 1.


1.) Immediate 2-hr Mini Course for fixing backs, improving alignment, releasing heads & stress, arms
& some legs.
2.) Immediate 2-hr Mini Course for deep leg & pelvis loosening & lengthening, that also releases low backs & abdomens further.
3.) Immediate 1-hr Course for Self-Bodywork for you & your clients-friends-teammates.
4.) Immediate 2-hrs Structural Integration Bodywork & Fascial Lengthening & Widening Stretching method.
Fixes tightness & pain, incl backs, by itself, & interspersed with the hands-on how-to makes both work even better.

And, you get Lou's Before & After you get the DVDs & Books to refer you to specific chapters & stretches, teach you - with tour own body, in what order to do them for you & your clients-patients, & how to apply your hands & positions even more than is already clearly shown on the DVDs.  And the books are very detailed & even have educated Olympic Class Athletes.

These DVD's & my phone consults & Books teach
Massage Therapists, Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Chiropractors, even Nurses & MD's
who are used to thinking neuro-muscularly, and locally, how to also see the body as a big, interconnected unit, a fascial putty, structural system of "whole body architecture.
With fascial, soft connective tissue manipulation and this stretching method, a person's structure can be systematically & rather quickly, reshaped for pain erasure & significantly increased performance.

You see how to lengthen local tightness &, importantly, the Interconnected tightness and the Misalignment tightness that's continuing to cause more tightness where it hurts.

Learn a Fast , Comfortable Way to Improve Structural SHAPE by learning how to manipulate the Fascia Body Suit.

Practitioners can incorporate actual Structural
   Integration Fascia Manipulation Sessions
   into their own treatment sessions:

      a.  Massage therapy
      b.  Physical Therapy
      c.  Athletic & Personal Training
      d.  Chiropractic & Osteopathy
      e.  Prep & Follow up for Orthopedics
      f.  Yoga Classes
      g.  Health Club Aerobics
      h. Home strength workout loosening

MY "fascia" Structural Stretching is VERY EFFECTIVE
     1.  Teaches you about structural alignment
     2.  Teaches you how to lengthen fascia
     3.  Fixes tightness & some back pain by itself
     4.  Increases softening, loosening & lengthening
             of the next massages & Fascia Hand-on

2. Hands-on How-to DVD's:
      1. Teaches people immediately - low cost.
      2. Follow Lou Stroke by Stroke
      3. Explanation by Explanation.

      4. Actual Live, total sessions you can do.
This is NOT an idea of this and that & then
             you integrate all these ideas into your
             own massages.  THIS takes you through
             actual, complete Structural Integration
             sessions, even showing you in close up how
             to hold and move your hands in my unique
             manipulation method.

To add to what I just mentioned,
Combine with the Stretching Info & Method,
& the Athlete-Performer-Sports Medicine Book,
   for an actual Structural Integration Course.

    1-hr - How to work on yourself, with
         a new, more comfortable, fascial
         spreading hands-on technique
         that also teaches cross fiber work.

    2-hrs - learn Structure with Structural
        Integration Bodywork Stretching
        Method - Helps Backs & Legs, etc.
        Good tool for teaching & helping
        clients - goes well with massage.
     2-hrs - In-depth Legs & Pelvis, Good for
        Athletes, especially runners & jumpers, &
        for Dancers & older people with tight
        heads.  Also helps emotional release.

Discount on Books & Videos for wholesale
   to sell to your clients.

See Stretching DVD Page on How it Can
   Help You Do More in sessions & also give
   clients stretches to do on their own.

Again - these links for Info on What is in the DVD's,
        1.   DVD Info Page
2.  What's in 1,2,3,4,5 Info Page
          3.   Second Green Box above duplicates some of 1 & 2

A. Testimonials of how the stretching works
    are on the
DVD Info Page.
B. Testimonials from Other Practitioners
     including about the
Practitioner Testimonials about My Videos

More coming.  Contact Lou for your requests.


I offer free structural analysis for you, from your digital front, back and side photos in email attachments.  For modest fees I will also analyze your clients.

But my Chapter 7 in the Athlete's-Performers-& Sports Medicine Book
tells you how to look & analyze for yourself, & the DVDs also explain it.

I exchange links with other websites in my field or closely related body-therapy fields You may send text with typed out links for inclusion on my links page text.  Sorry, cannot add HTML code.  
(see my links page for examples)

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See Training Info This Page
for Professionals & for Family-Spouses
I teach Bodywork & Bodymind to
Psychological Therapists, too.
See I Teach This below - more details
See Trainings Page for Bodywork Programs
   & Even More Info.

Short cuts to Sub Pages off Training Page
Program:  4-hr class
Program:  Class plus 2-Day Workshop
Program:  Full 10 step Program, Plus
Info:  Why Existing Therapists Should Learn How to Do This
I'll come to YOUR area.  Even just to you.
   Work on you & teach you.  Pairs good, too.


People contact me for
Personal Consultations &  Stretching Videos  
 Trauma, Fear, Anger, Stress & Grief Release
Bodywork from Me incl Travel to you
Holistic Bodywork Programs, Professionals & Others

Trainings - Professionals, Spouses, Lay Groups,
Unique Life Coaching

Structural Integrator in Your Area?  See My Links Page

Details Begin Just Below this White Box

These are Pretty Detailed Introductions of
 each program, something of what they're
 about & they have links to more detailed

Self Help Books & Tapes
Big & Packed with Information
All available as Immediate E-Book Downloads
Videos shipped world-wide

Overwhelmed with choices?
No time to read everything?
Try this easy, short Guide
How to Choose the Book for You

and Hands On How-to Videos as well
Fixing BACK PAIN Book

Athletic & Performing Arts Performance Improvement Book
Performance Enhancement -- Bodywork Explanation Book

Stress REMOVAL with Enhanced Bodywork Book
REMOVING the Effects of Abuse from the Body-Mind Book

Mr. Green's Natural HEALTH & Living Foods
How-to & Guide Book

Please say your phone number twice.
Please also leave email address & Your Time Zone,
& best times to call you back.
321 726 9083

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Talk/E-Mail to Lou and Order or get more info
For Fixing
Muscle Tightness & Pain,
Including Low Back Pain
Phone or Email
It's a Personal Structural Analysis
de-mystify your condition & show
how to make things better.
We do both explanation & actual physical
    testing of your structure.
YES, I do it by phone.
You may also do it with skype-video.

About Lou Gross - Professional Education Bio Page -Background
Call or Email Lou Contact Info

See the Trauma Release Introduction Info

Bodywork &/or My Stretching with My self-help hands-on  helps my Bodymind Releasing-Improving as well

Please say or Email your
phone number, twice
& Your
Time Zone,
times to call you back.
Please also
say & spell your email address
n case there is a phone connection problem
       & I also send you a free initial health booklet). 
321-726-9083    321-726-9083     USA Eastern Time
(GMT -5 hrs)

For Structure & Part of Body-Mind Release
For Addl Info In You Want - But not needed
Additional Information Page

 Consultation & Stretch Coaching Benefits Info Page


Stretching & Hands-on DVD's Info Page

Which Videos to Get & What They Teach You
      Why get DVD's 1,2,3 Package & When also 4,5

Free Consultation explains
Why you have your Pains & Muscle Tightness & shows as well as explains how to fix them.  You even get to try out the stretching before you decide to buy, &  after you buy, you get free ongoing support from me on your structure. 
     And both on the phone & in the videos, I teach you about your structure, so you're more knowledgeable about how to help yourself & how to do other people's videos & classes more effectively.
     I almost always know what's going on with     people & I ask specific questions about your structural shape, what you already do in work activity, work outs, stretching & even what your diet consists of. 
     Then we test how tight or loose your muscle  & fascia network is at the same time that we work to loosen & lengthen it.  There  is a sequence of areas to stretch for any particular condition.

   We analyze & de-mystify your issues related to your background experiences & describes the method to release them & why it works. 
Explains the methods & why the fascial loosening-stretching on the phone or hands-on in-person helps the Netherton-Reichian methods work easier, faster & more thoroughly.
     Also Refers you to more detailed article info on site.  Sample session & technique.  We talk about schedules and reasonable costs.  Can be done in more than one consultation for time needs.

You may read an actual Email Dialogue about common issues
Q & A about Tightness & the Basic Imbalance

     I call it a Structural Integration Bodywork Approach to Stretching. I modeled it after the Hands-On Bodywork & then used the Bodywork Principles to also get yoga & athletic type stretches to really do more.
     It is a unique approach that I call "Structural Integration - Fascia Re-lengthening."  It restores the length of the fascia soft connective
tissue in your muscles, which removes a lot of stress created tension, as well as athletically    created tightness & seniors' strain to get around.
It's not just a joint loosening method. It makes the actual bellies of your muscles     longer again, so that the joints feel looser & you gain power, strength & agility at the same time.
     It also lengthens groups of muscles that are supposed to work together, but we do the stretching by lengthening each little area after another.

Email Lou with brief Description of your condition
      --- A "structure" checklist - what info to provide Lou
OK to also phone

I've taught this method for 22 years, to young athletes, seniors into their 80's & people with significant muscle tightness & injury.
The problem I repeatedly have seen is that the purposeful act of pulling the collagen fibers of the fascia through the fluid isn't focused on. 
     So  if a person has his or her mind in the body & does indeed get the fibers to spread back out, & if you know to do this purposefully, & put your mind & stretching movement
into this additional factor, both the muscle lengths & the whole structural alignment get longer & straighter.

     THIS METHOD has often QUICKLY helped Back Pain, & Low Back Pain, Pinched Nerves & Sciatica, & pains & stiffness in other body areas, too,
      BECAUSE we are both making things     considerably longer in the local are we stretch, in the interconnected muscles they would have been pulling on & we are bringing the body's structural inter-relationships back to where they should be, including being straighter & having greater range of movement & interconnected coordination.

     If you already get massage and/or     chiropractic & even physical therapy, then you can try it & see for yourself how adding this    could help you achieve more, as it has for a number of people already. 
     It helps massage & chiropractic do more &    even exercise & weight work get greater     results when the fascia is lengthened; the muscle fibers can then operate more in their full lengths, other parts of the body are not tightly restricting them & a more organized structure's muscles work better together as a system.

     Helps Seniors move & feel better
     And if you're an Athlete or Yoga Practitioner, or you do Pilates, you can learn how to do your kind of movements in a way to get a longer stretch.

See DVD's Info Page
with a lot of explanation & a lot of Testimonials

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       I  was told by my doctor that I probably have Fibromyalgia, was put on a dairy-free / wheat-free diet, and supplements such as fish oil and vitamin C (for inflammation). Some mornings my legs seemed almost paralyzed, and it would take 15 minutes to loosen up all my joints before getting out of bed. After shuffling and hobbling around for the first hour, I would gradually begin to limber up enough to make it through the day.
       I discovered Lou's website on the internet, and called him. Lou was very patient, asked questions, and listened. Then he guided me through a process of stretches over the phone. They were a bit intense but gentle at the same time. I was sweating heavily  and drank water - it seemed like a lot of 'junk' was sweating out of me.

       Over a  couple hours on the phone I learned ; 
1.) how to make immediate changes in my diet    
2.) how to do the stretching on my own 
3.) how to release muscle tension caused by trauma.

      The next day my legs had improved. I continued the stretching throughout the day.
       The second day my legs were noticeably different. I could get out of bed right away, the pain had lessened, and I wasn't as tired.

