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                     I was most impressed with the personal growth I developed.  The combination of physical and emotional treatments together gave me insight into different parts of myself, and the Bodywork "opened me up" so I could take advantage of the Netherton and Reichian verbal and emotional release therapy.
                 I have gained some personal growth that has helped me in my work as well. 

                 I gained insight into some of my behavior and feelings.  And I got in touch with the unfinished business that originated in my earliest childhood.  Through the Bodymind release processing I've been able to let go of the different feelings and attitudes that were limiting me, and that I didn't like having but wasn't able to release before.

                While I was a loving, caring person before the treatment, it specifically opened my heart more and helped me let go of the fears and past difficulties that caused me stress in both my social and professional lives.  Now I can better deal with people who are closed and help them much more.  And I feel confident with who I am and what I can do.

 Ms JL, RN, Social Worker & Registered NURSE, age 28

                    I have a lot more of me, available to me, since Iíve been doing Louís Bodywork and Bodymind release processing.  I was filled with anxiety and confusion within myself.  Now there is an empty space where that had been, and itís available to me for nurturing myself.

                It used to be, that if I needed a quiet time for myself, and I had a friend who wanted me to do something else, I would give into their needs because I thought their needs were more important than mine.  I realize now that I didnít value my own needs.
                This change within myself happened after I released traumatic experiences from my body, that had gotten in there when I was programmed to take care of other peopleís needs instead of my own.
                Iíve gotten a number of other benefits by removing the old tension and emotional trauma & negativities.  In the past, I disassociated from my feelings.  But now, Iím able to own my feelings. I also now have strong boundaries whereas before, I had a bunch of jumbled desires that were defined as a boundary, and were acting disfunctionally as one.
                And whatís wonderful is that people now treat me with greater respect and are very willing to offer to give to me, without my needing to ask to get my needs met.  They just see my situation and lovingly offer to help.
                    It's been a lot of personal growth specifically from getting the actual sessions of Structural Integration Bodywork, and the Netherton and Reichian Therapy process.

Ms MM, Age 63, Professional Vegetarian Chef and Healthy Food and Lifestyle Consultant
Serious Spiritual Meditator and Practitioner for many years

                I used to have a filter between me and authority figures.  This filter would always say, "Be careful what I do and say, because they're going to hurt me."
                   Now that I've had a few Bodywork and Bodymind releasing sessions, I've noticed this wall is clearly, noticeably and remarkably missing.
  Before it was removed, I had no idea the filter was even there.  I just automatically listened to the message and thought it was "me."  Now that it's gone, it's obvious it's just not there.
                In relations with authority figures, I would be "present" before, but wanting to physically leave and pull away.  Now, I'm present and I also don't have the agenda to leave.  I'm comfortable.  I don't have to take off.  I notice the mental messages of the filter are gone and that "feeling" is missing, too.
                You could say I've gotten some personal growth, or deelopment, and can be more effective in my field.

                The process is also clarifying what happened in my past, and this more accurate information helps me, too.  Fourteen years ago, in the "est" training, a memory came up of the doctor who delivered me, sexually abusing my mother.  But now, through Lou's more accurate methods, I see there were really two different incidents with different people.  It was someone else, during prenatal, who sexually assaulted mother, while he was drunk.  And at birth, the doctor had to give me, the infant, mouth to mouth resuscitation to save my life.  And he, too, had had a drink.  I now see that the smell of alcohol, the mouth to mouth touching, and other similar circumstances connected those two incidents.

Ms DR, Teaching Staff Development Teacher, age 41

                 This treatment made it easier for me to access long buried feelings, and it had a lot to do with expediting my psychological therapy.  The two, Lou's Structural Integration Bodywork and Bodymind release processing, (with the Netherton & Reichian Therapy) and my verbal psycho-therapy, work together very well.  It's a good combination for anyone trying to get in touch with themselves.

