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Physical Body Improvements with
Emotional Release Bodywork +,
Individual Events & Lifelong Patterns

Excellent Post Traumatic Stress CLEARING
Clears Flashbacks - Pre-Natal Incident clearing as well
Far more detailed & thorough in birth than Rebirthing
Even for Professional, Interpersonal & Spiritual Growth
I have Years of Experience clearing even the worst kinds of Abuse
Works for Loss & Grief, too.

I have a Strong 30 year spiritual & meditation - realization practice
I am caring, patient, compassionate & very experienced & skilled
I explain everything - so it makes sense to you as we go along.
You get bigger, easy releasing as you learn about the process & your own patterns.

Phone sessions at a distance often work very well
WORKS Even overseas -
I can call you free in USA & Canada,
   Very low cost elsewhere & overseas - via Skype & Vonage

Free & Low Cost Samples - even on the phone - no risk
Actual Session Payments via check, mo, paypal, visa, mc, amex, discover

I am an expert in removing the residues of physical, sexual &
   emotional abuse
, even in childhood & infancy.
as well as in
rapes & muggings

Pre-natal & Birth trauma & lifetime "pattern" removal

What happened to you & your Mom, while you were inside her - can be easily removed without trauma.  I find it more detailed & thorough than rebirthing alone.

"Lou is Brilliant & Compassionate."
     From a recent accomplished businessman & former college athlete, in his 40's - After our first in-person 4-hr Bodywork & Release Processing Session - Said to his close friend.


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Lou Gross BSEE 
(Electrical Engineering)
School Certified Master Postural Integrator since 1983
   & Structural Integration Bodyworker
   Postural Integration PhD Psychotherapists & PhD Founder trained
Netherton-Reichian Therapist - Morris Netherton PhD trained - since 1985
Strong 30 year spiritual & meditation - realization practice

Professional Background -- See About Lou Gross
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   call direct      321-726-9083

Sometimes the voicemail delays messages a few days so please
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Please include your time zone or state - country so I know
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I usually return calls promptly & can talk with you,
    & very often do processing sessions the same or next day,
    even on the same phone call

General Costs - phone sessions $50/hr

   after doing initial or a few hrs & you need some financial assistance, $40/hr.
   Sessions are usually 1. 2. or up to 3 hrs long.  Partial hrs are prorated.
Included free in Bodywork Hands-on Sessions as desired.
On the phone, only talking related to processing & clarifying your issues
   are counted for time along with the processing itself.  And that is usually
   very short. 
Free Email & brief phone support between sessions is free (except to be
    reimbursed for Skype, my 9 cents/min cell phone talking or other
   phone costs.


Payment is after each session.
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Trauma Release & Clearing
As events are dissolved out of you physically & energetically,
it simultaneously

Removes Negative Patterns, stuck emotions & blocks  - & corrects life long restrictions & issues


- Different from most commonly known systems 
- Thorough, Fast, Non-Traumatic
Noticeable, Permanent Results Even in the 1st Hr 
- You don't traumatically re-live the incident

Instead, you consciously & objectively remove
     the energy residues of the incident from your
     Body. THEN, you feel cleaner, more alert & relaxed, 
     & that behavior and its thoughts are diminished or gone.
You are conscious all the time, are getting coached from me
     on moving thru the episode, line by line, with your conscious
     mind and awareness doing the verbalizing of the energies
     that you are guided to feel in your body or pictures
     you see in your mind's eye.   These have energy.

- I also help you find & phrase the expressing sentences.  It is
     this first person, present tense expressing, while you are
     objectively aware of the picture or the feelings, that
     removes this energy that your sensing abilities or mental
     picture is perceiving. 
Often, people first give an observer statement of the energy
       they are in touch with.  So I also help you change what you
       can express in your observer mind "about" what happened,
       into a first-person, present-tense expression.  The
      observer statement is what your brain says about the
      energy.  The first person direct response from the
      energy itself, is the actual energy expressing itself.
- You are never in a trance & never in an hysteric emotional
      re-enactment.  You can even pause to eat, have water,
      or go to the bathroom

- We can straightforwardly remove the energies of episodes
      you do not remember almost as easily as those you do
      remember.  And by removing THESE episodes of stored
      energy, your trauma & patterns are dissolved right out of
      your body & its energy field.