        I am very impressed with this technique. Months of chiropractic and  massage therapy did nothing to affect change  the way this has,
and I  actually feel hopeful for the first time in months. I would like to recommend Lou to anyone who feels they suffer from the same condition. Lou is also a very compassionate person to talk to.   L.Z. Phoenix


These are very good stretches
you've shown me.
I can now stretch a lot further. 
English National Team TRACK & FIELD OLYMPIAN.

Not just another Yoga Video.  This is new. I've been
 doing and teaching yoga for 20 years.  I've been
trained by Ma Yoga Shakti.  And
I learned some
 new things from this video that I've now
 incorporated in my own yoga practice,
 the technique of how to get more length by taking
 my attention into the muscles and spreading the
fascia.  I also learned new positions in order to
lengthen more of my structure.
Co-Director, Yoga Shakti Residential Country Mission,

 As I watched Lou's DVD, I saw more effective
 ways to do the stretching positions I was already
 doing and I saw ways to stretch areas I never
  And I stretch daily.  The logic of Lou's
 better positions and method were immediately
 obvious.  This is indeed an outgrowth of his 20
 years Structural Integration Bodywork experience. 
 I found his information, manner of explanation and
 demonstrations all excellent.

Long Term Senior Athlete and Personal Trainer,
     including PNF Stretching Certified.

The information is very good and the stretches do
 lengthen the myo-fascia. 
I felt better even from just
 the initial
, multi-position torso sequence.
"John Barnes Method" Myo-Fascial Release Therapist

I was impressed that you could fix the back without
 even touching it. 
I liked how Lou taught us to
 actually lengthen the fascia in the appropriate
.  It's obvious from his teaching that Lou is
 well educated in his field.
Massage Therapy Student, Kaiser College


      For the cost, or half the cost, of one Structural Integration Bodywork session, you can have 2-7 hrs of video that coaches you thru how to stretch a lot of your body, better; even how to do yoga stretching better. 
     And How to Do the Bodywork on Yourself and
get a lot of it from family, friends, or a local massage therapist.

And I have found people get noticeably more benefits from the hands-on Structural Integration sessions when they do this kind of stretching along with it.  I even use it in the session to pull  areas more, so my  hands can do more.   And I can pull a number of areas all
 together, taking advantage of what I have done
 with my hands.

     You can even get more benefit from your deep massages by adding this kind of stretching.  

     And through my links page you can find a Structural Integration practitioner in your area.

     Also, for muscle tightness, pain & performance, here are on site educational articles, & some have PDF Downloads.
     Simply read in THIS order, skip testimonials if you like.  Read "Foods for Structure" first if you Understand this Bodywork.

-- Fixing Accumulated Shortness
-- Improving Athletic Performance    
-- Stretching Tips
-- Testimonial  - Summary List   
& for:
     - Backs   -Necks, & other tightness   -Athletes

Please read: Foods for Structure 
    for less pain & easier, longer stretching
-- Mr. Green's Vitality Program
    for Getting Healthier & Stronger

-- Links Page
for Gray's Anatomy info & illustrations
    & schools that have practitioner lists

See  Videos Info Page

See  My Services for You on Getting Sessions, even from others - a special short article

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How It Can Help You
We Can Start Right Away

Trauma Release
Stress Removal
& Personal Growth

Free Phone or Email Consults
About Lou Gross - Education -Background

"Lou is Brilliant & Compassionate."
From a recent accomplished businessman & former college athlete, in his 40's - After our first in-person 4-hr Bodywork & Release Processing Session - Said to his close friend.

Body-Mind Therapy -  Personal Growth
Trauma & Grief - Loss Removal - Clearing
Even from a long time ago

VERY EFFECTIVE & FAST, easy to do, thorough, immediate - permanent - cumulative improvements.

In person sessions are very fast & do a lot,
yet also, the phone method I have developed is often even more effective than anything else people have tried.

It works or you do not have to pay.   I am so confident that if we try it and you see what it does and I am monitoring you all the time, even on the phone, then you see how it works.

This is not an awareness or shouting out or energy movement nor stirring up system.  
-- We actually
remove the old emotions, traumas, negative belief & sabotaging commands
-- & the tightness you have had surrounding & holding in those emotions.
--Plus - we remove the negative statements from others who told you negative & threatening things & also THEIR forces on you, as well as in the womb and birth canal -forces on you - that trapped Mother's feelings inside of you as well, even before you were born.

-- This combination System ia Straightforward - thorough, non-traumatic & non- exhausting.
--  People feel refreshed and feel looser, freer, and that something has lifted out of them.  
--I even coach you on the fascial spreading of the head right on the phone as well as removing deep trauma from around the spine.  REMOVES SHORT TERM & LONG TERM

24 Years consistent Successful experience
Formally Trained by Multiple Psychotherapist -- Bodyworker PhDs & other experts,

& I have combined advanced & very experienced Body Mind Understanding with the Reichian & Netherton Release Methods.  
--Netherton Techniques are exceptionally effective - more than any other system I know - 
--plus I do the Body & Reichian techniques, & Reichian-Body techniques I invented to make it faster and easier 
--- and - I add even more - unique, and unusually fast and effective techniques as well.

  --  Phone/Email Consultation - Sample
It's a Personal Body-Mind Analysis & Explanation of the Processing to de-mystify your condition & show you how to make things better.

Very Low Phone Session  Rates    

See Easiest to first Understand Basic but detailed  Info Article

-- Physical tightness even gets a lot better  in person &, for most folks - even on the phone.
-- Excellent
post Traumatic Stress CLEARING - 
-- Clears
-- I am an expert in removing the residues of physical, sexual & emotional abuse, even in childhood & infancy, 
-- as well as in
Pre-natal & Birth trauma & "pattern" removal - What happened to you and your Mom - can be easily removed without trauma.

Usually works with my guided stretches & movements along with the verbal technique, and also if you do yoga.
Sometimes that is not even needed much.  But it does help - easily and simply.
You can also
get Bodywork weekly by you, do Release therapy by phone,  with me.
Also use my Stretching & self-help hands-on DVD's including if you
have a local Bodyworker or a massage therapist who will use these DVDs.  At least DVD's 1 & 3.  Discounted for you.
Structural Integrator in Your Area?  See My Links Page

     It's a Body-Mind Negative Emotional Energy Releasing & Negative Thought & Belief Patterns - which simultaneously improves one's energies & loosens the structural muscles & organs as well.
     A Non-Traumatic, Conscious, & Very Thorough Method.
     Most methods give you new things to do, what I call behavior modification, while  this gets rid of what's in your way:  "Stuff" you picked up in the past, even when you don't remember it.  This also makes Behavior Modification & Personal Improvement noticeably easier, & one's abilities get stronger as well.
See Trauma Release Therapy Article

  for amplification on this & info on the main methods.
See Easiest to first Understand Basic but detailed  Info Article

Sessions easily by phone, worldwide
as well as in person in combination with the Hands-On Bodywork & Structural Stretching Bodywork Exercises I use.

On the phone or Skype/Yahoo IM I use the   Stretching method to loosen the body structure as well as some self help hands-on Bodywork coaching, especially for the head so you can access the body energy with your conscious mind better.
See above, Discount Session costs

Please say or Email your phone number, twice
& Your Time Zone,
& times to call you back.
Please also say & spell your email address
     (in case there is a phone connection problem
       & I also send you a free initial health booklet). 
321 726 9083

Go to a list of articles links on the Bodymind Processing by clicking here
Processing Sessions Available by Phone,
as well as in person treatments

     Immediate - in the session - permanent & cumulatively increasing improvements -that people feel as soon as it happens, right on the phone.
  People tell me their interpersonal behavior is right away better than their usual way.
     Abuse, Loss, Grief, Accidents, Phobias, Anger, Resentment, Depression, Fear, War, Long term Stressful Situations, including Childhood or Spousal Abuse,

Get a personal experience by doing it.  Try a little, Free.  When you feel it working, you may continue right then for longer, in a reasonably low priced session.  $45/hr. (prorated for less or more than one hr)

Post Traumatic Stress CLEARING
VERY EFFECTIVE & rather fast & thorough

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
     Blocks to moving forward, not being wanted or your information & help not being wanted, Feelings of being trapped, Experiences of others harming us or repeatedly not being satisfying,
     Even if it Happened or Started Years Ago, or has been going on your whole life.


Trauma & Grief Release       
Abuse Clearing - Book

Personal Development - BodyMind Method
Professional Business - Person Development System
Professional Holistic - Programs & their Benefits

Unique Body-Mind Life Coach

Testimonials:     Trauma Release     Personal Growth
Read More In-Depth Articles

Please also read  Foods for Structure
   & Plan to get Stretching Video 1 & Hands-on Video 3 
   See Second Green Box above & Videos Info Page

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My rates are a lot cheaper than psychotherapy when it's out of your pocket.
And I can teach the methods to practitioners.

Noticeable Significant Benefits start in the first session and accumulate as more is cleared.  Whatever is cleared is gone permanently.

In Person Bodywork-Bodymind Sessions - Usually $100/hr - currently $80/hr
Typical L.A. West Side Bodywork alone 125-150

Multi-session Bodymind-Bdwk Rates
    lower. (Usually $90/hr - still $80/hr)
Some discounts to 70 even for single sessions.
Stretching & Self-Help Bodywork & Release
    Processing rates lower.
You get Structural Integration Bodywork
  & the Netherton-Reichian Therapy at the
  same time, often $100/hr each, plus free - more
  stretching & nutrition, plus meditation.

       by phone - woks well.

$50/hr    Sessions are usually 1, 1-1/2 or 2 hrs long. 
(I accumulate hrs - so eg:  1-1/2 and 2 - 3-1/2 hrs).
1st Hours cost a little more because I also do a lot to analyze at first & the work is usually charged at $80-$200/hour & I then make it more affordable for people who do a lot of the hours to get personal growth and long term issues accomplished. 
Some discounts to unemployed & low income
     I am rather generous to people who are
     dedicated and do a lot of hours, even if they
      have decent incomes.
 (Rates from others typically $75-$200/hr)

Includes the Structural Stretching & Reichian techniques along with the Netherton focus - and even some energy consolidation practice.  You can do these at home on your own, too.

I also teach you how to do some of this on your own while I am working with you.

Here are Details of the
Free Consultation &
The Ongoing Sessions

VERY EFFECTIVE & FAST, easy to do, significant, immediate, permanent, cumulative improvements.

I am very understanding, acknowledging, non-blaming, compassionate, communicative & explanatory
-- & I don't get shook up by ANY past traumas or behaviors.

I am also VERY focused & I know where you are body & mind & what to have you do and say next.

     I'll Explain How Negative & Upsetting Emotions Really! Get Stuck in the Body & How to Easily & Thoroughly Remove Them.
     It's quite different from what a lot of people think.  But I know my understanding is correct because my methods work 100% of the time, for 20 years already, and give much better results than the many methods other people have done.
     But, I do more than remove old trauma & emotions from the  body, which I do very well.  In addition, the Negative Messages of Your Mind are Often NOT YOUR messages.  They were put into you long ago by other people.  This method can get them out, non-traumatically.
     We remove negative belief and command systems,  And we change the form and quality of the body, thought patterns & its energy field at the same time, from the negative manifestation to a very positive and capable long term condition.

