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Read Details of My Unique   Abuse Effects Removal BOOK

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Expert in Body-Mind Release Therapies; Netherton, Reichian,
Bioenergetic, Structural & Energetic.      
years successful experience with this particular system
For more information & free consultations,
call 321-726-9083, EST  GMT-5hrs

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            Lou is a very, very caring person.  And he really listens!  He really enjoys what he does, and he can help people a lot! 
Ms T.M.  Massage Therapist

    Before, things would throw me off balance; I'd take them way too seri­ously.  Now I take things much more rationally and in stride.  Even the things that are serious don't inundate me now, so I can deal with them.  Before, I'd just sit around and be shell shocked.
            In difficult situations involving romantic relationships, I now act in totally new, constructive, mature ways, and wind up happier.  And I no longer engage in self defeating behavior.
            My fears have diminished.  I don't look at life as something to be feared anymore.
            I definitely got in touch with my anger.  I never knew I had any anger.  I'm not afraid of my anger anymore, and get rid of it constructively when it comes up; I've even been able to role model for my child in how to release it.  And it's really been good for him. 
Ms L.G. Attorney

             I began a series of Bodywork and Body-mind releasing treatments soon after my father died.  I was feeling sad, depressed, and dissatisfied with all my relationships in general.  In the first session I released a lot of pent up frustration as well as grief and felt "100%" better.  Through succeeding sessions I've developed a greater, and growing, sense of well being and self worth. 
Mr S.S. Businessman

Emotionally, I don't feel like the world is this angry thing impinging and imposing itself on me anymore, and I no longer see my life as a dismal path I have to constantly stay on
.  I now see there are many possibilities opening up.
Mr B.I., Architect

            I have a lot more of me, available to me.  I was filled with anxiety and confusion within myself.  Now there is an empty space where that had been, and it’s available to me for nurturing myself. 
Ms M.M. Health Educator

            I used to have a filter between me and authority figures, which would always say, "Be careful what I do and say, because they're going to hurt me."  Now, I've noticed this wall is clearly, noticeably and remarkably missing.  Before it was removed, I had no idea the filter was even there.  I just automatically listened to the message and thought it was "me."  Now that it's gone, it's obvious it's just not there.
            In relations with authority figures, I would be "present" before, but wanting to physically leave and pull away.  Now, I'm present and I also don't have the agenda to leave.  I'm comfortable.  
Ms D.R. Teaching Staff Development Teacher

            I was most impressed with the personal growth I developed. I gained insight into some of my behavior and feelings.  And I got in touch with the unfinished business that originated in my earliest childhood. I've been able to let go of the different feelings and attitudes that were limiting me, and that I didn't like having but wasn't able to release before.
            While I was a loving, caring person before the treatment, it specifical­ly opened my heart more and helped me let go of the fears and past difficulties that caused me stress in both my social and professional lives.  Now I can better deal with people who are closed and help them much more.  And I feel confident with who I am and what I can do.
Ms J.L. Nurse and Social Worker

            This work made it easier for me to access long buried feelings, and it had a lot to do with expediting my psychological therapy.  The two, Lou's Bodywork and Body-mind release processing, and my verbal psycho-therapy, work together very well.  It's a good combination for anyone trying to get in touch with themselves.
Ms C.B. Special Education Teacher

            I’ve been going through some very stressful times in both my family life and on my job.  I did one 4-hour session of Bodywork and Body-mind releasing in an afternoon.  My body aches and stiffness went away considerably both from the physical re-lengthening of my tissues and the release of old emotional tension that we did with the verbal expressing technique.  I estimate that the amount of emotional release and psychological well being I got from this one session would have taken about 50 sessions of verbal psychotherapy.
Ms M.B. Medical Administrator