- This energy never was YOU in the first place.  Your aware-
     ness mind just thought it was you.  It's just an
     object, and a group of objects, that your body & energy
     system picked up in the recent or distant past.  And THIS
     method enables you to find & remove those objects in a
     rather non-traumatic manner.

I've been doing this successfully since 1985.


This is a Body Releasing, & Transformational Method, to Change the State of the Body.  As we do it, we are removing old, negative emotional & physical energy out of our physical & energetic parts.  In many cases, this energy is contracting &
it is tumultuous or chaotic.

This is not a psychological therapy as in talking and discovering and figuring out ways to relate.  In also is not a psychotherapy method of reliving or discussing the past events.  It is a Bodywork method, to improve the concrete physical and energetic condition of the person.  And in the process, the old tensions & absorbed energies are removed.  This restores the state of improved health which is our more of "our own"
state without all that pollution in it.

We are removing foreign material & distortions of the physical shape, like tightness & shortness.  And we are also clearing out
the body's energy system.  We are removing these from our "optimum" Body & energy system.  The truth of this matter, discovered by many professionals during 70 years of its practice, is that the condition of the Body significantly affects what we call "the mind."

If you have already developed what I call An Awareness Mind, you might have noticed that the "you" that can observe the negative feelings & thoughts that come up, and observe the physical tightnesses in your body, is not the "you" that is them.  When you recognize this understanding, you have already "objectified" these physical & emotional-mental "things," as being separate from "you."  YOU can then use these professionally developed techniques to remove those "things" & also remove the physical tightnesses that came along with them
& those that got added over time.

The Trauma we are removing is stuck STUFF in your body.  From other people & past events.  We can remove this stuck energy & tightness. That clears it out of you - it releases it from you.  Its energy is then neutral & part of the universe's natural energy.  In you, it was a stuck form, ever since the event happened.  And with the contracting physical and emotional
parts relieved, your own condition is automatically less tense
& stressed.

It has been found that old energies from stressful, traumatic and grief events get stuck in the body, even when people can function while they were happening.  It happens to us all.  It has also been discovered that these energies are what cause us to continue to have the tensions & negative restrictions we have had since then, even the physical tightnesses. 

Even in pre-natal and birth, energy gets stuck in you, the
trauma of & with your parents & others.
For lifelong patterns, it has been discovered that what happens in the prenatal and birth experiences contribute a lot to the entire life pattern.  But while some methods think it is always just birth, this system uncovers and clears very important other time frame episodes as well.

It's a matter of physical pressure from Mother pushing onto the Baby inside, and her emotions, plus other people's emotions, combine with the pressing to form a  physical - emotional - psychological "template."  This template has both the tightness the person feels & the emotional and psychological pattern he or she recognizes.  And it is something that repeats throughout life even when the person's awareness mind notices it & would not like it to happen.

It is not the person.  It is foreign material from what happened to the person, in the past.  And this method removes it just as you would remove splinters or bacterial infections.

And in these old episodes, it is other people's words and feelings, while YOU were having physical pressure put on you.



Also read the Detailed Article Below.
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Testimonial Links are included.

Various psychological & body therapies can pull out some of these old energies.

But this combination of methods I have found, works incredibly well because it accesses more of the whole person as well as more of the old energies, removes them easier & more thoroughly, removes old embedded belief and command statements from other people, and actually transforms the person into a physically, emotionally & energetically higher and deeper state of being.  So we aren't just releasing, we are

Simply stated, the person looks, feels & functions without all that tightness & polluting energy & patterns inside him (or her).  It even helps meditators & church goers get more out of their spiritual practice.  Chi flows better.

This method does not rely on what you remember, although remembering some of the times you had trauma, like in a rape or car accident or beating, or loss of a loved one, is helpful to review & to identify what we want to clear out of you.

