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My Consultations are Avail for both Purely Physical
& for Bodymind & Trauma Release Processing
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Physical & Bodymind Benefit
     WHAT - WHY - HOW TO

-- Shows you with your own experience what I am explaining
-- While it also increases your knowledge about what is going on & what to do
-- AND we are testing your body to further analyze it &
know what sequence to do the Stretches in

Lots of Info on the   Stretching & Hands-On DVD Info Page 
Testimonials:   Immediate Improvements on the phone - see below
Testimonials by Practitioners - about all the DVDs

Which DVDs to get?  
See this "What's in the DVDs" page:
Lou's FREE phone consult adds info from him, just 4U.
DETAILS:  What's in the videos & some info on combining them

Long Q & A on Structure, Backs, Pain, Misalignment, Interconnected Muscles


2 of 2 on this page  --- more Stretching Info just below
Body-Mind Therapy & Trauma-Grief Consults
also available
See Free Body-Mind Release Consultation Info at bottom of THIS page
This kind of Stretching also helps the bodymind release processing
    get more out with the Reichian-Netherton part,  & the Bodywork
    Stretching itself does some just on its own. too.
Note that:  Tightness perpetuates & worsens stress
     & it also holds in old trauma & grief emotions.


Helps backs, tightness & tightness caused pain


     & How I Can Help Right Away,
     by Teaching you a more "Effective" WAY to stretch,
     with better lengthening stretches.

The Method
It's the Positions, the Mind into Body, & the Pulling Movements
    that Make the Difference.
More Length, Easier.     And it lasts longer.
Even When People Apply It to Their Yoga Stretches

To Correct the 3 Simultaneous Effects
   of Fascia Shortness
1. Fascia Collagen Fiber Spreading thru the Interstitial Fluid.
2. Interconnected Muscle Lines Pulling,
        but in Inch-by-Inch Lengths
        - makes long term elongation.
3. Correcting Whole-Body Misalignment Zig-Zags.

Louis A. "Lou" Gross    BS Electrical Engineering  
Structural Integration Bodyworker & "Stretching Engineer"
Master Postural Integrator since 1983
   24,000 hrs & 26 years - Body Structure Improvement Experience
Olympic Athletes, Runners & Coach-Trainer  4-pgs of Testimonials
   Championship Jr. College Track Team Consultant-Practitioner
   Innovative Stretching Coach since 1984
 Direct     321-726-9083

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Go here For More Descriptive Info about Stretching on the Home page.
Then go down to Phone
Stretch Coaching on the Most Popular Requests

Table of contents for this page
1. Free Structural Analysis - right after this List -  what to tell me
2. My idea
with these Videos -  LOW COST & ALSO COMBINES WITH
This method is A different Way to Stretch  "longer" & "it stays"
4. Combine Stretching with Hands-on Bodywork learning DVDs
5.  Four Testimonials - of immediate, significant improvements
          many more - on the DVD Info page

Free Structural Analysis &
Free 30-60 min "Fascia Stretching," Body Analysis, & Actual Improvements
Right Over the Phone

for Backs, Pain, Tightness, Stress, Trauma

Worldwide - by Phone or Skype Computer to Computer
   & Computer to your telephone at home

Or, E-MAIL your condition & receive my email analysis.   Please tell me some details.
     I usually respond fairly soon.

See Checklist Page, of info to tell Lou about your condition
  To order Anything, Please Contact Lou  - there is NO shopping cart yet.

Visual Photo Analysis
Get OK from Lou to do it - and send 4 photos either as digital attachments or Polaroids or prints.  Stand near a door or other straight vertical line I can use for reference.  Full front, back, one side, and then a 45 degree from a rear side - from top of thighs to head.  Best to wear a bathing suit, leotard, or short running shorts & a small top. I want to see the back, especially low back, without clothes on and to see your angular zig zag shapes & side to side tilts and twists.

    People Usually Improve Right on the Phone Stretching
        You & I both see how it works for you

    These Videos are Designed
         to Help Correct Back Pains & Lengthen tight legs.
  The Hands-on DVDs even show how to loosen heads &
        greatly   REMOVE   lots of tension from stress


Now - what does this Phone consult & stretching do? It shows you with your own body experience & explains to you, what to do
   for your tightness and/or pain - & how to use the
   much more detailed, unique Stretching Videos,
   books and other resources I can provide.

Here's My Idea & Purpose
For the cost, or half the cost, of one
  Structural Integration Bodywork session,
  you can have 2-hrs of video that coaches you
  thru how to stretch a lot of your "fascial" body, better;
  even how to do yoga stretching better.
And you can look at it all or in part as many times as you want.
I find it makes the hands-on more effective,
    improves the ease & results of chiropractic adjustments,
    & after getting the muscle tightness loosened with deep massage, 
    it enables people to stretch further because this approach can
    then re-lengthen the fascia more.

