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Trauma Release Therapy
Testimonials - Trauma-Grief Release        Testimonials - Personal Growth
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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Expert in Body-Mind Release Therapies; Netherton, Reichian,
Bioenergetic, Structural & Energetic.
Trained by Morris Netherton PhD & Reichian-Bioenergetic Therapists
Trained in Master Level Structural Integration Bodywork by Jack Painter PhD
years successful experience with this particular combination system
30 years strong spiritual-meditation practice
For more information & free consultations,
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As I’ve mentioned, this technique is very effective in clearing specific incidents of adult trauma.
        I’ve used it to clear the trauma from auto accidents, shootings, rapes and muggings, marital abuse and even fearful circumstances on a battlefield. 
        It is also very effective in removing the sorrow, and anger, from the loss of a parent or child, or any other kind of loss, for that matter. 
        In fact, entire, very traumatic experiences can be totally removed from a person’s body and energy field in one to three hours. This is especially true if they've also had some Bodywork so the energies can easily come out from their muscles and organs. 

         And it’s available by phone!  Worldwide (Skype).

Here’s how we can clear out an adult attack

         I worked with a young man who’d been shot just the week before.  After he physically healed, he still wouldn’t come out of his house, for fear of being shot again.  But he wasn’t like that before the incident, and his physical environment was now completely safe.  It took just an hour and a half to clear all the emotions from the incident, including the emotional upsets that occurred during the week when he was in the hospital.  Yet there was no shouting, no “yelling out the pain,” not even any play-acting to recreate the scene.  We didn’t even do any Bodywork or energy channeling.  I just sat across the room and asked him the right coaching questions.

Besides releasing his own thoughts, feelings and physical pain, we also totally erased all the other people’s anger, fear and tension that had gotten stored inside him, including the anger of the nurses in the hospital.

When we removed this energy, he felt quite OK immediately, and he was outside in less than an hour.  In fact, he remembered details of the incident much better and could consciously discuss how his own angry and derisive attitude, to begin with, could have contributed to what happened to him.

Rather than giving him coping skills to help him “get on with his life” in spite of the incident, or train him not to be affected by what happened, we simply erased the residue of the incident.  His body was cleansed of the energies and he no longer had the fearful thought patterns.  He even felt more relaxed and open.

Here’s an example of clearing loss, or grief (trauma).

        A woman in her 40’s had done the whole series of Postural Integration Bodywork.  In the course of the Reichian techniques combined with the Structural Integration steps, she had some release of the emotions surrounding her mother’s death 15 years earlier. But she had never worked directly on this episode.  She’d also done other kinds of purposeful emotional release.  I did a couple hours Bodywork and a few days later, two hours of release processing.  Sitting up in a relaxed position, she removed lots of grief and frustrated anger, all of which she said she didn’t even know was in there.

I’ve also helped both men and women remove the grief, confusion and hopelessness that got stuck inside them when a dearly loved parent died when they were children.

I want to point out how we can have current difficulties from energies we picked up while we were unconscious. 

So our conscious minds won’t even have a clue, as to where the cause was coming from. But with this technique, we can find and clear it, often fairly easily.  In this example, we can also see how the release processing helps us do our Bodywork.

While doing Structural Integration for a man to loosen his lower back, I found his abdomen would tighten up excessively when I just slightly touched it.  And while there was no pain, he would also start crying, even though “he” didn’t want to.  Even after clearing a childhood experience in which he was punched in the stomach, the intense tightening and crying still wouldn’t stop.

When I asked his body to give us the precise experience that was causing this reaction, we found that during a full anesthesia shoulder operation 15 years before, his heart had stopped, and the entire operating team became very tensed up, with a couple seeming to have a lot of tears held inside.  Clearing this experience, that he never before knew about, totally stopped the crying and stopped the abdominal tightening about 95%.  I could then loosen the muscles and fix his back.

As I have begun to explain, it turns out that clearing the words from infancy, birth, prenatal or “past life” scenarios also “clears up” similar episodes that occurred in our adult lives.

We can release the energies from both time frames and stop our emotional pre-occupation with what happened recently.  We’re doing a "parallel episode" trauma clearing, going back through the different time frames of our past, to erase the more original episodes that are now causing our current over-reaction.  Here are two examples that explain how we do this.

 I worked with a man who’d had a devastating emotional loss as a young adult, caused by the restriction of a lifelong physical disability.  The very same words and emotions he had at that time were also thought and felt by his father over twenty years earlier.  It was when he was an infant, and the doctor was first telling his parents about the same disability.

Clearing trauma or loss & grief from both these time frames, along with some Structural Integration Bodywork, made a big, permanent change for him.  His disability was less, and his subconscious hurt, hopelessness and anger, about the change that occurred for him back then, were totally gone.  From deep in his now “glowing” heart, he saw, and was able to embrace, how that early adult experience had enabled him to change his life’s work to something he received deep fulfillment from doing.  He then embraced and expanded his career and he improved his health.

I want to take a little time to show you a very graphic example of how the episodes from much earlier time frames are directly affecting our lives right now.

