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         Benefits to Physical, Psychological and Energetic Health Practitioners from both Bodywork and Bodymind Release Processing.
           MD, DCs, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Kinesiologists, Psychotherapists, Energy Healers, Astrologer & Spiritual Counselor

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
26 years successful experience
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            I had a number of bodywork treatments along with chiropractic to treat a chronic low, middle and upper back problem, with chronic pain in my left knee and a lack of flexibility.  I have had a significant scoliosis and rotation in my lower spineI had stopped my work for a while, particularly because of the low back painI started treatment when the condition became so severe that I was immobilized..
          I first had a few chiropractic treatments that fixed this severity and I could walk again.  The (less severe) condition was then as it had been for yearsI then started the bodywork.
          The first few hours of treatment immediately helped me be able to stand for four hours at a time whereas before my back hurt if I stood for only two hours.  It also allowed me to sit for a while in a straight back chair, which I had not been able to do.
           After a number of bodywork treatments the chiropractor had to do a lot fewer adjustments and my lower back got a lot better. And I could stretch in ways that were previously painful.
          I continued with more bodywork sessions that further improved my condition.  My lower back pain and knee pain are much better.  I now can do a lot of stretching and other exercises, I've been bike riding and I'm a lot more flexible.  The special stretching exercises Lou taught me really help a lot.  I also noticed that my left knee pain and my lower back pain are related, and if I stretch my legs, they both get better.
           My life is much better.  I'm livelier, I have more stamina, my posture is better, and I'm willing to do more things.  My family has also noticed.  And if my back pain occurs, a chiropractic adjustment takes it away again.
          The treatment has lasted, even 4 months after my last bodywork session.  In fact, I recently had a cold and didn't do my exercises for a month; I thought it would be a problem to start again, that's I'd hurt myself.  But when I did I found it fine and that my body had maintained the looseness and agility.
          You really made a big difference in my life, Lou, and I incorporated in my daily routine a lot of the things that I learned from you.  Thanks again for everything.


             Since Lou’s deep and thorough treatments, my leg and body have felt tremendous.  I no longer have the muscle tightness and spasms, and the deep fascial pain, in my right leg the way I did for 4-5 years.  And it kept getting steadily worse Also, the whole lower back area is a lot better.  I haven’t had any problem there since, and it was a problem off and on for 30 years Even with coughing  during pollen season I didn’t have the low back pain the way I used to.
          Doing my work is easier.  I don’t have to strain, I can twist my body without it being tight, and I’m more flexible.  I can do my own exercises and stretches and demonstrate them for my patients, and I couldn’t do that before.  Stuff moves now. 

Mr DS, DC, CHIROPRACTOR and Advanced Kinesiologist

             Lou does fantastic work.  His gentle but deep muscle and fascia manipulation has loosened up both of my shoulders and helped to lighten my spirit.



              After I broke my shoulder, I had this Bodywork.  Because of these treatments, I was able to have full range of motion in my shoulder, which the doctor had thought would be impossible.  I also returned to work a month earlier than the doctor had predicted.
            I’d also worked out in a gym after the injury was fixed to build myself up, but I also tightened myself up significantly again.  A few more Bodywork hours corrected that, too.
            This treatment also significantly alleviates the tightness & pain from my severe cervical spine distortion.  And because I’ve also had a series of treatments to improve my whole body alignment,  it has also totally removed the chronic lordosis of my lumbar spine.
            Since I have a stressful job, I’m pleased to say this treatment definitely helps me with stress.  It takes it out of my body.  What more could you ask for?
            The biggest psychological benefit I've received from Body-mind release processing has been the release from old traumatic experiences that happened in my 20's, and I'm a lot happier from it.            
            I used to be very anxious, stemming from those experiences, and sought help from traditional verbal therapists many times.  But in spite of all the time I spent in classical psychotherapy, I never really got over the experi­ences.  I had never gotten an emotional release, never experienced catharsis.
             With this system, I have had the emotional releases,
and I have gotten over a lot of those experi­encesNow, I no longer feel so dragged down by my past. Since they've been released, I can concentrate better in my spiritual meditation, because my mind isn't disturbed with all those upsetting thoughts.
          And in my work as an Intensive Care Nurse, I feel more comfortable and confi­dent in crises situations, and they don't exhaust me the way they used to.