The REAL clearing occurs when we access the actual energies in the body directly, such as through feeling tensions or seeing pictures in the mind's eye.  And that gives us exceptional details of ALL the episodes and a direct way to remove whatever the body picked up, whether the person was aware of them, or even conscious, at the time.  I have removed patterns and body reactions from people who  were knocked unconscious or were under anesthesia in an operation that suddenly had trauma in it.

Some of the reasons this works so well is, we access the body, physically, very thoroughly; we use the energy pumping up method of the breathing; we do movements during the expression that further loosen and release deep energies as well as some tightness; and we get them out of places throughout the body & even from its energy field.

We also remove other people's energies, expressed as words or sentences, that they might have actually said or just that their emotions and movements were non verbally expressing. This includes mother and father in prenatal, and the people around you during the trauma and the abuse.  In the technique
we combine what you now can recognize, of what you were sensing or preoccupied with at the time, such as fear or tightness or pressure, or even confusion & trying to keep your balance, with the other people's actions and information that occurred at the same time.  With this kind of expressing evergything happening in each moment, the entire set of physical-emotional layers in the body and its energy fields gets removed.

The result is a physically improved state of being as well as the old psychological - emotional energies and patterns are totally gone.

Postural Integration-Plus - a group of Therapies working together
See Performance Enhancement Personal Growth & Professional System

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Some people have asked for detailed info
This is a repeat and embellishment of the items above.

with related, on-site descriptive article links
I'll call it a review & embellishment
of the key features of this method.

Also read the Detailed Article Below.
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Testimonial Links are included.

You are Totally Conscious & Can Pause & Talk with me at any time.  

Before, after & as we are doing the releasing,
I also explain each part, what we are doing & why, & people get more & more familiar with the method at the same time they feel more relaxed & Deeper-Clearer inside themselves.

No hypnosis nor trance - You are alert - your own conscious mind works with my instructions & guidance to access the old energies & do a verbal technique with some gentle movements & breathing that easily clears out even very deep and old material.

No Hyperventilating - I use Reichian Therapy Techniques I was trained in and that I have added to, but this method, with the Netherton & Structural Stretches or Structural Bodywork does not require hyperventilation to get excellent results.

Not a verbal psychotherapy technique - the verbalization used in the Netherton Processing is a first person, present tense expression, from your own adult mind, of the stored energies that have been in your body.  Even when people in the past never said the actual wordings, if you have the energies in you and can see pictures or feel feelings, then you can translate the energies into the sentences in English, even if they might have been said in another language in childhood, or just implied in actions.  The conscious mind communication with me is how to do the process, the guidance in the processing, & discussion of what you then recognize and feel as you are literally, physically, cleaner and clearer.

You do not have to remember all the episodes or even what happened in the episodes you remember.  The huge majority of information that makes up the un-conscious pattern, we are not aware of.  You do not even have to remember what someone said in an episode you do remember; it is equally and often more significant to remove the implied information or implied statements by the person's body energy and actions.  This method routinely accesses and coaches you through an un-traumatic body and normal voice speaking process that removes these old statements & energies.  

You also do not have to find words to all you own old fears and feelings.  Usually, the implied energies of words or sentences of the other people are combined with your own old, non-verbal energy experiences, second after second.  This method removes each second's total energy movie "frame" by accessing the whole frame in an easy to comprehend and do way, once you see what we are doing and get the hang of it.
Hands-on with me is always very effective; however hands-on from someone else before our session works well, too.  My stretching methods have equally helped people on the phone as well.

The technique does not require special equipment or areas to work in.  I have done this processing very effectively in restaurants, at the beach & sitting on a couch with friends, as well as during a lie down on the bodywork table or couch processing session.  One client even did it on her cell phone, stretched out in the back of her SUV by the river near her house (crowded with family), while I was coaching her through it from over 1000 miles away.  But you do need a quiet area.  I also did it for a person in a foreign country via skype internet phone and text.  In a crowded apartment, she could hear me, then say the sentences of her inner energies to release silently to herself and also typed them to me on skype.
  Skype-out works from my computer to your own house or office phone.  Even to cell phones.  In many countries, to land line phone connections are just a couple US Dollars per hour.

