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"Structural  Integration" Stretching & Hands-on How-to
Background & Training
Known for raising your level of Knowing & Being at the same time
Able to get deeply into big, tight athletes, & clear even the worst trauma

Louis A. "Lou" Gross  BSEE
School Certified Master Postural Integrator since 1983
25 years successful track record in Structural Integration,
   2000 hrs specialized training
24,000 hrs  - Body Structure Improvement Experience
Olympic Athletes, Runners & Coach-Trainer  4-pgs of Testimonials
   Championship Jr. College Track Team Consultant-Practitioner
   Innovative Stretching Coach since 1984 - Unique System DVD's
Body-Mind Trauma Release Processing Expert
   Netherton/Reichian Therapies Trained - 21 years experience
Unique Netherton Therapy Approach with Reichian & Structural
       Integration methods, & original energy techniques.  Plus in-depth
       explanations as well as deep, fast and thorough clearing.
       Can do very effective, safe work, over the phone to anywhere.

Trained Natural Health - Raw Food Consultant
Trained Reiki, Rosalyn Bruyere, Pranic Healing & Other Energy Healer
Strong spiritual & meditation practitioner since 1969
Degreed Electrical Engineer - so you get a Holistic, Systemic Understanding
Life Direction Analyst since 1997
BS Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University 1965
Graduate Studies, Rutgers University
Former officer US Army

For more information & free consultations,
call 321 726 9083  est  gmt-5 hrs, or e-mail

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Hi, From Lou Gross
Recognized Structure & Bodymind Expert

I SPECIALIZE in direct and custom
communication with people who want specific
Body Structure & Body-Mind improvements.
Athletics, Tightness, Pain, Seniors, Backs, Trauma, Grief, Personal Growth

         With 24 years professional experience in the Bodywork and Body-Mind therapy fields, I consider myself a Structural Expert and a Body-Mind Therapy Release Expert.  I am also very knowledgeable in Natural Health, herbs and Living Food Nutrition, and in accurate methods to analyze life patterns and give good direction for life's activities, both in the immediate year, in seven year cycles and for one's whole life.
            Altogether, I have 36 years intensive experience in the personal growth and body-mind improvement fields.
            During this time I have also been teaching and writing in the fields of Engineering, Bodywork & Bodymind Therapies, and Nutrition.
            I have carried over my engineering design, analysis and "debugging" skills into the field of Human Development.
My greatest expertise lies in the fields of Structural Integration and an integrated system of emotional release and personal growth Body-Mind therapies.   I am an expert in removing the trauma from specific incidents of loss and hurt, and also from a long series of incidents such as childhood abuse.
            My skills also include Personal Development and Career Guidance Counselor and Nutritional-Natural Health Counselor.
(I was an Engineer & Engineering Manager in Businesses.)
             I bring an unusual broad based education into a highly integrated approach to a few key practices.
For example, even when I am working on athletes for "purely" performance improvement, I am automatically including nourishment, support, body functioning education and personal growth insights.
           When I work on executives and health practitioners for stress removal, I add the same kinds of practices, and increase their physical capabilities as well.
           When people come to me for body-mind emotional & trauma release, I'm also applying real physical tools that increase their confidence and "state of being" at the same time.

I use a Wholistic Approach to
Structural Integration Bodywork & Body-Mind Therapy,
taking into account structure, nutrition, energies & body emotional release

              My gift is that I can use outstanding, PhD taught, state of the art techniques, to both free up chronic, built-up tightnesses, stress & emotions and also transform bodies into more highly performing  physical, emotional & energetic systems.
               And I educate you about your structure & Body-mind,
so you will know just what you're "made of," what goes wrong or what is not-integrated enough,  why that's so, & how to fix or improve it by yourself and/or with a Bodyworker, or Body-mind Therapist.

I love what I do,
educating & helping people with my gifts & experience

(Please note:  All information here is of a secular nature.  While I have a personal spiritual practice, and that comes through in how I relate to people, I purposely separate my therapies in my work from any specific religious orientation .)

Postural Integration Basic Certification - 1982
Bodymind Institute - Los Angeles, CA
Jack Haer PhD & Marvin Treiger PhD, Clinical Psychotherapists
Postural Integration includes the Structural Integration Standard Sequence
   of 10 steps plus advanced work.  And can combine it with Reichian Therapy,
   Gestalt & Energy Balancing Acupressure. It was first developed by
   Jack Painter PhD starting in the 1970's.
Postural Integration Master Certification - 1983
Int'l Center for Release & Integration - Mill Valley, CA
Jack Painter, PhD, developer of Postural Integration
Jin Shin Ryoho Acupressure Certification - 1983
Ryoho Center - West Los Angeles, CA
Duane Law, LAc
Movement Enhancement Trainings - 1985, 1986
Structural Integration, Integrated Movement, Expression
Center of Balance - Redlands, CA
Roger Pierce, Certified Rolfer (r)
Alexandra Pierce, Certified Rolfing Movement Teacher (r)

