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     or you have a series of outcall sessions close together. during an Intensive 
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TESTIMONIALS:  Increasing Athletic Performance
Especially 10K, Marathon & Other Runners
& Athletes who Run in their sport
In the early 1990's I worked on 85 Serious Amateur Runners.
   and over 20 Olympic Runners & Jumpers & College Coaches

detailed reports - Pt 4 of 4
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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
25 years successful experience
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          I've done 8 marathons and continue to get Lou's Structural Integration Bodywork as part of my ongoing training program.  It's removed tightness and increased my flexibility.  It's freed up my lungs and increased my breathing capacity.  My performance has increased, including the fact that I pass people at the end of the marathon, going up hill.  I also feel more confident about my capabilities and that translates into better actual performance.
          The most incredible result of all has been my very fast and easy recovery.  I have no problem completely recovering from a marathon in 3-4 hours, to where I would enjoy running again if I wanted to.  The next day I feel just normal tightness, no muscle soreness, no change in gait, no limp, and no tender walking.  I feel like I'm totally back to normal in two days.

Mr BP, MARATHON RUNNER, age 29, Dentist
Significant Athletic Performance Improvement
A series of 2-hr sessions

          My whole way of running feels smoother and looks smoother to others.  It's also more fluid and my legs move with less effort.  My foot is landing directly under my body, and I'm landing on the outside of the feet and then rolling in, all the way it's supposed to be.  My feet now point straighter and come through smoother.  My heels are coming up in back and I get more power from the push off.
          The chronic tightness and bone rigidity in my feet is greatly corrected and my lower legs are much looser and more flexible The pains I was having in my lower back and hips are gone, I feel less tight and looser all over my body and my bones and muscles are much more in alignment.  Even my spine, where I was told I had a protruding disk, looks better. 

Ms AB, MARATHON RUNNER, age 46, Engineer &
Business Owner
Significant Body Shape & Athletic Mechanics Improvement
A series of 2-hr sessions

            My runs up and down the mountain near my home are easier.  My strong quads and hamstrings are longer and looser, and I have greater looseness and flexibility in the whole network from my pelvis and buttocks to my feet.

Ms JL, 10K RUNNER, age 28, Nurse & Social Worker
Athletic Performance Improvement
A series of 2-hr sessions

          I'm looser, more energized and able to run better.  I have less tightness, more flexibility and more power.  I have less ache afterwards and I'm able to run longer distances without getting sore at all. I run more fluidly, more erectly, and more effortlessly.

Mr CL, 10K RUNNER, age 37, Engineer & Business Owner
Athletic Performance Improvement
A series of 2-hr sessions

          I have a lot more flexibility and  notice it especially in doing long runs; I don't tighten up as much as I used to.  I also run straighter, in a more erect position, and that allows me to breathe deeper and easier.

Mr TF, 10K RUNNER & outdoorsman, age 48,
Chief Administrator
Athletic Performance Improvement
A series of 2-hr sessions

          After 4-1/2 hours of Lou's Structural Integration Bodywork treatment, I played a soccer game.  My warm-up stretches before soccer were 4-5" longer, with no effort.  I was faster, and my timing was better in relation to speed and action.
          My center of gravity is lower and my "Ki," or energy center, is pulling me down to my lower abdomen, the way I feel it's supposed to be.  It gives me better control, better balance and a better center.  I feel this is how my body should be.
          My recovery time is a bit quicker and I wasn't out of breath after a game.  Into the evening after, I didn't feel the effects of the sport whereas usually I'd get an energy slump and need to eat heavily.  This time I didn't need to.  I feel as if I could now push my body further.
          The pains that had been hurting me regularly in my right shoulder since a 60 mph motorcycle accident 1-1/2 yrs ago are now totally gone, and I now have more strength in my shoulder than I'd had since the accident.  I'd had no power in it at all. 
          All together, I've had 7-1/2 hours of treatment in a week, but these pains went away in the first 2 hours.

Mr CG, Long Time Soccer Player and Film/TV Actor, age 26.
Significant Athletic Performance  & Chronic Pain Removal Improvement

                I work as a professional but I am a serious amateur sprinter.  I work out for hours each evening after work and I stretch for an hour.  I was looking for Structural Integration how-to and there is very little available except for Lou's Structural Integration Stretching Videos.  I used them and then I had Lou come and do the hands-on with me.  Since that time, Lou has created some hands-on how-to videos as well.  And as a special visit client he graciously send them to me as a gift.  They are very powerful.
             So Lou came to me on a travel trip, stayed for a week, and worked on me for 25 hours.  We combined Structural Stretching with the hands-on for deeper and more thorough results than the hands-on would have done by itself.  The full report of what I wrote at the time, was posted on a famous sprinter coach's website, charliefrancis.com, but I offered Lou to post it on his website as well.   Here is the link.
             The results of each day's 3-4 hour session were exceptional.  My Body changed significantly each time.

                And even 1-1/2 years later, my body has still stayed open and looser and all the other treatments I do work better, and do more, and, they also last longer.

Mr. C.O. Serious Amateur Sprinter, Patent Attorney, Age 36
Significant Athletic Performance Improvement

Increasing Athletic Performance
with Structural Integration Bodywork


 **   Significantly Increased Flexibility in a Very Short Time
 **   Especially Effective, and Immediate, Hamstring Lengthening
 **   Noticeably Improved Performance and Strength
**   Much Faster Recovery After Competition & Intense Workouts
 **   Fast Removal of Both Upper and Lower Back Pain
 **   Immediate Improvement of Injured Areas
            Due to Tightness
 **   Thorough and Deep Leg and Feet Loosening
and Lengthening
 **   Deep and Improved Warm-up Loosening

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Top Elite Athletes   More Elite Athletes    Coaches & Trainers

Backs     Other Pains & Tightness     Yoga Abilities

Report Testimonial of 24 hrs treatment in a week
    during an Intensive Visit.  I can also do this if you come to me
     or you have a series of outcall sessions close together.
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