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Definite Benefits of Specialized Kinesiology
& how Structural Integration Bodywork
can help it do more.

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               I like Specialized Kinesiology.  Specialized kinesiology is neuro-muscularly oriented. It can reprogram brain patterns. Really.  These are "corrections" of our neuron interconnections that stop tensions in the body because they remove the nerve patterns related to tension that have been active for some time, patterns that were created in the stressful times of our lives.
               In this regard, SK is doing a similar kind of thing that some parts of my Body-Mind Release Processing does.  It's removing the residues of past events that have still been unconsciously with us.
             But it's working in neurological patterns rather than directly in body flesh and energies.  So, while it's doing some of the same kind of old emotional energy release, there are things that each of these two methods do, that are different from the other.

                Attention Specialized Kinesiology Practitioners.  I do Netherton-Reichian Release Sessions by phone as well as in person, and I can teach you how to do some of this method so you can add it to your own practice.   Free Consultation.

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Expert in Body-Mind Release Therapies; Netherton, Reichian, Bioenergetic, Structural & Energetic.      
22 years successful experience with this particular system
For more information & free consultations,
call 321-726-9083, 310-285-8132

             I have personally found that specialized kinesiology is very effective at loosening body tensions caused by mental decisions we made, even if those decisions have been forgotten and were only made in an emotional, gut level way.  By releasing the unconscious decision nerve patterns ,located, say, in the forebrain or mid brain, it also releases the nerve signals created in the rear brain that have been keeping the body’s muscles tight in a certain way, from this thought pattern or decision. That allows the stored negative energies held by those muscles to release out of the body.
             Now, SK works neuro-muscularly.  If you know something about Structural Integration Bodywork, you recognize right away that SK’s body releasing will work much, much better when the soft connective tissue surrounding and going through all the muscles is re-lengthened.  You know that the muscle fibers are prevented from going back to their full lengths by this “putty.”  So both the physical muscle relaxation and the energy release from within those muscles works a lot better when the putty itself is already made longer from Structural Integration sessions.
               In this way, the Bodywork is helping SK in the same way it helps Reichian therapy techniques.  This is why Jack Painter PhD developed the Postural Integration system that uses both the Bodywork and Reichian therapy methods simultaneously.
                 Much longer fascial soft connective tissue allows muscle fibers to relengthen when their nerve signals are released.  And that will then allow energies stored in those muscles to release, tooIn addition, Structural Integration opens much deeper layers of the body to neuro-muscular access.  Before this re-lengthening and spreading, the putty-like tissue holds a lot of energies inside, bottled up.
               In fact, in verbal psychotherapy, people can't find the source of their problems even when they're sincerely looking for them with a good therapist.  The actual "material" is quite literally buried, and kept inside a fleshy "safe."
              So SK principles work better in a body that's much more opened in it's soft connective tissue body suits.

                SK can help us in certain physical organ ways because it does work on the nerve patterns of the brain.  Some kinesiology experts I know have helped correct people’s physiological disorders.
  It makes sense that this would help, because their sophisticated systems can find the mental “wiring” that’s causing the physical problem.  Some parts of many physical problems are often a matter of tension, or a turn-off of functioning, both in the direct location and/or in organs that are needed to support the direct location.
             This can help especially if the debilitating condition was caused by a forceful action from another person.  With my own methods, for instance, after a man had removed a lot of anger energy out of his liver organ area., his digestion got better in the very next week.  His liver tests also showed the organ had gotten healthier.
             I have, myself, gotten improved digestion abilities from similar kinds of SK neurological releasing and from a Netherton Therapy removal of energies in my intestines that went in from my Mother’s experience right before my birth.

             I have also found some advanced chiropractic kinesiology and adjustment methods to be able to clear stress out of my body both from social circumstances and from environmental toxins and disease.  And these people, too, can help identify some of the events that put in that stress.
             In fact, just making the physical adjustments in my spine and joints can remove recently embedded energies.

             Now, SK can access nerve patterns in the brain even if the person's consciousness is not aware of them.  I, myself, have had permanent releases in this way.
                If the fascia is bunched up hard, however, the information in the brain pattern may have indeed been removed, but the old physical distortions in the way our muscles are shaped and move, and the emotional energies that are in the collagen fibers from the original episodes, both still remain.
  Then, they will give the person's consciousness the same information as before, when they get activated by more current events.  In fact, just having them still there will often cause the same kinds of events to keep happening.
             So it's very important to have the body structure open if a lot of the SK is going to last, or even going to be effective in the first place.

               The combination really works!  I’ve had a lot of the Bodywork and I’ve added to it with a lot of yoga and other stretching.  So I’ve personally found the kinesiology effective in clearing the “holding back” patterns that were created in stressful periods, particularly of my adult life.

             I had an emotionally generated business decision release out of my body, something I’d done without knowing it, ten years earlier, during a significant emotional-stress episode in the same kind of business. I was then able to resume that kind of business again, even making a little money in it. I had been interested in this area of business for a number of years, but had too much reservation from that specific event to re-enter it. I started researching and acting with new-found enthusiasm within an hour after the release session.
                 I’ve also found SK sessions to be very, very relaxing.  For a couple of hours running, it is turning off unconscious, muscle tensing nerve patterns that were there for years.  And these benefits last because the events that caused the tensing decisions no longer exist.

              SK can be very good at identifying a number of locations-in-time where very early, formative episodes occurred, like a few weeks after birth or a couple months after conception.  Even though our consciousness does not “remember” these events, that information is in the body, along with the energies of the event.  So it is a helpful “finding” method to direct me to the specific episode to clear out with my Netherton and Reichian processes.
              Also, SK works as a reprogramming method, somewhat similar to the goals of neuro-linguistic programming and even hypnotherapy.  But I've found it may work better.  For changing attitudes, to get rid of residues that are in the way of a direction "I" already know I want to more in, the methods they use can actually imbed new, positive ideas into our brains as well as erase the old neurological information.


              We should remember that in these cases, we have an underlying belief system that says we want to do these positive things.  The SK, hypnotherapy, and applied kinesiology is only helping us refine our thoughts and ideas on the highway we are on.
                But in all these methods, and in psychotherapy as well, we cannot simply put another “belief system” about the world on top of an already existing behavior pattern, and a belief system that is more deeply embedded, one that says we don't want to be on that highway
It's a pattern and set of sentences that are actually physically embedded.  And it contains an awful lot of emotional trauma involved with basic survival issues.  It also has a lot of physical trauma as well.

              This problem of attempting to put one belief system on top of another is a common misconception.  Some SK practitioners give guided imagery instructions to their clients in an attempt to change the outcome of an inner picture.  They think these pictures are in the brain neurons so that thinking other images would change the neurological pattern. 
                 But the pictures of the past events are not in the brain.  The brain is just the tool used to observe the energies in the body.  In the visual part of the mind's eye, the brain can see the embedded body energy as a picture.
                 In general, even with psychological behavioral modification, people mistakenly think they are "changing" the old belief system because they think both belief systems are in the brain.
                 But for life long issues, we find that's not factually correct.  They are just creating another program in the brain's neurons that sits side by side with the older embedded program.
                 So this, and other issues, I'll now discuss in Part 2.  It's a very long explanation of an important subject I'd like to clarify.

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