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Four multiple layers in the Body Created from Abuse
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Includes Netherton & Reichian Therapy Methods,
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    very effective Bodywork method of
    my unique Structural Stretching.
Netherton & Reichian Process - Typical Session & Benefits Gained Booklet

How the System Improves on Bodywork Releasing & Adds to Structural Integration (Rolfing (r), Hellerwork (r),
& is great for Personal Development & is not Hypno-therapy

Postural Integration-Plus - a group of Therapies working together   
Performance Enhancement Personal Growth & Professional System
How this is different from Regression Hypno-Therapy- it's a Real Removal




My Unique Energy Calming & Centering Technique & the Fascia Body Lengthening Stretches & Emotional Energy Loosening Movements.

A key to the fast, comfortable & thorough release of very strong emotional energies that have been held in for some time.

This is unique to MY Netherton-Reichian Method and it is both very effective in pulling out more old energies easier, and thoroughly, and it also helps people stay stronger than the emotional energy coming out, which, especially in grief, can be a lot.

So we stretch you easily and have you deep breathe some, then we have you do some of the release processing of the Netherton technique.  There is no hyperventilating nor getting lost in trauma.  We just have you squeeze energy out of tissues and bring it up to consciousness in the forebrain to remove it with this sensing & simple verbal expressive process.

As the energy being released gets very strong, we then have you breathe through your inner energy center line of points and that re-centers you and decreases the amount of emotional energy coming out at any one time.  These are measurable energy centers that are part of us just as our organs and arms and legs are, and they are centered along the front of the spine inside the body, with their energies flowing circularly in each body area from pelvis to top of the head.  By breathing into them in a slow, focused manner, one after the other, the emotional trauma charge filling up our muscles an overwhelming our fbrains and tissues, is then relaxed, and we feel only the calm, centered and relaxed energies we have just created in a few minutes.

Then we can either do more releasing or stop for the time being and clean the rest of it out at a later time.

Once you see how to do this, you can do some of it yourself; both the Netherton releasing word saying and the breathing along the center line of your energies and even your inner muscles of the spine and nervous system.

We also have you breathe through the body's acupuncture energy system and make planes of smoothing and aligning energy from the left to the right, right to the left, front to back and back to front.  This also calms YOU and strengthens you, and it is then easier to do the next amount of energies to release.  

Further, we do more easy, loosening stretches throughout the session, and we have you move your legs and pelvis in ways to release the energies of the structure that are up in the chest and also in the abdomen and legs and pelvis.  This allows for a clearer release of the deeper energies inside that got pushed down and stuck there.  And it makes it easier to do and even less traumatic.  

We are simply loosening the body, bringing the old foreign energies up to consciousness, and then using our conscious awareness minds to translate the energies into first-person present-tense sentences to express them as they were said or implied in the past specific episode we are clearing.


All the episodes  stuck in the body are from specific episodes.  While our forebrains can remember & describe a whole series of events in an observational sense, the body embedded energies & tightnesses are in the first person, just like a recording on your CD or DVD, made a long time ago.  And this method erases them so your CD-DVD is now fresh and clean and blank again.


Ways that the Bodywork & Structural Stretching
itself & then adding the other release techniques make it work.


Some people who are very capable, hold a lot of grief in, because they have had to keep on top of the situation, and/or because they were told to be strong and hold it in, and even because it was too much to handle at the time.  For this kind of large amount of energies, it helps a lot to have the hands-on Structural Integration Bodywork first, and/or as the releasing is happening. 

All by itself, the Bodywork reduces the amount of the energies, cleaning them out of the muscles and organs of the body, and it opens the areas to the head, & in the head, so that energy can flow to there and into consciousness. It also removes a lot of the tightness that was formed in the old event, which is always a part of the blockage to a smooth release that is not overwhelming.