This is not just a body manipulation technique, or just an energy and tension removal - but we do release the body and release old tensions and energies, that people feel go out of them right in the session - even in a session over the phone. 
     I use my State-of-the-Art Structural Stretching techniques & Reichian therapy methods, as well as the unique and highly effective school taught Morris Netherton Techniques I have been using for 20 years. 

     Not EMDR, nor the usual Reichian, rebirthing,
hypnosis nor a re-living & repeating, going over it technique, like some Psychotherapists use.
     Not a conscious mind analysis either.  But your conscious mind does participate and you remain alert and in control during the entire activity. 
     Not hypnosis or hypnotherapy.  You can stop or pause any time, eat or go to the rest room, yet you can also remove more and more old stuff.  And you will be "present" and "centered" at the same time that you are emoting or acting the energies. 
     This is a gently controlled laboratory technique of finding and expressive-releasing the energies that got stuck inside you.  THAT removes them, in a rather non-traumatic way.

     You stay you, and at the same time, you do a processing technique to remove the old embedded energies from your body.

     Even the Reichian Therapy breathing, tensing & moving techniques I use are not intense. In THIS method, we have already loosened some of your fascia so the muscles are somewhat looser & the energy can flow out of them & up to your forebrain where your conscious mind can be aware of them & change the energies into the sentences the energies are implying, which is what you & others in the past episodes were saying, thinking, emoting or implying with your actions or attitudes. 
    So we use these techniques to squeeze more energy of the past episodes out of the body muscle & organ system.  I have invented some of my own that gets stored emotions out of the legs & abdomen where fears & angers are located, & that people don't get to as easily with just verbal processing.

So this is not a stirring up method to get you all overwhelmed with the emotions.  That does not cleanly release all the old energies. What we bring up, is removed from you right then.  In fact, what you're already had, for years, gets cleanly removed.
     This is a Focused, Dissolving-out Method in use for 45 years.  Immediate, permanent, cumulative results.  Significant clearing in each 1-2 hour session.  People's Bodies feel cleaner, more relaxed, and more open, without feeling so vulnerable as before.  People say it's been removed out of them.

     The result of THIS method is that people feel more confident & less tight to a deeper level inside them. 

     And the empty space inside them is now available for their own conscious, positive activities.  So they do more.

     I use the slogan, "We make the good parts of you bigger while we make the bad parts of you smaller."

     We "use" your consciousness & your brain's abilities as well as your awareness and physical condition.  And I give you information & insight verbally, as we move through old episodes and clean them out of you in a non-traumatic manner.  I coach you through the sequence of events in the old episodes, those that had their energy imprints stuck inside them. 
     We go step by step, line by line, and even if you did not remember the events or details, the energies of the body can be removed as they come to consciousness with the body loosening techniques we use.
     The big results are because we actually remove the embedded energies you picked up in tight, tense, fearful & stressful circumstances, even back through pre-verbal, infancy, birth & pre-natal times, even when you do not remember, & especially, when you do not remember, the events.  Your body has the old tensions and energies and with Netherton-Body techniques, your consciousness can access them and remove them.

Besides physical tension, it simultaneously removes emotional upset, depression, anger, flashbacks, fears, guilt, blocks, phobias, stored sorrow, even suicidal thoughts.

 As I said above, besides the energies & tightness, we simultaneously remove negative belief systems & negative commands from others, from those times, out of your unconscious mind & from the body structure & its energy fields. 
     This includes the attitudes and words that were said by abusers when they did bad things to you, or even from well meaning people while you were unconscious.  Further, we remove things you don't even remember were there, whether from an adult loss or from a childhood trauma. 

We even remove key episodes you didn't even know were there from infancy, birth, prenatal & the creative unconscious.  In these cases, we remove the negative feelings and even sentences, that your body absorbed energetically, without your thinking nor analyzing them, from Mother, Father, other adults and siblings and even doctors and nurses in the birthing experience & while you were still in your mother's womb or birth canal.
     We remove what went in as Direct Energy Implantation.  It did not go through the brain's analysis.  In fact, THE material that's in the subconscious causing the ongoing blocks and trauma is what did not get analyzed I the brain.  That's why we use this technique to access and get them out. We treat them for what they really are, foreign energies, not you; pollution.

      And we increase the quality of more & more of what you are.  By removing these tensions and other people's words and energies from your structure, the amount of you that is cleared gets larger, and you then have more space inside of you to use for yourself and your accomplishments.

     Almost anyone can do it, even if they had trauma for years, & people get better at it as the clearing out & overall improvements continue.

     As your clearing & transformation continues, I give you more in-depth, explanations about why we're doing it, and why you're feeling better at deeper levels of your body-mind.  I also give you a roadmap of what levels we'll be going through & how you'll increasingly benefit.

     Now that I've cleared out a very big trauma, (with 2, 2-hr sessions over the phone) I feel a LOT better & I feel confident that I'll be able to get all this life long painful & disturbing stuff out of me and gone.  I can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 
     I'd tried other methods, including going over and over the old event with the therapist.  That didn't really work.  I'd done other techniques that did help some, but I still had been filled with the same old stuff.  Lou's method actually removes the material & I felt it coming off. 
     I felt immediately better physically as well as emotionally & mentally.  And his explanations & support while we're doing the sessions is very helpful. 
     I'm lucky to have found him

See Testimonial  of BodyMind Therapy & Bodywork in a 4-Week Travel Visit
to the person

See List of Key Articles - Click this link
Free Phone Consultations
Processing Sessions Available by Phone, as well as in person treatments

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     I've combined the methods of experts, it's simple to do, & rather non-traumatic.  I explain to your conscious intellect just what we're doing and why, it releases old stuck energies rather fast, you're conscious & alert when you do it, many people can feel the releasing as it goes on, the results are immediate and permanent for what we have dissolved away, and a lot of it can be done over the phone whether you're also a hands-on person or a new phone person.

     If you're used to Reichian, Bioenergetic, Kinesiological or other kinds of release processing, you'll appreciate this method, & see how it adds to what you already know & do.

     When we have a strong emotional experience, as with the loss of a loved one, or with a series of losses, our bodies absorb a lot of that emotional charge in the soft connective tissue & in organs & our cells' energy field. 
     My well established, school trained methods combine to remove this stored emotional energy in a straightforward & Non-Traumatic Way, whether it happened years ago or recently.


And it's nowadays hard to find people who do the Netherton processing, especially a Structural Integrator with a Reichian Therapy background, energy cleaning skills & a long term meditation-spiritual practice.  And someone who can, and will, work with you over the phone.

The 200+ page Abuse Effects Analyzing & Removing E-Book
is available to download on-line (Just $20). 
Click on the blue link above to read a detailed Table of Contents, an informative Introduction & a lot of Chapter Excerpts.

I give this to clients doing a number of hours to remove the affects of their abuse from the past, or in recent times as well.
Click Here for Links to On-Site Key Informative Articles

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Note:  Professional Stretcher on Secluded Porch
 Position effectiveness requires what to do with different parts of the structure
Get Dynamic Movement, Fascia Spreading Instruction for Whole System
Stretching Video


The Bodywork Itself
Bodywork -
Postural & Structural Integration
    & Whole-Person
    Bodymind Transformation
    Programs w/Bodywork
    as the Central Focus
        Jump Down to

Free Phone Consultations

Please say or Email your phone number, twice
& Your Time Zone,
& times to call you back.
Please also say & spell your email address
     (in case there is a phone connection problem
       & I also send you a free initial health booklet). 
321 726 9083

See Travel Info below for
Getting Bodywork Sessions from me
Including where YOU live

Week Long Bodywork Intensive Visit  - Report from an Athlete

Structural Integrator in Your Area?  See My Links Page

Sessions are Educational, Knowledgeable, Fun
& VERY Productive

My Professional
Education & Experience
My Overall
Summary of Testimonials

In the words of a World Record Holder Olympic Athlete, "is good stuff."  
Olympic Athlete Testimonials

Back Testimonials
Other Pains & Tightness Testimonials

A Fascia & System Oriented Sports Medicine Approach
Fixing Accumulated Tightness - Detailed
Athletic Performance & Tightness Removal
Athletic Performance & Week
Intensive Visit  "Report"
Stretching Tips - Article
Athlete Testimonials

Bodywork Sessions - About & Get from Lou
Benefits of Structural Integration INTRO 1 & 2
Free Articles Page - Lots
Different from Massage     Compatible with Chiropractic
Helps Orthopedics    Helps Yoga    Back Pain - Specifically
Fixing Fibromyalgia
Summary of Testimonials

If there was a way I could make a living at it, I'd treat everybody I connect with, because I think everyone can benefit from Structural Integration, and so did the PhD Physiologist-Biochemist who developed the system.  

It not only
cures back pain & severe muscle tightness, it makes bodies, young and old, function a lot better, feel a lot better, & even look better.
top athletes said so.

Whether you live locally, travel to me, or have me travel to you, you can get a lot of benefits in a very short time, and it lasts. I specialize in 2-4 hour sessions and with 2-4 hours daily for 1-2 weeks.  My my own specially developed techniques allow me to do this versus 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hr sessions only once a week which is typical from others.

This site is loaded with
detailed information articles and booklets about it.  Just go to the menu at right & start reading from the top down.  You'll learn a lot in the first 10 minutes, and it gets better from there.
Unique, Highly Informative Books

I work in my local area, and I also provide a couple of fairly unique services that I've found helpful for many people.  As I said, I can do a lot of sessions in a week or two, even a few hours a day, so you don't have to wait for 3 days or a week for your next session, or take a month or two to see big results. 

See Holistic Professional Programs Below,
  for executive & others

And I will travel to you, have you put me up for a week or two, and treat you 3-4 hours a day.  If you ever consider having me for an intensive multi-session, multi-day visit, be assured that I will communicate with you, in-depth & often, so you become as comfortable with me as you are with the idea of the treatment.

When I do a travel trip to work, I can also set up group talks or workshops, & arrange to work on other people you know.

See:  My Services for You on Getting Sessions, even from others - a special short article

Lou makes my body work the way it's
supposed to work !
The World Record Holder - Long Jump

Lou, you're a miracle worker !
The World Record Holder - Triple Jump
See Olympic Athlete Testimonials

I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to send any of my athletes to Lou.  He can be an enormous asset to athletes and medical professionals alike.
University Head Athletic Trainer
See Trainer & Coaches Testimonials

My performance has increased, including the fact that I pass people at the end of the marathon, going up hill. The most incredible result of all has been my very fast and easy recovery.  I have no problem completely recovering from a marathon in 3-4 hours.
Marathon Runner - 28 Year Old Dentist
See Recreational Runners Testimonials

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Whole Person Multi-Benefits
for each category.  Click to each page.
A Bodywork & Bodymind Therapies System I use - a set of methods centered around the Bodywork that has a list of benefits for people in each of these categories. 

Executives, Leaders, Lawyers
Police, Fire & Military   
Health Practitioners & Caregivers
Performing Artists   
Seniors' Rejuvenation

Stroke, MS, Parkinson's, Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Injury,
    Accident Crippled

Sons & Daughters often have me work on their parents.

Call or Email for details

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1. Very Detailed Information Page
& Programs Page Just for You
Professionals Detailed Page
Stress Removal & Work Skill Improvement Testimonials

2.  Holistic list of benefits for business professionals
Executive - Professional Performance

3.    See A Box below
A Different Kind of
thru the Body-mind - workshops & sessions

     Here's a way I combine my talents with corporate trainers who only work thru the intellect themselves. 
     Adding MY methods of Body and Energy, to the seminar or classes, immediately increases people's capabilities in the classes as well as increasing their abilities with the new information, after the classes while back at work.

