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- Part 2         
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What Specialized Kinesiology doesn't do
and the Netherton Method does, and why.
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              This section covers two points.  The first is that there are different ways energy gets stuck in the body and energy fields. and therefore, there needs to be different approaches in removing  them. 
                I've described in Part-1 how decisions I, myself, made held in energy charge.  Now I'll explain why some embedded energy just doesn't come out with kinesiological treatment to the nervous system.  And why it does come out with a "direct energy" accessing method like Netherton's.

               The second point relates to the difference between behavior modification therapy and releasing therapy.
                I said at the end of Part-1 that a lot of people try to change their behavior by attempting to program a new, positive belief system on top of an older, negative programmed one.  People mistakenly think they are "changing" the old belief system because they think both belief systems are in the brain.
                 But we find that's not factually correct.   They are putting in a second belief system side by side with the old.  And the old still remains,  even though their conscious mind "prefers" to follow the new one.

                While the new program resides in the brain, the old one
is located in another part of the body.
                When there's no stress, the person might be able to follow the new program.  But which one they'll follow in times of stress depends on how "another part of them" views their current life.
                 What "really" happens to change our reactions to circumstances is we just don't feel the need to get upset, fearful or angry about the same kinds of things.
                 But if we still get triggered in the same old ways, then we know that the old belief system is still strongly embedded inside us in a physical way.

                  This, Part-2, explains the "embedding" or "implanting" of belief systems made of energy, ones that are not made of neuron patterns in the brain.

                   This, Part-2, is a very long article.  The major points are covered in the first 25%-30%.  Then I add a lot of details.  You can either check on the main points or study a lot of the whole method.

                   Attention Specialized Kinesiology Practitioners.  I do Netherton-Reichian Release Sessions by phone as well as in person, and I can teach you how to do some of this method so you can add it to your own practice.  Free Consultation.

                   Please note:  This section was written particularly to introduce Specialized Kinesiologists to the Netherton Method.
                   It speaks of experiences in "Past Lives."  Both Netherton Therapy and Specialized Kinesiology refer to these time frames as being earlier episodes than those in this lifetime, episodes which have already set up psycho-somatic patterns that get re-emphasized during our episodes of prenatal, birth, infancy and childhood.  It simply takes Freudian and Reichian principles "back further."
                   If you have a problem with this concept because you don't believe in reincarnation, yet you would also like to investigate this kind of therapy, you may consider the term "Past Lives" as a technical reference.  It simply refers to other parts of your "pattern."  These are whole scenarios of the same nature as those episodes you may remember in this life, but they are located deeper in our "creative unconscious."  It does not matter if past lives really exist; if you do either of these therapy processes, you will get good results.

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Expert in Body-Mind Release Therapies; Netherton, Reichian, Bioenergetic, Structural & Energetic.      
20 years successful experience with this particular system
For more information & free consultations, call 321-726-9083 EST  GMT -5

                 First I want to share another observation about the benefits of
Specialized Kinesiology (SK), which I think is noteworthy in itself.  All of my 13 clients who'd had a lot of SK (including 6 practitioners) were amongst the very best Netherton releasers
They all got in touch with their past experiences very easily and could immediately see the step by step details.  They did the translating from energy to sentences very well.
                  So this is another benefit we get from receiving SK. There's an improved connection from conscious to subconscious mind, and from conscious mind into the body.  In general, the mind is rather clear in that regard.  All that neurological "clean up" is very effective.
 And from this removal of a lot of "disorganized" mental activity as well as some body blockages, they were, as compared to the general populace, rather open individuals.  And, of course, they understood about past energies recreating themselves in current life.

                But every one still had a very large amount of old energy stored in their bodies that came out with the Netherton method.  And they had "foundational" psychological issues that were still active, coming out of those tensions and emotions still in the body.  Just doing the SK had not cleared those energies.
                   Going back to what I said about Structural Integration helping SK do more, these energies weren't still there just because the fascia had not been opened.  Bodywork definitely helped.  But I did a lot of it for all but one of these folks and the issues and energies still remained until we did the Netherton approach.
                    So there's another mechanism that has to do with how the energy was put into the body in the first place.

                    The conclusion I draw from this is that the Netherton-Structural Integration-Reichian method, and the Specialized Kinesiology method are two therapies that work together.  But they don't do exactly the same things.
I am pleased to report that at least one SK practitioner I treated has been using a lot of the Netherton approach with clients.  I'd like to see more of that.  And I think it's less of a job for an experienced SK practitioner, with all their bottles and testing protocols, to learn some Netherton techniques rather than the other way around.  I would also like to see some practitioners of each working together.