In fact, along with sorrow, there is usually anger that the person died or that things were happening the way they did.  And this angry energy and its tightness is located lower in the structure, and also, it holds the sorrow into the chest.   That tightness involves the legs as well as the lower pelvis and even the neck and head.

When the muscles that were tightened to hold the feelings inside are loosened, then the emotional statements to hold it in, as well as the sorrow feelings themselves, come out a lot more.  It is here we also alternate the energy breathing and strong centering.  

And note that it is the fascia of the muscle bodies, the putty holding all the muscle fibers together, that embodies the ongoing tightness.  It is not a matter of recent or current muscle fiber and nerve signal activity.  It is purely old shortness in putty that was created during the events themselves, by the intense muscle tightening or the pressure from mother or outsiders pushing onto the person's body..

And because the stretching and Netherton type of release processing literally clears out parts of the body right away, from the outside-in usually, then the re-centering and calming and aligning, with the special energy breathing, has more volume of our bodies to work with.  So as the releasing volume progresses, the other method for US, makes us more deeply & more fully relaxed, clearer & more energized.

And in phone sessions, instead of the in-person hands-on, on the phone, we can do the Structural Stretching in many areas of the body, and coach you to do hands-on for the head & chest, etc, first.  Then it is easier to remove the large amount of grief in a more comfortable way.  Or, to remove the trauma in a way that the fears come out step by step at the same time as the anger and overwhelm. is cleared as well.

For abusive trauma, there is also a lot of fear that comes out of storage in the body, and it helps to do these techniques for that to come out easier and a lot less traumatically as well.

We make the good part of you Bigger & Bigger as more & more of the of tightnesses and energy are corrected, & in the process, you become a Better & Better processing mechanism.


Now for this Article's
Detailed Description & Intro

   Part 1  &  Part 2  follow - details of the combined methods
   Unique Bodywork, Reichian Therapy, Netherton Therapy
   Even more specific details of the processing & the description
   of our blocks & patterns in the free articles linked just below.
You can scan it by reading just the red & bold black type

     Testimonials - Trauma Release        Testimonials - Personal Growth

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Lou Gross BSEE 
(Electrical Engineering)
   EST      1-321-726-9083  & 321-726-9083
Please Include Your time zone or state - country so I know
 when evening or morning is for you versus my own time zone.

I usually return calls promptly & can talk with you,
    & very often do processing sessions the same or next day,
    even on the same phone call. 

School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Netherton-Reichian Therapist & Structural Integration Bodyworker
Morris Netherton PhD trained
Postural Integration PhD Psychotherapists & PhD Founder trained
See About Lou Gross - professional background
Optional Read -- Free Consult Info Page

Even overseas - I can call you
 Skype, is inexpensive to many countries,
  Totally Free phoning computer to computer

"Lou is Brilliant & Compassionate."
     From a recent accomplished businessman & former college athlete, in his 40's - After our first in-person 4-hr Bodywork & Release Processing Session - Said to his close friend.


Trauma Release & Trauma Clearing
About 7-10 typewritten pages in smaller type


The Bottom Line of the Method
I am an expert in removing the effects of Abuse - & without much trauma - also removing loss and grief easily

Download PDF of this Whole Article
Read Details of my 
UNIQUE Abuse Effects Removal Downloadable E-BOOK
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You can scan the whole article by reading just the red & bold black type 

       Trauma Release, Clearing & Removing Bodymind Therapy is a set of very well established, school trained methods, connected together in a way that quickly and comfortably accomplishes the removal of upsetting emotional energy that is causing their phobias or sorrows & is often a cause of ongoing physical ailments. 
       It clears what people think are mental patterns or emotional patterns.  They are really structural patterns embedded with the energy of the old negative emotional and physical trauma events.

        I've been school trained and have been helping people with this system, including by phone, for over 20 years.
        This kind of emotional and physical trauma energy "routinely" gets stuck in our bodies during stress, pain & illness.  It also happens "regularly" during traumatic events such as childhood or adult abuse, loss of a loved one, auto and other serious accidents, natural disasters, financial debacles, upsetting divorces, muggings, rapes, shootings and times of war.

