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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
24 years successful experience
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     Lou makes my body work the way it's supposed to work.  The treatments allow me to do what I do, easier, and more fluently.  After each session my flexibility, range of motion, speed and balance are all better.

 Mike Powell, WORLD RECORD HOLDER Long Jump


     After the first 4-hr session, I didn't have any problem with my left hamstring, which had been troubling me for nearly three weeks. The treatment improved my overall condition as well. In an very competitive, elite race two days later, I took 3rd, equaling my best seasonal start ever, and the hamstring was fine. My legs felt so much freer and my whole body feels loose and more balanced.  My rib cage and chest can even expand much further when I take a deep breath
This Bodywork let me train so well and still not have the tightness, in the hamstring and in the rest of my body.

Christina Cahill (Nee Boxer), 800 and 1500 meter runner


     The most incredible result has been my very fast and easy recovery.  I now have no problem completely recovering from a marathon in just 3-4 hours, to where I would enjoy running again if I wanted to.  The next day I feel just normal tightness, no muscle soreness, no change in gait, no limp, and no tender walking.  I feel like I'm totally back to normal in two days.
     My performance has also increased, including the fact that I pass people at the end of the marathon, going up hill.


I'd had chronic sciatica and lower back pain for 50 years.  As time went on, it had even gotten worse.  I'd also had severe chest tightness and difficulty inhaling deeply for over 20 years. For both conditions, Iíd tried acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, diet and been to famous doctors. I even had traction in the hospital

This Bodywork was the only thing that really helped. My back has improved tremendously. The treatments have removed the pain completely for weeks and months at a time. I can now walk around without my surgical girdle, which I was never able to do for 12-15 years. And I can walk further, because my legs have im≠proved, too. And it greatly improved my neck range of motion, released great amounts of arm tension, and allowed me to breath quite deeply on a daily basis.

IG, Artist/Homemaker, AGE 76

     I had lack of overall flexibility with pinched and degenerating disks in my lower back.  I had pain and was restricted in my movements.  In racquetball, it was hard to move on the court.  Now the pain is gone, I can move again, and I even play a good game of racquetball.  In yoga, I can now get into positions I never could before, and I can push beyond limitations that I'd had.

RS, Businesswoman, Yoga Student, age 44

     I was absolutely ready to schedule back surgery for a severe extruded disk in my lower back. I'd had low back pain on and off over the years which had gotten very bad. I also had sciatica in the right leg for the previous 2 months.  I was very incapacitated. Besides consulting the back surgeon, I had been to a chiropractor for treatments and saw an acupuncturist once.  Nothing had helped.  I thought that my right leg would never function properly again and that I was not going to be able to walk well again.

     I had 5-hrs of Bodywork in two sessions. About two weeks later the pain completely subsided and I had full use of my right leg.  Two years later I am still well.

NS, Interior Designer & Firm Owner, age 38

I no longer have the muscle tightness and spasms, and the deep pain, in my right leg the way I did for 4-5 years.  And it kept getting steadily worse.  Also, the whole lower back area is a lot better.  I havenít had any problem there since Louís treatments, and it was a problem off and on for 30 years. Doing my work is easier. I donít have to strain. I can twist my body without it being tight, and Iím more flexible. I can do my own exercises and stretches and demonstrate them for my patients, and I couldnít do that before either.


     I've had almost constant pain in my arms and right leg (diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy with Reynauds).  And I've felt negative, humdrum, unhealthy and "doomed."

     After just 2-1/4 hours of Lou's treatment I felt like a new person: relaxed, clear and free of pain...more than I'd been in a long time!  My face also looks better; my color is better and I look younger. The tension I had in my face is gone.  "I feel good!"

     Right away in the treatment I could feel this was doing a lot more than therapeutic massage, swimming, chiropractic and anma massage.

SB, Businesswoman, age 41

     After I broke my shoulder, I had this Bodywork.  Because of the treatments, I was able to have full range of motion in my shoulder which the doctor had thought would be impossible.  I also returned to work a month earlier than the doctor had predicted.

     Iíd then worked out in a gym after the injury was fixed to build myself up, but I also tightened myself up significantly again.  A few more Bodywork hours corrected that, too.
     This treatment also significantly alleviates the tightness & pain from my severe cervical spine distortion.  And it has corrected the chronic lordosis of the spine in my lower back.

JS, Registered NURSE, age 47

     When Lou did deep Bodywork on my head and face, I no longer needed my eyeglasses to drive with, and Iíd been wearing them for 13 years!
     When he worked deep in my legs and hip rotator muscles in the pelvis, I became able to put my whole leg behind my head in the "resting yogi pose."  I've been practicing yoga for 10 years and been teaching it for 4 years, including a very intense form, and this is the first time I've been able to do that pose.

SA, age 29, Certified ďBikramísĒ YOGA TEACHER,

Certified Massage Therapist

     My first Bodywork session of 2-hours, all on my torso, arms, neck and head, made me feel more open and lighter.  And my movements and energy became more flowing.  The second  fixed my knee in just 45 minutes.  It had been misaligned, and was hurting for a week.  Iíd even been wearing an ace bandage on it.  The third session on my other leg and pelvis made me feel more balanced.

HS, Certified ďBikramísĒ YOGA TEACHER (6 years),

Gymnastics Teacher

     I had really severe muscle cramps in my lower back, so much so that I could barely walk.  And I also had general tightness all over my body. The Bodywork helped release all of that tension.  I felt better from the back problem right away, in the first session.

GH, Economist/Programmer, age 37

     Iíve had a chronic back problem that includes a disintegrated disk in my lower back.  I'd suffered back pain on and off for 40 years, and had been to at least 25 other practitioners before coming to Lou.  These included 10 chiropractors, trager work, deep tissue massage, and other practices.