              Here are the two major points of this section.  They relate to "how" the past energies got stuck in the body. 
                The first point is, "Who 'originally' put in the belief system."  And the second point is, "Where does the original belief system reside inside us, and how did it get there?"

                 Remember from Part-1 that SK released energies stuck in my body, from when I had reacted to certain adult life experiences.  I, myself, had made decisions as an adult.  They were about the circumstances of those times.   And those decisions were still in the unconscious part of my brain. 
The original decisions in 1985, or 1997, were put into neurological patterns.  I'd then never released them, never turned off the neurological hook-ups.  These decisions had become blockages on the road of my already developed life path.  They were unconscious mind belief systems made during stress that I'd never "cleared up."
                Those neurological patterns had also been keeping certain muscles tight throughout my body, just as I had tightened up in 1985 and 1997.  And within the muscles, there was the emotional energy that I'd had when I made the decision.  I was still carrying around the physical and energetic experiences of those times, along with the decisions I'd made.
                The SK got me "back on track."   It removed those decisions from my brain patterns and thus, it released the muscle tension and the emotional energy that had gotten trapped in me during the stress.
  Releasing the nerve pattern turned off the continuing muscle contraction that was always going on, and that released the emotional energy.
                 So the original decision was put into the brain patterns, and it was done by us.

                 But for life long restricting "patterns," the source of our stuck energies is different in two ways. 
                 First, "Who put in the decision?"
                 I have found that virtually ALL the long term negative patterns we have were really forced upon us by the actions that other people did to us, and by the "words" or attitudes about us that they said or felt at the time of their action
What they did and what they said forms the foundation of the repeating pattern.  And they did it while our own attention was on something else.
                 Their actions, and their attitudes and statements give us the commands.  The circumstance is the script, their energies form the victimizer role, and our own overwhelm, tension and fear forms the victim role.

              Later, even in the same episode of the script, we ourselves may think the same ideas they had.  In fact, some people start off in the Netherton work thinking this is the source of their issue; that they made a decision about how hopeless something was, etc.
              But I have to correct them.  I ask them to look at the episode in their mind's eye and see if the person harming them was also saying the same thing, but in a "You such and such," instead of an "I such and such."
              Invariably, they say yes and can see the moment in the episode where it was happening.  Then they process out the material with the technique and I can feel that it actually leaves the body.  Before, when they were saying the words as if they themselves originated them, I would feel no energy release happening.
              So the original implantation was made by the other person.  The decisions to have this kind of thing happen to us, repeatedly since then, were never made by us to begin with.  Other people's words, and actions, tell us "what the story is" and even tell us that the event will repeat.
             And one more thing. Just like what Specialized Kinesiology testing shows us, there were a number of the same kind of episodes, with different people in different times playing out the same script.  There are many remakes of the same movie.

              Second, where "are" the energies of the original movies located inside us, and how did they get there?
                In the green section above, I wrote about changing these belief systems.  Both SK and the Netherton-Reichian-Bodywork method I employ include releasing the old belief system as a major element in this "changing" process.
               Yet there is a common misunderstanding by the general populace that I wish to point out.  To bring us all up to speed, I want to start by pointing out the need for releasing the old beliefs in the first place.               
               Many people, perhaps most, (and a lot of psychological therapists) believe that their issues were caused by general patterns of up bringing or by specific decisions they made sometime in childhood or later.
  I can say from experience that these are part of it.  And one can work with them in psychotherapy and spiritual counseling.
              However, the original implantations - into the body - are not the mental conditionings we get from "training" when we're older children or teenagers.  That conditioning happens later than when the original tapes went into the unconscious, at a time the person can remember.
                These more original "implantations" were, in this lifetime, put in at a very early age, before we can remember, and before we had a conscious reasoning mind to filter what those other people were saying.  Many happened at different times of the pre-natal, at birth, and some in infancy.  They go right into the subconscious mind and act as commands and belief systems.  We don't realize they're there because we can't view them with our normal way of looking, even with Freudian Psychoanalysis.
                 So this kind of conditioning is pretty hard to change since we don't even know it's there, no less that we don't have a "mental" way to find and change it.  We might understand that we want to change the conditioning that happened later, and we'll practice doing the better behavior. Yet the hindrances from those earlier times seem to keep dragging us down.

