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How much it's helped people age 60-90.

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
24 years successful experience
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     I used to walk veering left and right; now I walk straight.  It's easier to get in and out of the car.  And I stand up straighter.  It's helped me a lot.
Mrs LS, Great-grandmother, age 87

     I'd had sciatica and low back pain for 50 years.  I'd even been in the hospital, in traction, for a week.  As time went on, my condition had gotten worse.
     My back has improved tremendously!  I can walk around without my surgi≠cal girdle, which I was never able to do for 12-15 years.  My legs have im≠proved; I can walk further.  This month I walked around on an outing all day, without my surgical girdle, and my back didn't hurt at all.  My neck and shoulders are also better; freer of tightness and pain, and I can turn my head further.
I can breathe deeply now in all areas, including down into my diaphragm and up into my chest; something I couldn't do for many years.  As long ago as 1974, I visited a famous doctor for treatments. (He was highly thought of and had many movie stars as patients.)  The machine that tested my breathing capacity showed my lungs barely filling with air.  He gave me medical adjust≠ments but they didn't help, and he didn't know what else to do.  Now it's plainly visible that my chest fills up and expands when I inhale and "I feel more like a regular person."
       Since Lou's been giving me treatments, I feel younger.  I have more flexibility, I move around better, I have more energy and I can do the stretching exercises that help me stay that way.  I also feel more relaxed and I sleep a little better, too.
Mrs. IG, Artist & Grandmother, Age 76

     I stand up straighter and I breathe deeper.  I can see further from side to side, turning my neck much further.  And my hands and arms are a lot lighter and the ongoing pain in them is gone.
      I used to get a lot of pain in my hands making pasta and now it feels tremendously different, unbelievably so.  In fact, before Louís 2-hour treatment on my arms and back, I didnít feel like doing anything.  It was all a chore.  Now I am enjoying making cookies and cake for my son.  Itís nice to feel normal.
Mrs. BF, Age 69

     Lou gave me three treatments of 1-hr each.  The major problem was a very painful right shoulder and back of the neck and head.  The shoulder had always hurt when I lied on it for the past whole year.  Now both pains are totally gone.
     I can also bend over fully, with knees bent, without pain, whereas before I couldnít do it at all; people had to pick things up for me.
     I definitely walk more upright and move more readily, including walking up stairs without holding on.  That was something that was gradually getting worse and worse all the time.
      I also had bad digestion with a pain in my lower abdomen when Iíd have a BMThat pain went away, too.
Mrs. CS, Grandmother, Age 68

     I'd been doing intensive yoga for 1-1/2 years to try to loosen my structure that had gotten so tight through 25 years of running and 10 years of skiing.  And I'd made very little progress in my flexibility.
     This Bodywork did a tremendous amount in only 13 hours treatment over 8 days.  And I felt better from the first session.  Besides the fact that the Bodywork loosened and lengthened my body all by itself, Lou even showed me how to stretch my body better on my own, so I could do the yoga class better.
     In the yoga class itself I can now do the full 1-1/2 hr yoga position cycle, a big improvement.  My backward bend and side-to-side bends are much improved.  I can also stretch along the spinal muscles as well as the muscles on the sides of my torso (something Lou showed me how to do).  My arms stretch up and back betterI can spread my feet apart some more and am more comfortable when I stand in a wide stance; there's less tension, especially in the legs.  And my breathing is much deeper.
     In general, I'm more relaxed overall, and more relaxed and comfortable when I'm standing.   I also stand straighter, and my neck moves a lot better.
Mr. JC, age 66, Engineer,

     Physically, I feel younger.  I can move with great ease.  When I notice I'm dragging my feet, falling back on an old habit, I remind myself that I can walk easier, and right away I have more spring in my step.  I walk freer, looser and stronger.
      The bodywork has taken away the chronic pain from my arm and given me an arm I can use again, an arm that's meant to be used.  I can reach further and easier.  It also took away the chronic pain in my neck.  And I can bend and move around better.
     I now see that the body is like the universe; it's all One and intercon≠nected.  When I get bodywork on my legs the tension in my neck gets released.  It amazed me and reassured me about the wholeness of life.
Ms. NRW, Artist/School Art Teacher, age 60
(Continues with maintenance treatments at age 70, even to remove accumulated tightness from working out with weights.)