                Not only did I get a mental understanding of my issues, but by getting in touch with what was actually inside my body, and then discussing those feelings in psychotherapy, the different areas of my body could release the actual tensions and emotions they were holding.  The result was both an increased mental clarity and a letting go of emotional holding patterns.

                This put me in touch with my authentic self, rather than the product that I was, as a result of my conditioning.  The person that I came into this world as got distorted by the experiences of a somewhat traumatic childhood in which my parents had poor parenting skills.  So I adopted certain behaviors in order to survive, that were not part of my original authentic self.
                I had experiences in adulthood that pointed out to me that how I behaved from this conditioning was causing me more pain. 
                   From the combination of Lou's work and the psychotherapy, I got in touch with the childhood hurts, which were still in me, that had created this ongoing conditioning.  And  I was able to let go of them
               As I got rid of the distortions, I got a better idea of who I am, and now I behave more that way, naturally.   I'm free to do the things I enjoy doing.  I appreciate the experiences that come into my life and can participate in them more fully.  Because I'm free from my past, it's easier to live in the present.
                One of the things I let go of was the belief system and cycle of conditioned guilt.  I now know that many things about me, and many things in my life, are not my fault (as I'd been told, and believed).  So I no longer accept being blamed for things that I recognize are not my fault.  This allows me to see what's going on more clearly, and then be able to say and do more appropriate things to help the situation.

                From all this, my marriage is certainly better, as is my life at work.  And I get more recognition for the talents I have.  As I got to see more of what is me, I acted more like me.  As the process continued, I felt better about myself and acted accordingly.
                It's been good personal development, or you might say, personal growth in both areas of my life.

Ms CB, Special Education Teacher, age 36

                  This Bodywork and Bodymind release processing  is one of the best things Iíve ever done for myself!  If Iíd done it when I was 18-20, Iíd have had a different life.  Iím the same person but I probably would have made different choices.

                   Iíd been exceptionally tight and tense over my whole body for many years.  These treatments have made me much looser and Iíve become more sensitive to the specific feelings and sensations in my body.  And it wasn't just the Structural Integration itself.  The Netherton & Reichian Therapy methods actually released a lot of the tension as we processed out the old emotional trauma in those past events.  This removal even keeps me from retightening in the kinds of circumstances that used to cause me tension.

                This work has helped me remove some of my key fears. Instead of having to try to over-ride my conditional programming, this method actually removes the negative programming.  And I can then choose to act from whom I truly am now.
                    I can sky dive and bungy jump, so Iím without fear that way.  But if Iíve had to stand in front of a group of people and give a talk, it scares the He-- out of me.  After doing three long sessions with Lou, in which we removed fearful traumas from early life confrontations, I gave three public group talks.  I was powerful and ďreal,Ē and the fear was gone!


                    Lou's phone counseling sessions were incredibly healing for me.  With his clear guidance I was able to release some unresolved emotional issues that I had concerning a specific family sexual issue, from childhood.
I'd been wrestling with the beliefs that the feelings I've had and the boundaries I'd wanted to set, even in adult non-sexual situations, were not OK.
                 Doing about 4 hours of releasing the energies and beliefs that had been stuck in my body, from old upsetting childhood episodes, cleared up my problems to the level where I have been very satisfied.
                By doing the release processing with the Netherton & Reichian Therapy techniques, the words that I'd had in my own thoughts, on a regular basis, that ĎI shouldn't have certain feelings and boundaries,í actually went away.
                  That in itself is phenomenal.  And the fact that this change occurred in only two 2-hr sessions is incredible.

                Further, part of my issues were involved with childhood/teenage experiences regarding a family member who was a "peeping tom."   It was indeed emotional trauma.
                   This was so significant for me that I'd been unable to do face to face therapy.  So Lou's ability to do his healing work on the phone allowed me to do the treatment, because I didn't need to be face to face with him. 
                   Not only does Lou know how to do the processing techniques, but he can do it on the phone because he has the intuitive ability to sense the guidance I needed to release the next thing in my process.