                  Now, besides reducing stress, as I described, SK can indeed change mental patterns which we could call belief systems about how our life is.  This "diffusion" as it is called, does two stress removal things at the same time.  It releases the tension and stuck emotional energy that we have been carrying around from the stressful incidents.  And it removes the attitude (or belief system) that would cause us to react in stressful ways in the future.
But there is more to the belief system and attitude than the mental pattern.  There is a very large physical component.  And for these defining "episodes," the physical component contains the "original" defining belief system.  The mental thought pattern comes later.  The mental pattern is not holding in the energy.  The energy got implanted first.
                This is the second key point of this section.  And in the rest of this long article, I'll explain more and more how this works.


                 First, the significance of the physical element itself.  The major reason these body embedded belief systems drag us down is because they were put there with a lot of simultaneous physical energy.  They have more power than a verbal instruction or mental decision that comes later on.
The instruction of how the world looks and how we should behave in it is directly embedded inside the structural tightness and the emotional energy.  The instruction was not first implanted in the brain.
So there's nothing that can be "changed" or "reprogrammed." It is not like the feelings we ourselves generate, and the patterns of thought we build, when we are consciously learning about something.
With these experiences, where the energies went directly into us and the belief system sentences were said by someone else, there's nothing but an "energy packet" in there.  It's just an absorption of energy that occurred in a past experience that we went through physically.
              It just so happens that the energy we absorbed included the psychological and emotional components of people in the scenes as well as what was physically going on, too.
We can't change how these packets are made up any more than we can change a videotape movie in our VCR.
 A lot of times, like in the prenatal and birth, there's a lot of physical pressure and squeezing.  And with that, there's a lot of strong emotional feelings we quite literally "picked up" from our mothers.  These physical actions activate when we get "triggered" into the psychological kinds of feelings Mother had.  So the physiological reaction we feel can be fairly strong.
              In past lives, we die, and the blows that kill us, plus the weakening and contracting life force, will also get activated and give us pains, weakness and an action of withdrawal.  It all activates physically when the psychological part resonates with what we ourselves are feeling about the present circumstance.
               So we're dealing with something like a big splinter we picked up, or a giant parasite with a fixed reaction to certain kinds of circumstances.  Activate the parasite in those times of your life by having a serious fear, and the old material in the energy packet fills your muscles, your organs, and your thought patterns and speech.

                 On the other hand, the later mental conditioning
is "not" one of these packets put into the body with a lot of energy.  It's verbal direction that the person understands with the intellect, and follows, (liking it or not).
              But the words coming out of the two kinds of experiences are indeed the same.  What Mother said in the prenatal, what she might have exclaimed to the child of 2 months old, and what she expressed to the child of 8, are the same sentences, the same energy forms.  But in the very early times, these words did not go through the intellect as a learning and deciding experience.

The more original energies, with their words, were physically pasted on, and pasting on doesn't lend itself to reprogramming, even with brain accessing techniques.  That's why the old conditionings still hang on even though we've made headway into new behaviors and we may have done repeated SK diffusions.  As I said, in these kinds of experiences, the mental patterns come out of the physical energies and their words.


                 Let me add to this "pasting" idea.  I'll start by repeating my major point, then add details.
The original implantations, even those of other people's words during the event, are not held there because we made a mental, emotional decision to hold them. They were "direct placements" of the other person's energy, right into our flesh.  And the other person placed them there.
                 So it doesn't make much sense to try to remove either the instructions or the energy packet based on the premise that we ourselves locked them in there with our mental decision.
The energies were pushed into the collagen fibers of the soft connective tissue, and into the "micro-tubules" elsewhere in the flesh. It happens both because of our own contracting muscular tension, with fear and protection at the time, and because of the physical force that the other person is applying in the form of shaking, or a blow or stab.

So none of the stuff from the other person is our doing.  We are busy tensing up and protecting.  The other person is making the statements.  And once they are in the unconscious mind, as SK people know, the statements act as commands for all future behavior.  But "these" statements reside in the flesh.

