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Neck, Arm, Shoulder, Knee, Leg Pain, etc.

Note:  Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain & Knee Pain are usually related to
Back Pain, all coming from the same source, the shortened fascial soft connective tissue all over the body. 
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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
24 years successful experience
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For Great Testimonials from Seniors, over 60, See Seniors' Testimonials
For Testimonials from Yoga Teachers & Students, See Yoga Testimonials
For Testimonials from Athletes, See Athletes Testimonials

     My body doesn't hurt anymore.  My headaches are gone; so is the neck pain, low back pain and the daily shoulder pain.  The tightness in my chest is gone and I can take deep breaths.  I'm physically stronger.  I can do more than I've ever been able to do, for longer.  I sleep better and I look much better.
Ms LG, Attorney, age 37

     I've had almost constant pain in my arms and right leg (diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy with Reynauds).  And I've felt negative, humdrum, unhealthy and "doomed."
     After 2-1/4 hours of Lou's treatment I felt like a new person: relaxed, clear and free of pain...more than I'd been in a long time!  My face looks better, more relaxed, my color is better and I look younger and have no tension in the face.  "I feel good!"
     Right away in the treatment I could feel this was doing a lot more than therapeutic massage, swimming, chiropractic and anma massage.

Ms SB, Businesswoman, age 41

     I have a recurring pinched nerve in my upper back that radiates pain down my arm.  This Bodywork does more, in less time, than any other treatment I've tried, including massage, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, TENS unit for pain, range of motion therapy and biofeedback.  And the pain stays away a lot longer, too.
Mr PA, Auto Mechanic,
Severe Motorcycle Accident Victim, age 34

     From 3 hours of Bodywork and “Structural Stretching,” the most significant result was that my TMJ is much betterBefore, pressing around in front of the ear would always hurt a lot.  In fact, all the area was excruciating when I pressed with even the slightest touch. Now, only a couple of spots are “slightly” sensitive.  From this Bodywork, I also sleep very deep, much better than before.
Ms TM, Certified
MASSAGE THERAPIST, Certified Master Herbalist & Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

     I had a lot of trouble in just everyday life, getting pain in both shoulders and both sides of the pelvis, affecting me significantly while doing even simple things such as walking and standing.  I was also frustrated because I could no longer do my regular swimmingAnd after teaching a 3-hr class, I could barely stand up.
     In just one 2-hr session I felt transformed; I could swim, bike ride and even climb through sand dunes.
  This lasted a few weeks and a few succeeding sessions, followed by exercise, have made me pain free.

Mr BD, College Professor & Dept Chair, age 47

     I had neck strain for several months that wasn't going away.  I'd had chiropractic once and a lot of physical therapy at an orthopedic surgeon's office.  But these treatments didn't go deep enough to relieve the problem.  This Bodywork was the only thing that helped, and it has helped a lot.
Ms DRB, Designer/Homemaker, age 39

     I’m thrilled with the speed of release from Lou’s treatmentIn just 1-hour my body is expectedly lighter and more expanded, but also, my posture is more erect, with no strain to maintain forward and backward balance.  I look forward to learning this modality from Lou, and to incorporate it in my practice.
Ms DLK, Licensed
Neuro-muscular Therapist
Myo-facial Release Practitioner

      I had a 3-hour session with Lou, and with his method, I got the equivalent of five 1-hour sessions I’d gotten with the Rolfer I’d been seeing in California for years.  Lou also went deeper than my Rolfer had ever gone, and there wasn’t the pain, either. It didn’t hurt like the long deep pulling I’d had; and I didn’t feel “planed.”  Lou’s hands on-technique uses shorter strokes and combines a fascial stretching, a massage pressing and a tissue healing.  I also didn’t hurt the next day as I did after the Rolfer’s sessions.
     Both knees had been in pain and been stiffBoth are now looser and a lot freer, and the least troublesome is out of pain while the “worse” one is up to where the “better” one had been, just slightly tight and in mild pain.
     My arms had been tight and constricted to where I’d had difficulty massaging without them becoming worse, and painful.  Now they’re much looser, too, including the shoulders, and I have been able to start massaging again.  Even after doing two massages the very next day, I’m still moving a lot easier, my breathing is deeper and fuller, and my energy flows more freely.

