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With insight about "Couples Processing"

This article will help you understand why we keep falling into negative patterns and, of course, how to stop that.

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          In order to clear recordings from different time frames, we need to use the “movie viewing and erasing” technique.  This is with my body-oriented Netherton technique.
          We also need to know what kinds of events should be cleared in the different time frames.  We especially need to clear the events when it was hopeless to get out of them, even when we wanted to.

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
21 years successful track record
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         As I’ve described in other articles about the Netherton method and bodymind therapy, to get rid of the stressful patterns that we're currently having, we erase the multiple past episodes stored inside of us that have been adding together.
These manifest as the pattern we struggle with and they “cover up” our own best energies.
        In fact, most people even feel relieved of a lot of the strain they're currently experiencing in their bodies, and minds, when they process out the energies of the past events.  So doing a 1/2 hour to 2 hour process removes tension from current life, and it simultaneously erases an old recording or two.  Then there will be less energy in the "projector" to keep perpetuating the stressful kinds of experiences.
        When we clear enough episodes, and in particular, the formative ones, that level of our “issue” is gone, and the next level "down" is what we start working on. So a lot of denial comes off, and then we get to clear a lot of running away and hiding (flight), then battling (fight), and even resentment and revenge. They've all been there all the time, operating together.  We just get to erase the behavior pattern one part at a time.
        This article describes some of how the Netherton insight can clear these more formative episodes, even when other methods do not.

         As I'll explain below, the important thing to keep in mind is to go through all the layers.  Don't stop in the middle where you feel more powerful, and think you can overpower everything and get what you want that way.  This is only a "middle place" where you're being run by angry energy in your pelvis and thighs.  It's the "I want" chakra expressing itself from the big bones and muscles of that area.
         But the area is polluted. The tension in this area is actually holding fears in the diaphragm area.  It's an interconnected, structural situation.   Don't fall into the trap. 

          Let’s start by looking into why we keep getting in the same kind of battles even though we don’t want to. That'll tell us the nature of which episodes to clear, because those internal "battling movies" keep projecting themselves onto the movie screen of our current lives, over and over and over.  They project themselves as our own feelings, thoughts and actions, and also as the other people's feelings, thoughts and actions.  They are movies with scripts, actors and actresses.  All of it, the entire Broadway production, keeps appearing, and we get involved in it.
         In each past episode, the actors, actresses and/or scenery may be different, because it's a different moment in time.  But the script, and the roles the script calls for, are the same.  It's just one "re-make" after another.

         The idea in this system is to destroy the original script.  To do that, we erase the series of movies with the most horrible, hopeless and defeating scenes.  So nobody can put any of those movies into you, the VCR any more.  And nobody can make another version of the film because you've erased the original script.


  As I've also explained in other articles, the energies of the script even cause other people to appear in our lives to play the other roles, playing opposite the person whose body contains the energy.  And it turns out, that the energy inside this other person contains a complementary pattern.  He or she identifies with one role in his or her internal script.  And the first person I'm talking about plays the other role.
         If you're familiar with Freud's discoveries, it makes sense.  We attract people into our "closest lives" who play the same roles as our parents, who were the "more original people" in our closest lives.
         But when I see it in the Netherton releasing processes, it's almost uncanny.  Invariably, husbands and wives who are battling with each other have these complementary scripts.  He plays the "other" roles in her scenario, and she plays the "other" roles in his scenario.  Because of this mutually reinforcing battle pattern, the two people are keeping each other locked into the same kind of old script that they both have.  You might say that each one's "poor interpersonal behavior" triggers the other one into their poor interpersonal behavior.
         But as we process out each level of one spouse's pattern, it actually makes it easier to process out that level of the other person's pattern.  It's a matter of energy as well as activity.  That's a very important concept to "get."
         You can easily understand that if one person stops "playing the game," the other person has no one to interact with in the battle.  The one who no longer battles actually leaves, either physically, or just "turns off."
         But that doesn't necessarily stop the pattern.  Turning off may just be the way the person's mother had to behave in the prenatal with regard to father.  Or it might be how the person him or her self had to behave in response to mother in childhood.  But even if that's not the case; and the cleared person is actually cleared, just their action does not influence the ability to clear the other person's internal energy.
         What does influence the clearing is that one person is now deeper energetically than that level of battling.  So there is an energy influence on the deeper part of the other person's body.
         If that person has already been processing things out, then the spouse's clearing puts an influence into the person's bodymind that makes it want to clear to that deeper level, too, even if the person's shallower level of consciousness doesn't see it.  This energy factor is particularly true when the people are living together. The energy fields mix throughout the house or apartment.  I've never seen it not to be the case.
         On the other hand, as you might suspect, when one spouse stops processing, there's often a good chance that the other spouse will stop processing, too.  And their battle will continue at the level that has not yet been cleared for the two of them.
            I've even seen both spouses processing the same kind of experiences on the same day.