             For example, if, while spanking a child, a parent says, "You're bad!  You never do anything right.  You'll never amount to anything," that's a program being pushed into the body flesh.
             SK practitioners know about energies stored in the body. And with their methods, can release nerve patterns that have kept some of the contracting energies that the kid made for the muscles of the buttocks. They may also be able to remove some of the energies of fear or anger in the torso's emotional centers.
                What's not been clarified however, is that the hitting energies of the adult, and the chaos all around the event, hold their statements in. And since their statements are the ones that became the commands on how we should behave, we'll repeat the tightening up in the buttocks, for instance, when something in our current life "resonates" with the parent's energy in the buttocks muscles.
It'll also resonate with similar energies in the auric energy field that flows through the buttocks muscles.  Those energies got put in that location in past lives when we were hit there, too.  And as you will read farther on, its' the past life deaths that run us after we've cleared out this life's stuff with say, the Bodywork and SK.
The very action of hitting sends the energies in the person's hand, arm and shoulder deep inside.  They say It's hopeless, and I'll teach you to be bad, and so forth.  And because of the deep alpha state that's created, the kid's body picks up the emotional energies in the parent's chest, belly, pelvis and legs, too.
                But none of this action is occurring in the person's brain.  And very importantly, the child is not making any subconscious decision about these ideas that are occupying the feelings of the parent.  The kid's attention is focused on tensing and protection from the pain.
There might even be some resentment, or resistance created by the kid.  But it's not about what the parent is feeling, from the parent's side.  Not at this moment in time.  Yet, from then on, the recipient does have the kinds of thoughts that the parent had as well as his own.  Or, the thoughts may be amplified, because the same sentences occurred in past lives, infancy, pre-natal and birth.  So something other than what went on in the child's brain is keeping the parent's negative energy in.

In all the time frames in which we were physically subdued, even to the point of being killed, or that we just received by pressures in Mother's belly or birth canal, the "original" words that became "the lasting decisions" never went through our conscious mind.  And the decisions to keep those words in our flesh were never made in the mind either.  In fact, everyone I've worked with, who does a Netherton process discovers, just then, that the decisions about current life beliefs are just recorded words of other people, stamped in the flesh by other people.


               I want to add something to what I said near the beginning of this section.  People mistakenly think that the decisions "they" made in the past experiences form the basis of their unconscious belief systems. 
They will just add to the quantity of similar energy.
             A person might think "they" said "It's hopeless," during an event, like being stuck in a dungeon when it's hopeless no one will let us out and no one can hear our cries for help.  But when we do the Netherton "word discovery" technique, we always find that first, hours or days earlier, it was the abusing other person who told us, "It's hopeless!  No one can hear you.  I'll never let you out."  while we were tensed up in the confrontation with him (or her).
             When I do the treatment with someone, I can tell it's the abuser's words that were the ones stuck in the person's body because I can literally feel that the energy leaves the body and the person gets more relaxed.  But when the person was saying the words some time later in the episode, when he or she thought it, no energy left their current body.  The processing person him or herself, can often feel this difference, too.

              So in these past life
episodes, the words of hopelessness, etc, are said twice.  Once by the other person actually giving a command such as "You'll never get out of here.  You might as well die," and a second by the person in despair, "I'll never get out of here.  I might as well die."
              The second kind, of the despair, are often the same words that the person's current life mother is saying about a situation in the prenatal, but it's maybe not as serious.
  And while mother is expressing her own pain and difficulty, there always seems to be a physical tightening on the baby inside her, usually due to Mother's belly tightening, or illness, or even when some mothers get punched in the belly during abuse.  In this latter experience, the mother is worried that the baby is being hurt, and the abuser may even be wanting to kill the baby.
             The same kind of words are also often thought by the doctor during delivery, at the point where the person, as a baby, is stuck.   "If we don't get her out of there, they'll both die (mother and baby)."  Mother may even be thinking these kinds of words, perhaps at a gut level, such as, "If I don't get this baby out, I'll die.  The pain is so terrible.  I can't stand it."
               So all of these words are stated "commands" from "other" people, about what the situation is and what it means to us.  It's a template.
 We are feeling a constriction or attack, and if we don't get free of the circumstance, we could die.  Or, in the past life, the only way out of the constriction is to actually die.  And that actual dying is what "starts" the chain of these kind of events.
               This is what's been put directly into the body and its energy field.  And you can see that the person in therapy him or herself did not make a decision to have these words or feelings.
               And as a rule, the words of "original episodes" always get implanted during times of great overwhelm, and then, possibly death.
 Even the prenatal and birth words are significant life and death statements.  Many people who have these energy patterns also have them show up as infancy, childhood and teenage episodes as well.  And there are usually accidental death past lives where the person died in a similar constricted or painful way, with similar words stated or felt by him.
             The foundational ones are when we are forced into the situation by other people who simultaneously utter the defining words.  These are the same words we think, say or feel during our life long major issues.