Ms LL.,

     In just 1-hour Lou fixed many problems in my body that many other therapists and chiropractors could not fix.  It not only made me feel looser and more relaxed, it changed the shape of my body so that my excessive lower back curve was less, I stand straighter and taller, the pain in my neck, shoulders and back is gone, and I breathe deeper with longer breaths.
     The session was painless and went by quickly.  Lou also showed me two wonderful stretches for my spine that I’ll use daily.

Ms CD,

     Just one 2-hr session fixed a pain in my right groin and upper thigh, and my back feels wonderful.  After having three 2-hr sessions, I haven’t had the pain again in over a year.
Ms TN, Registered NURSE and regular ATHLETE, age 31

     I'd been in an auto accident followed by a motorcycle accident.  My right hip and both lower leg bones were broken.  I was in constant extreme pain and had very little flexibility.  I was unable to walk and couldn't even straighten my leg.  I'd also been limping for 8 years due to a tumor growing in the same hip joint.
     Lou's treatment gave me back my mobility.  I could bend my knee again.  And, the pain was reduced so much, just from his treatments, that I could walk with only one crutch, (even though the hip was “not healthy” in that I also needed to get another hip operation soon again.) The treatments also improved my ability to stand in a balanced, comfortable way, quite significantly. I also gained an overall lack of tension. And my breathing is greatly improved, becoming much deeper and fuller.
     Two months after the Bodywork, (soon after the operation, which also removed the tumor), all the benefits are increasing on a daily basis, because the overall tightness and misalignment were significantly corrected. My knee flexibility is increasing daily, now that the bone part of my structure was also healed. My breathing continues to get better.  And my mobility and overall body flexibility has even remained and improved, from head to toe, including my previously very tight arms, back and neck.
     I sense that without Lou's treatment I'd still be at 20%-30% mobility, even with the new hip, instead of the 70% ability I now have.  I also think that the treatments improved my recovery time by at least an additional year less than the doctor had estimated.

Mr DS, Computer Technician, Auto Accident Victim

    The bodywork treated tightness and limited motion from fractured neck vertebrae C6 & C7, from a skiing accident.  It got rid of the stiffness and nerve twinges, my head and neck are now more aligned with my torso, and my neck feels and moves better.
Mr TF, Corporate Chief Administrator, regular
ATHLETE, age 48

     I’d fallen and had a severe knee injury for which I’d had an operation; and my legs, and whole body, were very tight, with a number of chronic painful places.  After 4-1/2 hours of Bodywork I walk looser, not as stiff and robot-like.  My right ankle which was stiff and in pain, as if it was bruised, is now better and no longer in pain.
     My groin area is actually longer and there’s more space between my abdomen and leg.  My left top buttocks was constantly in pain and now it doesn’t hurt.  All but one spot on my back now feels a lot looser.  And I can now lie flat on my back without a support pillow under my legs, without pain, something I couldn’t do for years.
     My neck, shoulders and jaw are much looser, and I can reach a full 1-1/2 inches further with my arms.  I’m also taller and I definitely breathe deeper.
     My face looks calmer, I feel more centered psychologically. People even say I look peaceful.
     Another 2-hour session made my legs feel more alive, looser and I’m taller stillThe legs also feel sturdier as well as lighter.  I tightened up a little between sessions, but after this second treatment, my chronic right ankle pain, left calf pain and buttock pain are gone. And I even feel lighter emotionally, too.