       Trauma Release, Clearing & Removal Bodymind therapy does both emotional release and physical release.  People feel a lot looser, straighter & taller as well as emotionally relieved.
       Even by phone, a lot of relief happens in just the first hour and people feel much more relieved in just one 2-3 hour session.
       Further sessions, if desired, continue to remove additional, deeper seated energies, and people feel cumulatively more deeply relaxed, flexible and psychologically freer, even in circumstances of life they've always felt blocked.
I have helped people release all their old tensions & emotional trauma from rape, long term abuse, loss of loved ones, acts of war, auto accidents, beatings, interpersonal relationship upsets, even from birth & pre-natal trauma.

       My easy to do method removes actual physical tightness of the muscles that is caused by this "foreign" energy, and it simultaneously dissolves away the emotional "charge," of a single stressful event and from a series of stressful events.

        This method greatly extends the releasing from Structural Integration & other Bodywork & release sessions you may have had.  It helps so much because it quickly removes large amounts of old restrictive energy & expressive blockage that neither Bodywork nor other methods I have encountered over 20 years can remove.  

        It even has the capability to clear events from many years ago that we don't consciously remember but stored significant stress in the body anyway.  This trauma, tightness and body energy release system quickly & cumulatively removes those restrictions and "pollutions" to our otherwise healthy body and mind.
        It simultaneously makes the mind clearer, calmer & more aware.  People are educated about the process, too, can do some more on their own, and they see the details, & causes, of their long term patterns more clearly, at the same time that the charge & control has been removed.

1-321-726-9083  & 310-285-8132
I usually return calls promptly & can talk with you,
& very often do processing sessions the same day, even on the same phone call.   

Go to article describing  Clearing Specific Traumatic Events
Testimonials - Trauma Release        
- Personal Growth

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Scanning:  Read Bold Black & Red
Please note:  This is not a short article



by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Expert in Bodymind Release Therapies; Netherton, Reichian, Bioenergetic, Structural & Energetic.  Since 1982.        
I am an expert in removing the effects of Abuse - & without much trauma

years successful experience with this particular system
For more information & free consultations, 321-726-9083, 321-726-9083

Professional background   About Lou Gross

Download PDF of the Whole Article


       This method of Emotional Trauma Release, Clearing, Removal Bodymind therapy, can also remove the stress and the depressing or frustrated emotions that have been created in situations relating to chronic pain and injuries.  That can even be done simultaneously with the improvement in the purely physical condition.
There's often an emotional shock that gets stored in the body tissues at the time of an injury.  And for many people, there's an accumulation of stored emotion relating to the limitations we have when there's chronic pain and debility. 
Emotional charge also builds up through a series of events of not being able to get the chronic pain fixed, and even having to tough it out while "living with it."
So this system can remove the "instantly embedded" upsets that get put into the body during athletic injuries.  The physical injury may heal, but in many cases, the emotional charge created exactly at that time still stays in the body.  This can even create a phobia.

        This is not psychotherapy, although it has certainly helped people in their psychotherapy.
        This is a removal of energy and physical tension that gets stuck in the actual tissues of our bodies; and it is even more significant than the mental memories we usually consider with regard to trauma.

         It is this stuck "form" and the stuck energies that perpetuate our emotional upsets for days, weeks and even years after the original incidents are gone.  Our "remembering" comes and goes, depending on what we're mentally paying attention to.  The material in our bodies is always there, like a bunch of splinters.

         When the embedded energies are removed with a "focused" physical relengthening and conscious emotional release, most, and often all, the negative phobias, upsets and fears that had been operating all that time literally go away.
          In this method, emotional release is done with a clear headed, aware conscious mind.  Upsetting emotions may come to consciousness as they leave the body, but the actual removal process is rather non-traumatic.  We are clearing the "space" in our own body-mind.  And people find their mind becomes increasingly clearer, calmer and more centered at the same time they are removing the old energies.