             So a large part of our pattern is that people's sentences "gave information" to the physical things they did, that were happening to us. 
Their emotional attitude is part of the energies that will tend to make the same kinds of things keep happening to us, and they will also tell us how we should keep getting caught up in it.
             Our own reactions in those episodes, are almost invariably struggle and then exhaustion.  One woman, who'd had this struggle and exhaustion during a rape, when she couldn't breathe due to the pressure of the man's chest on her, also had the same kind of struggle and exhaustion when she died in a past life during similar circumstances.
             During current life difficulties which are not life and death, but are very significant, people tend to struggle unnecessarily hard and get exhausted at the end.  This behavior is created by their being stuck in the template of the past energies.
             Even when it's not harsh or abusive, it acts like this.  One young man had ongoing depression because he couldn't do as well in a new environment as he did before.  And he didn't know what to do to help these new people.  Turns out, he was very sick in the chest as an infant and his parents also didn't know what to do to help.  This wasn't the most significant episode to release, but after clearing it, he said his chest was a little looser, and he later realized he wasn't so depressed.


              As SK practitioners understand, the implanted energies perpetuate the hopelessness and stress of the past scenarios.  What I'm repeatedly saying here is that these energies are not held in the body because of mental decisions we, ourselves made, even without realizing it.  Much of them are held in because of the statements that are embedded right inside the energies.
               Therefore, the "foundational" energies can't be released neurologically by turning off the signals to the chronically tight muscles, because there aren't any activating nerve signals from the directly embedded original episode energies.
Once the pattern is started however, the brain will get the ideas and will turn on the muscle tightening signals.  Then a Specialized Kinesiology diffusion will turn them off and the person feels relieved of the stress.  But these signals from the brain aren't coming from the more original commands embedded in energy deep in the body.

             So rather than our own mental decisions keeping energies in us, it's really the quality of the energies and the words embedded in those energies that keep giving us the mental thoughts.
Here are a few examples.  "Stop crying! Or I'll really give you something to cry about."   "Don't you ever talk back to me again."  These are statements made by a parent who's already shaking or hitting the child.   And these are the statements still inside people who hold back their crying or their anger.  They tensed up at the time because they were in fear.  That enabled their own fearful emotions to get stuck inside them.  The angry other person's words went into the flesh because their own grabbing or hitting put them there.  From then on, the other person's commands tell this person to shove down anger and hold in tears.
"You never should have said that.  Now you're going to pay for it."  This is a statement made by a captor in a past life who's imprisoned the person, or is having him held by two others, and now he's going to beat and/or kill that person.
 Besides being threatened literally for your life, hopelessness is another reason to stuff.  What good will it do to say something?  "It's hopeless.  He never listens to me.  I can't say anything to him that will make him change.  I'll just have to forget about it and go back to my housework,"  This is a statement felt, or thought, by Mother in the prenatal, while her tensing up abdomen is pressing her feelings into the flesh of the unborn child inside her.
                  It's Mothers' words long before we, ourselves, had a reasoning intellect. And what's key is that Mothers' words are a belief system that says to hold in those energies.  In the person's own life, he or she may not have a lot of obvious anger about others, but rather, a lot of futility and hopelessness regarding being unable to say and get what one wants.


                      Now I want to point out another  issue.  We can indeed use various techniques to diminish the size of the stored material, all of the same pattern.  We just release it out of the body and energy field.  As I explained in Part 1, SK done after Structural Integration Bodywork (and even intense yoga) is a good combination to do this.  But at the bottom of the psychological pattern, there's an unresolved "survival" issue.  And I've alluded to this briefly above.