Call for details.

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Note:  Professional Stretcher on Secluded Porch
 Position effectiveness requires what to do with different parts of the structure
Get Dynamic Movement, Fascia Spreading Instruction for Whole System
Stretching Video


YOU Can Do it

Click these lines for more Details Below
Professionals, I TEACH THIS,
in Mini-HowTo's & in More Thorough Classes
By me & By you.  I also teach classes, workshops & courses at schools & clinics as a guest instructor or staff.

I now have Easy to Follow 1 & 2 hour
Teaching Videos, Audios & Unique Info Books
    that educate you in Body Structure, & how to
    improve it for both problems & performance.
  Bodymind Books & Articles, plus even phone
  Mentoring.  Videos & Audios coming.  See more below

Therapists & Health practitioners:
Can learn Fascial Structure & whole-body Architecture, & have another tool in your belt.
I teach Bodywork & Bodymind Therapy to
Psychological Therapists, too.
consult with & train SPECIFICS for
MD's, Chiropractors & Trainers
   for what they do in their practice
   A little info & technique adds effectiveness
Call or email for info and/or read further.

To see some of the
trainings. right away, click here  link to details to another page, the Training Programs Page.
Also See - I TEACH THIS Details Below
for one-on-one Individuals, pairs or Groups
Remember - Customized to you & your area.

Short cuts links
Program:  4-hr class
Program:  Class plus 2-Day Workshop
Program:  Full 10 step Program, Plus

Why Existing Therapists Should Learn How to Do This

ALSO Evening, Afternoon, or Weekend,
1-2 week Intensives,

You can even start with my
"teaching" Books, Videos, & Audio tapes
My self help videos are on VHS tape & DVD.
also give tutorials - mentoring on the phone &
specific guidance for working on your clients
via phone or e-mail consultations.

With the trainings in your area, people who sponsor me get free attendance and a percentage of the profits.  I can even give Educational Show, Tell & Learn Public Talks to practitioners and/or your clients, so I can also help you build up your practice..

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You can then do this for family & friends.
Good hands? Then it's easy to learn.
If you massage each other already, this will
add to your intimacy and healing abilities. 
Remove accumulated tightness & many tightness caused pains from activity, falls & bumps or bangs. Helps parents help their kids & teenagers in sports,  relaxation & flexibility, even helps alertness, more open-ness & a positive outlook.

I have programs to teach you
something in just one day.
You get great benefits, you learn how to
do hands-on & we have a good time.
I enjoy teaching couples how to do this.
There's the very enjoyable 5-6 hr Couple's Program where I and one spouse works on the other, for a typical 2-hr session, then we switch. There's a nice lunchtime or suppertime little seminar in between.
(See 2. below)


  1-1/2-hr Do some Treatment & Give Instruction, usually on back, neck, shoulder, head & arms. 
  Two 2-hr Bodywork Improvement sessions, one on each of you, with Instruction for you on each other, and a lunch or supper talk on the Bodywork & Bodymind-Therapy Techniques. (As above)
3.) Then, as you want, 2, 3, 4 classes or sessions, as above, to teach you more.
I'll even teach your family in 1/2 to 1 day, how to remove daily tension and stress, and back stiffness.

I also teach groups of couples & singles at church, synagogue and temple groups,
and for Organizations.
I also do 2-hour Educational Talks with Self-Help Structural Stretching
& some Back Bodywork How-To's On Each Other.  All work in my public classes.
is through comfortable fitting clothes

Click Here for Details of other Programs
a weekend workshop, and a multi-session
whole 10-step Method course .

I TEACH the Bodywork to MEDITATION & YOGA GROUPS, too.  Definitely makes meditation & yoga more effective.
Benefits for Meditators
Meditators' Testimonials

Yoga Teacher & Student Testimonials.
11 Benefits for Yoga Practitioners

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Click for more info on
Body oriented life COACH

My Unique approach Fills a Needed Niche. Even if you have another, traditional Life Coach.

I'm an actual business person & former computer industry manager, who is also a body-mind therapist & Intuitive analyst.  I have years of experience learning and applying very open listening, a lot of great high quality techniques, & a systematic whole person method that has worked well

I provide factual solutions, managerial guidance, marketing methods, interpersonal relationship guidance, nutrition & herbology for energy, healing & increased capabilities,  & even spiritual approaches

Besides giving you guidance & coaching for a specific situation & career or relationship issue, we also look at the big picture and break it apart into specific pieces, so we can make objective sense out of you many thoughts & feelings.   We can analyze your life direction & soul path in some objective detail, & agree what is most important to you, and what are the smoothest ways to reach your goals.

We find out what you can do to clear things up and make things better, based on your life timing & an Interpersonal connection analysis.  And we teach you positive attraction & life transformation skills.

 When we identify your blocks, we use Netherton-Reichian & Bodywork-Stretching techniques to remove them out of your unconscious mind and body.

And since everyone develops blockages as we're growing up, we do the blockage & negative pattern removal, to remove the negative side effects that you were forced to have as you were made to develop your skills. 

This is a non-traumatic, conscious, and very effective method in which I was formally trained by PhD psychotherapists.

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Detailed Treatment Benefits
How I've Helped Thousands of People. 
Read all the way thru.   Or click on a subject.
A Great Place to Start on this Website.

pain & athletics      stress & trauma      artistic & business performance
other therapies benefit      how long it takes      body-mind therapy

multi-session travel programs      professional performance programs
getting sessions     trainings & classes     about Lou Gross

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Pain, Tightness, Athletics

           My Structural Integration Bodywork has
successfully and repeatedly fixed back pain, severe back tightness & other structural pain due to tightness as well.  It often improves and even cures sciatica. 
           And my method of using Structural Integration really helps remove the structural causes of a large amount of back pain. 
Hence I nicknamed the knowledgeable approach, Back Fix Bodywork, and even titled my book this way.
           It's significantly re-lengthened chronic hamstring tightness
.& other leg and foot shortness.  From this, it's
fixed a lot of knee pain, Achilles tendon soreness and hip or pelvic misalignment.  In general, it helps pain and tightness in legs, pelvis. neck, shoulders, chests, sides, bellies, arms and hands.
           Structural Integration is specifically designed to remove tightness and tightness caused pains and misalignment throughout the whole body.  By lengthening many muscle groups in the fascia part of the muscles, the whole body gets longer, straighter, more erect, and looser.  And both anterior pelvic tilt and posterior pelvic tilt improve, which improves lower back pain, hip pain and tightness, pelvic tightness, even knee tightness.  People of all ages feel looser and more alive, and look even look younger and less stressed.
           People find their hands and fingers move more freely, and their arms and shoulders are lighter and looser.  They also breathe deeper.
           I have worked on seniors to age 91.  They gained better mobility and agility.  People say they "feel better" just moving around, even "younger."  They can walk faster and reach further, and they can get up and down easier.
           My youngest client was age 5. 
He, and his teenage sister became better in sports and were more helpful and outgoing.

           It's well known that Structural Integration increases Athletic Performance.
  And a lot of athletes, including golfers, have back pain.  A number of elite athletes and college coaches, including those with chronic lower back pain, have been very pleased with the results they received from my work.
           Tightness from working out, or from lack of movement (as with stroke, MS, & other conditions) has regularly been loosened. 
Working out on weight machines is a very common cause of tightness leading to lower back pain.
           Scar tissue can be broken up.  Injuries like pulled muscles can be prevented because the tissue is much longer again.  And injuries that occurred in tight muscular areas can be helped to heal faster because the pulls that caused the injuries are removed
This bodywork also helps healing because it increases circulation very deeply, and it removes a lot of old, hard waste products.
           Tight arms and shoulders from using crutches can also be loosened up.
           The Structural Integration treatment works very well in conjunction with strength building and physical therapy programs.
 People say it keeps them flexible as well as strong. 

             Besides the articles listed below, I always recommend, people with muscle tightness and tightness caused pain or stress, to read the menu section 5, My Most Commonly Recommended Articles for Structure and specifically the first four articles, and the next ones on different from massage and helps chiropractic.  Section 4 lists many categories of Testimonials, along with more articles on the Free Articles Page.

 If you have pain, or want to improve your athletic performance and expressiveness in sports or the performing arts, please review some of the articles below.  They'll help. Then feel free to e-mail or call me.  Besides Bodywork or stretching sessions from me, I have a booklet that explains how to find, interview and work with a practitioner.
 Note that Structural Integration principles and applications are employed in some other Bodywork practices and are part of the Postural Integration Bodywork system in which I have Master level certification.
             People who've already had some Structural Integration, and even deep tissue massage, or myofascial release have found they enjoyed my  treatments, and they got a lot out of each one.

  In this regard, I specialize in going very deep, comfortably,   This is what's often necessary to correct a lot of back pain and deep, long term tightness.  And it makes athletic performance that much better.
TESTIMONIALS:      Backs          Other Pain & Tightness          Seniors
Olympic Athletes        Coaches & Trainer         10K & Marathon Runners

My Most Commonly Recommended Articles for Structure
Introduction  to the Bodywork, Part 1 - Benefits          Part 2 - Treatment & More Benefits
Sports Medicine Benefits - big article - performance improvement,  pain & injury
Causes of Back Pain -- Body Structure Misalignment  &  Interconnected Tightness
Also see - What's New - for Knees

Seniors' "Rejuvenation" Classes      Tight Bodies from illness-stroke Loosening Program
Back Fix Book     Improving Performance Book     Nutrition for Pain & Performance Book
Structural Bodywork Stretching  Method  --  Unique --  Improves Yoga & Athletics

Getting Sessions       Stretch Coaching available by phone

Stress, Tension, Emotional Release

  Structural Integration Bodywork is very effective for stress removal and helps tight heads. Loosening the many bones and muscles of the head increases comfort and relaxation in the entire body.  The many pieces of the head should move, as we breathe and when we express ourselves.  But they get very tight, especially during stress.  That adversely affects the back and neck, the nervous system, the ability to breathe deeply, all the internal organs, our emotional capacity, and our abilities to think clearly and process large amounts of information.
           In my own treatments for stress, I first do a lot on the head, neck, shoulders and back which makes a big improvement right away.  This also removes a lot of head trauma. 
In the standard 10-step Structural Integration recipe, the head would not get done much, if at all, until the 7th session.

           Stress and back pain are related.  Having back pain, in itself, can make us feel stressed.
           But we're also more susceptible to the effects of stress when we're already tightened up from the misaligned shape of the body. 
This shape, with a big arch in the lower back, often causes back pain, especially lower back pain and/or sciatica.            
            We're not very "stress immune" because of this.  The entire back of the body, including the head, neck and legs, is being held tight.
 So the body is already in a stressed and tense condition.  And added tightness due to the next stress just tightens it up more.
             Just a little bit more tightness from the emotional reaction can bring on the back pain or make it worse.  Also, emotional tension in the gut tightens the muscles connected to the vertebrae in the lower back.  Some people may get immediate lower back pain or sciatica whenever this happens.
             This structural misalignment also creates a stressful behavior, one in which we "have to keep going."  We're pulled down in front and we're constantly arching the lower back to pull ourselves up.  The body posture says, "I have to keep straining, even just in everyday life."
After this shape has been corrected and the body was more balanced and centered, a number of people have been able to "let down" from intense work and do more things for themselves.