Plus Bodywork workshops and classes with Joseph Heller, Rolfer (r) and Founder of Hellerwork, Ted Looyen of Looyenwork (Also certified as a Postural Integration Trainer), and further trainings with Jack Painter PhD of Postural Integration and Jack Haer PhD & Marvin Treiger PhD of Body-Mind Integration.  Various Massage Trainings, Kinesiological Trainings, Body Manipulation Trainings including Chiropractic & Bone Massage. & Movement Trainings including Alexander Work, Feldenkreis & Evolutionary Anatomy.  Many courses & classes in Yoga and Tai Chi

Body Energy Healing & Sensing Courses
(Scientifically Measured Body Systems & Non-Religious Practices)
1985-86 Roselyn Bruyere & Staff - Healing Light Center - Glendale, CA
   Sensing, Balancing, Relaxing, Strengthening, Working with Physical Medicine

1999 Pranic Healing International - Santa Monica, CA,  Master Stephen Co
   Sensing, Cleansing, Aligning, Calming, Strengthening
Additional trainings on my own
All Cells are energy generators & so are groups of cells like the liver, pancreas and kidney-adrenal-thyroid system.  There are additional energy systems in the body that are related to the physical systems of each organ and the structural & circulatory strength.  These methods approach the physical by improving these energetic systems.  Both schools I have attended use methods in use by thousands of people world wide for decades.

Body-Oriented Psychological Trainings
1985-86, and thru 1991 Formal Training in Netherton Release Method - Morris
    Netherton PhD -Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experience
    Postural Integration & Bodymind Integration Classes - Includes Reichian
    Therapy principles & methods, and Bioenergetics approach
Jungian Therapy Principles & understanding - Los Angeles Jungian Lectures

Trauma Release Testimonials     Personal Growth Testimonials
Postural Integration Plus Article     Personal Growth & Bodymind Therapy Article

Nutrition & Herbology
Self Taught in conjunction with practitioners - Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbology, including Ryoho Center, Tea Garden - Western Herbology, including studies of Dr. John Christopher - Living Food Nutrition, including Creative Health Institute, Institute for Living Foods, Ann Wigmore Institute - Vitamin & Mineral supplementation, Natural Health wholistic programs - Many Consultations in Colon Therapy & Inner Cleansings

Foods for Structure Free Article     Mr. Green's Raw Food & Natural Health Book

Special Work - Two College Training Rooms
Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA - 1991
Long Beach City College, Long Beach, CA - 1991
Mt. SAC Track Relays - 1991,   Five 10-K races, Los Angeles area
Worked on 20 Olympic Athletes - College Coaches
I have given a group talk & demonstration to a Championship Track Team
     & a group talk to participants in the L.A. Marathon

Special Work - Two Chiropractic Offices
Including Beverly Hills, CA

Compatible with Chiropractic    Different from Massage    Helps Orthopedics

Special Work - 10K Runs, 1 Mile Run
I treated over 80 runners after their 10K runs, in 15-20 min mini-sessions
     right on site, especially re-lengthening their pelvis, legs and backs.

Olympic Athlete Testimonials    Coaches & Trainers    10K & Marathoners
Backs     Other Pains & Tightness     Seniors     Stress     Health Practitioners

Special Work - Teaching Seniors Stretching & Natural Health,
   & Other Groups' Classes
Two Seniors' Centers in L.A., Retirement Homes in L.A. & Orlando, Florida
Structural Stretching & Bodymind Explanation to various groups

Special Work - Dental Coordination
I worked in Conjunction with a Dentist who had me help his patients & staff
     with headaches, bite & jaw misalignments, structural pain & overall tightness.

Family Work - Older Parents, Children, Teaching Spouses
A few of my clients have had me work on their parents, improving their flexibility
     & agility, removing significant pains & helping them move around a lot easier.
A few others have had me work on their kids, aged 3, 5, 11, 13, 16, 22, 30, 35.
     The younger ones & teenagers opened up, improved in personality & did
     better in school sports.  The adult kids got their tightness, pains & many
     restrictions corrected.
Some couples had me give their spouses training in how to do a lot of
     the hands-on for removing tightness & improving pains.

Other Education & Experience
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University - 1965
US Army Signal Corps Officer - 1965-1967
     Operations Management & Organization Administration
Graduate Studies, Business Administration - 1968, 69

Worked as Electronics Design & Development Engineer
and Project Manager 1968-1978,
ITT Defense Communications, GTE Information Systems,
Rockwell International - Space Shuttle Program

Over the past 36 years I have received Rolfing (r), Hellerwork (r), Postural Integration, Reichian & Netherton Therapies, Acupressure & Shiatsu, Myo-Fascial Release, Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Hoshino Therapy, 3-in-1 Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Work, Belief System Removal, Chinese & Western Herbology, Living Foods Nutrition, Wholistic Preventive Medicine, Psychological Therapies. Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing & other treatments.  So I know a lot about how to integrate methods to treat ourselves holistically.

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