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Structural Integration Bodywork, Postural Integration
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This information will de-mystify the reasons for back pain & other aches, pains & accumulated tightness, and help you regain and improve your “structural” health.

It also helps Massage Therapists do a better job.

by Lou Gross
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Descriptive Testimonials


      Back Problems           Other Structural Pains & Tightness
Olympic Athletes       Coaches & Trainers       10K & Marathon Runners
   Week Intensive - Travel Visit Report - for Physical-Athletic Improve
Seniors,  age 60-83 - Pain, Flexibility & Mobility     
Yoga Teachers & Students - Performance Improvements
Meditation - Increasing Position, Breath, Energy, Focus

Stress Removal & Business Performance - Improvements

Health Practitioners - from MD's & Nurses to Massage Therapists
Trauma & Grief Release - combined Body-Mind System
Personal Growth - combined Body-Mind System

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Sports Medicine & Performance


  What MY approach to Structural Integration Bodywork can do in SPORTS MEDICINE that improves injury repair and increases athletic performance.  It also prevents injuries due to tightness from happening, and removes spasm conditions like lower back pain.  This article indicates how it complements your other therapies.  With Top Athletes' & Coach-Trainer descriptive Testimonials.  What it does better for you, and how it can fit into your existing program.  This is a long, but easy to read article - with testimonials that illustrate various benefits of the treatment.
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     IMPROVING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE with a "massive" connective tissue manipulation that's done in a way that releases the body's inter-connected tightness and replaces it with an "integrated" system of muscles and bones that work together more efficiently and more powerfully.  This article describes what the Structural Integration method does and why it works, from an accomplishment point of view rather than a fixing pain point of view.  It's an enthusiastic description of how to increase athletic performance by improving the way the body is "put together." 
Free 13- page booklet -  Divided into shorter sections for on-site view
Download PDF copy at article

Look into the E-books - see Yellow Box at top of this page
How to Make Your Body Work Better & Do More for You
Great for athletes & people going to get Structural Integration
The Athletic-Performers-Sports Medicine Book is very good for
    people wanting more knowledge about their structures
    & how to stretch them to their optimum performance.


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      Stretching & Yoga


  STRETCHING TIPS Why the body becomes hard to stretch, how people are inefficient in their stretching, and how to do YOUR stretching more effectivelyTips from a Structural Integration bodyworker who spreads connective tissue methodically. These help athletic performance and the ability to stretch in yoga.  It's a method to lengthen and spread apart your muscle's fascial, soft connective tissue part.  This gives longer length, usually easier, that an effortful type of stretch or a compensating kind of pulling yourself back up for better posture.
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  11 Ways Structural Integration Bodywork INCREASES YOGA BENEFITS – I've treated six yoga teachers, two of them Instructors in the intensive Bikram's system.  And they all received benefits that made their yoga work better.
Free 6-page booklet     Download PDF copy at article

Based on my 25 years experience, what foods will make the structure more stretchable and more easily treatable with good benefits.  They decrease pain, too.  Whereas, other foods I mention I've found tighten people's structures, cause more pain and make it harder to stretch.  Resources for some preferred items are mentioned.
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Do a lot for yourself !
E-book discounts with How-to DVD orders
Great for individuals, families, teams & Massage therapists
Structural Connective Tissue Stretching & Hands-on How-to DVDs, Info.


     Tightness, Pain, & Backs


     Fixing Accumulated Shortness How shortness all over the body decreases physical and athletic performance and creates chronic pains, especially those that other treatments don’t fully fix, and why they don't fix it. Lower back pain usually falls in this category
    Included is an explanation of how muscles work, how they get "bunched up," and the five kinds of pain and injuries caused by that significant bunch-up.  Included is the anatomy of a tendon pull and of a pinched nerve causing back pain or sciatica. This book can give you, and your doctor, a mini-education on structural tightness. And it points out the reasons that a systematic relengthening of the fascia part of the muscles helps so much.