           Most of us accumulate trauma and stress even as small children, if only from upsetting falls and injuries.  And psychotherapists now know that we absorb the emotional stresses of our mother during birth and the prenatal,
while we, ourselves, are getting pressed upon by her belly and birth canal muscles, and come under the influence of her chemical changes.
           Once any of these energies get stuck in our tissues, no matter how long ago, they operate from the subconscious part of the mind and "keep alive" the same discomforts and negative feelings and thoughts we (or mother) had during the actual past experiences.  Then, for many of us, as time goes on, that energy "transfers" itself onto other people and events in our lives and causes problems for us, and in our relationships.
          These embedded energies include the thoughts, feelings, speech and actions of ourselves and all the people around us in those specific stressful or traumatic events.  It is as if we were a sponge at the time, and sopped up all the energy from the surrounding area.  It's also as if we were a set of video cameras and a recorder, and made a precise recording of everything that happened at the time.

          The "residues," or "legacies," of these events are not just mental memories.  They are real emotions and physical sensations, just like our everyday healthy emotions and actions.  But because they were generated at an extremely stressful time, and still remain inside of us, it's as if we're having those exact stressful experiences all over again, sometimes when we get "triggered," and sometimes all the time.  So they keep us stressed in exactly the same ways that we were in the actual events.

          Most people think that the continuing upsets people have after traumatic events are because their mental faculties keep "remembering them."  Thousands of treatments have proven this is not true. 
            Even people who are upset a lot of the time, have periods when they're thinking about something else.  "They" might even "know better," that "they" shouldn't be so stressed.
           So what "else" keeps making the old behavior repeat?
           The continuing upset is due to the actual "implant" of the energies of the event itself.
  Remove the emotional charge and physical tension of the implant and the person no longer has the ongoing upset.  In fact, many people can then face the issue in their own minds without getting upset about it.  And they even see the details of what happened more clearly.
          This happens for even the most physically traumatic and emotionally repressive experiences.  And it works for events we don't completely remember and for events that happened in the pre-verbal, pre-natal and birth periods of our lives, too.  We are removing the "bodily" recordings of the events, regardless of what pictures or thoughts "about" them are in our "minds."



        These Trauma and Emotional Release, Clearing & Removal BodymindTherapies include hands-on Structural Integration Bodywork, which in my own case, usually feels quite good as it is releasing old tension, stress, and emotional energy.
          They also include processes that we do, usually with a therapist, bodyworker or "coach" that give us access to the material stuck in the body area of the subconscious mind.  They enable us to literally remove that energy in a methodical, conscious way.  The energy, and thus the negative residues, dissolve away immediately, as we follow the process in the sessions.
  When the energy patterns are gone, the behaviors they, not us, created in our lives are also gone.

        You see, the actual events were in years past.  They don't exist now.  Maybe even the other people in those events are totally out of our lives.  But the energy residues, or video tapes, inside our own bodies have still remained.  It is the emotional charge and physical component of these video tapes that Trauma Release Therapy erases.
         It removes the emotional charge, and at the same time, significantly increases our insight and knowledge into what happened.  But we're no longer thrown by it. A person can still remember the incidents, often in greater detail, and may even have opinions about what happened.  But the large emotional upsets, the fears and the strains associated with the experiences, are gone.  In fact, the mind actually becomes clearer, deeper, and the person is often calmer and more centered than even before the incidents.

        Because these are actual physical energy packets located in the flesh, regular verbal psychotherapy and even hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) cannot access them.  These methods can help us modify our mental thought patterns about the incidents, and may even help us release some of the emotional charge.  But they cannot get most of it.

        I frequently hear clients say, "I worked on this issue a lot," but when we do the processing, many hours of very serious emotional material, from episodes they remembered, and from similar others they didn't remember, come out of them.  From this release, they immediately feel physically lighter, emotionally relieved and mentally clearer.
        You see, it turns out that any specific very traumatic episode almost always is part of a "stack" that includes the energies of other episodes of the same type, usually from much earlier times. 
        What we are doing is removing the negative, and perhaps self-defeating, pattern of behavior that we recognize is coming from the specific event.  But it's also coming from the other events as well, because they embedded more of the same kinds of energy and tightness inside us. So we want to get that out, too.