             Structural Integration Bodywork is purposely designed to correct this misalignment and remove the chronic tension.

           Working the whole body, months and years of accumulated stress are removed
at the same time that tightness all over the body is re-lengthened and the shape is more straightened out.  Built-up emotional charge in the tissues, gets erased, too.          
           Faces look more open, less strained or "scrunched up," and even younger.  Eyes get more relaxed.  Neck tension is reduced.
           The body is literally "reformed" and "cleaned up," and its tissue quality and metabolism is healthier.  So it works a lot better physically & is more stress resistant as well.
 People find the old stress they had is gone, they don't tighten up in stressful situations as much as they used to, and they let go of their tensing up faster.
overall openness and "unblocking" has helped many people express themselves more openly and more confidently.  And their minds were calmer and clearer.  A lot of their old fears due to tension and embedded negative emotions, were now gone.
             My own special multi-faceted program, Postural Integration Plus increases these stress release benefits from the bodywork alone, and adds more personal development.  It's especially helpful for trauma release, too, from very old as well as recent experiences. 
The energies we absorbed during the past trauma still stay inside the body and therefore keep making our reactions to current stress more than they should be.
 When we remove the old emotional energies created inside us during past stressful experiences, we no longer react in such a stressful way to our current stressful experiences.  Netherton and  Reichian Therapy techniques add a lot to the releasing we can do with the Bodywork itself.  They can actually get out the deeper energies in the organs and remove the negative "belief systems" that say we should get so tensed up in those kinds of situations.

People who have already gotten stress and trauma release from deep tissue massage, myofascial release, or other Structural Integration programs including Postural Integration, find they can use these methods to build on what they've already done.
              It has also immediately improved what people have worked on in their psychotherapy and spiritual counseling.  As a general rule, whatever we've already worked on mentally and emotionally, gets better when we do the physical and energetic parts, too.
              Even just Structural Integration itself has helped many people in their ongoing psychotherapy and counseling.
Reduce Stress & Increase Mental Performance
Health Practitioners  -  MD, DC, Nurse. PhD, Massage
Trauma Release        Personal Growth

Psychological & Stress Removal Benefits -How Improving the Structure improves the Mind
Creating Higher Functioning Body-Minds  - More "aliveness" with low tension
Postural Integration "plus" with Netherton Therapy, energy work & Super-Nutrition
Netherton & Reichian Technique - Typical Session and Kinds of Results
Breath Concentration Meditation  -  How-to
My Most Commonly Recommended Articles for Structure

Executives & Business People - Program         Police, Fire, Military - Program
Healing & Rejuvenating Health Practitioners' - Program

Energized Relaxation  - Stress Reduction  &  Energy System Increaser  --  Audio Tape
Structural Stretching  Rejuvenation --  Easy yet Fast Stress Reducer  -  Can do at Work
"Natural Health" for Stress Reduction & Improved Performance - Book or Tape Set


Getting Sessions

Improving Professional & Artistic Performance

            In the Structural Integration Bodywork method, we aren't directly fixing pains in the way medical doctors do.  We are simply, but very sophisticatedly, re-lengthening and re-organizing the body's fascial, soft connective tissue system. The method is a series of inter-connected hands-on sessions.
This putty-like tissue surrounds and goes through all our muscles.  It's what accumulates tightness and keeps us in a tight shape even when we mentally relax, get a massage or take a hot bath.
            By re-lengthening it, we are both removing the tightness and creating better overall structural alignment. The relationship of muscles and bones is actually put back toward where it's designed to be anatomically.  That even removes the tight muscular pulls from one part of the body to another.
            Problems disappear that were the result of the old restricted form.          
            In this new condition, people's psychological well being and mental performance has increased along with their physical improvements.  Awareness, centeredness, and both
mental and creative focus have all improved. 
           Performing artists, business executives and others, have been able to express their feelings and intentions more clearly and openly.  They were more confident and articulate.  And they said they had a greater "depth of feeling" inside themselves, but were calmer. 
Their minds also got clearer about what they saw in themselves, and they were clearer and less troubled by what they noticed in others.  They could take more effective action and they got kinder.
           Many people's shapes change.  They're straighter,  Many notice they're a little taller and shoulders may not be so rounded.  Body proportions get better so some people actually look thinner.  And a number of women's legs look nicer.
           People who have to "present" themselves
give a better "presentation" just because of this change in our shape and the better quality of our muscles and energies.  Of course, removing back pain and tightness, whether from stress or working out to keep in shape, gives us more of ourselves to present in a "positive" effective way.
           These body-mind improvements have also helped athletes better accomplish what they're being coached to do.  And they've helped business people better integrate what they've learned in seminars.

           Many results are exceptionally long lasting, or even permanent, and much greater re-lengthening results are created in much less time than with massage, acupuncture, trigger point therapy, and reflexology.
           As with the removal of stress, all these results are increased when the Postural Integration and Netherton Therapy techniques are included. 
They remove deeper tensions and interfering energies that the bodywork simply doesn't.  It's been especially helpful for actors, singers, announcers and dancers.
           Netherton Reichian release processing with Structural Bodywork Stretching is available by phone.
People can do this with me and have the Bodywork in their own area.  Yet even without the Bodywork, or if they've had the Bodywork before, many people can do a lot just on the phone.

Performing Artists'  --  Performance Improvement Program
Executives & Business People  --  Performance Improvement Program
My Most Commonly Recommended Articles for Structure

Breath Concentration Meditation  -  How-to

Energized Relaxation  - Stress Reduction  &  Energy System Increaser  --  Audio Tape
Structural Stretching  Rejuvenation --  Easy yet Fast Stress Reducer  -  Can do at Work
"Natural Health" for Stress Reduction & Improved Performance - Book or Tape Set

Get Sessions

Increases Benefits to Other Therapies

           The greater length and better overall alignment created with Structural Integration have regularly improved Chiropractic results and have increased the benefits from Orthopedics and Osteopathy.
Excess curves of the spine are often improved, especially lordosis and swayback.  Most lower back pain can be corrected when we correct the tightness and misalignment that cause it.  Even protruding disk or herniated disk problems and pinched nerves have been helped.
            Because the muscular tightness has been re-lengthened and the overall spinal misalignment has been improved, Chiropractors and patients report they get more vertebrae to go in, easier, and they stay in longer.
            The quality of the tissue also improves. That has increased the benefits from the next massages, acupressure, cranial-sacral work, reflexology and even magnetics and other physical therapy techniques.


Benefits to Massage       Chiropractic       Orthopedics

These structural, physiological and even energy improvements have made it easier for people to get more out of movement training such as Alexander Work, Rolfing Movement, Aston Patterning and Feldenkreis, and from yoga, tai chi and breathing meditation techniques.

11 Benefits to Yoga Practitioners          Yoga Testimonials
Meditators'  --  Performance Improvement Program           Meditation Testimonials

Full or Partial Transformation 

            While the best and most long lasting results from the Structural Integration system happen when the whole body is treated, even one or two long sessions have helped many people;
removing a lot of recent stress and tension, and noticeably reducing some of their tightness.
            Chronic back pain usually needs a number of sessions to be able to relengthen enough tissue. Some neck and shoulder problems get better quickly.  Others require a deep re-establishment of the body's proper structural shape, as is done for the chronic back pain conditions.  Knee pain often takes a number of hours on at least the legs, back and pelvis.
            Hamstrings can often be lengthened somewhat right away.  But very large athletes with a lot of built up shortness require a number of hours to make them very long again.  The whole "interlocking" leg and pelvic muscle system has to be relengthened to get deep in the hamstrings.
            Specific traumatic episodes can often be cleared with my Postural Integration Plus system in a few hours to a few sessions.  Life long problems from a lot of childhood abuse naturally require a lot of sessions because there is a lot of tension and stored emotional charge.  But as each set of past trauma is cleaned out, significant, cumulative, and long lasting improvements do occur

Creating Higher Level Body-Minds  &  Overall release of tightness -- 16 page article
Increasing Performance - whole-body fascial re-organization - 13 page article

Fixing Accumulated Shortness, a major cause of pain & stiffness   --  20 page article
My Most Commonly Recommended Articles for Structure

Postural Integration & Bodymind Therapy

As I've been describing, Structural Integration is often combined with other Bodymind release methods
to increase the long lasting benefits, and create even more significant improvements in our well being.  It can be part of a whole personal growth system.            
              I have included in-depth articles
and testimonials about the system I use, which includes Reichian, Bioenergetic and Netherton therapy methods.
I was formally trained in the Postural Integration system and I've added to it.  Postural Integration combines Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics, Gestalt and Chinese Medicine energy work with the Structural Integration Bodywork.  I also studied with Morris Netherton PhD.
             This combination is very thorough for trauma removal and stress reduction.  It has cleared up phobias and flashbacks.
              It is excellent for emotional release, including the loss of a loved one.  Yet that release itself is less traumatic than without the Netherton technique.  And it's a "feel good" cleaning that's also more comfortable than having the stuff still inside.
              This system actually removes long term negative patterns because it finds and removes the series of "most significant episodes" making up that pattern. 
I have a lot of successful experience helping people remove the restricting effects of abuse.
              This system creates more effective and personally satisfying abilities, at work and in personal relationships.

Also see the side menu under Bodymind, Netherton, Reichian and Personal Growth Methods.  And please look for more articles in the future.  Bodymind therapy is one of my best professional abilities
Trauma & Emotional Release therapy is available by Phone.
Free info & consultation
Bodymind Articles Section of Menu above

Trauma Release Bodymind Therapy  -  Bodywork with Reichian - Netherton Therapy
Performance Enhancement Personal Growth & Professional Growth
Postural Integration - Wholistic Structural Integration - Plus more
Psychological Well Being & Stress Removal Benefits of the Bodywork itself
Netherton & Reichian Technique - Typical Session and Kinds of Results

Trauma Release & Emotional Release Testimonials
Personal Growth and Negative Pattern Removal Testimonials

Removing repeating Negative Behavior Patterns  - with Netherton Processing
Removing the series of "movies" that define all the elements of our repeating pattern
The Split Layers of Personality that develop physically, during abuse

How the Bodywork helps Specialized Kinesiology  -  & Improvements with Netherton

Information Library & Products  

This is purposely a
content rich, information site, about Structural Integration Bodywork and my Postural Integration combined with the Netherton Therapies and energy work.  There is also a free article and detailed review of my book on natural health enhancement, including living foods and raw foods.

              This site is meant to educate as well as interest.  It gives you information you can use to feel better & perform better.
              If you're a body therapist, it can help you do a better job.  The integrated structure and back pain principles I explain on site, and in my books, can especially help practitioners of myofascial release.
             This Site Information Library is an extension of handing out or e-mailing my helpful articles.  I often refer people to read specific articles on this site

Quick Article Locator Menu -- this page                Free Articles

              In this regard, it's a bigger site as compared to those of other Bodyworkers, clinics and schools.  I also sell products and offer wholistic "systems" for self-improvement.

Book & Video Sections of links of Menu Above
    Stretching, Athletics & Tightness, Abuse, Backs, Stress, Diet & Natural Health

Structural Stretching System          Energized Relaxation Tape
Mr. Green's Wholistic Health & Raw Food Diet Program
Self-Help Booklet - How to Find, Interview & Work with a Structural Integrator

Professional Performance Enhancement Programs - Menu
The Institute for Enhanced Performance page

             The free articles on this site explain a lot of the basics, very thoroughly, and de-mystify pains & problems.  The books, articles & informational tapes for sale add a more detailed level of understanding.  Pain sufferers, athletes & performing artists, and health practitioners can learn much more about improving body structure, increasing athletic performance and removing stress, pain and tightness.

