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TESTIMONIALS:  Increasing Athletic Performance
detailed reports - Pt 2 of 4

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
24 years successful experience
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Tony Jarrett, English Nat'l Team, 110M Hurdles & Sprinter

(Just 35 mins back of legs and buttocks
for upper hamstring tightness - on site)
Athletic Performance Improvement

          Much better; much looser than before; feels a lot lighter.  I can lift my legs higher; better range of movement.

Marcus Adam, English Nat'l Team, 100 & 200 meters
(Just 40 mins back of legs & buttocks
for hamstring tightness - on site)
Athletic Performance Improvement

          Feels a lot better; a lot more range of movement than when I first came in; much freer.  Top of hamstrings a heck-of-a lot looser.  It's all much looser than when I came in.
          These are very good stretches you've shown me.  I can now stretch a lot further.  It usually takes me 2 laps to warm up, but it's loose right away.

Tracy Baskin, 800 meters, Santa Monica Track Club
1988 U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM, 1987 NCAA 800 meter Champion
Ranked 4th in World during 1988 
(7 hrs in 4 sessions)
Significant Athletic Performance Improvement

          After the first 1-1/4 hr Structural Integration Bodywork treatment I felt more balanced left and right.  Running the next day, it felt great; my stride opened right up.
          I had another 1-hr treatment for a lot of tightness in my calves, including recurring pain in the top of the right achilles tendon after I'd warmed up a few laps.  This pain had been going on for a week or so and the left tendon was also beginning to hurt a little.  At the end of this session I felt much better, my legs felt much looser.  On a scale of 1 to 10, when I came in they felt about a 5, when I left, about an 8.  I worked out right after the session.  Before this Bodywork I'd feel the calf tighten up right after warm-up or even during warm-up, even on grass.  This time I did a 1-1/2 mile warm-up, some sprinting, an easy mile and a fast quarter.  It felt great during all the runs, my stride opened up, there was no pain in the left calf  and the right calf got tight again only near the end of the fast quarter mile.
          I returned for another 2-1/2 hr session, including an hour on my torso.  I immediately noticed my legs felt even looser and were straighter than before.  My arches were better and my toes looser.
          I had a fourth, long, 3-1/4 hr session.  I came in with a tight bulge behind the right knee and a clicking in the knee.  After the session I no longer felt it.  I now realized I was tight in places I never knew and at the end of the session I felt taller, looser and more normal.

Robert Cannon, Triple Jump
1988 U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM, 1991 US Ranking: 4th
(10 1/2 hrs in 5 sessions: 7 hrs on legs & 3 hrs on torso)

Significant Athletic Performance, Pain Removal
 & Injury Healing Improvement

          Overall, my body feels a lot better.  It feels more relaxed, I feel taller, my flexibility feels greater and my breathing is fuller.
          I'd also had a severe cramp in my left calf that went away after a bit of rest, some ice and just the first 1/2 hr session of bodywork.  The most significant thing from the next Structural Integration Bodywork session of 3-1/2 hrs was that the pain on the outside of my knee went away; that had bothered me when I lifted my leg up. My back was also stiff because I torqued and jammed it in my last meet, more than I normally do.  Now it's looser and feels as if the tightness is gone.
          Three days after the first 1/2 hr I had a hard workout.  The tendon pain at the side of the knee did not occur and I felt a bit looser.  While I had a bit of tightness in the achilles tendon and calves, it was less than before.
          The third session of 2 1/2 hrs on my legs gave me a lot more flexibility and looseness, especially in the right one, and some increased flexibility and looseness in the usually tighter left one. It removed the stiffness and pain that had been in that hamstring.
          Sometime later, I injured my left hamstring and, after it healed, I still had ongoing tightness in those muscles, near the knee.  After 3-hrs of bodywork I did intense workouts and felt no more tightness in the area and no pain nor sense of stress or re-injury on the hamstring.  My legs felt loose and good.  And I think the bodywork also broke up old scar tissue in there.
          A fourth session focused on my ongoing back tightness and it's still been much better a few months afterwards.