See Article  Improves Chiropractic
See Article  Different from but helps Massage
See E-Book Info Page  The Underlying Cause of Back Problems

You can  use what you learn, right away, to get better, every day. 
And the videos add many more stretches and clear visual and verbal instruction.  After purchase, you can further consult with me, for free, about how to use the videos &  your other stretching even better.
Why to get the Videos 1,2,3,4,5 Package Info Page
Includes brief Info on Which DVDs to get

This is a Different Way to Stretch
than most people,
even Athletes & Massage Therapists
do not do.
It is not an "isolated" muscle stretch.
It is not calf stretching or shoulder stretching, etc.

Instead, it is an interconnected "muscle line" or
Groups of Areas Technique of "spreading" the fascia.  You could say I teach you how to re-lengthen the shortened fascia of your body system, and NOT how to stretch your muscles.

So, the reason I like to communicate with people before they buy anything is that these Videos  are teaching versus you do stretches you see others doing, with the same technique you have been doing before, like a class is doing it.  By coaching you one on one, I add to the coaching of the same technique I do on the videos.

And, the videos may not have all the stretches we would do on the phone and they would have them maybe in not the best order for you - even tho if you do the stretches altogether you are going to get all the interconnections.  I just want you to be as satisfied doing stretches in your own home or office as you would if I was there doing hands-on in person.  This gets optimum results.

If you just want to order videos with your own confidence and not want coaching,
just contact me by phone or email and I will tell you where to send the payment and how.

Lots of people do well from the videos alone. 
Getting my latest. additional stretches &
getting direction on how to loosen
your own tight body, helps much more.

Here's a technical explanation in layperson's terms.
The fascia is a body-suit made of pliable putty, millions of tiny fibers immersed in fluid between your muscle fibers & making up tougher corn-husk like wrappings around groups of many muscle fibers.  So fascia surrounds and goes thru every muscle.  It also surrounds the whole body and is used as "filler" between the organs. 

On tight people it has become short & hard, and I guarantee that trying to stretch your tightest or painful areas, with local stretching only, will almost surely not give you the amount of release you want.

Fascia can be thought of as a whole body shape body-suit and it encases all your muscles, bones and organs. It also is made up of many layers simply because your muscle system is made up of many layers and fascia is throughout all the muscles everywhere.

So, for instance, to release neck pain, you must spread fascia along the whole back, arms, chest & head as well as on the sides of the neck, the spinal area of the neck, the front of the neck and the back of the neck, and you have to continue lengthening the fascia into all the interconnected muscle areas, by pulling the collagen fibers in all these layers and areas back out further apart in the fluid and wrappings areas.

My approach takes this anatomy into account.  It is a technique that many people have learned to do on the phone and/or from my one on one video instruction. 

And my UNIQUE "stretching positions" teach you how to do this technique so you can get a lot of benefits from these positions AND you can see & feel how to use the technique in your yoga or other athletic stretches.

Just trying to "stretch the neck" is physically impossible.  Just trying to stretch the hamstrings & get a BIG release is physically impossible.  Just trying to spread the lower back is physically impossible.  Bodies, in the fascial body suit, AND in your muscle-bone-muscle interconnections are not made in isolated areas.

Therefore, this technique softens, spreads and lengthens your Fascia-Putty body suit in whole areas & from one area to another.   Right on the phone as well as with the videos.  And for most people, it gets better and looser each time you practice it - even for 1-2 minutes at a time, even at work, in the car or at home with the baby.

And, by using my unique stretching positions and methods, along with my explanations of inter-connected body structure for you, we can both tell where you are exceptionally tight and use the correct fascial lengthening and widening exercises to relengthen the different sections of your structure so it gives way and does not hurt the other parts of your structure, like trying to lengthen the thighs causes lower back pain, or trying to lengthen the upper back without lengthening the abdominals, chest, arms and legs first, can make the back or neck hurt more.

I have even released the tightness causing sciatic pain from an Olympic Level Shot Putter and a Health Club Manager - both just by my stretching Bodywork process, in less than an hour each.

Most people I phone coach & educate, feel
 increasing improvement in the 20-30+ minutes.
I spend longer with people who need more.

This kind of Structural Fascia Stretching will also
 increase the benefits of the much more expensive
 (& Very Helpful) hands-on work in your area, if you
 choose to get that as well  - I recommend it.

I also have hands-on
help-yourself How-to DVD Videos
that can come along with the Stretching Videos. 
I even show you how to do some of this
     in the free stretching session. 