How our Structures Work - Excerpts from Back Fix Bodywork Book
The Structural Fascial Form - Excerpts from Body Works Better Book

Mr. Green's Natural Health Program Book

Getting Sessions Now

If you're "here" because you're just interested in Structural Integration Bodywork sessions, you need only read the introductory articles, review some testimonials, and call me or another practitioner you're interested in.
If you're interested in sessions of Postural Integration and Netherton Therapy, or Bodymind Therapy, please see the links referenced in that category just above.

Intro to the Bodywork, Part 1 - Benefits       Part 2 - Treatment     How to Get Sessions

             I, myself, received Master certification in Postural Integration in 1983.
Lou Gross' Background & Training

My Helpful Bodywork Modifications, enabling...
My multi-session Travel Program

You can also come to me for a few days' intensive.
My rates for multi-hour intensives are often less than the hourly cost
in other areas, including travel costs.  Includes free stretching sessions, nutritional advice & optional emotional release processing.

            In my own Structural Integration approach, I incorporate advanced relengthening techniques in many sessions that usually aren't done in the basic 10-step process. These enable me to get better results, sooner  than would be common.
            I also work in more than one area in each step, also not that common.  And I work in longer sessions than the usual hour to hour and fifteen minutes.  This all enables me to make people feel better overall, sooner.
 Sometimes, if a person's body is malleable enough, I can relieve even chronic, worsening back pain in a few hours.

           I do a lot on the back, shoulders and neck, as well as the head, often right away, and in other sessions as well. This increases flexibility and relaxation even before I begin the usual "unraveling" sequence.  It makes that unraveling do more in the first sessions, too.  T
he repetitive tune ups keep people more relaxed and enable those sessions to do more as well.
          Very importantly, this approach increases our "mind-body awareness."   Besides being great for athletic performance and stress reduction, people can tell more of what the treatment itself is doing for them. 
It also helps remove old emotional energies out of the body easier, when they're released from other muscles.
Doing a lot of the head, neck and back, in the first and  many other sessions is not done in the typical week by week 10-step or 11-step program prescribed in the basic recipes used by practitioners in other schools.

           This approach enables me to do "multi-session" travel visits, too.  I combine the longer session, do more areas approach, with my unique hands-on method, and the "structural" stretching exercises that help the next Bodywork sessions do more.
           I drive or fly to the person (or group) and stay a few days to a few weeks, or they come to me.  With this system, we can do a number of long sessions on consecutive days and make great, fast progress.
I also include energy work and acupressure, high level nutrition tips, and the optional release techniques,   So we can get a lot done right away, in both the purely physical and/or the psycho-somatic realms.

My Whole Person Programs for Professionals

           Just above, I described the benefits received by business professionals and performing artists.  So I've put together Performance Enhancement programs, tailored to each personal and professional need.
           My multi-feature approach enables me to help people in more parts of their bodies and minds than with just the Bodywork alone. 
Many folks say they feel I'm working on a number of levels at once.       
          Almost all the features are done right during the Bodywork process itself.  So it's a synergistic, whole body and mind approach.  Each feature enables the others to do more.
I also refer people to features that I, myself don't provide.  I'm actually known to be a very knowledgeable resource guide.
          These programs, of course, increase physical and professional performance, and simultaneously remove stress, tightness and pain.  They also add support, insight and nourishment, in physical, psychological, nutritional and even spiritual ways.
           A key feature in my approach is educating people about their body-minds.  It's a show and tell about how humans work, and how we can all make ourselves work better, and more enjoyably.  This has worked in both their professional and personal lives.

Executive, Legal, Sales, Environmental, Government & Leadership Positions
Police, Fire & Military          Performing Artists          Meditators
Health Professionals, Care-Givers
Links to various articles and testimonials are on these pages.

Viewing the Site Tips

Articles on this site are purposely written in print style versus abbreviated web style so you can get an in-depth understanding of Structural Integration and Body-Mind transformation.
Text font, size & length were designed for ease of reading and comprehension.

 Text highlighted in bold black and red allows you to scan the key points in each article.

            Click:   Internet Explorer - View - Text Size - Larger.  Makes text & links easier to read.

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Which articles have helped you?
In what way?
Ideas to increase ease of reading?
Please give feedback.

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NEW to this method?  Start here.  Explains the basics, and links you to more detailed articles in the site.
Intro Part 1  Many Benefits of Structural Integration
Intro Part 2  Structural Integration Treatment

* BRIEF, easily scan-able explanations:
Like Massage? Difference from & helps Massage
Back or Knee Operation? Helps Orthopedics
Need Adjustments?  Increases Chiropractic Benefits
Like Stretching? Improve StretchingBenefits Yoga, Stretching Video
Feeling Stiff? Foods to Stretch easier & reduce pain,, Stretching Video
A Runner?  Lengthening Hamstring tightness & removing scar tissue

Bodymind Therapy:  Specialized Kinesiology, Erasing long-term negative patterns, Affects of Abuse,  - Plus Netherton, etc

* IN-DEPTH, many-page articles:
Performance:  Creating greater athletic performance & artistic abilitiesMaking the whole body perform better
Pain:  Removing stiffness, tightness & pain
Backs:  Correcting the Cause of Back Pain, Back Tightness & Back Injury
Stress, Focus & Performance:  Bodywork's Stress & Psychological Performance Improvements
Trauma Release:  Trauma Release Therapy
Personal Growth System: Performance Enhancement system

* Descriptive TESTIMONIALS:
Athletics:  Olympic Athletes, Coaches, Trainer
Stress:  Removes Stress a lot, quickly, & lasts
Trauma:  Using the combination system
StretchingYoga works better & benefits increase
Meditation:  Meditation more effective
Parents, Grandparents:  Helps Seniors a lot

* RESOURCE INFORMATION  for Massage Therapists & Structural Integrators - See Additional Info Page Links on these pages.
Free Articles Menu,
Back Book,     Performance Book,
Relaxation Tape
Structural Stretching Book-Tape
Technical Articles

* IN-DEPTH ATHLETIC INFO, in books  - see links on these pages
Back Book Info Menu
Performance Book info Menu,                    

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By Me & Travel to You
Click this link to Detailed Trainings Pages
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321-726-9083,  310-285-8132,
This is what is on site - there is more - ask about it for what YOU want
I give the trainings how-to and in a way that specifically helps you in your work

One of the first places to START LEARNING is my Structural Integration Bodywork by STRETCHING VIDEOS, and my HOW TO WORK ON YOURSELF VIDEO.  They'll both help you and teach you things you can do for others, right away.  And also get my Back Fixing BOOK and/or Athlete's & How to Make Your Body Work Better BOOKS.  
These will increase your Body & Bodymind Knowledge that you can also apply to yourself & others, right away. 

Then have ONE ON ONE TUTORIALS & Q & A SESSIONS with me on the phone & in e-mail, and as tutorial-sessions Receive & Give in person.  I will even give you directions on how to work on your clients. 
You can easily learn the causes, & Cures for Back Tightness, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Pinched Nerves & Compressed Disks, as well as
How to Correct Muscle Tightness.

I teach groups well, and also, especially through sessions, one-one-one & one-on-two exchanges and personal, in-depth mentoring. I coach you with your own clients as well, even with giving directions for what to do for them.

I can teach a few practitioners in your clinic or school, together.  Even mini-trainings of a few hours on backs, necks, shoulders, heads & arms.  Second class is on pelvis, legs and relieving back problems quickly and more thoroughly.

Improving the knowledge & skills of Personal Trainers & Massage Therapists, and even  Athletes, is one of my Specialties.  You can remove
 even years of tightness quickly & remove the  clients' tightness from ongoing workouts.  Now THAT'S an edge.  The Videos help you
 immediately in this way, too.

I also teach Bodywork Techniques and Trauma &
 Blockage Releasing methods to psychological &
 massage therapists, MD's, chiropractors, nurses,
caregivers &  others.  Click this for ideas
The Structural Integration Bodywork Method of Stretching Videos
& the How to Work on Yourself (and others) Video
help you immediately in this way, too.
I TEACH the Bodywork to MEDITATION & YOGA GROUPS, too. 
See Benefits for Meditators -- & Meditators' Testimonials

Yoga Teacher & Student Testimonials.  11 Benefits for Yoga Practitioners.

I'll travel to you, locally, nationally, world-wide.
Even with just a few sessions, I give you the
 experience of what this cumulative & synergistic
 treatment does, the significant improvements in
 physical abilities the treatment does for you
 immediately, & I teach you the information &
 techniques to do a lot of Structural Integration
 Connective Tissue Bodywork for Clients & Even
on Yourself.  My special & unique Videos & Books
are a Great Teaching Vehicle as well as me in
 person & on the phone.

Personalized focus on you & your small group.  I teach the
 in-depth level for what you want & how much time you
want to invest at the time.

When I do a travel trip to work, I can also set up
Group talks & workshops.

Classes  -  Educational Public Talks  - Week Long Workshops,
In-depth trainings for 1-2 months - Individuals & Groups
We can fit your learning into your own work schedule

Many People CAN learn
How to do some unique things that REALLY help people.
Structural Integration     Fixing Back & Other Pain     Athletic Performance   
Grief Resolution & Removal     Stress & Trauma Removal     Abuse Effects Removal

Massage &  Physical Therapists,  Chiropractors,  Trainers,  Nurses, Psychotherapists
at Clinics,  Schools,  Even Caregivers in People's Home.

I know a lot of nurses rub patient's backs.  Imagine what you could also do with
a comfortable tissue spreading to lengthen those backs, and necks, and even loosen up people's tensions. 
Chiropractors, image how much of an edge you'd have if you could
lengthen backs and make people feel soooo much better by coming to you.  You'll even learn more effective tools for fixing sciatica, low back pain, pinched nerves & compressed disks. 
Caregivers, imagine how much more in demand you will be when people know you can help them significantly by removing even months & years of tightness, and give them comfort and better sleep.  Sports Medicine Doctors, you can know more and do more, & thus be more effective.  Massage & Physical Therapists can make a much bigger improvement, & longer lasting improvement, in removing client's tightness.  Personal & Athletic Trainers can better help clients remove long term tightness & recent, ongoing tightness from their workouts.  The Stretching Videos & Self-Bodywork Videos are a great Instructional How-to.  Athletes can learn Better ways & positions of stretching, immediately.

In one afternoon to a weekend,
I can teach seniors, teens, couples & singles groups
how to relieve a lot of back pain, neck, shoulder & head tightness
& physical & emotional stress.


When I do a travel trip to work, I can also set up
Group talks & workshops.
I teach spouses & partners how to help each other, too.

Return to Top        What you can do completely by phone


Quick Links to
Blockage, Abuse, Loss & Grief Clearing
What Treatments are like & How they can help you.
by phone or in Person        Top
All Pages Have HOME return on their very top line
All articles also have links to other articles in this field on this website.

The Combination System:  Bodywork or my Stretching &
Self-Help Hands-on Videos, with Reichian & Netherton Therapies

Why Release Processing Helps Quickly & Significantly.
I also coach you on the phone through all of this.
Easy to do.  Cumulative tension & psycho-emotional release
See Self-Help Videos Page  -  Helps a lot

Clearing trauma even from Grief, Loss & a lot of Stress.
Explains the how & why of what clearing does well.