Ms JS, RN,  age 47, INTENSIVE CARE NURSE and Zen Meditation practitioner

         I was most impressed with the personal growth I developed.  The combination of physical and emotional treatments together gave me insight into different parts of myself, and the bodywork "opened me up" so I could take advantage of the verbal and emotional therapy.
         I gained insight into some of my behavior and feelings.  And I got in touch with the unfinished business that originated in my earliest childhood.  Through the Body-mind release processing I've been able to let go of the different feelings and attitudes that were limiting me, and that I didn't like having but wasn't able to release before.
         While I was a loving, caring person before the treatment, it specifically opened my heart more and helped me let go of the fears and past difficulties that caused me stress in both my social and professional lives.  Now I can better deal with people who are closed and help them much more.  And I feel confident with who I am and what I can do.
        The physical benefits from just the Bodywork have also been helpful.  My runs up and down the mountain near my home are easier.  My strong quads and hamstrings are longer and looser, and I have greater looseness and flexibility in the whole network from my pelvis and buttocks to my feet.

Ms JL, RN, Social Worker & Registered NURSE, 10K runner, age 28

          In just 1-hr treatment I felt much taller.  Also, I'm usually tired at the end of the day and I wasn't after the treatment.  I felt very rested and really felt good The arthritis in my hands, which is usually all the time, no longer hurt.  My neck and shoulders are a lot looser.  I'm standing straighter, and it also doesn't feel like my back is so tight as usual. 


          Just one 2-hr session fixed a pain in my right groin and upper thigh, and my back feels wonderful.  After having three 2-hr sessions, I haven't had the pain again in over a year.

Ms TM, RN, INTENSIVE CARE NURSE and regular athlete, age 31

            I'd had constant pain in my right knee to the point that it restricted movement and diminished strength.  I'd contemplated arthroscopic surgery.  The pain went away after the first 2-hr leg bodywork session, staying away for a couple of weeks and coming back occasionally, but nowhere near what it was.  Then, when I'd stretch my leg, the pain went away.  With more bodywork sessions, to make the treatment more thorough, the pain has stayed away for longer and longer periods of time, and I only have to stretch a couple minutes to remove the pain.
          Also, if I stand for a great deal of time, as in my job, I get left kneecap pain and popping and pain down my leg.  If I now stretch for about 20 min's, the pain goes away.
          The treatment has also helped me mentally and emotionallyI don't tense up now in what used to be stressful situations, particularly those regarding expectations, such as my sons' doing well in school.  Now I just take it as it comes.

Mr JG, RN, INTENSIVE CARE NURSE, Martial Artist, age 37

                  I had one 2-hour session of Bodywork & Bodymind Processing.  It seemed to make a considerable amount of difference in my attitude toward my roommate, someone whose actions triggered me, and I now handled it better.
                  When I saw my roommate, I didn't want to kill him.
                  I didn't realize how much anger I had at my him.  In the session, I discovered this as I released it out of my body.

Ms. MR, RN, Registered NURSE


            I had a 3-hour Structural Integration Bodywork session with Lou, and with his method, I got the equivalent of five 1-hour sessions I’d gotten with the Rolfer I’d been seeing in California for yearsLou also went deeper than my Rolfer had ever gone, and there wasn’t the pain, either. It didn’t hurt like the long deep pulling I’d had; and I didn’t feel “planed.”  Lou’s hands on-technique uses shorter strokes and combines a fascial stretching, a massage pressing and a tissue healing.  I also didn’t hurt the next day as I did after the Rolfer’s sessions.
          Both knees had been in pain and been stiffBoth are now looser and a lot freer, and the least troublesome is out of pain while the “worse” one is up to where the “better” one had been, just slightly tight and in mild pain. My arms had been tight and constricted to where I’d had difficult massaging my clients without them becoming worse, and painful.  Now they’re much looser, too, including the shoulders, and I have been able to start massaging again.  Even after doing two massages the very next day, I’m still moving a lot easier, my breathing is deeper and fuller, and my energy flows more freely.

Ms LL., MASSAGE THERAPIST  for 20 years

            I’m thrilled with the speed of release from Lou’s treatment.  In just 1-hour my body is expectedly lighter and more expanded, but also, my posture is more erect, with no strain to maintain forward and backward balance.  I look forward to learning this modality from Lou, and to incorporate it in my own practice.