This is very helpful because it shows how to loosen your head and it helps you get further looseness all over, including your arms and chest - and can be done most places a little at a time during the day.  This is very helpful for people who work a lot with their arms, including typing on a computer a lot at work. 

Everyone gets head tightness and loosening it further relaxes the whole body, removes stress, helps the energy flows, presses on reflexes to help inner organs, and especially enables people to receive more information without feeling stressed, and process that information better and easier.  It even improves emotional demeanor and interpersonal feelings.

For examples of how Bodywork has reduced Stress,
see these
Stress Removal & Professional Performance Improvement testimonials.
"I" think many people can do at least a significant amount for themselves. 

And with the DVDs 4 & 5 Hands-on session, you
& your family can do even more for each other,

for backs and even seniors tightness improvement,
athletics tightness removal and flexibility,
power and looseness improvement,
and for work stress erasure. 

See Also Two Separate Pages
Includes which DVDs to get:   Lou's Free phone consult adds info, just 4U.
DETAILS:  What's in the DVDs & some info on combining them
DETAILS:  Long Q & A on Structure, Backs, Pains, Misalignment, Interconnected Muscles

See the Seniors testimonials for ideas about what you can do
    for your older parents. 
See Back and Other Pains and Tightness Removal testimonials.  And Olympic Athlete & 10K runner - marathoners testimonials.

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To order Anything, Please Contact Lou
    321-726-9083    321-726-9083     louisryoshin@yahoo.com
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        I  was told by my doctor that I probably have fibromyalgia, was put on a dairy-free / wheat-free diet, and supplements such as fish oil and vitamin C (for inflammation). Some mornings my legs seemed almost paralyzed, and it would take 15 minutes to loosen up all my joints before getting out of bed. After shuffling and hobbling around for the first hour, I would gradually begin to limber up enough to make it through the day.
         I discovered Lou's website on the internet, and called him.
Lou was very patient, asked questions, and listened. Then he guided me through a process of stretches over the phone. They were a bit intense but gentle at the same time. I was sweating heavily  and drank water - it seemed like a lot of 'junk' was sweating out of me.
Over a  couple hours on the phone I learned ;  !.) how to make immediate changes in my diet    2.) how to do the stretching on my own  3.) how to release muscle tension caused by trauma.    The next day my legs had improved. I continued the stretching throughout the day. The second day my legs were noticeably different. I could get out of bed right away, the pain had lessened, and I wasn't as tired.
I am very impressed with this technique. Months of chiropractic and  massage therapy did nothing to affect change  the way this has, and I actually feel hopeful for the first time in months.
          I would like to
recommend Lou to anyone who feels they suffer from the same condition. Lou is also a very compassionate person to talk to.   
L.Z. Phoenix, ARIZONA

My legs feel SO MUCH  better, especially the left one, just from the mini-session I did in my office.  Day before yesterday I felt a warmness going up my spine.   My left eye has changed for the better.  God bless you.  Thank you so much for the guidance on the phone (she tried 2 special leg stretches in her office cubicle).  After receiving the tapes, practicing with Video 1 is doing wonders for my legs. 
Office Worker & Avid Social Dancer, Chicago

Lou Coached me thru some of his stretches for 25 minutes - right there in an herb shop relaxation area, and
my chronic hip pain was gone, my leg tightness was much better, and I felt taller, more upright & more flexible all over.  And I have been stretching & getting body treatments that did not fix this.
Mother, Teacher, Part time Ballet Dancer.

I've Been Stretching Daily for 30 years & I learned things from Lou right in the free initial phone call with 3 stretches for both sides.
   I went out & played squash right after  & my movements & performance were much better. 

Then I got the Stretching
Videos.  Tremendous Stuff, wonderful, beautiful.  You even mention the muscle names & what they affect.
72 yr old Fitness Expert Athlete in Australia


Here are Details of the
Free Bodymind Release Consultation
& the Ongoing Sessions

See    Easiest to first Understand Basic but detailed  Info Article

In the consult and with reference to articles on the website, I'll Explain How Negative & Upsetting Emotions Really! Get Stuck in the Body & How to Easily & Thoroughly Remove Them.

It's quite different from what a lot of people think.  But I know my understanding is correct because my methods work 100% of the time, for 21 years already, and give much better results than the many methods other people have done.

But, I do more than remove old trauma & emotions from the  body, which I do very well.  In addition, the Negative Messages of Your Mind are Often NOT YOUR messages.  They were put into you long ago by other people.  This method can get them out, non-traumatically.