Includes how this works with verbal expressing the
feelings, thoughts & ACTIONS of even the other people.
Testimonials      Trauma Release     Personal Growth

by removing the script of the event & all the people in it

Helps STOP Repeating Abusive Trauma

with the combination of methods - described.
Also Excellent for Business People & Spiritual Practitioners
people who have a sincere spiritual practice.

Includes explanation of "The 4-layers of our Body-mind"
and how clearing the blockages give us "a lot more of us -
on line," and even brings more supportive people
into our lives to help us.

Read Details of my 200+ page Hand-Book on Abuse Clearing

All these articles also have links to other articles in this field on this website.
Also go to Home Page Detailed Menu Bodymind Section
or the
Free Articles Menu
for more Articles & Booklets in the field.

Great Educational Info for
Massage Therapists, Psychotherapists, Counselors
Improves your Abilities.
I can also do some Training by Phone

Peak Performance Technologies

Self-Help Methods You Can Do
to Integrate & Regenerate your Body & Mind Structure,
that will move you toward your
Point of Peak Performance
Physically, Interpersonally, Professionally



For 25 years I have been making people perform at a higher level in
    athletics, personal physical abilities, business and relationships,
and be able to use the
    talents and schooling they have more effectively.

Through IMPROVING the body & the body's energy system
Significant results, quickly, right in the class. 
    Increases Focus and Physical Condition,
 including long work days & travel trips endurance.       

  • Includes Super-Nutrition for brain power & clarity,  increased physical endurance & flexibility,

  • Highly Effective Mind-Into Body Stress Reduction Relaxation Processes which also rejuvenate energy,

  • Quick, Powerful Stretches to Release Tightness, Fatigue & Emotional Tension that you can do at work, in a suit,  Improves Emotional Centeredness.

  • and, other information about how you can make your body and mind work better.

          I can add my individual and group Body & Body-Energy methods, even as basic as the unique stretching that can be done in work clothes, mind into body relaxation, and super food and herbal tips - to Corporate Trainers' Programs, to make your workshops more effective. Or, I will come to your company & do my own workshop, and even ongoing classes.

          People will learn how they can implement your methods more effectively, and, they will absorb your information better, right in the workshop.  They will have indiscrete tools they can use in any workshop and meeting.

I can show people, with their own bodies, how to quickly reduce even a lot of stress & tension, and increase their abilities to perform mentally & physically better, immediately.  Things people can do right in their office or car, in work clothes.

Call or e-mail for details & information
321-726-9083,  310-285-8132,


The Foundation for Structural Integration Bodywork
& BodyMind Therapy for Everybody
To make what I do & the Way I do it, available to people World Wide
Including Training Poor People & Seniors, Going to Rural Areas to work & train people there, Educating thousands of Doctors, Body Therapists & Psychological Therapists & Sending How-To Videos

Details of Its Purpose & Your Tax Deductible Donations.
Find out how to receive or send Videos as a gift
& get a tax deduction
Page in process - for now, Contact Lou
Your Interest & Ideas are welcome
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30 yrs experience

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BENEFITS OF STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Includes in-site links to detailed articles you might also find helpful

Read later?
Download PDF copy at article

2.  Intro TO THE BODYWORK  Part-2
STRUCTURAL integration
TREATMENT Includes Benefits of
"Integrating" Your Own Body's Structure

Read later?
Download PDF copy at article

Recognized Body Structure & Emotional Trauma Release - Personal Growth Expert   (Holistically trained)

4.  Jump to Section 5 Below

5.  DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS OF BENEFITS, for athletics, pain, stress, business performance, emotional release
A Great Place to Start -
Tells what the treatment does & has specific article & testimonials links

6. A Straightforward Recipe

maybe with Back Pain?
Here is a good explanation & a 5 step list of how I can help you FIX IT.

Free Consultation,

Details of what I can do for you as a Businessperson or Professional.  Includes Free Gift


Menu on Right Column Below>>>>>

Geared to your particular work career & condition of life
1. Performing Artists,
2. Health Professionals,
3. Police, Fire, Military,
4. Executives, Leaders,
5. Lawyers,
6. Seniors, Caregivers, Injuries. Stroke, Parkinson's, Polio, Palsy, MS, Spinal Injuries & Disease

7. Meditators

Section 2

-- How-To Instruction
of My Hands-on and Structural Stretching Combination
-- YOU can lengthen your own Body & help others

Click to

Click on links for
  "Jump to the heart of the Matter"
  & What's on each DVD
Also read detailed info in left column here Home Page section 1.

See Structural Analysis
ee Info page
        Bodyworker Testimonials
        about the DVD-Videos

Section 3


Helpful for
  Work outs
  Massage therapists
  Body doctors
  Tightness  Backs  Seniors  Stress
       Use as training education
       you won't find elsewhere

   Chapter Excerpts,
   Table of Contents,
   Chapter Synopsis,

    BUY NOW Buttons on Book Pages
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       Contact Lou for Checks, MOs.
 E-BOOKS also come with DVD Pkgs

Have your Password from Lou?
Go to E-Book Downloads Page

Understanding the Underlying Cause of Back Problems, & How to Get it Fixed Including Info on Some Sciatica, Pinched Nerves, & Disk Conditions, & improve whole body flexibility & agility at the same time
117 pgs
PDF Just $20

BOOK - How to Make Your Athletic & Performing Artist Best, Better   212 pgs
Read Details of this "Sports Medicine" & Body Performance Improving System - Table of Contents & Overviews. 
Adds Sports Medicine Specifics & Body  Integration Concepts to the Body Works Better Book
PDF Just $20

BOOK -  How to Make Your Body Work Better & Do More for You, with Structural Integration Bodywork, in Athletic Performance, Daily Life & both Physical & Psycho Therapy  160 pgs 
Download PDF copy of Book info on the page.
PDF Just $20

BOOK - Understanding and Removing the Affects of Abuse in the Body, to Clear up the Psychology & Make People Better than Ever!
204 pages
   Descriptive Table of Contents
   Chapter Excerpts
Informative Introduction &
Unique information that adds to psychological explanation &
de-mystifies what is happening and how to actually fix it permanently.

PDF Just $20

Bodymind Structural E-BOOK
FREE on My other Site
  19 Chapters Describe My
  Bodymind Therapy, including
  Netherton Process - UNIQUE
  Explains a lot !

Body Mind Methods
  Build up the System Info

      No Password needed

Structural Integration Bodywork, Postural Integration, Netherton-Reichian Therapy techniques for personal growth & stronger spiritual practice, & everyday-athletic physical & mental well being.
 improve concentration power and Chi flow, and remove psychological negative patterns. traumatic energies, grief, phobias, life-long fear, anger & hate.

BOOK - A Body Approach to Stress Removal & Stress Immunity  78+ pgs
How 8 hrs & then more can help you perform stress free at a higher functioning level, too.

Big Introduction with Detailed Table of Contents & Testimonials as Examples, Related to Each Kind of Stress Removal Improvement
PDF Just $15

A Great starter and Guidebook to more excellent info - to create better health..
130 8-1/2 x 11pgs
Just $25 - includes Lou's Free Consultation with you by phone.

Section 4

There is also a PDF Version downloadable on many of the articles.

Descriptive Menu of over 20 articles & booklets
on this site - on Athletic Performance, Sports Medicine, Stretching, Yoga, Pain, Tightness, Backs, The Method, Body Structure, Bodymind Therapy, Meditation, Benefits to other Therapies & Wholistic Aspects

Descriptive Testimonials
PDF Version downloadable on many of the subjects

TESTIMONIALS Benefits Selection
Back Pain
Neck & Other Pain & Tightness
Olympic Athletes
Coaches & Trainer
10K & Marathon Runners

Week Intensive Visit Report
Stress - Focus
Yoga Abilities
Meditation Benefits
Health Practitioners
Trauma & Grief Release
Personal Growth

Section 5
Read these pages & learn a LOT !

Big 20 page booklet - details what causes back & other structural pain and tightness, and how Structural Integration Bodywork fixes that even when MD's, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, etc, don't.
Helps understand the cause & SOLUTION for pain & tightness in general, and for Fibromyalgia, a lot of arthritis, and athletic muscle tears & misalignments.  Explains why massage, chiropractic & acupuncture might not have fixed your tightness & pain.
Download PDF copy at article


Big 14 page booklet - how this system is purposely designed to significantly increase performance in ways that other treatments don't
How this treatment is specifically designed to make YOUR body work much better

Download PDF copy at article

 to increase flexibility, relax bodies, improve health 
Free detailed tips -
Helps with Fibromyalgia

Back Tightness Comes from Shortened Fascia in Muscles Elsewhere.
From my Educational Book, Understanding the Cause of Back Pain & How to Get it Fixed


and is compatible with them

Also Link here to
Helps  Chiropractic



Try it with your own stretching, then try my videos, teaching the method in-depth

Big article
- Details how Structural Integration Bodywork improves therapy & training - with many testimonials from athletes, coach, trainer & chiropractor 
Especially for athletes
Download PDF copy at article

Q & A with a client about his structural tightnesses.
What causes what, the Basic Imbalance is also described, common to many people.

Very Helpful Article for People having Back Pains & Muscle Tightness


You can tell Lou for his analysis in the consultation or emails.

11.  Tired of Being Tight & In Pain?
And Stressed Tight?
How this Bodywork Helps Stress Removal & even creates stress immunity

12.  How Structural Integration Bodywork IMPROVES YOGA ABILITIES and enables people to get more out of their yoga.  
You can get more out of Yoga & stretching by applying Structural Integration understanding, as well as by getting the Bodywork itself.
Download PDF copy at article

Why Most People have their Fibromyalgia
and how to actually Cure it !
Using Structural Integration Bodywork, Living Foods Nutrition & Herbology, and Body-Mind Emotional Release Clearing

Your body, can function at a significantly higher level. 
A Great Body & Mind Benefits, Summary Booklet - 16 pages
Explains how removing tightness & emotional charge improves many physical & psychological conditions & creates significant personal development at the same time.

For Convenience:

BENEFITS OF STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION Includes in-site links to detailed articles you might also find helpful

Includes LOTS of on-site article links
Read later?
Download PDF copy at article

16.  Intro TO THE BODYWORK  Part-2
TREATMENT Includes Benefits of "Integrating" Your Own Body's Structure
Read later?
Download PDF copy at article

Section 6
Treatments are Available & very
   effective by Phone

These are the Free, In-Depth Articles
on site about Psychological Clearing & Personal Growth. 

Special Link
Abuse Effects Clearing
PDF Downloadable

Descriptive Table of Contents, Chapter Excerpts, Introduction, & Encouraging Remarks.  Speak-Email with Lou About Your Situation.