                As a matter of fact, I hadn't even been consciously aware that the peeping tom episodes were creating the fears that had blocked face to face therapy.  When I did these releasing sessions, it brought a lot of unconscious material to consciousness, and at the same time, it removed the emotional charge that was in the material.  As a result, I've become clearer at a deeper level inside my mind.  And I can thus see how the episodes had been affecting me.

                Lou has intuitive skills, verbal skills and an ability to guide a person through their releasing in a way that felt safe to me In fact, if it weren't for Lou's abilities in this area, an authority issue I'd also had wouldn't have allowed me to yield to Lou's guidance and I'd have felt less safe.  Lou's healing gifts have meant a great deal to me. 

Ms DP, age 55, home maker & school children's volunteer 

                   Through Louís incredible Structural Integration Bodywork and Counsel, I was finally able to release the rage and denial I had held onto for so many years.  His mastery reaches so many layers and he brings consciousness to the parts of the body that would otherwise be inaccessible.
                 In one session I was able to breathe deeper, stand taller and feel more grounded than Iíd felt for a very long time.  I felt years of tension lift from my body.  The releasing in my face and head felt like Iíd had a face lift.
                 I felt much lighter as the treatment pulled all the physical and emotional tension out. 

Ms KTP, Intuitive & telepathic

                The combination of Bodywork and Bodymind release processing sessions helped me both physically and psychologically.  The permanent release of tightness in my body facilitated the additional release of negative emotions and psychological blocks that were keeping me stuck, keeping me from actualizing my potential.

                My "hopeless" posture had consisted of rounded in shoulders with my chest dropped down because it was so tight and my abdominal muscles were compressed short with a lot of tightness there, too.  My tight legs and pelvis were also very tight.  All this inhibited me from free physical movements and it was also holding in many years of emotional tension and upset.

                As my body loosened from the treatments, my posture improved as well as my flexibility and I became more able to enjoy more active physical activities like dancing and sports.  I love to jump in the pool.  At the same time, I released a lot of inhibiting emotional energy from specific areas of my body, especially resistance from the back of my legs and anger and fear from my abdomen.

                    The combination of the Structural Integration Bodywork that actually made my body "work" better as well as remove tightness, and the Netherton & Reichian Therapy release techniques, all worked together.  Yet, even when I just did the verbal work sitting in a chair, I could feel my body become more relaxed and more open.

                The resultant change is obvious, in my approach to my work, my colleagues, and my personal relationships.  My attitude and outlook is consist≠ently brighter, happier and lighter.   I now love to help other people.  My co-workers gave me an "unofficial award" as Most Valuable Employee because I lifted them up.  And I am also open to all types of people instead of being literally and emotionally closed.

                I now use the stretching exercises Lou taught me to maintain and even improve upon his good work.  And I am now very aware of the of energy through my body.

                I consider all of this, including the better mind-body awareness, the personal growth I received.

Ms AA, age 49, Computer Programmer, Writer

                 This combination Bodywork & Emotional Trauma Release treatment has helped me release a lot of stored ďstuffĒ out of my body.  And thatís helped disrupt the repetitive, never ending cycle I had in my daily life When things get ďtoo muchĒ from my overly busy house, I can now go to the park and enjoy myself in the woods.  This is a new ďability,Ē whereas before, I was just caught in the overwhelm of it all.  And itís had a wonderful healing effect on me. The release of past repressive and negative energy in my own body means itís no longer there to get triggered and repress me.  So I can now do more for myself, as my inner self wants to.
                So I've gotten some concrete "Personal Development."

                This release of actual energetic substance and physical tension has literally created more space in my bodyI can now get more fully ďinto my bodyĒ and bring in more oxygen and life-force. This allows me to have the significantly increased freedom of movement inside myself that I also want.