Ms  MV., Accident Victim 

     In just 1-hr treatment I felt "5" inches taller.  I really felt goodUsually I'm tired at the end of the day and I wasn't after the treatment.  I felt very rested.  The arthritis in my hands, which is usually all the time, no longer hurt.  My neck is a lot looser.  I'm standing straighter, and my shoulders are looser.  I also doesn't feel like my back is so tight as usual.
Ms CB RN, Intensive Care Unit

     I had polio as a child which caused paralysis in my legs, and arms, and I still have my right arm and left leg significantly atrophied.  I've walked with a very decided limp for years.  In fact, even just prior to the 10 hours of Lou's Bodywork in 3 days, I used to have to swing my right leg around to kind of throw it forward, and I've been using a can regularly.
     I also had a very significant decrease in breathing capacity for the last 30 years.  I thought it was impaired lung function, but found from this treatment it was only a lot of muscular tightness, held in very bunched up soft connective tissue.

      This Bodywork was a revelation in its efficiency and effectiveness.  I worked sooo fast, doing sooo much.  I had no idea it could do that.
       Specifically, my body is coming back to life.  I feel regenerated in my physical form.
  All the joints are much freer.  I can stand much more stably, with my legs being stronger and under better and easier control.  My steps are longer and I can automatically put more intention and energy into my movements forward.  The legs and the whole body feel physically a lot lighter.
     I'd used crutches and a cane for so long that my shoulders, arms, neck and especially chest were very tight.  They are all now very free and the tension level is way, way down.  My entire torso expands greatly when I breathe, to the back, sides and up and down, as well as to the front.  I think I can even play the saxophone again for the first time in 30 years.  My torso stands straighter without my making any effort, and my head, neck, chest, back and pelvis all have a feeling of uplift to them, instead of being pulled down.
      And the chronic back tension from the effort to walk around is gone.  I even look forward to the possibility of walking without a cane for the first time in years.
 Mr HP, astrologer & spiritual counselor
SCHOOLTRAINED & graduated ENERGY HEALER and Spiritual Minister

      I’d had a lot of tension around breathing, and I’d had a “knot” by my Khyphoid process, in the center of my upper abdomen, just underneath my diaphragm.  Lou’s Bodywork completely loosened this up.
     Overall, I released a lot of physical, and emotional, tension.  So I felt more and more relaxed and the benefits not only lasted, they increased cumulatively from session to session.  It became easier to do my personal and professional life.  And even though I was under a great deal of strain at the time, I became lighter and happier.

Ms DH, Project Financial Agent and Financial Consultant,  Certified “Shen”

     I had a lot of Bodywork treatments from Lou over 3 years.  Even the first few 2-hour sessions made a very big difference.  My whole body felt better.  I was looser, freer, more alive and I found my endurance was much greater.  I could swim in the ocean for two full hours before getting tired.  A lot of tension and tightness also was removed from my face and I look brighter.
      Lou’s Bodywork also made it possible for me to continue doing my kinesiology work because it removed the chronic pain from tendonitis in my upper right “testing” arm.  I repeatedly had pain in it, and while his regular arm loosening sessions improved it considerably, it was made much much better when he lengthened and “integrated” my whole structure, especially in the abdomen, pelvis and legs.
     Lou’s treatments regularly removed overall tightness in my body, and in my head, which I use a lot in my work as well. 

SPECIALIZED KINESIOLOGY EXPERT and Teacher,  Member of the National Specialized Kinesiology Board of Directors

     In a little more than 1-1/2 hours treatment, the bad knot I'd had in the left shoulder, radiating pain down my arm, was totally gone and I couldn't even feel where it had been tight or painful.  I also felt much looser and more flexible.
Ms CP,

     After I broke my shoulder, I had this Bodywork.  Because of the treatments, I was able to have full range of motion in my shoulder which the doctor had thought would be impossible.  I also returned to work a month earlier than the doctor had predicted.
     I’d also worked out in a gym after the injury was fixed to build myself up, but I also tightened myself up significantly again.  A few more Bodywork hours corrected that, too
     This treatment also significantly alleviates the tightness & pain from my severe cervical spine distortion.

