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Trauma Clearing, Trauma Removal, Stress Removal
from specific past experiences still affecting
people in their current lives


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                   I began a series of Bodywork and Body-mind releasing treatments soon after my father died I was feeling sad, depressed, and dissatisfied with all my relationships in general.  In the first session I released a lot of pent up frustration as well as grief and felt "100%" better.  Through succeeding sessions I've developed a greater, and growing, sense of well being and self worth.


Mr. SS, age 20, Entrepreneur-Businessman & Zen Buddhist Practitioner
Grief and Sorrow Resolution - Clearing, Increased Self-Esteem

                   I had 2-hours of Release Processing and removed a lot of emotional energy and physical tension from the time my mother died 15 years earlier.

                I thought Iíd been cleared of it.  Iíd been to hypno-therapists, done a Bioenergetic synchronization technique, had all 10-sessions of the Postural Integration series (which combines Structural Integration with Reichian body-emotional release techniques), and Iím a massage therapist, so even in class, Iíd had lots of bodywork of different kinds.

                I did indeed have a lot of release of the grief from the Postural Integration series, and those experiences showed me that the body does store emotional energy.

                But those sessions just released energies as the program sequence went along.  Iíd never had this episode specifically worked in the way we did today.  Lou could even tell where the tension was stuck in my body.  A lot of grief and even frustrated anger came out, things I wasnít even aware of that were still there.
The key here was Lou's way of using the Netherton Therapy techniques, along with how he uses the Reichian Therapy breathing and tensing-releasing techniques to make it much easier for me to access the energies that were left in my body, and process them out so non-traumatically.  I was just sitting in my own dining room. 

                Lou also had done some loosening up Structural Integration Bodywork the day before and I believe that helped with the speed and ease of accessing, too.  He had particularly done it to remove the tightness I'd been having with TMJ, and that has reduced the pain very, very greatly.  But the overall body looseness Lou created also helped my forebrain and intellect be able to access my body energies more easily.

                Iíd like to do more of this to release all the old holding patterns.

                Lou is a very, very caring person.  And he really listens!  He really enjoys what he does, and he can help people a lot!


Ms. TM, Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Master Herbalist
Grief and Sorrow Resolution - Clearing

                The biggest psychological benefit I've received from work has been the release from old traumatic experiences that happened in my 20's, and I'm a lot happier from it.

                I used to be very anxious, stemming from those experiences, and sought help from traditional verbal therapists many times.  But in spite of all the time I spent in classical psychotherapy, I never really got over the experiences.  I had never gotten an emotional release, never experienced catharsis.

                   With this Structural Integration Bodywork and the Netherton, Reichian Bodymind therapy, I have had the emotional releases, I have had the catharsis and I have gotten over a lot of those experiences Now, I no longer feel so dragged down by my past. Since they've been released, I can concentrate better in my spiritual meditation, because my mind isn't disturbed with all those upsetting thoughts.

                And in my work as an Intensive Care Nurse, I feel more comfortable and confi≠dent in crises situations, and they don't exhaust me the way they used to.


Ms. JS, Registered NURSE, age 47
Emotional Trauma Release - Clearing

                I had just one 2-hour Bodywork and Bodymind release processing session but it did help considerably.  We started out to release the sorrow from my motherís recent death, during the last year, and it connected to a childhood incident with my parents, to a pre-natal incident between my mother and father, and to my motherís experiences, and mine, during my birth.  A lot of the strong energies Iíd been feeling since my mother died, and the tensions holding them in, were coming from the strong feelings and tension that occurred in these three experiences.

             Saying the words that expressed the stuck energies was the key to releasing the tension and emotion.  While the energies of the emotions were painful and a little traumatic, the releasing felt good to go through. 

                I felt the processing worked deeper into my soul, delivering me from a lot of the stresses of life experiences that had gotten trapped in my body and made me feel sick.

                After the session, I felt resolution of a lot of long term issues as well as the resolution of the loss.  The outcome was a sense of total relaxation and inner peace.

              Lou does the Reichian and Netherton Therapy processing right there in the session, while he is doing the Structural Integration Bodywork.  And I could feel how the physical release uncovered more of the emotional trauma and allow it to be removed more easily.  This kind of bodywork actually increased my ability to get in touch with and handle, in a non traumatic way, these emotional energies.
                 Overall, I highly recommend this for people of any age and Iím anxiously looking for another session. 


Ms. SP, Fashion Designer and Businesswoman
Grief and Sorrow Resolution - Clearing, Anger Resolution

                 Just one Structural Integration Bodywork and Bodymind release session enabled me to release some sorrow and frustration from the illness and death of a loved one.  And we did some self awareness practice that helped me get a clearer understanding of how to communicate with my partner. 
                  I did a number of sessions after this that also helped
to clear more loss and other past negative energies and problematic behaviors, and I also released more physical tension as well.  I got a lot out of the sessions.