     When I'm under stress, everything tightens up, including my legs, groin area and lower back, all the way up to my neck.
     When I was working and under a considerable amount of stress, I was able to make it through that on an extended basis because I was seeing Lou regularly, once every two to three weeks.  Lou was able to loosen my connective tissue and muscles and help me relax mentally and emotionally as well as physically.  Because his work accesses the deep muscular structures and actually re-lengthens them, the effects of the treatments lasted much longer (at least two weeks) than the couple of days I'd have gotten from a standard massage.
      One of the benefits of the treatment is that it releases mental tension as well as physical tension.  As the physical tightness was removed during the session, the mental stress that I'd accumulated on the job and couldn't "let go of" was also removed, and I felt good mentally again.  As each layer of physical tightness was released, I could let go of some mental tightness.  And as each layer of mental tension released, it allowed me to release more physical ten≠sion.  The treatment restores a balance and I feel a lot better.
      While I had to return to work the day after the sessions, and get through the unpleasant negative experience mentally, my body didn't react so negatively when that happened, as it did before.  And I was able to function better.
      My posture has also improved.  I'm standing straighter and with less strain.
      The series of bodywork sessions has also been an educational experience.  I'm more conscious of my structure and more knowledgeable of how the various parts are interconnected and interact with each other.  When one part gets tight and out of alignment, I understand what effect it has on other parts and have a pretty good idea what needs to be done to correct the situation.  I'm also aware of how my reactions to stress or to certain foods create physical tightness and physical-emotional imbalance in certain parts of my body.  So I'm much more aware of how all the parts of me relate one to the other.
Mr. RM, Retired H.U.D. Manager, age 60

     Iíd been exceptionally tight and tense over my whole body for many years.  Louís Bodywork has made me much looser and Iíve become more and more sensitive to the specific feelings and sensations in my body.  I have more openness and flexibility in my legs, both in moving around and in my energy flow.  I also feel more planted and better balanced.  My chronic neck tension is better and I can twist and bend my torso better than before, too.  I can even hold my breath now, whereas before, it would have just rushed out.
      I also gained a lot from the Body-mind release processing. Combined with the Bodywork, this is one of the best things Iíve ever done for myself!  If Iíd done it when I was 18-20, Iíd have had a different life.  Iím the same person but I probably would have made different choices.
This work also helped to make my body looser and freer because we released a lot of old, tense energy from upsetting experiences in my early life.  And it also helped me psychologically. Instead of having to try to over-ride my conditional programming, this method actually removes the negative programming.  And I can then choose to act from whom I truly am now.
      I can sky dive and bungy jump, so Iím without fear that way.  But if I Ďve had to stand in front of a group of people and give a talk, it scared the He-- out of me.  After doing three long sessions with Lou, in which we removed fearful traumas from early life confrontations, I gave three public group talks.  I was powerful and ďreal,Ē and the fear was gone!

      I have a lot more of me, available to me, since Iíve been doing Louís Bodywork and Body-mind release processing.  I was filled with anxiety and confusion within myself.  Now there is an empty space where that had been, and itís available to me for nurturing myself.
     It used to be, that if I needed a quiet time for myself, and I had a friend who wanted me to do something else, I would give into their needs because I thought their needs were more important than mine.  I realize now that I didnít value my own needs.  This change within myself happened after I released traumatic experiences from my body, that had gotten in there when I was programmed to take care of other peopleís needs instead of my own.
     Iíve gotten a number of other benefits.  In the past, I disassociated from my feelings.  But now, Iím able to own my feelings. I also now have strong boundaries whereas before, I had a bunch of jumbled desires that were defined as a boundary, and were acting disfunctionally as one.  And whatís wonderful is that people now treat me with greater respect and are very willing to offer to give to me, without my needing to ask to get my needs met.  They just see my situation and lovingly offer to help.

Ms MM, Age 63, Professional Vegetarian Chef
and Healthy Food and Lifestyle Consultant

     I had a back injury due to intensively working out combined with a chronic back problem that includes a disintegrated disk in the lower back at L4/L5.  I'd suffered back pain on and off for 40 years, and had been to at least 25 other practitioners before coming to Lou.  These included 10 chiropractors, trager work, deep tissue massage, and other practices.
     This time I had difficulty walking and was in constant pain, and was so tight that I could not do a self adjustment on my back as I used to.  After the first several bodywork sessions, the acute pain was relieved and it brought me back to my usual walking capacity.  I continued sessions to get a fuller overall treatment and structural integration, which very greatly reduced my chronic back problem.  Lou's thoughtful, scientific and dedicated approach has helped me where all these other practitioners did not.
Dr. MJU PhD, PSYCHOANALYST and Business Consultant
Author: Integrative Therapy, Foundations of Holistic & Self Healing
Former Director of Theodore Reik Consultation Center of N.Y.

     Since Louís deep and thorough treatments, my leg and body have felt tremendous.  I no longer have the muscle tightness and spasms, and the deep fascial pain, in my right leg the way I did for 4-5 years.  And it kept getting steadily worseAlso, the whole lower back area is a lot better.  I havenít had any problem there since, and it was a problem off and on for 30 years.  Even with coughing  during pollen season I didnít have the low back pain the way I used to.
     Doing my work is easier.  I donít have to strain, I can twist my body without it being tight, and Iím more flexibleI can do my own exercises and stretches and demonstrate them for my patients, and I couldnít do that before.  Stuff moves now.
     Louís book on fixing back problems with Structural Integration is great.  The leg and pelvic area chapters were helpful information.  Iíve even used some of the material out of it with my patients.


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