          Now, commonly, for each person, there's a role that says, "I don't want this anymore."  In one kind of fairly common pattern, the wife, for instance, doesn't want the passive aggressive, avoiding behavior of the husband. And the husband no longer wants to put up with the direct aggressiveness and angry controlling repression of the wife.
         This is a healthy place to get to, because it means that the person is much deeper inside themselves, into the level where their "primary" personality wants to get on with their lives without all that "Mickey Mouse" behavior that's been going on between them for years.
         In some people, for instance, he no longer wants to do all that passive aggressive avoidance on the outside parts of himself, and he wants to express his inner, creative, own desires in the world instead.  She no longer wants to "be nice," or keep trying all manner of nice, angry or "forgetting about" behavior she's had absolutely no success with against his wall, his put downs and his running away.

         But this is a very tricky place to be at.  Because it's the most common place people stop processing out their internal behaviors.  They get stuck at a real battling level, and they think they can win.  They think that all of what they are dealing with is only about the spouse, or person at work, etc.  And they couldn't be more wrong.
         We all have layers; layers of energy that go from the outside of the body down through the muscles, organs and bones.  And the deeper we go in our processing, the more we get cleared out in the surface muscles.  Then we'll feel stronger and stronger in our dealings with the outside world.  We might even enjoy new found success at work.
         The trap occurs in our personal lives, or in work situations in which a deep personal issue is involved.  That's usually, not getting our needs met, being controlled or manipulated, and/or being rejected.  It shows up mostly in personal, emotional relationships.  When the person tries to forcibly overpower someone else to get what he or she wants, and there's both strain and "failure" to get it, that's when we know the deep layers have not been cleared and the person is "being acted out" by the old episode energies located there.


        Now, "I don't want this anymore," is the verbal or thought statement of a grown person.  But it also describes the non-verbal, instinctual feelings of a small child.  A person may be saying it about his or her current life, but what's going on in the internal movies?  And how do we erase, or dissolve, their energies out of the body.
        Typically, all the people in a movie frame are saying or feeling the same kinds of sentences.  If a frazzled mother is angry about her situation and starts yelling or hitting the child, the person doing the processing would tense up the way the kid did, and would say the words of “I don’t want this anymore.” These would be what Mother had said at the same time.  Both are feeling it, but the mother is thinking it while the child is all tensed up in fear.

         When we’re conscious enough of the movie so that we see it’s Mother "speaking" while we were feeling the sensations non-verbally, then the tensing energy that was still left in our body from that moment in time dissolves away.  And what also diminishes is that tense, resistive attitude we have had all our lives.
           The attitude that we're used to calling "mental" is really a physically tense condition.  But this real physical tenseness is combined with sentences that give us a belief system.  BOTH the tightness and the sentences form the filter through which we interpret the outside world.  And both are located in the exact same spot in the body.  The energies are inside the muscles.
           As I have just explained, the technique erases the tight physical component and the belief system statements at the same time.

         As adults, we need to be able to say, “I don’t want this anymore,” when we need to.  But when the words are fixated inside the body from past experiences, it’s not an “open” attitude that will bring us a better situation.
         Instead, it’s a battling situation that keeps us stuck with the wrong kinds of people.  In the past "hopeless" episodes, we said we didn't want it anymore and still couldn't get out of the situation.  In fact, the abuse and/or trauma we experienced in those formative episodes is very great.  And in some of them, we were killed while not being able to get out of the same kind of situation.

         Now, if this child grows up and finds she’s in a repetitive abusive relationship, or in a series of abusive relationships, she obviously won’t want that anymore.  She might then learn how to be self assertive so she can stop people from treating her the way they did in the past.  She does this intentionally with her conscious mind.  But if the deeper, unconscious recordings are still strong, then all by themselves, they can still bring the person into abusive or troublesome situations.  And she’ll have to repeatedly free herself with her conscious, self-assertive skills.

         This can be a physical and emotional strain.

         The problem is that her body energies still aren’t attracting the kind of people into her life that she really wants. Instead, the old negative energies are competing with her positive intentions, even though she, herself, can deal with adversity better.  It’s the movie. The episodes inside her are actually saying these words on not wanting it, while she as a person or child in the past, is straining against the abuse or other negativity.  It's just as she is doing now.
          As I said above, it's a trap.  We think we can get out of the abuse now that we're stronger.  But the script of these movies says that the other person is stronger still.

          Structural Integration Bodywork usually squeezes the recordings from events in teenage and adult times out of the collagen fibers from our large, outer muscles.  This also changes the energy of those muscles to a more harmonious vibration that other people like.  (This has even been measured in a university laboratory.)  So it attracts nicer people and abusers tend to leave, as I have described in other articles.
         The Release Processing adds another improvement. It dissolves the negative belief statements that say these people will keep coming in and we have no choice about it.  It also dissolves away a whole additional series of movies that energetically keeps reproducing the problem.