            From 3 hours of Bodywork and “Structural Stretching,” the most significant result was that my TMJ is much betterBefore, pressing around in front of the ear would always hurt a lot; all the area was excruciating when I pressed even with the slightest touch. Now, only a couple of spots are “slightly” sensitive.  From this Bodywork, I also sleep very deep, much better than before.
            I also had 2-hours of Release Processing and removed a lot of emotional energy and physical tension from the time my mother died 15 years earlier.
            I thought I’d been cleared of it.  I’d been to hypno-therapists, done a Bioenergetic synchronization technique, had all 10-sessions of the Postural Integration series (which combines Structural Integration with Reichian body-emotional release techniques), and I’m a massage therapist, so even in class, I’d had lots of bodywork of different kinds.
            I did indeed have a lot of release of the grief from the Postural Integration series, and those experiences showed me that the body does store emotional energy.
            But those sessions just released energies as the program sequence went along.  I’d never had this episode specifically worked in the way we did today.  Lou could even tell where the tension was stuck in my body.  A lot of grief and even frustrated anger came out, things I wasn’t even aware of that were still there.  I’d like to do more of this to release all the old holding patterns.
            Lou is a very, very caring person.  And he really listens!  He really enjoys what he does, and he can help people a lot!

Ms TM, Certified MASSAGE THERAPIST, Certified Master Herbalist & Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

             I’d fallen and gotten a sore wrist, which was hurting me for days.  I’d tried rest, ice, a bandage, compression, homeopathics, Touch for Health, Reiki and two other kinds of energy healing, and a good chiropractic adjustment on the wrist and back.  I didn’t get anywhere near the relief with these other treatments that I got from Lou’s Structural Integration BodyworkIn just 2-hours Lou fixed it 80% (and it’s stayed better for months afterward).  Lou showed me how bunched up and shortened the fascia of the muscles had gotten in my whole arm.  And lengthening it helped not only the arm and wrist, but my chest and neck as well.
          Lou also showed me how to stretch the arm and torso fascia on my own, using his special “Connective Tissue” stretching method.  And he educated me about the difference between tightness of the “muscle” versus accumulated shortness in the body’s fascial, or soft connective tissue, system.
          Also, because of all the tissue shortness I’d accumulated through the years, my head had felt “disconnected” from my body, and I’d felt trapped in its tightness.  Since Lou loosened it, I don’t feel that way anymore and also, I feel more lifted up, and more grounded to the earth, at the same time.
          I was very impressed with Lou’s skill in his Bodywork and with the combination of Bodywork and Body-mind release processing.  In some of my sessions we released traumatic childhood incidents and I then felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted out of me.   I also felt clearer mentally and emotionally, to better be able to be in the moment.

Mr BG, RN with a BS in Nursing, Licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST,  Certified REIKI MASTER, Professional Dance Instructor

            Just 1-hour of Lou's treatment fixed an ongoing back, shoulder and neck pain that neither massage nor chiropractic treatments had fixed.
             It not only made me feel looser and more relaxed, it changed the shape of my body so that my excessive lower back curve was less
, I stand straighter and taller, and I breathe deeper with longer breaths.  The session was painless and went by quickly.  Lou also showed me two wonderful stretches for my spine that I’ll use daily. 

Ms CD., Health Food Store Manager and MASSAGE THERAPY STUDENT

              This treatment has helped me release a lot of stored “stuff” out of my body.  And that’s helped disrupt the repetitive, never ending cycle of stress I had in my daily life.  When things get “too much” from my overly busy house, I can now go to the park and enjoy myself in the woods.  This is a new “ability,” whereas before, I was just caught in the overwhelm of it all and had to keep sacrificing my own needs to do what other people wouldn’t do.
          This release of actual energetic substance and physical tension has literally created more space in my bodyI can now get more fully “into my body” and bring in more oxygen and life-force. This allows me to have the significantly increased freedom of movement inside myself that I want. My new freedom has had a wonderful healing effect on me. The release of past repressive and negative energy means it’s no longer there to get triggered and repress me.  So I can now do more for myself, as my inner self wants to. 