We remove negative belief and command systems,  And we change the form and quality of the body, thought patterns & its energy field at the same time, from the negative manifestation to a very positive and capable long term condition.

This is not just a body manipulation technique, or just an energy and tension removal - but we do release the body and release old tensions and energies, that people feel go out of them right in the session - even in a session over the phone. 

I use my State-of-the-Art Structural Stretching techniques & Reichian therapy methods, as well as the unique and highly effective school taught Morris Netherton Techniques I have been using for 20 years. 

Not EMDR, nor the usual Reichian, rebirthing,
hypnosis nor a re-living & repeating, going
over it technique, like some Psychotherapists use.

Not a conscious mind analysis either.  But your conscious mind does participate and you remain alert and in control during the entire activity.  You can stop or pause any time, eat or go to the rest room, yet you can also remove more and more old stuff.  And you will be "present" and "centered" at the same time that you are emoting or acting the energies.  This is a gently controlled laboratory technique of finding and expressive-releasing the energies that got stuck inside you.  THAT removes them, in a rather non-traumatic way.

You stay you, and at the same time, you do a processing technique to remove the old energies.

So this is not a stirring up method to get you all overwhelmed with the emotions.  That does not cleanly release all the old energies. What we bring up, is removed from you right then.  In fact, what you're already had, for years, gets cleanly removed.

This is a Focused, Dissolving-out Method in use for 45 years.  Immediate, permanent, cumulative results.  Significant clearing in each 1-2 hour session.  People's Bodies feel cleaner, more relaxed, and more open, without feeling so vulnerable as before.  People say it's been removed out of them.

The result of THIS method is that people feel more confident & less tight to a deeper level inside them.

We "use" your consciousness & your brain's abilities as well as your awareness and physical condition.  And I give you information & insight verbally, as we move through old episodes and clean them out of you in a non-traumatic manner.  I coach you through the sequence of events in the old episodes, those that had their energy imprints stuck inside them. 

We go step by step, line by line, and even if you did not remember the events or details, the energies of the body can be removed as they come to consciousness with the body loosening techniques we use.

The big results are because we actually remove the embedded energies you picked up in tight, tense, fearful & stressful circumstances, even back through pre-verbal, infancy, birth & pre-natal times, even when you do not remember, & especially, when you do not remember, the events.  Your body has the old tensions and energies and with Netherton-Body techniques, your consciousness can access them and remove them.

Besides physical tension, it simultaneously removes emotional upset, depression, anger, flashbacks, fears, guilt, blocks, phobias, stored sorrow, even suicidal thoughts.

As I said above, besides the energies & tightness, we simultaneously remove negative belief systems & negative commands from others, from those times, out of your unconscious mind & from the body structure & its energy fields.  This includes the attitudes and words that were said by abusers when they did bad things to you, or even from well meaning people while you were unconscious.  Further, we remove things you don't even remember were there, whether from an adult loss or from a childhood trauma. 

We even remove key episodes you didn't even know were there from infancy, birth, prenatal & the creative unconscious.  In these cases, we remove the negative feelings and even sentences, that your body absorbed energetically, without your thinking nor analyzing them,
from Mother, Father, other adults and siblings and even doctors and nurses in the birthing experience & while you were still in your mother's womb or birth canal.

We remove what went in as Direct Energy Implantation.  It did not go through the brain's analysis.  In fact, THE material that's in the subconscious causing the ongoing blocks and trauma is what did not get analyzed I the brain.  That's why we use this technique to access and get them out. We treat them for what they really are, foreign energies, not you; pollution.

And we increase the quality of more & more of what you are.  By removing these tensions and other people's words and energies from your structure, the amount of you that is cleared gets larger, and you then have more space inside of you to use for yourself and your accomplishments.

Almost anyone can do it, even if they had trauma for years, & people get better at it as the clearing out & overall improvements continue.

As your clearing & transformation continues, I give you more in-depth, explanations about why we're doing it, and why you're feeling better at deeper levels of your body-mind.  I also give you a roadmap of what levels we'll be going through & how you'll increasingly benefit.


      Now that I've cleared out a very big trauma, (with 2, 2-hr sessions over the phone) I feel a LOT better & I feel confident that I'll be able to get all this life long painful & disturbing stuff out of me and gone. 
      I can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I'd tried other methods, including going over and over the old event with the therapist.  That didn't really work.  I'd done other techniques that did help some, but I still had been filled with the same old stuff. 
      Lou's method actually removes the material & I felt it coming off.  I felt immediately better physically as well as emotionally & mentally.  And his explanations & support while we're doing the sessions is very helpful.  I'm lucky to have found him

Testimonial -BodyMind Therapy & Bodywork 4-Week Travel Visit

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