                   One major point about this is, we over react to circumstances in our current lives because, in the underlying episodes, we were being killed in the same kind of circumstances.  In the way we currently behave, when these energies are activated, the observer part of our mind doesn't know the difference between the two kinds of experiences, past and current.  It can't separate them from each other.  So we need a technique to do this differentiation, to be able to see for ourselves how the past experiences are similar to, but more traumatic than the current ones.
                    If we do a lot of breath concentration meditation, we can develop the observer mind enough so we can notice when we are over reacting. 
"Oh, this is just an emotional issue with my boyfriend going on a trip, but I'm acting as if he's going to die when he's away."  And we can say, "Oh, I see what I'm doing and I'm sorry for adding this extra fear and anger on top of my just missing you."
 Especially if we've also had the Bodywork, we also let go of the emotional charge and tension that just flares up on its own.  There's awareness and a neurological over-ride from the forebrain after getting back in touch with current reality, but we don't see the specific past experiences and we aren't erasing them.                   
                   In order to dissolve (or remove) the past experiences embedded inside we need to see what really happened in the old experiences. 
We must be able to see their specifics.  And the Netherton method does this very precisely.
                In this process, the therapist asks us questions and does some other techniques to help us get more and more in touch with the actual pictures, feelings and words of the internal episodes. Then we get to play the roles of each of the characters in the scene, expressing what each is saying, and doing.  Then "we" clearly see what happened, and know what is currently going on now is not that old stuff from "then.".
                   Specifically, what we find is that the deaths in which we were forced through hopelessness and total submission, by a controlling other person, are the source of the unresolved pattern.
 Bring them to consciousness as we move them out of the body and we get the mental resolution, too.  We see mentally that the severe fears we have had were really from other times.
                   Yet it is also the actual removal of those fearful energies at the same time we're seeing them that "does the trick."  Awareness is good, even awareness of the past events such as is done in past life regressions.  But awareness alone just allows us to "be with" or deal with the problem a little better.  It doesn't "remove" the problem.
In fact, past life regressions as often done with psychics, can indeed give us some good behavioral pointers and insight.  And they can help us modify our behavior and "let go" of our triggers because we "know better."  However, the old triggers are still there and they pollute and distort the fuller, more positive energies we could be expressing if we also clean out the old energies and tensions themselves.
                   The body release, as SK practitioners know, is a big key to removing the problem.  However, what I'm saying in this section is that seeing the old experiences for oneself, and going through the "releasing experience" of "being" who actually said and did what in the episodes, is paramount for resolving the issue.  Just turning off nerve signals and releasing energies out of the body does not change unresolved life pattern psychological perceptions.


                   A second key point is that the words at the death, from the other people, form part of the command statements and belief systems in our minds, as they are put in our energy field while we are not conscious in the body.  So the freedom to be who we want to be, in what the Reichian therapists call the primary personality, is buried under a lot of negative emotions and outright physical trauma, and it even happens right while we are dying and just after.

                    A third key point is that our patterns are more than just the people's words.  It turns out that the "whole scenario" was actually forced on us by the intentions of other people, with "their" own thoughts, feelings and outright statements going into the victim.  They overpower and "brand" the victim with an entire mini-play.
These mini-plays broadcast out of the person energies that attract the "wrong" people into their lives, and then the person takes up the victim role of the internal script and says the lines and does the actions of the person in their script.  The other people who come into our lives will play the other roles of the script.  And even when the other person is not being malicious, the person with the pattern will interpret those actions in accord with their own script, and often, ruin the relationship.
                 In metaphysics and some spiritual and personal growth practices, we're told that if we go with the fear and negativity, that's what we'll be creating.  And that's what I'm talking about here.  When a person gets caught in the script, especially with stubborn anger, they cause the outcome of the script to happen.
                And thus "we" are being run by parasites from the past.  When we do the Netherton technique, we see who said and did what, right while we are removing those energies.  And we clear up that level of the issue.  To do this, we must have some amount of conscious awareness and intention.  We must be aware enough to see that it is negative "stuff," and we must have a strong enough intention to want to remove that stuff.

                 On the other hand, when the energy packets are activated and take the person over, it means he or she does not have a strong enough observer mind and a deep enough spiritual center.  The person cannot see that it's "past stuff."
 In that condition, the person is not creating the words that he now thinks or says, nor is he choosing the reactions he now does.  And he did not even make the original decisions to have this happen to begin with.  It is all a repeat of past events.  It is the parasitic pattern taking over the person's body and mind and expressing itself.  The "person" has become dormant.
                   In fact, these command statements were not even what we'd call decisions. They were "sentences" describing the hopelessness and activity of the event, and they were physically forced into our flesh by the action of another person or persons.
    And to repeat the theme, even when a person has an SK “diffusion” to remove the statements from the brain and thus remove the signals for tensing up in the body, it doesn't remove the original embedded commands.  The commands to keep the energy there are actually in the energy that's there.