Ms JB, Licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST, 2nd Degree REIKI PRACTITIONER, Intuitive acupressurist
Emotional-physical intuitive counselor

            I've found that the combination of Lou’s Structural Integration Bodywork and Body-mind release processing is especially beneficial for people who are serious about personal growth and evolving.  And it's also very beneficial in facilitating emotional release.
            The combination creates a synergy so that it's far greater to put the two together than to do either one or the other. In fact, I’ve gotten a lot more physical release, a lot deeper, than I could ever have gotten from the Bodywork alone.  I can feel it in my organs and deep structure, right when I’m doing the processing.  And the next day, I can feel how much clearer and freer I am.
            Besides helping me with my personal growth work, I've also benefited from Lou's Body-mind approach as a yoga teacher.  I've felt the difference in movement and expressiveness in both my physical and emotional bodiesIn fact, I’m much more “in my body,” and I can get into my yoga positions farther and easier.
            Lou’s work has also significantly healed problems from two recent serious accidents I had.
The bottom line is: I feel looser, more open and more relaxed in my body, in my muscles, in my bones, and also in my thought process and my attitude in general.  I feel more accepting of myself and my environment, and more peaceful.
            Lou has also been teaching me a lot about Structural Integration Bodywork and release processing.  I have significantly increased my understanding of fascia and our interconnected body structure.  And by doing the release processing sessions, I also know, a lot better, how our past experiences so greatly affect what happens to us now.  I was especially impressed with Lou’s technical abilities in the Body-mind processing.
            I highly recommend Lou's program and skills, and I also highly recommend his understanding of personal growth and human potential.  I even like the way he combines the Bodywork and Body-mind processing aspect with the nutritional element of living foods and herbs. 

Ms JM, SPECIALIZED KINESIOLOGIST, Licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified YOGA INSTRUCTOR, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Anatomy Instructor to Yoga Teacher students, and Spiritual Practitioner

            The inner awareness that Lou's work facilitates, connects me more with myself and with my feelings, especially in the layers that I'm just getting to know. 



            I'd had 6 Rolfing sessions before Lou worked on me.  When he then did my head, I no longer needed my eyeglasses to drive with (which I'd been wearing for 13 years!).  When Lou worked deep on my legs and hip rotator muscles in the pelvis, I was then able to put my whole leg behind my head in the "resting yogi pose."  I've been practicing yoga for 10 years and been teaching it for 4 years.  (I've been a Certified Bikram's Yoga Instructor, a very intense 1-1/2 hour program, for 2 years.)  And this is the first time I've been able to do that pose.
             There's always been a place deep in my soul, my emotional body, that I've "danced around" with both therapists of various kinds and boyfriends. 
It's a place I've never been able to reach.  Lou was able to reach that place with me.  It was a very very deep healing for me.

Ms SA, age 29, Licensed MASSAGE THERAPIST, Certified “Bikram’s” YOGA INSTRUCTOR and Spiritual practitioner

            I had three Bodywork sessionsThe first, of 2-hours, all on my torso, arms neck and head, made me feel more open and lighterAnd my movements and energy became more flowing.  The second session fixed my knee in just 45 minutes.  It had been misaligned, and was hurting for a week.  I’d even been wearing an ace bandage on it.  The third session on 1-1/2 hours on my other leg made me feel more balanced.

Ms HS, Certified “Bikram’s” YOGA TEACHER (for 6 years), Gymnastics Teacher


          I had a back injury due to intensively working out combined with a chronic back problem that includes a disintegrated disk in the lower back at L4/L5.  I'd suffered back pain on and off for 40 years, and had been to at least 25 other practitioners before coming to Lou.  These included 10 chiropractors, trager work, deep tissue massage, and other practices.
            This time I had difficulty walking and was in constant pain, and was so tight that I could not do a self adjustment on my back as I used to.  After the first several Bodywork sessions, the acute pain was relieved and it brought me back to my usual walking capacity.  I continued sessions to get a fuller overall treatment and Structural Integration, which very greatly reduced my chronic back problem.
             Lou's thoughtful, scientific and dedicated approach has helped me where all these other practitioners did not.