Ms JB, Licensed Massage Therapist,
2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive acupressurist
Energy healer and emotional-physical intuitive counselor

               As a bodyworker and release practitioner myself, I've found that the combination of Louís Structural Integration Bodywork and Bodymind release processing is especially beneficial for people who are serious about personal growth and evolving.  And it's also especially beneficial in facilitating emotional release.
             The combination creates a synergy so that it's far greater to put the two together than to do either one or the other.  In fact, Iíve gotten a lot more physical release, a lot deeper, than I could ever have gotten from the Bodywork alone.  I can feel it in my organs and deep structure, right when Iím doing the processing.  The next day, I can feel how much clearer and freer I am.

                Besides helping me with my personal growth work, I've also benefited from Lou's Bodymind approach as a yoga teacher.  I've felt the difference in movement and expressiveness in both my physical and emotional bodiesIn fact, Iím much more ďin my body,Ē and I can get into my yoga positions farther and easier.

                I highly recommend Lou's program and skills.  I was very impressed with his technical abilities in the Body-mind release processing; how he could tell where the next energies to process were located, what they were probably saying, and how they related to my lifelong issues and current situations. I was also very impressed with how he easily directed me to which time frame next needed to be released, and he could even switch back and forth in the same session to release a number of similar episodes in parallel.

                I also highly recommend his understanding and perspective of personal growth and human potential. And I even like the way he combines the Bodywork and Body-mind processing aspect with the nutritional element of living foods and herbs.

Ms JM, Specialized Kinesiologist, Licensed Massage Therapist,
Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Yoga Instructor,
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Anatomy Instructor to Yoga Teacher students

                   Lou's combination of Structural Bodywork and Body-mind Release Processing has helped me think better and feel better.  It has also significantly changed my life.

                I was able to get in contact with the energies of many  violent and angry physical and sexual abuse episodes I had in childhood, and I actually processed those energies out of my body.  This included an episode where I was knocked unconscious and was still being kicked.

                The result is that I no longer feel worthless and don't have those kinds of thoughts anymore.  I'm also no longer suicidal. And I was able to come off my anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicines, for a year already, and I had been taking them for over 5 years.  I  no longer look back at those violent episodes, whereas before, they were often flashbacks throughout my day.  Now they're gone.  And, I no longer deal with life's problems using sarcasm; I now deal with things "up front" honestly and openly.  I no longer feel like a victim.

                This treatment has given me the self confidence to make the changes in my life necessary to become happy.  My relationship to my children has gotten better and I got out of a bad long term marriage.

                All this permanent change for the better took about 20 hours total in Bodywork and easy verbal processing. It's very simple to do yet very effective, and the results are immediate and amazing.  We even did processing on the phone, sitting on a blanket at the beach and in a movie parking lot one evening.  The treatment took a number of weeks and each time I was "triggered" by current life circumstances, Lou's techniques easily cleared me.  I not only released the current life upset but actually erased the tapes of the more original episodes that had been causing my current upset.

                My 5 year old son and 11 year old daughter wanted to also receive the Bodywork, and after having some (1-hr on the 5 year old, 3-1/2 hrs on the 11 year old), I noticed they were calmer and they understood and did instructions better.  Their school performance increased and they got much better in both academics and physical activity.  My daughter's anger got less for a year or two and my son was more outgoing in a positive way, which has stayed, and increased for four years.

                I sincerely believe that if my ex-husband had been willing to have more of Lou's treat≠ment, our marriage could have been saved, because after only 1-1/2 hours of the Bodywork treatment he did, I noticed a big change for the better.

                I had another series of Bodywork and release treatments from Lou a few years later.  In them, we released the energies of more of the abusive experiences from childhood, from even deeper in my body than before.  These had set up a lifelong repetitive pattern of victimization, especially from people who were supposed to care for me and look out for my interests.

                As these old energies of intense repression were removed from my muscles and organs, my own adult capabilities became my more predominant way of living.
One big result is that I no longer wanted to have emotionally abusive family members in my life, and in fact, they stopped connecting with me.  In their place, I made new relationships with people who were more than happy to want to help me and make my life better.