                The Netherton method to erase these energies is to feel them in the body or look at the pictures in the minds eye.  Then say the sentences that come to consciousness out of the energies.  This usually takes a coach or therapist to help, but after somebody's done the method a number of times, they may be able to do sections of episodes on their own.
              We consciously experience the old energies and "live out" the scenes. Yet what gets the energy out isn't that we're now "re-living" the event psychologically.  We're not getting all involved with all the emotions.  We're feeling the energies and emotions as we also observe ourselves saying them.
                What's getting it out of the body is the energetic process of "becoming" the energy and enabling it to express itself, while "we" are remaining conscious and aware.  This is an energy releasing process rather than a trauma re-living process.
                  In SK, the technique is to erase the mental neurological pattern holding the muscles tight.  Release the muscles and the energy dissipates away.  But as I've been attempting to clarify, for "these" episodes, there are no "original" neurological patterns.
                  The most damaging energies are those that command us to have certain hang-ups, that we should view the world a certain way.
  Yet they weren't necessarily said as decision commands, but rather as reports of present tense circumstances at the time.
                 What the Netherton method does is access the specific experience and say those reports.
Even if the old events happened with people in China, we use our present day brains to translate the recorded energies into English (or French) sentences.  Seeing the exact event, and saying the exact words that the exact person is speaking, erases that energy from its embedded location.

               When we are familiar with this method, we come to certain understandings.  For one thing, we could say that the energy in the body has nothing to do with the psychology of remembering that we had some of these events, the ones we can remember.  The ones we remember are related to the earlier ones, obviously, because the energies in the body and in these earlier energetic imprints are all part of the pattern that keeps on going.  But remembering and analyzing is a matter for psychotherapy.
               Instead, what this process does is deal only with the energy imprint itself.  In this regard it is very much like what SK is doing. Only it does it from within the energy itself, because there's no place in "our" body from which we can be and remove "it."  It's a foreign substance. We can only remove it by letting it express itself.
And as I said, bringing the detailed specifics of each event to crystal clarity is essential.  For two reasons.  It's the only way to clear the energy.  (I know, because I monitor the energy movement with my aura and psychic centers.)  And it's the only way for the conscious mind to clearly see that it was other people saying these words, and not his own mind thinking them in either the past or the present.


               I want to comment briefly on behavior modification again, including what people try in hypnotherapy.  These attempt to place a new outcome on top of the existing pattern without removing it.  It is based on what I call a "mental only" concept of programming.  It believes that the negative programs can be changed through conscious intention. 
                 This cannot be done.  A new program can be created but it will only be in parallel with the old, stronger program.
                 The older and deeper causes of the negative behaviors aren’t in the same place in the body as the new, good behavior belief systems being put into the neurological patterns.
SK and other “reprogramming” techniques are working in one area in this regard. And the deeper, causing energies are located in another, like the collagen fibers in the butt, or the tissues inside the heart that got there when someone else was speaking rejecting sentences while thrusting a knife in there.            
             Therefore, guiding a client through an imagery with a different outcome of the old scene, for instance, doesn't change the original scene. Just changing neurological patterns, even if they can access physical muscles in the current circumstance, does not seem to remove these formative energies that were directly embedded. The fact that it does not work is easy to see, because one part of people's minds still believe the same things and causes them to behave the same old ways.  Morris Netherton, after doing his method for 30 years, told us students, we cannot place a new belief system on top of the old one and expect the new one to take precedence.


              That's been a lot of words.  Now please let me tie it all together to review, and to fill in some gaps.  Here's how "it works," what it seems SK does, and then what Netherton does.
                 Remember from part 1 that I think SK is great and it has helped me in particular with past adult life situations.  It also clears up some of the mind's "noise" and it can help with neurological patterns including those causing physical conditions.
                 Here I am talking about the theme of this article, about the directly embedded energies that make up our long term pattern.

                 Some event in your current life triggers you into fearing for your survival. 
It might be about money, relationships, about being accepted, getting our needs met, being manipulated or controlled, even about being overworked.
              This fear resonates with energies already stored in the body and its aura, from a series of serious past events in which you actually did die.  And during that death the same words and sentences were being said, thought and felt by you, and by other people around you.  In the formative experiences, those energies went into your flesh like a photographic impression.
               The serious and real issue of your current life would cause you to tense up anyway.  Simultaneously, the old material fills up your organs and muscles and causes even more tightness; a lot more tightness.  And the statements of fear or anger that you are thinking or saying about your current circumstance, are the very same statements that were said to you in the past episodes.  But those were much more physically threatening, painful and traumatic.
               In fact, in death circumstances, you finished the situation with the issue unresolved.  You died, with the other person's statements that this kind of psychological, or circumstantial situation was hopeless, that you wouldn't get what you wanted, that they hated you, that you were a disappointment and a nuisance, and so on.
                And in every other past circumstance that has left you with the same kind of embedded energies, the situation was unresolved, and your survival was at stake, even if you didn't die.  The analysis didn't go through your conscious mind.  Either you were unconscious, analytically speaking, as a fetus in the womb or birth canal, as an infant baby, and when you were dead and hanging around your body with other people supplying the words, either of love and loss, or of good riddance and rejection.
                In all the circumstances in which you battled and lost, or were just outright killed, your own attention was on the protection and tensing, and even the pain.  While your own consciousness was involved with this, the other person's energies were also being absorbed into you.  This includes their words, whether said, thought, felt, or even just part of the angry action in their arms and shoulders, guts or chest, and even legs.