If you're new to this,    
just start reading in order,



Then read rest in order

1.  Detailed Intro Explanation: Bodymind EMOTIONAL & TRAUMA RELEASE - to remove phobias, expressive blockages, & recurring difficulties & energies  
from accidents, loss, violence including abuse, rape & war.  Why to do it, why it works, & the 3 main methods I use.  
Much is available by phone, and you get actual physical structural stretching loosening as part of the release.
Download PDF copy at article

And it's an easy process to LITERALLY REMOVE THEM - Article
Building on Bodywork & Reichian Techniques to do much more, comfortably and very thoroughly
Download PDF copy at article

3.  What We Do in a Session NETHERTON & REICHIAN RELEASE PROCESSING - & Kinds of Results Available by phone

4.  SUMMARY OF MANY ABBREVIATED BODY-MIND TESTIMONIALS -Includes grief resolution, abuse clearing & improving personal self-esteem
Full Testimonials are linked from Articles & Testimonial List Above

5.  IMPROVING WHAT KINDS OF THINGS HAPPEN TO US by dissolving negative patterns out of us, inside - Article  Adds body oriented psychology to what metaphysicians & spiritual practitioners know.
Download PDF copy at article

Personal Growth & Professional
Having More of Ourselves, Achieving More in the world & Increasing Inner Satisfaction at the same time 

Who We Are & How We Can Have More of Ourselves.
In-Depth Booklet explaining the layers of our whole being & how to remove the blocks in them so "We" get to use all of those parts instead of them still being filled up with old negative emotional energies & tensions.
Part of treatments available by phone Excellent for success oriented Business People, Meditators, Personal Development

Download PDF copy at article

7.  PSYCHOLOGICAL & STRESS REMOVAL benefits of the Structural Integration Bodywork itself  How improving the body this way improves "the mind."  Life long improvements.

8.  POSTURAL INTEGRATION - PLUS Bodymind & Emotional Release Therapy Available by Phone

Adding Netherton Therapy & other Methods to Jack Painter's holistic Structural Integration system 

Download PDF copy at article
Know about the Personal Development benefits of Structural Integration and/or Postural Integration?  P.I. Plus reviews this, and, explains how Netherton Therapy makes them better.

I can teach Netherton Techniques to Psycho therapists, massage therapists, Structural & Postural Integrators & Reichian-Bioenergetic Therapists

A Brief Article Summarizing Whole Person Improvements

that develop physically, during abuse
- Article
The Physical Reality of Disconnects:

All our lifelong issues are physically arranged in Body Tightness & blocked or held in energy
Download PDF copy at article

11. CLEARING SPECIFIC TRAUMATIC EVENTS - REAL EXAMPLES - Shooting, auto accident, loss of a parent, multiple emotions and fears in a divorce 
Available by phone

that define all the elements of our repeating pattern - Article  Links Current Experiences to earlier ones including birth
Download PDF copy at article

SK is a wonderful technique.  Here's how to add to it.  I can teach SK practitioners how to be more effective.

Regressing usually means observing and analyzing.  This method actually removes the energies & negative belief systems.
And the Cycle of Therapy.  Regressing to childhood is a typical technique - it helps - and with this methods we can do much more in release therapy.

Section 7

Links to Related Sites
Bodywork, Bodymind, Meditation,
Nutrition, Personal Growth,
& Other health Sites

Section 8
Not Much on Here Yet.  Will Include Great Booklets for Massage Therapists, & Books in the field, Nutritional Supplements, etc.

CATALOG of Additional Articles, Products, and the Books, Tapes & Lessons by Mail
Not updated

Section 9


ONE ON ONE INSTRUCTION - Very Unique - EASY TO DO - EVEN A LITTLE AT A TIME - ALSO Empowers ALL OTHER Stretching to do more ! Helps REMOVE BACK PAIN & MUSCLE TIGHTNESS, Increases athletic performance
Help Yourself Daily
Bodywork Stretching
Works great with the Bodywork Treatments
CALL LOU for Free Consult
   & Free Phone Stretching
See Bdwk & Stretching Videos Combo Packages

ENERGIZED RELAXATION Technique with Audio Tape, Mind-into-body exceptionally deep relaxation that also increases energy, concentration, awareness & "focus."
Great to play for clients during massage & bodywork sessions.  Helps sleep & healing, too.

FOODS FOR STRUCTURE  to increase flexibility, relax bodies, improve health  Free tips - Helps with Fibromyalgia

More than an Ann Wigmore living & raw foods diet, fasting and cleansing program.  Includes massage and other body therapies and lots of book references and hard to come by info -
Also is a Natural Health reference & guide book, telling you what books to read & people to get more from

Now Available as E-Mail Attachments in WORD
Low Cost

Meditation for Personal Growth
Free - How-to Breath Concentration Meditation Booklet  --Includes Stretching Advice

Section 10

Click on Your Own Category

PERFORMING ARTISTS Dancers, Actors, Singers, Musicians - Noticeably Increased Physical & Expressive Capabilities

HEALING THE HEALERS Physical & Stress Rejuvenation while Creating Increased Professional Abilities for Health Practitioners & Caregivers

Increasing Physical Capabilities, adds to workouts -  ESPECIALLY BACK PAIN & FLEXIBILITY with Stress Reduction & Unique, fast Traumatic Event Affects Removal for POLICE, FIRE & MILITARY

Improving Presentation, Performance, Focus & Creativity, with Stress Reduction for EXECUTIVES, LEADERS & LAWYERS

Personal Sessions & Group Stretching & Info Lecture Classes

Stroke, MS, Parkinson's, Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Injury, Accident Crippled - Tightness Removal & Improved Flexibility & Mobility, improved facial relaxation, expression

Section 11

TRAININGS, tutorials, CLASSES, workshops - for health practitioners & even non-professional individuals & groups
Includes details of three Structural Integration classes-workshops, trainings

Weekend HOW-TO WORKSHOPS for Everyday Family Folks & "key" employees. Teaches how to loosen backs, necks, arms, shoulders, etc.

Advanced Education for Massage Therapists (sometimes with CEU credit, sometimes via mail on CD or Tape)

"SPECIALIST" CONSULTATION Advice for Practitioner's Own Clients
Avail by phone & in person, & as tutorial

Section 12
How to get sessions with me & how I provide phone support, too.  Also, how to have me give a talk for your group.

Getting SESSIONS with Lou.  Includes wholistic supporting techniques - stretching, relaxation, nutrition, movement education, trauma release, etc - Travel available

Phone Support &  CONSULTATIONS
Including Advice for Getting Treatments in Your Own Area

PUBLIC TALKS to group your or organization.  All talks include free stretching & relaxation techniques you do along with Lou right there.
If I come to your area to do training,
I'll give public talks to help generate business for you

Section 13

Background & Training of Lou Gross, Recognized Body Structure Expert (Holistically trained)

Section 14

The BODY-MIND Performance Enhancement Idea

View Summary of the Latest items  added to the site

Sept 20, 2003


A different kind of performance enhancement...

Rather than giving
you information
you learn, or skills
that you master...

These treatments, processes and foods increase the quality
of your "innate"
state of being.

I make who you 
So everything you
do is better.


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Trauma, Abuse, Rape & Grief Release,
From the Body, Mind & Our Energy Systems
Even REMOVING Fears, Phobias, Anger,  Flashbacks, Negative Patterns, Interpersonal Relationship Issue & short or long-term STRESS
Enables Psychotherapy & Spiritual Counseling to do more, and easier, faster,& more thoroughly.  See Below.

ALL is Effective by Phone, Skype, IM (and in person)
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Who We Are & How We Can Have More of Ourselves
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Layers of the BodyMind, blockages we all get, clearing them, restoring more of us to ourselves, & increasing our physical,  psychological, intuitive, mental, emotional & expressive abilities. With reported benefits & Specific Method explanation.


Thorough, Fast Results & Comfortable to do
The OUTSTANDING COMPLEMENT to verbal psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, personal growth & even corporate training & creativity retreats.  Because this removes old stuck emotions and long term tightnesses, both of a physical nature & especially in the fascia, it makes the other practices all work noticeably better, faster & easier, with greater & more satisfying results.
Many methods give you new things to do, or help you transform your ways of conscious behaving.  This gets rid of what's in your body, in your way.  Rather Fast.
Helps people relate to Others the Way you WANT to Relate.

20 years Professional experience since 1985
Psychotherapist PhD Trained, in their schools

Free Sample Session & Personal Consultation
Very Reasonable Cost - sliding scale
This combines Treatments of Choice to Make the combination More Effective. Using Structural Integration Bodywork or Structural Stretching Techniques with the Netherton-Reichian Processing.

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Free Consultation & Details of what this can do for you in Business
& summary of  Lou's Expertise to Help You Improve Yourself
Peak Performance Corporate Programs thru the Body & with Corporate Trainers In the same Training Sessions.

Trauma Release & "Personal" Development Testimonials
See Below these for Links to many more & to a lot of descriptive how-to do it details in them.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel & I already feel much better after just 4 hrs.
45 year old former Rape Victim (removed trauma from when she was in her teens)

This method specifically removed negative things stuck in me from old, past events, that, because I have been in psychotherapy, I knew I did not want but had not been able to release before.  The Improvement in my self esteem, my relationship with my husband, the release of resentment & the removal of childhood and teen abuse, that I received from a 4-hr afternoon session in my home, would have taken, I believe, 50 hours in my psychotherapy
34 year old Medical Office Manager, mother of 2.

In one 2-hr session I removed from my body the sorrow, anger & even muscular tension left over from the loss of my Mother 10 years ago.  And I'd had hours of other kinds of release therapy & even bodywork schooling before.  This removed a lot that I didn't even know was in there.
44 year old Massage Therapist & Herbalist

After a series of sessions, removing one past "residue" after another, right out of me, I have a lot more of me, available to me.  I was filled with anxiety and confusion.  It was even a physical thing, not just emotional feelings I was mentally aware of.  Now there is an empty space where that had been, and itís available to me for nurturing myself.  I can use this bigger, physical part of me for my own, positive feelings.  In the past, I disassociated from my feelings.  But now, Iím able to own them & I also have strong boundaries whereas before, I had a bunch of jumbled desires that were defined as a boundary, and were acting dysfunctionally as one.  I am coming from a stronger, deeper, and less "polluted" part of me.  And whatís wonderful is that people now treat me with greater respect and are very willing to offer to give to me, without my needing to ask to get my needs met.  They just see my situation and lovingly offer to help.  They are actually directly "feeling" this positive part of me deep inside me, and they are also experiencing a nicer feeling outer part of me, too.
63 year old Health Food Chef. Longtime Meditator, Mother & Grandmother

Lou's treatments have changed my life - I'm now a better me, and, I no longer have the residues of a difficult past.  I had indeed been in therapy for years, and gotten some good help.  I had a long physical & sexually abusive childhood & was intimidated & repressed, I no longer have the tightnesses in my body I got from those times, including rapes & severe hittings, nor the back pain, flashbacks & daily suicidal thoughts.  I haven't had to take anti-depressants for a year & I'd taken them for 5 years before.   I have a more loving new husband, a better job without an invalidating boss, a freer housing & financial condition & I'm free from repressive controlling family members.  I've also opened up into a more fulfilling spiritual side of me.
38 Year Old Computer Help Specialist, Mother of 2.

I began a series of Bodywork and Body-mind releasing treatments soon after my father died.  I was feeling sad, depressed, and dissatisfied with all my relationships in general.  In the first 2-hr session I released a lot of pent up frustration as well as grief and felt "100%" better.  Through succeeding sessions I've developed a greater, and growing, sense of well being and self worth.
22 year old karate teacher & carpet cleaning business owner

While I was a loving, caring & capable person before, my heart is now even more opened and I have the confidence, capacity and increased capability to work with even more difficult situations & help more people better
35 year old Social Worker - Nurse.

More testimonials with details at 
Trauma Release
 Testimonials &
 Personal Growth