Dr. WJU, PhD, PSYCHOANALYST and Business Consultant & Author: Integrative Therapy, Foundations of Holistic & Self Healing, Former Director of Theodore Reik Consultation Center of N.Y.

               Lou’s series of treatments were really good; they made a HUGE differenceI felt more connected physically, all around.  My body parts felt more like when I was a kid.  And my posture got straighter and more upright.
                 I developed a much greater sense of how the physical parts connected together and I felt increased energy flowing throughout my body.  I feel looser and more whole at the same time.


                 Lou’s Bodywork sessions have helped loosen my body a lot, especially the chronic pain in my shoulders and neck, including the tightness and pain from an auto accidentIt's increased my flexibility, especially in the upper body.  And if I'm stressed out, it helps relieve stress.  It's deeper than a massage, so it lasts longer.


                 My head, which Lou worked on a lot, feels more relaxed, and there’s more warmth and circulation in it.  I have more energy yet I’m more relaxed at the same timeI feel better all over, and the treatment felt really fine.

Dr. MC, PSYCHOTHERAPIST, Certified ROLFER, and Zen Meditation practitioner

                 When I saw Lou demonstrating his Bodywork I felt a very nice energy coming from his hands.  I then asked for a demonstration sample, and I liked it so much I had two 1-hour sessionsLou released long term accumulated tightness from my head and neck, arms and shoulders, chest abdomen and back, and also in my pelvis and legsFrom this I feel very, very relaxed, and I’m profoundly satisfied and profoundly grateful.

Dr. BK, PSYCHOTHERAPIST and Zen Meditation practitioner

                  I’d been exceptionally tight and tense over my whole body for many years.  Lou’s treatments have made me much looser and I’ve become more and more sensitive to the specific feelings and sensations in my body.  I have more openness and flexibility in my legs, both in moving around and in my energy flow.  I also feel more planted and better balanced.  My chronic neck tension is better and I can twist and bend my torso better than before, too.  I can even hold my breath now, whereas before, it would have just rushed out.
                This Bodywork and Body-mind release processing is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!  If I’d done it when I was 18-20, I’d have had a different life.  I’m the same person but I probably would have made different choices.
                   This work has helped me remove some of my key fears.
  In fact, instead of having to try to over-ride my conditional programming, this method actually removes that negative programming.  And I can then choose to act from whom I truly am now.
                 I can sky dive and bungy jump, so I’m without fear that way.  But if I’ve had to stand in front of a group of people and give a talk, it scared the He-- out of me.  After doing three long sessions with Lou, in which we removed fearful traumas from early life confrontations, I gave three public group talks.  I was powerful and “real,” and the fear was gone!


                   I’d had a lot of tension around breathing, and I’d had a “knot” by my Khyphoid process, in the center of my upper abdomen, just underneath my diaphragm.  Lou’s Bodywork and release processing completely loosened this up.
                Overall, I released a lot of physical, and emotional, tension.  So I felt more and more relaxed and the benefits not only lasted, they increased cumulatively from session to session.  It became easier to do my personal and professional life.  And even though I was under a great deal of strain at the time, I became lighter and happier.



                   I had a lot of Bodywork treatments from Lou over 3 years.  Even the first few 2-hour sessions made a very big difference.  My whole body felt better.  I was looser, freer, more alive and I found my endurance was much greater.  I could swim in the ocean for two full hours before getting tired.  A lot of tension and tightness also was removed from my face and I look brighter.
                Lou’s Bodywork also made it possible for me to continue doing my kinesiology work because it removed the chronic pain from tendonitis in my upper right “testing” arm.  I repeatedly had pain in it, and while his regular arm loosening sessions improved it considerably, it was made much much better when he lengthened and “integrated” my whole structure, especially in the abdomen, pelvis and legs.
                Lou’s treatments regularly removed overall tightness in my body, and in my head, which I use a lot in my work as well.

Ms. SB,
MA, SPECIALIZED KINESIOLOGY EXPERT and Teacher, Member of the National Specialized Kinesiology Board of Directors

               It had been a few years since I had a treatment from Lou and during that time, I’d been under a lot of stress.  Even just the 1-hour of Bodywork we did recently removed so much tension that I slept better than I had in many months.