Free 20-page booklet
Divided into shorter sections
for on-site view

Download whole PDF copy at once, at article

     UNDERSTANDING YOUR TIGHTNESS - & the misalignment muscle shortness of your back problems & the bone misplacements.  Including describing the Basic or Standard Imbalance.  Helpful in Back Problems.  This is a long question & answer with a big, tight, athletic client, and I filled in more details as well.  This was from a few long emails.
A number of pages article

     What Causes Back Problems - & Why Other Methods Fall Short - All the many back problems I've seen in the past 20 years have come from shortness in other parts of the body, not just the back.  This article explains what those shortnesses are and describes the tensing we automatically do that creates back pain. 
Article (
Overview from the Back Fix Bodywork book)

      Look into the E-book
Back Fix Bodywork:
Understanding the CAUSE of Back Pain and How to Get it Fixed


      TIRED OF BEING TIGHT?  AND IN PAIN?  - & Tightness from Stress? - An explanation of what causes tightness to accumulate, how my stretching is different from Yoga, & then procedures for fixing tightness & tightness caused pain including foods, stretching, bodywork, books.

Look into the E-book
Stress Removal - How to Do an 8-hour Bodywork, 4 session Program
for removing Years of Stress & Creating a Much More
Stress Resistant Body Structure


    FIXING FIBROMYALGIA - Why Most People have their Fibromyalgia and how to actually Cure it !  Using Structural Integration Bodywork, Living Foods Nutrition & Herbology, and Body-Mind Emotional Release Clearing.


    HOW OUR STRUCTURES WORK - & Why We Have Problems -  Chapter excerpts from the Back Fix Bodywork book, giving insight into pelvic tilts & lower back pain, holding in emotions, collapsing down versus straining up, carpal tunnel syndrome, preventing tight shoulders, tensions of the head, stress and mental strain. This selection adds acupressure energy flow understanding, movement education and body-oriented psychology to the Structural Integration principles. These excerpts are typical of the many more insights in the book.
(A few Insights about Body, Mind & Backs from the Back Fix book)

THE STRUCTURAL "FASCIA" FORM - What It Does and What It Can Become - Chapter excerpts from the "How to Make Your Body Work Better" Book, describing first, the basic problems with "bunch-up,"  and then, specifically how that negatively affects the face and head, including how it detracts from the presentation of entertainers and newscasters.
     Then it points out that we can improve the body's shape, and function, by re-lengthening "interconnected" groups of muscles, by correcting misalignment, and by restoring the body's innate high level function as a "tensegrity" structure, rather than staying in pain and tightness as a "compression" structure.
     We can even use "structural body reading" to see where the body is tight and prevent injuries before they happen.   
Structural Integration practitioners are taught how to do this by visually looking at a person standing still, by observing a video tape and by studying Polaroid photos.
     Each of these very educational excerpts is but a small part of the chapter it came from.  Reading the whole book provides a wealth of information.

(A few insights from the book, How to Make Your Body Work Better & Do More For You)


      The Structural Integration Bodywork
  Method pt 1
     Method pt 2
This "System" was developed by a PhD physiologist-biochemist and treats certain elements of the body that other treatments do not by making use of some key principles.  This booklet parts 1 and 2 describes those principles.
(very detailed - long articles - from the Back Fix Bodywork book)

WHY THIS TREATMENT WORKS SO WELL  Short essay - The key concept of systemic fascial re-organization.  Points out the world-wide problem of structural tightness & that this method is so very effective, consistently.


Psychology & Stress

Postural Integration, Reichian Therapy, Netherton Therapy.
Bodymind Stress Removal, Trauma & Emotional Release
Available by Phone.  Free consultation.