 Remember, there is no past episode affecting us from "some other time."  It’s the embedded energies from each experience that are still in us.  They're "parts" of us; who we are now.  And they were recorded in the present tense, first person format.  So they still play the same lyrics that went on decades or centuries ago, just as if the old experience were indeed happening today.

I worked with a man who was having guilt, remorse and fear about divorcing his wife.  He wanted to; he was doing it; he even had a new, wonderful girlfriend.  And he looked forward to the new found freedom to do his personal growth work without the wife’s repressive energies and attitude limiting him.  But he also felt these problem feelings in parallel with the positive ideas he knew would come true.

In our first processing, he saw he’d been connected to a “past life” in which he left his wife at that time, to go on a personal growth quest.  He was warned that his health wouldn’t bear it.  And even though he did accomplish his goals, he died of a heart attack on the way home.  The wife in that episode didn’t want him to go, and his wife in this life didn’t want him to go.  He was, of course, feeling heartfelt remorse and guilt in his present situation.  When he processed out all the words of warning, regret, fear and pressure from that episode, as well as the physical sensations in his heart, all the concern in his current situation was also gone.  We cleared this particular trauma out of his body energy field.

A few days later, he said he still had some sadness left.  In the second processing he saw his connection to another past life.  He was stabbed in the heart repeatedly while the person who stabbed him said words that directly related to his own sadness, and even to his current wife’s repressive behavior toward him.  Processing out the events, words and feelings from this episode removed what he’d been feeling lately.  So we did trauma clearing for this, too.  And people actually feel sensations like tightness & pain arise in their bodies and then clear out as we do the verbalization expressing the old energies in a sentence by sentence procedure.  We take the physical sensations, or emotional feelings, and let our brains translate them into sentences, that once said, remove each amount of the emotional trauma out of them.

You can see how the much more serious events of the past can cause us to feel similar emotions and have similar thoughts in our current affairs, even though we may still be able to move forward with our best intentions.  Note that in these events, he actually died, and was killed!  As he cleared deeper into his issue, the events had gotten more intense.

I also want to point out that it’s OK to believe that these past events never happened.  All we are doing is having the person’s current mind process out the energies in his present body.  Some people call this creative unconscious or genetic memories of ancestors.  It doesn't matter what we call it.  We can clear and release this emotional trauma energy from all the time frames when it got settled in the body.

The third processing is very illustrativeHe first dissolved out all the words and actions in a pre-natal argument between his parents.  As the scene got clearer (and more fully erased of the emotional charge) he saw how his mother’s restrictive behavior toward his father was just like what he’d felt from her during his childhood, and it was the same kind of behavior he’d been experiencing from his wife.  These old energies had attracted a wife who, besides having her good qualities, also acted the bad way toward him, just as his father had had with his mother.
        We can clear the trauma from pre-natal events when our little bodies were being squeezed by mother's tension in a stressful event.  That squeezing put her emotions directly into our tissues, without and analysis by a person's conscious mind.  And this method accesses those energies and removes them out of us.  Since the events are past, when we remove the absorbed energies from our bodies, the experiences of them are then gone from our bodies now.  And they do not come back.

But we aren’t exactly the same as our parents.  We have our own past pattern that gets set up by “their” events in the prenatal and then emphasized, or “turned on” at our birth.  It is further emphasized in infancy and childhood.

After clearing the prenatal event from his body, he then released a lot of energies from his birth experience. During birth, he was restricted in a real physical way, by being stuck in the birth canal.  At the very same time, his mother was feeling the same kinds of restrictive emotions about her own situation that he’d been feeling with his wife. The emotional energy about being restricted in a marriage was the “information” going on in the movie frame of birth.  And also in that frame he, the baby, was simultaneously being prevented from “coming out” to his own new life, exactly his current situation.  His body was being held by an actual physical restriction that had caused tension in his chest ever since he was born!  The pressures caused by the outside force had embedded his mother’s emotions in his tissues.

This is a typical physical-emotional experience.  Both roles were saying the same thing, but one was actually restricting his bio-energetic abilities to express himself, and the other was putting in the specific kind of situation and thoughts for when these restrictions would be most active.  In fact, notice that all the episodes he erased had to do with restriction in marriage and physical tightening (heart attack, stabbing in the heart, squeezing by mother when he was inside her, and in the birth canal). But he was also restricted from expressing himself in every way, especially because of the tightness pressed into him by the birth canal, but also because of the other tightening energies, too.

From all this processing, the emotions and concerns he’d had were gone, and he got clearer about his whole pattern. But his body got permanently better, too. When he said the words of the other person while he was feeling the stabbing in the heart, he literally felt tension in his chest let go.  He also experienced the actual physical pressures in the restrictive birth canal, and he then felt that tightness loosen away as he spoke his mother’s emotional feelings.

By actually feeling what happens when we process out these old energies, we can see how each of the episodes contribute their amounts of tension, and sentences, to our immediate problem, and to our life long patterns as well.  And without going into detail now, there is a particular sequence in the types of events that we all clear out, regardless of the specifics of our individual issues.  It is in-depth trauma clearing for our long term patterns as well as specific events.

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