          Lou's combination of Structural Integration and Release Processing has helped me think better and feel better.  It has also significantly changed my life.
            I was able to get in contact with the energies of many violent and angry physical and sexual abuse episodes I had in childhood, and I actually processed those energies out of my body.  This included an episode where I was knocked unconscious and was still being kicked.
            The result is that I no longer feel worthless and don't have those kinds of thoughts anymore.  I'm also no longer suicidal. And I was able to come off my anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicines, for a year already, and I had been taking them for over 5 years.  I  no longer look back at those violent episodes, whereas before, they were often flashbacks throughout my day.  Now they're gone.  And, I no longer deal with life's problems using sarcasm; I now deal with things "up front" honestly and openly.  I no longer feel like a victim.
             This treatment has given me the self confidence to make the changes in my life necessary to become happy.  My relationship to my children has gotten better and I got out of a bad long term marriage, some bad family relationships and a difficult housing situation.  Adding some Science of Mind and other spiritual practice, I even got a new husband and a better job.
Ms K.E., Computer Help-desk Specialist

             Through Lou’s incredible Structural Bodywork and Counsel, I was finally able to release the rage and denial I had held onto for so many years.  His mastery reaches so many layers and he brings consciousness to the parts of the body that would otherwise be inaccessible.
Ms K.P., Spiritual Counselor

            This work has helped me remove some of my key fears. Instead of having to try to over-ride my conditional programming, this method actually removes the negative programming.  And I can then choose to act from whom I truly am now.  I can sky dive and bungy jump, so I’m without fear that way.  But if I’ve had to stand in front of a group of people and give a talk, it scares the He-- out of me.  After doing three long sessions with Lou, in which we removed fearful traumas from early life confrontations, I gave three public group talks.  I was powerful and “real,” and the fear was gone! 
Ms J.I. Hospice Psychological Worker

        Lou's phone counseling sessions were incredibly healing for me.  With his clear guidance I was able to release some unresolved emotional issues that I had concerning a specific family sexual issue, from childhood.
          Lou has intuitive skills, verbal skills and an ability to guide a person through their releasing in a way that felt safe to me
.  In fact, if it weren't for Lou's abilities in this area, an authority issue I'd also had wouldn't have allowed me to yield to Lou's guidance and I'd have felt less safe.  Lou's healing gifts have meant a great deal to me. 
Ms D.P. Medical Assistant

            I was referred to Lou after being depressed by a family reunion.  I used to be a doormat for other people's anger and they'd take out their dissatisfaction on me.  I used to respond in a wimpy way, including shutting down and pulling away inside while I tried to be a people pleaser on the outside.  But that never worked.
            By clearing out the negative patterns that had accumulated from my past experiences, especially in childhood, I'm no longer preoccupied and run by the need to have people like me.  Instead, I speak my mind and say effective things to make the situation better.  This is a big change from before. I had been so involved with protecting myself and pleasing others that I wasn't even in contact with what I, on the inside, really felt about what was needed to improve the situation. I wasn’t even in touch with my feelings about how badly the other people were treating me.
            From the Bodywork, Body-mind release processing and some Spiritual Awareness im­provement, I've  become much clearer.  I’m able to hear what other people are "really" saying, about their own feelings "inside," that are underneath their anger and protective, resistive layers.  I can also set their emotions aside, and that allows me to address the underlying situation of what's going on for them.  So I can address what they're really trying to get across.
Ms J.S. Businesswoman