Mr. MB, Certified Massage Therapist,

Certified Specialized Kinesiologist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Grief, Sorrow and Loss Removal - Clearing

                  I was very impressed with Louís skill in his Bodywork and with the combination of Bodywork and Netherton, Reichian Method Bodymind release processing.  We released traumatic childhood incidents and I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted out of me.   I felt clearer to be able to be in the moment.


Mr. BG, RN, with a B.S. in Nursing, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Energy Healing Master, PSYCHIATRIC  NURSE and Former Chief Administrator of a 400 bed Psychiatric Nursing Hospital
Childhood Emotional Trauma Release - Clearing

                    One example of how the release processing works is that I used to shudder when people used the word G-d damn.  One night I was particularly irritated that my daughter was hanging out with a girl her own age who said G-d damn a lot.  In just one 2 hour process, (while standing in a relaxed outdoor park, not even in a therapy room), I released the energies from a childhood abuse episode in which my step-father had said G-d Damn many times as he hit and belit≠tled me. I released both the physical violence energies of my step father and the fear, tensing up, withdrawal, pain and shuddering energies of me as a little girl.

                When the pictures and feelings slowed down, but I knew I had more to come out, Lou guided me with some deep breathing that "pumped" out more old energies from deeper inside my body.  I then became aware of the next level down and could consciously process it out.

                Now I disapprove of people using the term, for religious reasons, but I no longer shudder nor go into flashbacks as I always would.  I can see that the upsets I'd had was these old energies still "alive" inside my body.  Now that they're gone, I no longer experience these things.

                  So it's an easy and often non-traumatic method to use.  We even did it over the phone for other episodes.  The way Lou does it, with the Netherton Therapy techniques enhanced by some mild Reichian Therapy techniques, you stay conscious and just feel the energies in the body or the picture in the mind's eye.  Then you just say sentences that these energies are saying. 

                   Lou would coach me through the episodes so that I could get out all the parts, saying things like, "Now feel the energies in your belly (or legs), what are they saying?" or "What happens next in the episode?"  or "Are you tensing up in the past experience as a girl?  Tense up now somewhat as you see you did then, to squeeze more energy out of the muscles, and take a few deep breaths to pump the energy out so your forebrain can make contact with it to process it out verbally."
                    Sometimes I'd feel tired or want to be alone after a session, but often, it was just a relief clearing the emotional trauma out of me that I'd been burdened with for years.

Ms. KE, age 38, Computer Help-Line Specialist
Childhood Trauma & Release - Clearing,  Abuse Release - Removal

                Iíve been a workaholic specifically because Iíve had a deep emotional feeling of not liking to be alone.  So I work and keep very busy, and that keeps me from feeling the uncomfortableness.

                Lou guided me in how to get more in touch with my body energies, and I found an early childhood episode embedded inside the emotional tensions that I sensed in my torso.  My mother, not wanting to be disturbed at the time, locked me, a 2-3 year old kid, in a room for a while so she could do the business she had to.  While I was not verbally nor physically abused in this experience, I was indeed terrified at being alone, that no one responded to my crying, and especially at not being able to reach and turn the door knob.
                   So it was emotional trauma for me as a child, and this method released it without my feeling traumatized as we did it.  The removal actually changed how I currently relate in the world.

                I hadnít remembered this experience consciously, but by doing the body feeling and mental awareness process, I actually ďsawĒ the whole scenario in my mindís eye, step by step, as we continued the procedure from one moment of the episode to the next.

                We used a special speaking, expressive technique.  When I felt the body energies or saw the pictures, I said words as a sentence that expressed what I was feeling in the experience.  Instead of explaining what I was seeing in an observer, reporting kind of way, I said the sentences as if someone was saying them out loud in the present tense (even if I didnít say them out loud then, and even if they were expressing just what my body and deep feelings were saying).  I did the same thing for the energies and pictures of my mother, too.   I noticed that the different sentences actually expressed what my emotional feelings of frustration and upset were ďsayingĒ at that early age.

                The words are the ďformĒ of the energy.  When I said them accurately, and from the correct place where I was feeling them, the episode moved along in my mindís eye, and actually got erased at the same time.  I could feel the size of the energies in my body get smaller and I could see the pictures fade away.  By the end of the process, when my mother finally came to the room and let me out, there were no more pictures and no more body sensations; I had ďprocessedĒ them out of me, physically.

                This was a non-hypnotic technique.  I was very alert and aware while doing it.  And it was non-traumatic.  To get in contact with this ďepisode,Ē Lou asked me to bring up the feelings and thoughts Iíve had as an adult when Iíve felt the unpleasant aloneness.  And, of course, they were actually the energies that had been stuck inside me, biologically, since I had them in that experience.  By focusing my adult, conscious awareness on the feelings and pictures, the actual words, or an idea I could put into words, came to my consciousness.  And when I expressed it while paying attention to the feelings in my body, that amount of energy was dissolved out of me.

                The result, from just this 1-hour on the phone, is that a couple of weeks later, the condition is still better, and has stayed better since I first did the procedure.


