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Netherton Techniques

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Netherton Techniques

     Morris Netherton PhD developed a system to access and release the unconscious energies in the body, very precisely, with pictures and all, without hypnosis, and more completely than hypnosis.
       And it makes the Reichian releases work much better.  It's more thorough, it's less traumatic to do, it gives people a clearer awareness of the past events and of their whole pattern, and it removes negative belief systems embedded in us by other people.
       We can also access much earlier events, even going back to the pre-natal, and clear them up just as easily as events in later years.
       The Netherton techniques also enable us to remove the energies of specific adult traumas much more comfortably and completely.

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
years successful experience with this particular system
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        What we do is focus on the emotional feelings, body sensations, mental thoughts and verbal words that are going on while we're upset about a current situation.  When we do this, the content of those energies, or stored videotapes, comes to our conscious minds.  This energy can then be expressed out of our bodies by saying the words that define the things people in those episodes were saying, feeling and doing.  We can do this when we focus on the sensations in our bodies or pictures in our mind's eye.  We express those things as if they were the person speaking right now, and that procedure actually pulls the energy out of the tissues.

        As we process through each episode, every activity and spoken statement of what happened dissolves out of the body.  As we proceed, we get in contact with the next point in the experience and with deeper layers of emotion of all the parties involved.  As we remove the energies, a lot of which are very traumatic and deeply felt, we see the whole scenario much clearer.  Yet, at the same time, the emotional charge about what happened goes out of us.

        When we combine this method with the Bodywork and Reichian breathing and movement techniques, we can access and release all the past material of each experience in a very thorough and effective manner.  We are de-programming the subliminally inputted energies by directly accessing the locations that store it and pull it out.

        This is different from most verbal psychotherapy in which we talk "about" what happened.  In that method, we use our reasoning, conscious minds to reflect upon the experiences and analyze our behaviors.  This is an important step.  However, that cannot remove the material.  While our conscious minds can discover that we have fears, frustrations, anger, sorrow and guilt, the stored emotions themselves are not located in that area of the brain.  They are located in another part of the body, and we must use a process to access that part in order to remove them.

        Specific adult traumas are easily removed with the Netherton method combined with Bodywork and Reichian breathing.  In just one to four hours, I have helped people get over shootings, natural disasters, auto accidents, war battles, rapes, bad divorces and the loss of a parent.  After the processing, they remembered the incident very clearly but it was then in the past for them, and it no longer hindered their going forward with their current lives.

        People always get a certain amount of permanent relief when the adult traumas are removed.  But we also find that the emotional patterns associated with those experiences are linked to traumatic and stressful childhood, infancy, birth and pre-natal experiences.  Until these are also removed, they can still cause similar kinds of problems for the person.


        So there is really a set or stack of videotapes, from different time frames, and each one expresses the same pattern with the emotions of anger, fear, guilt, sorrow and so forth.  Only, the people who said and did things, and the kinds of situations, are often different for each episode.  The important focus to keep in mind is that we are not trying to correct past circumstances.  We are removing a particular energy pattern that uses each circumstance in our lives to manifest its negative energies.  Our goal is to remove the energies of this pattern from a person.  We do so by accessing the residues of the various experiences in his or her body.

        This takes Reich's understanding a bit further.  The bio-energetic formations of chronically tight muscles and embedded traumatic energies start getting formed even before birth, and the formations are locked in by a specific set of traumatic and pivotal experiences.  So we don't have to remove everything that ever happened to us and we don't have to spend a lot of time analyzing our whole childhood.  We just feel the experiences we're now having when we get triggered and do the processes, connecting to the "most significant events that caused our current life problems."

        While we cannot remember the actual episodes from these early times, their energies are still located in our bodies.  So by using the Netherton method, we can access and release all the pertinent subconscious energies that that got embedded as long as we had a body.  That means we can deprogram our physical bio-energetic conditioning even back to conception.  This is not a  "reasoning mind" conditioning like that which comes later in childhood.  It's a more fundamental conditioning that also runs us.

        To do the processing, we first "ground" the client in the experience.  The therapist first says things like, "You're already connected to the experiences in your unconscious mind.  That's why you're so charged up about the incident.  (Or so depressed, or that you carry around so much sorrow that you can't let out.)"  "What are you inclined to say to the following questions; which choice has more energy in your conscious mind when I ask?"  "When this is happening in the past, are you sitting, standing or lying down?"  "Are you inside or outside?"  "Are you alone or with people?"  "If someone was telling you that you're stupid (or bad) (or going to get whipped), would that voice be coming from in front of you, behind you, left or right?"  "When mother is hitting you, where on your body do you feel the first blow?"  "When the blow hits, what are the angry energies that got put into you at that point saying?" "At what point do you feel the fear the most, before the other car hits you, as it hits you, or after it hits you?"       We go through the episodes line by line and scene by scene.  The person processes the energies out of the body by verbally expressing each action in a present tense statement, as if the person in the scene was an actor on a stage.

        The words express the meaning of the emotions that people had in those times, as well as what they actually did say out loud.  And because we are releasing a pattern, all the episodes that keep us trapped in that pattern have the same words!  These words and phrases are the "command statements" that get lodged in our unconscious minds.  And from there, they cause us to repeat the same behaviors even though our conscious minds don't realize they're there.

        These words were originally things we or the other people said at the time, perhaps as reports of factual events or of momentary emotional upsets.  But once they're inside the subconscious mind, they become the foundation of beliefs about how the world is.  Typical statements are, "You're bad," "I wish you were never born," "You're always sick," "This will never work," "You're so stupid," "I can't stand this," "You're a no good drunkard," "It's too late," "I can't let you go," "I can't live without you," "We'll never get out of this alive," "I just can't do it," "I'll kill you," "I wish you were dead," and "I'm going to die."

        When these kinds of statements are added to our current life problems they make them seem a lot worse than our reasoning minds would conclude. Because they are also linked up with a lot of energy that pre-empts our conscious reasoning, they end up controlling us.

        Therefore, what runs us is the combination quantity of energy and the hopelessness or severity of the past experience beliefs.  And by releasing the energies in the form of the words, we also remove the negative belief systems that were forced upon us, even at times we don't remember.  This is a much more effective process than either hypnosis or Reichian therapy alone.



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