                I also got rid of: a family of financially draining borders; criminal teenagers regularly coming to my house; an abusive, controlling family member whoíd kept falling down on his promises; and a financially draining house that I no longer wanted (but was perfect for the parents of the couple across the street, who happily bought it.)

                I moved into a much nicer apartment I was very happy with; I spoke up to my boss about his sexist put down comments, (and he agreed with my strong stand); I got two better jobs in other cities that pay more, with people who are more respectful to me and more appreciative of my talents; and I have a new, loving husband.

Ms KE, age 38, Computer Help-Line Specialist

                 This week I had a 3-hr verbal-release processing session with Lou and I've had wonderful, lasting results. I can tell you that once you get familiar with the method, it's easy to do.  We actually did this process right over the phone.

                About 9-months ago, Lou and I had done 8-hours of Structural Integration Bodywork and 3 hours of this verbal release processing.  That work helped me release a certain amount of "fixed" long term physical tension and, along with it, I released some of my old behavior patterns that were "formed" in that tension.

                Because of that release, I could see my behavioral patterns better and I was less stuck to old ideas of how I wanted to solve my problems.  I changed from a "running away" modality regarding an unsatisfying family condition to an approach that dealt directly with the situation. And I let go of blame in other relationships that I now saw had more potential than I'd thought
             .  I then saw solutions I hadn't felt comfortable with before.  That is, the old form I'd been stuck in was keeping me uncomfortable and was blocking my free creativity to solve my problems in a better way.  In fact, I then transformed my relationships to what would serve me better and get me more solidly to my goals. 

                This week I noticed I had a much bigger "immediate" change.  I was amazed that I could consciously see, right while I was doing the releasing, that my "state of being" improved, both physically and psychologically. I got less and less tense and my "automatic" emotional behavior changed for the better, even without my having to think about how to respond to things.

                As we released the energies of three difficult episodes that occurred in my pre-natal months and during infancy, I could feel specific areas of my body relax more and more.  I even felt my breathing became fuller.  The verbal release technique was actually removing long term tensions that even the past Bodywork and massages never cleared.  Even my chronic neck tension released quite a lot, and stayed released for even three years.

                Another benefit that occurred right in the session was that I was much more gentle and loving in my speech than I usually would be, when I had to interrupt the telephone process to talk with my 5-year old daughter. Normally I would have been strained and talked sharply and almost scoldingly to her for interrupting me.  I was even more gentle and loving with my 13-year old son when he needed to talk with me a little later, (after Iíd released even more tension).

                My perception of the tapes that have run me is much clearer.  In fact, I notice I've now "lost" the immediate negative reactions that used to compel me to attack people.  That would just ďimmediately happen,Ē as an automatic defense, when I was in situations that triggered certain stressful fears.  I now see that what I thought were ďmyĒ behaviors were the very same kinds of attacking we'd just cleared out of my body.  They were really the energies that other people were doing over thirty years ago.

                I'm very thankful that I can be healed in such a simple, yet dynamic manner.  Lou really knows what he's doing; he is gifted with the insight, skills and sensitivity to do this difficult task.  He is also an educator with an ability to communicate concisely.  He is motivated from deep within his soul and his love and care has always shown this in all of our sessions.  It's a wonderful thing he does for people.

Ms GH, age 40, married, mother of 6
Former College & Business Secretarial & Office Assistant

                  Since having Bodywork and Release Processing, it's now been five months and I still have improvements.
                  When I get depressed, I can think positive thoughts and come out of it much sooner than before.  I'm bigger than the emotions.

Ms CE, Manager and Private Businesswoman

                  I had one 2-hour session of Bodywork & Bodymind Processing.  It seemed to make a considerable amount of difference in my attitude toward my roommate, someone whose actions triggered me, and I now handled it better.
                  When I saw my roommate, I didn't want to kill him.
                  I didn't realize how much anger I had at my him.  In the session, I discovered this as I released it out of my body.

                  Ms. MR, Registered Nurse.

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