                  I had polio as a child which caused paralysis in my legs, and arms, and I still have my right arm and left leg significantly atrophied.  I've walked with a very decided limp for years.  In fact, even just prior to the 10 hours of Lou's Bodywork in 3 days, I used to have to swing my right leg around to kind of throw it forward, and I've been using a can regularly.
                I also had a very significant decrease in breathing capacity for the last 30 years.  I thought it was impaired lung function, but found from this treatment it was only a lot of muscular tightness, held in very bunched up soft connective tissue.
                This Bodywork was a revelation in its efficiency and effectiveness.  I worked sooo fast, doing sooo much.  I had no idea it could do that.
                Specifically, my body is coming back to life.  I feel regenerated in my physical form.  All the joints are much freer.  I can stand much more stably, with my legs being stronger and under better and easier control.  My steps are longer and I can automatically put more intention and energy into my movements forward.  The legs and the whole body feel physically a lot lighter.
                I'd used crutches and a cane for so long that my shoulders, arms, neck and especially chest were very tight.  They are all now very free and the tension level is way, way down.  My entire torso expands greatly when I breathe, to the back, sides and up and down, as well as to the front.  I think I can even play the saxophone again for the first time in 30 years.  My torso stands straighter without my making any effort, and my head, neck, chest, back and pelvis all have a feeling of uplift to them, instead of being pulled down.
                And the chronic back tension from the effort to walk around is gone.  I even look forward to the possibility of walking without a cane for the first time in years.

                The emotional and spiritual benefits have been tremendous, too.  Psycho­somatically I was already a spiritually oriented person, and a nice person.  But I now see that the energies that had developed inside me were restricted by the tightness of my structural muscles.  These distortions in my different physical parts (due to tightness) had been significantly limiting my expression as a fuller, more whole person. The parts were also not "integrated" with each other.  Now, my head feels connected to my torso and they're connected to my legs.  "We" all work together smoother and more naturally.
                I feel a new sense of inner radiance and I even feel "glowing" on the outside.
                My intuitive centers and psychic abilities are stronger and clearer. 
Immediately, the next day after these treatments, I find myself working more happily, effortlessly, more creatively and more joyously.  And I'm doing so much more in a shorter time.
                After the Bodywork, I did 2-hours of Body-mind verbal release processing and connected with two very traumatic events in my 20's, when my life's dream as a musician ended.  This process actually removed the sorrow, anger, frustration and hopelessness from those events out of my body organs as well as from my structural muscles.
                I also connected to 2 childhood episodes regarding my being debilitated with the polio, including when I was 9 months old.  In that experience, the energies of my parents' emotional feelings and physical tensions got embedded into me, in the form of an energy "Imprint."  And while processing these out of my body, I saw that the words my parents thought, and the words that defined their feelings, were the same words that I, myself, thought in my experiences 10 and 20 years later.
                From doing this verbal releasing process, my body feels even looser and freer than from the 10 hours of Bodywork we'd done before.  And my energies when I speak are fuller in my chest and abdomen.  In addition, I can now see that because I was forced to change careers, to one of spiritual counseling and helping, and from the insight I gained from doing years of astrology, I've become a better person.
                From ALL of this treatment, my mind is clearer, and it’s especially helped my heart, where I'd had so much of that stuck energy.  It’s now more open. As a trained energy healer I can even feel that my heart gets "fuller," and "moves," in a good way, when I laugh and smile.  It's good to have a singing heart again.
                Lou is highly skilled.  In fact, he's a walking "body-mind" therapy center.  He's a "Goldmine."

Mr. HP, astrologer & spiritual counselor
SCHOOL TRAINED & graduated ENERGY HEALER and Spiritual Minister