Ms JS, Registered
NURSE, age 47

     The pain and tightness I'd been feeling in my legs all week was gone in one 2-hr session.
Ms BJ,

     I'd fallen and gotten a sore wrist, which was hurting me for days.  I’d tried rest, ice, a bandage, compression, homeopathics, Touch for Health, Reiki and two other kinds of energy healing, and a good chiropractic adjustment on the wrist and back.
     I didn’t get anywhere near the relief with these other treatments that I got from the Structural Integration Bodywork treatment.  In just 2-hours Lou fixed it 80% (and it’s stayed better for months afterward).  Lou showed me how bunched up and shortened the fascia of the muscles had gotten in my whole arm.  And lengthening it helped not only the arm and wrist, but my chest and neck as well
     Lou also showed me how to stretch the arm and torso fascia on my own, using his special “Connective Tissue” stretching method.  And he educated me about the difference between tightness of the “muscle” versus accumulated shortness in the body’s fascial, or soft connective tissue, system.
     Also, my head had felt “disconnected” from my body, and I’d felt trapped in its tightnessSince Lou loosened it, I don’t feel that way anymore and also, I feel more lifted up, and more grounded to the earth, at the same time.

Mr BG RN, with a
BA in Nursing, Licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST,  Certified Reiki Master,
Dance Instructor,
PSYCHIATRIC NURSE, Former Chief Administrator of Large Psychiatric Hospital

     Lou’s series of treatments were really good, they made a HUGE differenceI felt more connected physically, all around.  My body parts felt more like when I was a kid.  And my posture got straighter and more upright.
      I had a much greater sense of how the physical parts connected together and I felt increased energy flowing throughout the body.  I feel looser and more whole at the same time.


     It's helped loosen my body a lot, especially the chronic pain in my shoulders and neck, including the tightness and pain from an auto accident.  It's increased my flexibility, especially in the upper body.
     And if I'm stressed out, it helps relieve stress.  It's deeper than a massage, so it lasts longer.


     In just one 2-1/2 hour session, Lou’s Bodywork corrected a sore ankle, an ongoing hip pain from an old injury, and it aligned my legs and feet so they’re no longer pronated.
Mr MB, Certified
Specialized Kinesiologist & Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

     I'd had constant pain in my right knee to the point that it restricted movement and diminished strength.  I'd contemplated arthroscopic surgery.  The pain went away after the first 2-hr leg bodywork session, staying away for a couple of weeks and coming back occasionally, but nowhere near what it was.  Then, when I'd stretch my leg, the pain went away.  With more bodywork sessions, to make the treatment more thorough, the pain has stayed away for longer and longer periods of time, and I only have to stretch a couple minutes to remove the pain.
     Also, if I stand for a great deal of time, as in my job, I get left kneecap pain and popping and pain down my leg.  If I now stretch for about 20 min's, the pain goes away.

Mr JG,
Martial Artist, Intensive Care NURSE

     Since Lou’s deep and thorough treatments, my leg and body have felt tremendous.  I no longer have the muscle tightness and spasms, and the deep fascial pain, in my right leg the way I did for 4-5 years.  And it kept getting steadily worse.  Also, the whole lower back area is a lot better.  I haven’t had any problem there since, and it was a problem off and on for 30 years,

      Lou does fantastic work.  His gentle but deep muscle and fascia manipulation has loosened up both of my shoulders and helped to lighten my spirit.
      I don't have as much tightness in the shoulders as I used to.  And as the tightness of my muscles has released, I feel freer and I'm standing straighter.
Mr WT,
Businessman, age 28
      My chiropractor said "Lou's treatment was the best thing that could have happened to me."  She said that after a treatment, when I'd leave, there was something missing in the treatment but she didn't know what it was.  And after 3-hours of Lou's Bodywork, I saw her again and when I left there wasn't anything missing.
      I'm moving around better and I'm breathing better; my breathing is now totally open, totally different from what it ever was.
Ms EH, has
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