     This time I had difficulty walking and was in constant pain, and was so tight that I could not do a self adjustment on my back as I used to.  The first bodywork sessions relieved the acute pain and brought me back to my usual walking capacity. I continued sessions to get a fuller overall treatment and ďStructural Integration,Ē and this very greatly reduced my chronic back problem.  Lou's thoughtful, scientific and dedicated approach has helped me where all these other practitioners did not !

Author and Business Consultant

Former Director of Theodore Reik Consultation Center of N.Y.

     I had a number of bodywork treatments along with chiropractic to treat a chronic low, middle and upper back problem, with chronic pain in my left knee and a lack of flexibility.  I have had a significant scoliosis and rotation in my lower spine.  I had stopped my work for a while, particularly because of the low back pain because it began to hurt after standing for two hours.  The first few hours of Bodywork immediately helped me be able to stand for four hours, and it allowed me to sit for a while in a straight back chair which I had not been able to do.

     After a number of Bodywork treatments the chiropractor had to do a lot fewer adjustments and my lower back got a lot better. I could also stretch in ways that were previously painful.  With more Bodywork sessions my lower back pain and knee pain got much better, I'm a lot more flexible, and I can now do a lot of other exercises, including bike riding.

     My life is much better.  I'm more lively, I have more stamina, my posture is better, and I'm willing to do more things.  My family has also noticed.


     I'd been in an auto accident followed by a motorcycle accident.  My right hip and both lower leg bones were broken.  I was in constant extreme pain and had very little flexibility.  I was unable to walk and couldn't even straighten my leg even after my operation.  I'd also been limping for 8 years due to a tumor growing in the same hip joint.

     Lou's treatment gave me back my mobility. And all the benefits are increasing on a daily basis, because my overall tightness and misalignment were significantly corrected.

     I sense that without Lou's treatment I'd still be at 20%-30% mobility, even with the new hip, instead of the 70% ability I now have.  I also think that the treatments improved my recovery time by at least an additional year less than the doctor had estimated.

DS, Computer Technician

Iíd fallen and gotten a sore wrist, which was hurting me for days.  Iíd tried rest, ice, a bandage, compression, homeopathics, Touch for Health, Reiki and two other kinds of energy healing, and a good chiropractic adjustment on the wrist and back.  I didnít get anywhere near the relief with these other treatments that I got from the Structural Integration Bodywork.  In just 2-hours Lou fixed it 80% (and itís stayed better for months afterward).

BG, RN, BA in Nursing, Licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST,

Dance Instructor & Certified Reiki Master

Former Chief Administrator of a large Psychiatric Hospital

      Lou does fantastic work.  His gentle but deep muscle and fascia manipulation has loosened up both of my shoulders and helped to lighten my spirit.

I'd been doing intensive yoga for 1-1/2 years to try to loosen my structure that had gotten so tight through 25 years of running and 10 years of skiing.  And I'd made very little progress in my flexibility.  This Bodywork did a tremendous amount in only 13 hours treatment over 8 days.  And I felt better from the first session.  Besides the fact that the Bodywork loosened and lengthened my body all by itself, Lou even showed me how to stretch my body better on my own, so I could do the yoga class better.


     I'd look forward to the total relaxation after each session.  I slept incredibly.  It would free my mind of all STRESS.  When Lou worked on my head, right away deep relaxation would flow through my entire body.

     The overall effects of the sessions carried into my work and home life.  I always used to push myself, even if I was already straining.  Now, if I need time out during the day, I can let go and take itI can now focus on what is most important and things don't "work me up" so much.

CL, VP Finance and part Owner,
Computer Systems Firm, age 37

     When I'm under STRESS, everything tightens up, including my legs, groin area and entire back.  Lou's treatments help me to relax mentally and emotionally as well as physically, and they last much longer (up to 2-3 weeks) than the couple of days I'd have gotten from a standard massage.  I feel a lot better and am able to function better on the job

RM, Dept of Housing & Urban Development Manager, AGE 60

     When I get STRESSED, I tighten up, even between the eyes, and sounds become uncomfortably amplified.  I feel much better after a treatment, and all the symptoms go away.  In addition, I feel looser, I sleep better, and in my job, I become more centered, more focused, less distracted by other people and more objective.

IB, Senior Scientist, Venus Probe, Hughes Aircraft

     The Bodywork increases my health and vitality, and makes me feel calmer.  It clears up conditions; when I'm starting to get ill, it puts me back on center with my health.

     Along with this, it also integrates and moves my physical energy.  When I feel I'm "stuck" in my career or personal life, I notice I'm also "stuck" in my body; I have physical tension and tightness and a lack of flowing energy, that I can't mentally "let go."  The Bodywork helps me feel better and move forward by breaking up this stuck energy and tight≠ness.

     It also helps me psychologically.  It helps me through emotions like anger and sadness, and allows me to integrate emotional changes into my body.

SL, Businesswoman and Public Sector Employee, age 43

     From the Bodywork, I actually feel more self confident, mentally and psychologically, in my abilities and in my interpersonal contacts and conversations. That makes me more relaxed and I don't tense up emotionally about performing and achieving.

KS, age 25, Graduate Student,

     It's made my Breath Concentration meditation sitting a lot easier.  My whole body's a lot looser and less tense, especially in the legs, so I can sit cross legged for much longer periods of time with minimal pain. And I can breathe deeper and slower with longer breaths.

     My mind is more settled and relaxed, and less noisy.  My energy is much more balanced. The Bodywork freed up some of the places where it was blocked, so the flows through the channels are a lot better, and the energy settles all the way down to my lower abdomen

MKG., Computer Scientist,
Meditation practitioner, age 49

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