Maurice Crumby, High Jump,
U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM qualifier 1985
2-Time All American, 1985 Pac-10 Champion,
1986 Pac-10 Second Place
Former High School World Record Holder (7' 4")
(8 hrs in 5 sessions)
Significant Athletic Performance & Pain Removal Improvement

           I've had sciatic pain and tight hamstrings.  I also have had torn ligaments in the lower back, but no disk damageChiropractic didn't help my recent 1-1/2 month bout with sciatica.  Also, in my bare feet, I've had no spring and couldn't lift myself up on the balls of my feet, even though I can press quite a lot with my leg motion.
          After the very first 1-1/2 hr Structural Integration Bodywork session I felt improvements.  My legs are springier, there's more movement in my hips, the sciatic pain is less, and when I lean backward it doesn't hurt (whereas it did before I had the Bodywork).  The slight strain in the hamstrings I was having disappeared, and I also had been feeling a big knot in the front of my pelvis when I did knee to chest, and now that's a whole lot less, too.
          After the second 1-1/2 hrs, I had more range of motion in the hips, more spring in the legs, more torso flexibility, and my usual hard-knot hamstrings felt a little looser.  A third session made the sciatica better, even when I ran some distance, and stretching was easier.   Normally when I run, the top of my feet hurt & have little flexibility.  After the fourth session, 6 hrs total, my feet and legs became much more flexible and I noticed an increase in strength.  I can now raise myself up on the ball of each foot. 

Brian Stanton, Stars & Stripes Track Club, High Jump
1988 OLYMPIC FINALIST - 10th Place,
1985 NCAA & National Champion 
(3-hr session)
Athletic Performance Improvement

           The Structural Integration session was comfortable and relaxing.  I was already flexible before I came in, I'm easy to warm up and I'm not injury prone.  Still, from the bodywork, my body felt much looser, and looking at the before and after Polaroid photos, I saw that my vertical alignment did get straighter.  Walking right after the session, I felt lighter and ready to jump.

Greg Harper, Triple Jumper, USC Graduate
2nd place - Invitationals event, 1991 MT.SAC Relays 
(Just 30 mins on legs and pelvis)
Athletic Performance Improvement

           Even without warming up, I had more flexibility; my legs felt looser and my knees lifted higher up.  I'd been doing a lot of weight work for my back and it had gotten tight, and this also made my back noticeably better and looser.

Alex Norca, Triple Jumper, France;
(A few bodywork sessions, plus Structural Stretching sessions)
Athletic Performance Improvement

          I'm used to stretching and getting lots of massages This kind of Bodywork makes me relaxed, flexible and loose.  It's different from massage; for one thing, it goes deeper and makes me looser.

Craig Stewart, Cheetah Athletic Club, Long Jumper
1990 Southern California Champion,
23rd-1988 Olympic Trials, 11th-1986 Nationals
(1 hr on legs)
Athletic Performance Improvement

          I've had several hamstring strains and pulls and before the session had not been flexible enough to open up my legs at the end of the jump, to bring them around.  I also have been sore inside my groin and haven't had much bounce or spring in my legs.
          After just 1-hr of Lou's Structural Integration kind of Bodywork, I can bring them around, the soreness only appears when I open my legs much wider and higher than before, and my legs feel springy.  I feel looser and have more hip joint flexibilityI can lift my legs higher up knee to chest, my legs feel lighter, and I'm walking more balanced on my feet front to back, instead of mostly on the heels.  The treatment felt great and the result feels good.

Increasing Athletic Performance
with Structural Integration Bodywork


 **   Significantly Increased Flexibility in a Very Short Time
 **   Especially Effective, and Immediate, Hamstring Lengthening
 **   Noticeably Improved Performance and Strength
**   Much Faster Recovery After Competition & Intense Workouts
 **   Fast Removal of Both Upper and Lower Back Pain
 **   Immediate Improvement of Injured Area
Due to Tightness
 **   Thorough and Deep Leg and Feet Loosening
and Lengthening
 **   Deep and Improved Warm-up Loosening

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