Ms. JT,  Advertising Consultant
Childhood Trauma and Fear Release - Clearing, Workaholic Reduction

                After the Bodywork, I did 2-hours of Body-mind verbal release processing.  I connected with two very traumatic events in my 20's, when my life's dream as a musician ended.  This process actually removed the sorrow, anger, frustration and hopelessness from those events out of my body.

                I also connected to 2 childhood episodes regarding my being debilitated with the polio, including when I was 9 months old.  In that experience, the energies of my parents' emotional feelings and physical tensions got embedded into me, in the form of an energy "Imprint."  And while processing the imprint of this episode out of my body, I saw that the words my parents thought, and the words that defined their feelings, were the same words that I, myself, thought in my experiences 10 and 20 years later.

                Lou guided me to release tightness not only from my structural muscles but from some of my internal organs as well.  We can use the Netherton Therapy techniques and Reichian Therapy assists to do this deep work fairly easily, particularly after having the structural muscles cleared and loosened. Our organs are made of muscular tissue, too, and I see they can hold tense energies from the past just as the muscles in my arms, legs and chest do.

                From doing this verbal releasing process, my body feels even looser and freer than from the 10 hours of Structural Integration Bodywork we'd done before.  And my energies when I speak are fuller in my chest and abdomen.  In addition, I can now see that because I was forced to change careers, to one of spiritual counseling and helping, and from the insight I gained from doing years of astrology, I've become a better person.          
                   From all of this treatment, my mind is clearer, and espe≠cially my heart, where I'd had so much of that stuck energy, is now more open.
As a trained energy healer I can even feel that my heart gets "fuller," and "moves," in a good way, when I laugh and smile.  It's good to have a singing heart again.

                Lou is highly skilled.  In fact, he's a walking "body-mind" therapy center.  He's a "Goldmine."


Mr. HP, astrologer & spiritual counselor

School trained & graduated Energy Healer and Spiritual Minister
Emotional Trauma Release, Clearing Blocks to Career Development

                    Iíve been going through some very stressful times in both my family life and on my job.  I did one 4-hour session of Structural Integration Bodywork and Netherton, Reichian Therapy Bodymind releasing in an afternoon.  My body aches and stiffness went away considerably both from the physical relengthening of my tissues and the release of old emotional tension when we did the verbal expressing technique.  I estimate that the amount of emotional release and psychological well being I got from this one session would have taken about 50 sessions of verbal psychotherapy.

                We began with the release of emotionally oppressive and physically abusive episodes from my childhood and teenage years.  These also led me to releasing tightnesses that were pressed into my body during birth and when I was inside my mother in the pre-natal months.  In those cases, my mother was physically tense and had the same kinds of emotional feelings about her situations back then, as I had in the sixteen  years after I was born.  These were also the same kinds of  feelings and tensions Iíd been feeling for the past months of my current life.  As we released these energies, feelings and verbal sentences of fear, anger and hurt, I felt myself relaxing physically and mentally, more and more.

                Then we focused on a very upsetting family situation Iíd had last year, that I was still upset and angry about, and couldnít resolveLou had me identify my feelings and thoughts about each level of that experience, and heíd then have me become aware of the much earlier and more serious similar experiences that were still inside my body.  It was these earlier, more traumatic energies, that were still active in my body and mind, ever since they were triggered by the similar feelings in an adult situation 9-months before.

                We processed out a lot of what my mother was feeling during my actual birth, and also in the hour before my delivery, concerning her emotional feelings about my father.  And that released one group of layers of my own, current upset.  Then we connected to a so-called past life experience where a man stalked and killed me, and that released the other layers of my strong feelings.  I donít know if past lives really exist, (some people call it creative unconscious or genetic memory) but my mind gave me lots of pictures and my body gave me lots of feelings and sensations.
              Lou explained that when I see pictures in my mind's eye, it's that "mind" part of me that is showing me the energies still in my body. And sure enough, as I said the sentences that expressed what I was seeing and feeling, the actual feelings diminished sentence by sentence and the pictures cleared up & I moved through the movie in my mind's eye, actually erasing the pictures as the sentences came out of me.
               The result was "great" for me because when I processed all of this out, the enormous upset, anger and unforgiving feelings Iíd had about this recent experience totally went away
.  I was much more affectionate to my husband that night and I felt very relaxed, even blissful, for two days.

                In the next week, I did 2-hours more of Bodywork and 2-hours of additional release processing for my stress on the job. I also had an energy release session from someone else after this, and things got even better.  Not only did these releases make me feel less triggered by the negative actions of people around me, but they also seemed to give me more power to say what I needed to say, to stand up for myself, and that actually worked I had a positive affect on the negative people who were in my life.  Iím still not yet free of the stresses of other peopleís behavior, but I no longer feel totally oppressed by them, and even feel that I can do what I need to do regardless of what their behavior is.


Ms. MB., Office Manager, Independent Businesswoman and Medical Office Receptionist
Marriage and Work Trauma Clearing, Birth Trauma Release

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