                For the current event, you do an SK diffusion turning off the mental patterns about the recent circumstance, and you even put in a different idea pattern.  Since the point in time when the event that triggered you is no longer actually present, turning off the nerve pattern will release the energies out of your muscles (especially if the fascia is lengthened).
                But these are the energies about the current circumstance.
 They're the current tensions and the "reproduced" energies that came out of the old events stored even deeper.  They are not the energies of the old events themselves, the ones that are mixed in with the other person's statements which tell you that this kind of current event is threatening your life.
             In the past, a person or persons did threaten you, and did kill you, or harm you greatly, and they put their threatening energies into your tensions. These are the words that say, if you say such and such or do such and such, you will be killed.  Or, "Because you did such and such, I want to kill you, I want to make you pay!"  Those commands are located right in the tense muscles.  Nowadays, they influence the automatic behaviors that we have.

              You made an instinctual decision to tense up.  That, too may be able to be released from the brain.  But the statements of this other person, and the action he or she did to you, were not yours.  So a neurological access cannot do anything with them.
             Therefore, the next time a similar threat occurs in your current life, it will again resonate with what this person did or said, and you will again "over react" and tense up, having the same thoughts as well.  That person's behavior is extra baggage you were "printed with" in those past times.


              Let me give a real example.  I treated a young woman who'd been raped as a teenager, on two different occasions.  To make a long story short, she had a behavior in everyday life where she started pulling herself inside when you were talking with her.  She also explained that she'd had much lower self esteem since the first incident.
              What we found in the Netherton processing was that the pressure of the much larger boy's body, pressed on her chest during the rape, was keep her from breathing.  We actually felt the energies sinking inside as the life force kept getting weaker.  I had her follow these sensations consciously and speak the words, of the boy's energies, coming out of what was inside of her that she was currently feeling. They were all the commands he was giving her about her being no good, her causing it to happen, him not caring about anything she wanted, and so forth.
               This had been an extremely traumatic physical event, part of an all night series of traumas, including being harmed, and then abandoned, by the two people she went to get help from.
              We loosened all the fascial tightness and dissolved out all these inner energies, those from the other rape and a past life rape and killing, which also had this sinking inside action, and from a childhood experience in which her mother hit her heavily and also chastised her.  We included her own stored anger, located in the pelvis and legs, from both rapes.
               She no longer had that low self esteem, and the sinking feeling that I had noticed always being there, was gone.  She was also a lot more "alive."  These energies had been in the flesh.  And the "material" that made her behave the way she did, was not really her.  They were polluted energies in her.  They were "doing their thing."
                In addition, the physical compression of her fascia caused by the pressures had also "distorted" and weakened her healthy psycho-somatic functioning.  Compressed chests don't allow deep breathing, they restrict energy flow and they keep people from expressing their inner desires, even when they want to, mentally.
                The embedded rapists' energies were giving "her" the psychological orientation of her "complex."  Yet what made her "act out" the complex was the actual physical movement of the energy packet, where her life force was going out of her muscles and she was sinking further and further inside.  The energies of this type that she'd gotten stuck with in the two teenage rapes definitely contributed to her sinking-ness and low self esteem; we saw that.
                The source of these events, and all the associated abuse and rejection from others, had come from the past life episode of the same type in which she was killed, and of which the energies were still inside of her and in her aura.  The other person was still "there," saying the same words and doing the same thing.  That's where the sinking life force energy did the whole route.  She died with the pattern.


                 So, let me draw a very brief conclusion.  SK will access the brain and remove the decisions we put in those neurons.
                     Body-Mind Release processing will access the directly embedded energies and physical conditions that were caused by other people.

                  They both help.  The key is to use them in ways that we know are working.

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