        We are simply, but very effectively, clearing the body of accumulated tightness and stored stress.  A lot of that tightness and stress were created during what we usually consider psychological or "mental" interactions.  But in the Bodywork and Bodymind therapy fields, we find these are experiences of the body as well.
        When some people first come for a session, I see that while they're analytically knowledgeable about their histories, they're also still very much bound up in the fear, anger, resentment, sorrow and confusion of the emotional energies still inside them.
        As the series of sessions proceeds, their behavior changes very significantly. They become increasingly more open, less fearful and defensive, less strained, less sorrowful, less angry and less distractive and avoiding.  And whatever the person also does in verbal psychotherapy, counseling and kinesiological reprogramming works more fully and successfully in their lives.  With Trauma Release Therapy, which works on the original old episodes, we've removed the negative competition to these new positive, "mental" ideas.

        Still embedded trauma is one of the major reasons people continue to suffer or "fall off a recovery program" even when they're getting good counseling and psychotherapy.  It is not the fault of the therapy or therapist.  It is simply that "the episodes" are still happening for the person at the same time the therapy is trying to help him or her recover.
        The error is in the incomplete view of the situation.  The conventional thought is that the episode or earlier period of life is over, and recovery can be worked on.  The more effective approach should be to release the residues of the events out of the person's body, in conjunction with the counseling.

        I believe it is absolutely essential to have good counseling and ongoing support when recovering from any trauma.  We need to receive good, "nourishing" energies on many levels to heal, and to replenish ourselves from the "deficits."
        But if no release of the trauma occurs, it's almost as if the counseling and support are being given during the actual traumatization. In fact, the person's negative, upsetting behavior is fighting against moving in a positive direction.
        The support system is going in one direction, and the still embedded negative energies are going in the opposite direction, fighting it.  In fact, many people cannot even accept nor apply the positive counseling suggestions because their bodies are too hard and tight on the outside and too contracted and withdrawn on the inside.
          Plus, they are controlled by the negative "commands" that got put into them subconsciously during the events. 
The traumatic energies actually contain the negative attitudes that are forced upon us during the trauma.  So there is a self-defeating belief system in our way, too.  And again, it is a body energy implant, not a mentally created decision.

         Verbal therapy can help us understand our difficult situation and past experiences, and even give us tools to cope with them.But when energy from the past still remains inside of us, it can repeatedly sabotage the wellness program.
         When people are open to the counseling, then the good things we learn and receive build up positive energy and new, positive mental patterns.  But these are located in different physical parts of the body and in different neurons in the brain from the past traumatic and negative material.  So while they are an attempt to substitute for the old tendencies and behaviors, they cannot erase them.
          In addition, the old events were created in times of serious stress, with a lot of emotional and physical energy powering them.  That large quantity of energy is still with us.  The new mentally introduced attitudes are much "smaller" in this regard.  What's left, energy wise, either controls us, or makes us have internal strain even if we get our "positive" way.

           As psychotherapy treatment continues, the new parts of us can become larger, if there's a physical place for that energy to accumulate in.  And we can behave in that manner more often and with more conviction, if we can increase the good parts.  This can be done with a body clearing approach.
              Yet the old material deeper inside us is always significant because it gets triggered by our current life fears, and then it amplifies those fears way out of proportion.
  It actually "re-fills" our muscles with the same tensions we had during the old stressful events.  This mechanism gives the conscious mind the "big" bad energy feeling all over again.  That often create fears that aren't warranted in the current situation.  And it re-creates the angers of the old event, too.
             There is also a "speed" issue, a reaction issue.  The new behaviors created in psychotherapy were created in our analytical minds.  But the sabotaging behaviors were created physically and emotionally.  Those reactions occur many times faster, and have a lot more energy in them than the mentally created thoughts and behaviors.  So when they're triggered, they predominate.

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