           I’ve been a workaholic specifically because I’ve had a deep emotional feeling of not liking to be alone.  So I work and keep very busy, and that keeps me from feeling the uncomfortable-ness. With just the Release Processing for one hour on the phone, I diminished this pattern.
           I found I’d been connected to an early childhood episode in which my mother, not wanting to be disturbed at the time, locked me, a 2-3 year old kid, in a room for a while so she could do the business she had to.  While I was not verbally nor physically abused, I was indeed terrified at being alone, that no one responded to my crying, and especially at not being able to reach and turn the door knob.
           I hadn’t remembered this experience consciously, but by doing the body feeling and mental awareness process, I actually “saw” the whole scenario in my mind’s eye.  When I felt the body energies or saw the pictures, I said words as a sentence that expressed what I was feeling in the experience.  Instead of explaining what I was seeing in an observer, reporting kind of way, I said the sentences as if someone was saying them out loud in the present tense (even if I didn’t say them out loud then, and even if they were expressing just what my body and deep feelings were saying).  I did the same thing for the energies and pictures of my mother, too.   I noticed that the different sentences actually expressed what my emotional feelings of frustration and upset were “saying” at that early age.
            As I continued to say the sentences, I could feel the size of the energies in my body get smaller and I could see the pictures fade away.  By the end of the process, when my mother finally came to the room and let me out, there were no more pictures and no more body sensations; I had “processed” them out of me, physically.
            This was a non-hypnotic technique.  I was very alert and aware while doing it.  And it was non-traumatic. 
Ms J.T. Advertising Consultant

            I was very impressed with Lou’s skill in his Bodywork and with the combination of Bodywork and Release Processing.  We released traumatic childhood incidents and I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted out of me.   I felt clearer to be able to be in the moment.
Mr B.S. RN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Psychiatric Nurse and Former Chief Administrator of a 400 bed Psychiatric Nursing Hospital, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Energy Healing Master

            The biggest psychological benefit I've received has been the release from old traumatic experiences that happened in my 20's, and I'm a lot happier from it.
            I used to be very anxious, stemming from those experiences, and sought help from traditional verbal therapists many times.  But in spite of all the time I spent in classical psychotherapy, I never really got over the experiences.  I had never gotten an emotional release, and never experienced a catharsis. With this Bodywork and Release Processing, I have had the emotional releases and catharsis, and I’ve gotten over a lot of those experiences.  Now, I no longer feel so dragged down by my past.
            Since they've been released, I can concentrate better in my spiritual meditation, because my mind isn't disturbed with all those upsetting thoughts.  And in my work as an Intensive Care Nurse, I feel more comfortable and confi­dent in crises situations, and they don't exhaust me the way they used to. 
J.S. Intensive Care Nurse

            Just one Bodywork and Bodymind release session enabled me to release some sorrow and frustration from the illness and death of a loved one. I then did a number of sessions that also helped to clear more loss and other past negative energies and problematic behaviors. I released more physical tension as well.  I got a lot out of the sessions. 
M.B. Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Specialized Kinesiologist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

            The combination of Bodywork and Body-mind release processing sessions helped me both physically and psychologically.  I had a “hopeless” posture with rounded shoulders, a dropped chest and tight abdomen, pelvis and legs. All this inhibited me from free physical movements and it was also holding in many years of emotional tension and upset.
            The permanent release of tightness in my body facilitated the additional release of negative emotions and psychological blocks that were keeping me stuck, keeping me from actualizing my potential. As my body loosened from the treatments, my posture improved as well as my flexibility and I became more able to enjoy more active physical activities. At the same time, I released a lot of inhibiting emotional energy
            The resultant change is obvious, in my approach to my work, my col­leagues, and my personal relationships.  My attitude and outlook is consistently brighter, happier and lighter.   I now love to help other people. And I am also open to all types of people instead of being literally and emotionally closed. 
Ms A.A. Computer Programmer, Writer

            This treatment has helped me release a lot of stored “stuff” out of my body.  And that’s helped disrupt the repetitive, never ending cycle I had in my daily life.  When things get “too much” from my overly busy house, I can now go to the park and enjoy myself in the woods.  This is a new “ability,” whereas before, I was just caught in the overwhelm of it all.  And it’s had a wonderful healing effect on me. The release of past repressive and negative energy in my own body means it’s no longer there to get triggered and repress me.  So I can now do more for myself, as my inner self wants to. 
Ms J.B. Licensed Massage Therapist, 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, Energy healer and emotional-physical intuitive counselor


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