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This is information I like to know when I analyze people,
   You may just fill in what is appropriate for you.
   Answers may be brief.
   If you have MORE to add, just include it.
   If it seems like a LOT, then just do a little when you contact

You may either make your own email or tell me when we talk
   on the phone, or you may enter applicable answers in this
   page & copy it - then email it back to me with your other info.

   321 726 9083
www.backfixbodywork.com     louisryoshin@yahoo.com

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Q & A Analysis for Misalignment, backs, pain, interconnected muscles  Page

Visual Photo Analysis available Free
Get OK from Lou to do it - and send 4 photos either as digital attachments or Polaroids or prints.  Stand near a door or other straight vertical line I can use for reference.  Full front, back, one side, (include your BARE feet) & then a
45 degree from a rear side - from top of thighs to head.  Best to wear a bathing suit, leotard, or short running shorts & a small top.  I want to see the back, especially low back, without clothes on the area & to see your angular zig zag shapes & side to side tilts and twists.


For how long? 
What makes it worse? 
What has made it increasingly worse over time? 
What makes it better?
   From accidents or blows, like auto or something?

Pulls and tears – like hamstrings or Achilles tendons, or where?

Vertebral misalignments,
   chronic – disk problems – lower back, neck, where specifically
 , bulge-protruding, herniated – how much?  Pinched nerves? 

Sciatica – ongoing?  On and off?  Which side or both? 

Do you – did you – see a chiropractor, a surgeon, anyone – what kind?  What did the practitioner do?

Anything else?


Do you have and Artificial Disk?   Is the pain gone?

Do you have back pain?  Where?  When did it start?
How bad is it?  
Does it still stay and elsewhere?   Does it come & go or
move around?  Please describe.

Do you have a protruding disk?

Do you have  a degenerated disk?

Do you have a pinched nerve?

Do you have scoliosis? 

Please describe all of the above - incl the disk or nerve location.

Do your shoulder blades stick out in back?

Anything else?



Do you have a big arch in your lower back?

Does your pelvis tilt forward, or back?  That is, is your pants beltline horizontal to the floor or does it slant down to the front, or back? Then look at your hip joints and pelvis, do they swing forward and do your thighs lean forward instead of going straight vertically up and down? Do the calves bulge backward while your legs lean forward?

If you put your hand around to your lower back and feel with the back of the hand, do you have a notch inward, at the spine?  And do the muscles on either side bulge outward, like big ridges?  You can even see this in a mirror.  And if you have the inward notch, bend forward from the waist and then, how far forward do you have to bend, say in inches or at an angle from vertical, for the notch to go away?

Do you have a notch in the back of the neck along the spine also?

Anything the chiropractor said about your spine shape

Does your upper back curve down to the front, and your neck and head jut forward, off your shoulders, and then, does your neck and head arch backward, to hold your head up?

If you lean the upper back backward, does it hurt?  Where?  Like, if you raise your arm(s) over your head up in the air, and pull the arms backward a little so your chest gets pulled on and your upper back bends backward, is their tightness or pain – and where?

Can you lean your lower back backward?  Does it hurt?  Where?  Do you get pains in the lower back – middle, left, right?  Do you have or get pain in the upper part of the buttocks, just below the top edge of the pelvic bones just above your buttocks?

How well can you tilt your sides left and right?

Do your arms curl in, from the front of the shoulders?

Do you have tight abs?  Do you do sit ups or crunches?  Did you used to?

Do you have a protruding belly?

Are you pregnant?  Were you pregnant?  Did you get an arch in your back from carrying the bog baby in front of the belly

Do your hamstrings in the back of your thighs have a bulge in the middle? 

Are the hamstrings tight?

Are your calves tight?  Do they bulge backward?  Are your feet tight

Do you work out?  With free weights?  With machines?  Run?
Walk for exercise?

Do you run or do long walks or hike up hills or mountains?  Do you bike ride a lot?  Do you bounce on a mini trampoline a lot?

Do you stretch and/or do yoga?  If yoga, what brand of routine, if any – like Bikram’s Routine, or Iyengar style, or Sivananda? Or what – describe what you do a lot of.?