  The Psychological & Stress Removal Benefits of Structural Integration Bodywork – How making physical changes in the Body Structure simultaneously makes significant, long lasting mental, psychological & emotional benefits. We usually hear about how the mind affects the body.  This booklet describes how the body's structural condition affects the mind, constantly, in ways that most people "ignorantly" assume is "mentally caused."
Free 10-page booklet

TRAUMA RELEASE BODYMIND THERAPY - a method to remove old emotional and physical trauma from the body and it's "energy fields,"  such as accidents, loss, abuse, war, etc.  Also significantly reduces long term negative patterns. 
Introduces my combination of Structural Integration with Reichian Therapy & Morris Netherton Past Life (before now) Therapy techniques that's been highly successful for the past 17 years.  Adds an ability to the Postural Integration method that I was trained in.
Free 7-page booklet    Download PDF copy at article

Look into the E-book
Good for Professional Psychotherapists, & Individuals as a handbook.
    A number of people have said this describes the story of their life.
    And it tells you how to use a technique to get out of it.
Abuse Removal - How to remove the Physical & Energetic residues
of recent or long ago abuse of all kinds, & thereby remove the
mental & emotional manifestations as well -- creating a more
accomplished & freer person at the same time

- Real Examples. Shooting - clearing the fears of being shot again in under two hours, auto accident - clearing residual fear of death and hysteria in one evening, loss of a parent - 10 years earlier, but two hours worth of sorrow and angry frustration cleared out, multiple emotions and fears in a divorce - a detailed, very educational explanation.
Download PDF copy at article

NETHERTON & REICHIAN RELEASE PROCESSING - Typical Session Method and Kinds of Results.  What we do by phone or in person with the Morris Netherton Past Life (before now) event clearing Techniques along with some Reichian Methods.  Much more details of the results from doing the Trauma Release Processing introduced in the above booklet.  This article may be read before the above one and most people will understand the technique and why we get such good results.

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THIS RELEASE PROCESSING versus PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS - and The Cycle of Therapy & Activity  Regressing usually means observing and analyzing in a 3rd person, observer sense, to get guidance.  But it also opens up strong emotional fears and sorrow that it usually doesn't clear out.  This method is an actual past experience and release therapy that removes both the upsetting and repressive energies & the negative belief systems that were also embedded.  This method's removal of these negative belief systems, implanted mostly by the other people in the past events, is quite unique and very powerful for good therapeutic results that happen right away.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL GROWTH SYSTEM - Using the Bodywork combined with Reichian Therapy & Morris Netherton Past Life (before now) event clearing Therapy
methods to access, clear up and integrate the Four Layers of ourselves that start out as blocked and un-integrated from each other.  Creates individuals who are more grounded and centered, more compassionate and aware, more open and receptive, yet also more dynamic and outwardly expressive.  This, too, adds features to the understanding I got from my Postural Integration training.
Free 13-page booklet     Download PDF copy of whole booklet at article

taken from both the Trauma Release Testimonials page and the Personal Growth - Negative Emotional Pattern Removal Page

POSTURAL INTEGRATION BODYWORK - PLUS - How I add Morris Netherton Past Life (before now) Clearing Therapy Methods for Psychological & Emotional Release, Living Food Nutrition, Tonic Herbs, Concentration Energy Meditation and other Energy methods
to the wholistic system of Structural Integration & Reichian Therapy Methods developed by Jack Painter PhD..
Free article     Download PDF copy of whole booklet at article

THE SPLIT LAYERS OF PERSONALITY that develop physically, during abuse.  Outlines how fear goes one way, angry protection another way, etc.  From Lou's book about the physical affects of abuse and how to remove them.  This article points out why Structural Integration Bodywork is very helpful in clearing up psychological disconnectedness. It explains that what psychotherapists know about the mind is actually fixated in the body, too.
Free article     Download PDF copy at article

HOW CLEARING THE ENERGIES OF BOTH SIDES OF OUR SCENARIOS...MAKES “WHAT HAPPENS TO US” BETTER - Explains how we get embedded with the energies of both sides of our stressful scenarios. The abuser or victimizer's energies get stuck inside the body as well as the experience we, ourselves had.  Then it explains how the Morris Netherton Past Life (before now) Clearing Therapy Techniques can remove the pattern of having abusive people continue to come into one's life.  Explains how it dissolves away negative, automatic affirmations from Broadcasting out of our bodies, even when our conscious minds don't want to do that.
Free article       Download PDF copy at article