                     I came to Lou to release a lot of emotions and blocks that came up when I separated from my wife.  Mainly, I felt a lot of sadness and had a fear that it wouldn’t work out.  Yet while I love her dearly, I wanted to leave that restricting environment and move forward more in my personal growth.
                We did 3-hours of Body-mind release processing.  The 1st episode I was in contact with was what is called in the system a “past life” (and also called by some people a creative unconscious scenario, and by others a genetic memory episode - it's not of what I remember & it looks like another person's life, but it's coming out of what I see and feel in my own body, during the session, and that's what the system says makes it work, I'm just releasing tensions & contracting energies from areas in my own body.) 
                     So in this episode I also left my wife then, to go on a spiritual quest.
  But people warned me that I wouldn’t survive it and, on the way back home, I died of heart failure and sorrow in the forestThis information in my subconscious mind, that I wouldn’t make it, had been expressing itself as what seemed to be my own current fears.  But when I removed those "past" experience energies from inside my body, my current life fears about leaving the marriage for my own quest had also disappeared. 
                     What I was experiencing about my current life experiences was actually these energies from deep inside my "psyche" transferring themselves onto the current life. Lou explained this is what Reichian & other release processing is about; the deeper parts of us, that we aren't aware of fully, are actually foreign energies stuck inside out muscles and organs.  And with these kinds of techniques, we can find them and actually release them from our muscles and other body areas.
                    Just as Lou explains, this is a very effective & easy to do technique for releasing body tension and stuck emotions.
                The 2nd episode I was in contact with, that showed up after the first one was cleared, was another so called “past life” (or creative unconscious or genetic memory) in which I was stabbed in the chest and heart repeatedly and died.  The details of this experience directly related to the situation I’d been experiencing with my wife’s restrictive behavior toward me.  And it also contained more sorrow and remorse.
                And just as the method explains, saying the sentences that expressed what the people in my mind's eye were saying, feeling or doing, and saying the sentences that expressed what I was feeling in my own body in the session, actually released tightness & emotional stress, including that sorrow and remorse.  And it did not return.  I could feel the technique was actually releasing, or dissolving out, tensions and feelings I'd had all the time that I wasn't even aware of.  And my chest actually felt looser and stayed looser.            
                  The 3rd episode was
directly related to this so called “past life” (or creative unconscious) one, but it was from this lifetime, and made sense about my life and what I knew about my parents.  I released the energies and tensions from what appeared to be a pre-natal argument between my parents in which I saw that my mother’s restrictive behavior toward my father was the same as I’d felt from her in my own childhood.  And it was the same as the restrictive behavior I’d been experiencing from my wife.
                 The method explains that when my mother was tense in the prenatal and birth times, her tension was squeezing onto me inside, and that serves to push, or embed into my body directly, her emotional energies and the tightnesses she was pushing on me.
                   Then I released a lot of energies from my birth experience that also, directly related to this restricting kind of behavior.  As I was doing the process, I was totally aware and alert; this is not hypnosis.  I was aware of the feelings in my body, the pictures in my mind, and the sentences that expressed them.  As each sentence appeared, one after the other as I moved forward through the episode, I saw that while my mother was feeling these restrictive emotions herself, I, the baby, was also being restricted, in a real physical way, while stuck in the birth canal.  The restrictive emotional situation was the “information” going into me while I was being prevented from “coming out” to my own life. I was blocked by external circumstances and the thoughts and feelings of being blocked were simultaneously stored inside me.
                I can now see how my current life situation is just one more time frame in a pattern of energy
going back a long time, and deep inside me in body muscle, energy and fascia layers.  I also see how the energies I was embedded with, in my pre-natal development period, “connected” me to the pattern “already set up” in the earlier experiences.  I even saw how my birth experience made my own “issue” much more than an emotional and mental attitude one.  It was an actual physical tightness that caused a real block to my free expression for personal development.
                As the energies of each episode came out of my body, I felt more and more relaxed and physically open, especially in the chest, but also down through the whole core of my torso.  And because I released all these energies, I no longer have the sorrow, longing and regret about leaving the marriage and, in its place, is a gratitude for the loving good times my wife and I had together.  Normally, at Christmas time, I’d have felt a loss that the good times wouldn’t occur again.  But that feeling is no longer there.  And I feel much more optimistic about the future.

Mr. BC, Artist and REIKI MASTER

                   Through Lou’s incredible Structural Bodywork and Counsel, I was finally able to release the rage and denial I had held onto for so many years.  His mastery reaches so many layers and he brings consciousness to the parts of the body that would otherwise be inaccessible.
                In one session I was able to breathe deeper, stand taller and feel more grounded than I’d felt for a very long time.  I felt years of tension lifyt from my body.  The releasing in my face and head felt like I’d had a face lift.  I felt much lighter as the treatment pulled all the physical and emotional tension out.

Ms. KTP, Intuitive & telepathic SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR

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