If you bicycle, when you go long distances do your legs (and torso) get very tight?   Did you used to bicycle or run?

If you bicycle, do you lean forward over the handlebars and then have to arch your neck and/or upper back upward and back?  Do you get tight or pains there?

Do you roller skate. Ice skate, ski, roller board?  Etc?

If you stretch for your back, what stretches do you do specifically?

Did you, do you, have knee, ankle, or hip injuries? Please describe, incl about when they happened.

Putting your feet shoulder width apart, have you kneecaps pointing forward and then see what direction your feet point.  Do they point forward in the same direction as your kneecaps or do they point outward, and how much outward?  Or, do the feet point inward?

Do your lower legs (or even thighs) have a bow leggedness?  Even one? That is, to they have a bow bend to them, outwardly?

How are your foot arches?  Flat footed?  High arches?

Is your pelvis tight?

Are your knees locked?

Do you have a leg where the knee is angled inward?  The thigh and lower leg angle inward so the knee is more to the other leg than straight up and down?

Is one leg shorter than the other?  Does your pelvis or shoulder look higher on one side than the other?  Does your beltline tilt to one side?  Do you wear a lift in one shoe?  Or both?  Does it help?

Do you have sciatica?  Which leg?  Or both?  At the same time, or does it shift back and forth?  How long have you had it?  Can you do something to relieve it?

Does your neck feel tight?  Is it hard to turn far left and right?  If you turn it left and right, does it pull into your upper back and/or front of the chest?

Are your shoulders tight?  Can you raise your arms straight up, over your head, with the upper arm near your ear and the elbows locked straight?

Are your head and face tight?  Where?  F\or how long?

Do you wake up in the morning tight or stiff?  And where?  Lower back?

Anything else?

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Do you get massages?  Shallow?  Deep?  Does it help?  How often

Trigger point therapy?  Where do you get it?  Shoulders?  All over?  Does it help?

Shiatsu or acupressure?  Up and down the spine?  All over?  Where?  Does it help?

Acupuncture?  Where – did it help?

Have you had structural integration bodywork, Rolfing, Hellerwork, Postural Integration?  Have you had myo-fascial release – John Barnes method – Bowen Method -  other methods (please name)?  Does it help?

Have you had Neuro-Muscular Release?  Does it help?

Have you gotten chiropractic?  Osteopathic joint manipulations?  Applied kinesiology? Did it – which - help?

How much did you get of any of these - which?

How long do the benefits form everything or anything you have had, last?  Did it cure some things?  What? 

Anything else?



Even though you eat what you call a healthy diet, for structural looseness, stretching & pain releasing purposes, I have found that almost all people with long term tightness and/or structural pains could eat some different foods and improve their structural condition.

What food(s) do you eat for breakfast?

What food(s) do you eat for lunch?

What food(s) do you eat for supper?

How much raw dark leafy greens do you eat?

How much fresh juicy fruit, like pineapples, grapes, etc do you eat?

How much of your diet is fruits and vegetables?  Raw?  Cooked?

Do you eat seaweeds?

If you’re vegetarian, how much of your diet is made up of grains, ie:  bread (even whole grain), pasta, rice, etc.

Do you take multi-mineral supplements?  If so, what – pills, capsules, liquids, powders?

Do you take chlorella, spirulina, blue green algaes, special foods like Greens Plus, etc?  Which ones do you eat?

Do you have a BM daily?  More than one?

How much water do you drink daily?  1,2,3 qts – 1 gallon?  More?

Do you have dry skin?  Excema? 

Anything else?


Trauma Info – Negative Energy Info

Emotional fears and trauma such as falls and blows, accidents and abuse, even very difficult birth times, all put contracting energy into the body, so sometimes it helps to remove them with a technique we can use on the phone.

If you feel comfortable enough, please add something about this, too.  Especially if you got hit, falls, pressed on, and/or tensed up a lot.  Where were the blows?  Did you get tightness from all of this


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Structural "Fascial Spreading" Stretching & How-to-do-Bodywork  Videos

Free Consultation for Stretching, Bodywork & Body-Mind Therapy Info

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