THE KEY POINT THAT MAKES THE NETHERTON - REICHIAN PROCESSING SO EASY AS WELL AS SO EFFECTIVE AND FAST- Building on the Bodywork and Reichian Therapy - We add the Morris Netherton methods.  All our patterns are foreign pollution and distortions in our structure and energy flows caused by trauma at very precise times, not as a general remembrance, and not as a "learned" conditioning.  Going to EACH of the specific episodes where the material got put into us, and speaking the words and actions of each of the characters through the circumstance, clears the material, whereas a generalized emoting won't.
Free article     Download PDF copy at article

So that we can clear up our current stressful patterns.   With insight about "Couples Processing." 
This article will help you understand why we keep falling into negative patterns and, of course, how to stop that.  Focuses on the Netherton Therapy understanding of multiple episodes, and discusses layers of the pattern, including the hopelessness issue. 

Free article       Download PDF copy at article

KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THESE METHODS & SPECIALIZED KINESIOLOGY - plus, how Structural Integration Bodywork helps Specialized Kinesiology be much more effective. 
Explains how the "original" programming of our negative patterns was not made in the brain, but was actually impressed directly into the flesh as the energies of other people who forced us into the repressed attitudes. Connective tissue manipulation bodywork and the Netherton Therapy "direct energy accessing" techniques can remove this.
Free article      Download PDF copy at article


Re-lengthening, Alignment, Body Oriented Psychology & Personal Growth


  CREATING A HIGHER LEVEL OF BODY, AND MIND, PERFORMANCE WITH STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION -Your body, and mind, can function at a significantly higher level.
This is a good article to read if you want to overview everything, yet still get a detailed and clear understanding of how it works.
       Explains how the Structural Integration Bodywork treatments remove large amounts of tightness and strain, starting in the very first session. Then they go on to re-lengthen the deeper muscles that are pulling tight against each other from all parts of the body to all other parts.
       This re-lengthening of our "inter-connected" muscle system straightens out misalignment, and that corrects back pain, many other back problems and pains in other muscles.  Relengthening "inter-connected" muscles is a big part of the Structural Integration approach.
       The whole process also increases psychological and emotional well being, significantly, in a number of ways.  We can also add special verbal techniques to access, and release, more negative energies and unconscious belief systems. This emotional release or trauma release makes the body less tight way deep down.  And it makes the psyche freer from both recent trauma and long term negative patterns.
Free 16-page booklet      Download PDF copy of whole booklet at article

THE PRACTICE OF PHYSICAL REALITY - Breath Concentration Meditation Sitting and Walking Instruction
- A simple How-to by a long time Meditator who is also a Structural Integration Bodyworker.  How to increase your power of attentiveness, concentration and focus by concentrating on your breath, walking and daily movements.  Might add some tips to what you, as a long time meditator, already know. 
        This is a non-sectarian, non-religious how-to booklet that teaches how to pay attention in the present moment, and the technique, designed by experts, strengthens that ability to carry it into one's daily life, work, relationships, and so forth.
        This booklet gives instructions on how to do this very well established breath concentration meditation for calming & focusing the mind & relaxing & healing the body.  While my purpose is non-religious, this kind of breath concentration meditation has been known to help religious practitioners of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist & other traditions to be able to pay more attention to their teachings and embody the positive aspects of their actual religious practice.  Paying attention to the present and what one is doing is a nice practice.  It is another method to improve the quality of one's life, which is what this website is all about.
Free booklet



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Compatibility with & Benefits to
Other Body Therapies

How Structural Integration Bodywork is different from &
(detailed explanation - from the Back Fix Bodywork book)

How Structural Integration Bodywork is Compatible with & BENEFITS CHIROPRACTIC  

(detailed explanation - from the Back Fix Bodywork book)

How Structural Integration Bodywork is compatible with & BENEFITS ORTHOPEDIC
(detailed explanation - from the Back Fix Bodywork book)



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