         We can look at two levels of the issue. Clearing a person's later childhood or teenage episodes of, “I don’t want this anymore,” when she actually did stop the abuse, helps her feel somewhat freer. This can often be done in regular Reichian types of therapy or even with Primal Scream.
          It’s relatively easy to remember and make contact with teenage experiences.  And we can emote out the words if we're seeing the episodes in our mind's eye.  This is easiest after some Bodywork has loosened the muscles.
          The improvement will be greater if we also clear the same kind of episode from other time frames, because multiple experiences combine to form each level of the pattern.  There's the time in the prenatal, when Mother finally put her foot down, the time in a "past life" when the person escaped from a very bad place, and even the point in the birth experience when things shifted for the better.

          However, the episodes from earlier in childhood (and other places in birth, prenatal and before) will be the ones in which the person had the same desires to get out of the situation, but couldn’t.
          These manifest the energies of hopelessness, helplessness to get out of it, and words that say, “Nobody’s listening to me,”  “Nobody’s helping me,” and other statements like that. These transfer onto our current life situations.  So the person will feel that way about the current predicament.
          I want to emphasize that these are not negative statements and feelings the person’s conscious mind is conjuring up in fantasy.  The current interpersonal experience fits in very well with the script.  But the source of the statements and feelings in current life are the statements and feelings coming from the actual material stored inside.
          And, as it turns out, they're much more seriously violent.  That's what caused the pattern of such tightness to begin with.  What the people are doing to this person in current life is, psychologically, like what the people were doing more blatantly in the distant past.  In this way, the current situation is like that of the past, only for most people, nobody's got them in a dungeon on a rack.
          I'll admit, it's really weird.  But I've been doing this since 1985.  And it's like that.  Clear out the most violent episodes, from this life and who knows where else, and two things happen.  The person stops acting like that, and the people around him are nicer and more open to him.
          Yet one other kind of problem comes up in this regard.  If the person still has resentment and revenge located down in the pelvis and thighs, they'll have great trouble acknowledging other people's nice acts.  There, and often inside the liver (the organ that stores resentment), there's too much holding on to vengeance to enable the person to proactively receive all the nice things people are doing. More treatment is needed for these old fixations.

          Clearing the later episodes that stopped the abuse gets people more in touch with their power.  But the earlier episodes in which they couldn’t stop the abuse keeps a part of them still stuck in powerlessness.  And this can stop an adult from attaining his goals.
          So the next step would be to remove the energies still stuck deeper down, the ones that make up this “hopeless” script and give it physical power over our lives.  And hopelessness is the key word here.  When we die in a past life, in the process of being abused, we are actually told it’s hopeless.  We can’t get out and no one will help us.  There are even bystanders who want to help but are powerless to do so.  All of these actors’ words and actions form the script, or template, of this kind of pattern.

           Hopelessness also affects us when we were repetitively abused, as with an alcoholic or angry abusive parent.  Repetitiveness is a big issue.  When we process out one episode and then another, the trauma of each one does get erased.  But there is also a set of statements in other episodes that say it’s going to keep happening. 
happening is an important issue to erase.  Not only does it keep the episodes repeating, it also causes a lot of people to get stuck.
           Some of the experiences were removed, so the energy level of their current problems is a lot less.  But the person's mind gets stuck in the avoidance of the next episodes.  Because they're strong on the outside, some people even go into battling transference with the therapist and with doing the therapy. And as I said just above, those resistive energies are located in the thighs and pelvis, and in the deeper and lower abdomen.
          They fight with the attitude of "I don't want this anymore."  without realizing they're in transference.   Of course, the episodes keep happening to them because they haven't cleared out the behavior inside that makes it continue to happen.  They're stuck at the level of "futile resistance," which is a built-in part of the past experiences.
            Futile resistance occurs when you can fight back, but the other person is always bigger and you lose.  This is the script of every single life long pattern, no matter its specifics. 
That's the script of the movies that run the pattern.  So, we either need to be developed spiritually enough so we never have fears that trigger past movies.  Or, we have to erase the movies.
           It's better if you're really that well developed spiritually.  But even very accomplished meditators get caught in the old energies.  My philosophy is that since these techniques are pretty easy to do and they get rid of such nuisance behaviors, why not do them to make it easier to do our livelihoods, have better interpersonal relationships and have more focus when we do our meditation practice.


         After a certain amount of Bodywork and release processing, a person's outer world is better, most of the time.   But at this point, even though the outer muscles have been softened and loosened, and their emotional energy has been cleared, the energies deeper in the body can re-manifest the same kind of experience and the person will experience it throughout his whole structure.
         There are two general ways this happens, with “percolating” and with “repeats.”

         The first thing that gets better is the outside of the person, and the top part of the person.  We've cleared a lot from the upper and outer torso, some from the head, and some from the outer legs.  A lot of this was tense contracting energies, both as the structure of the flesh and in the energies floating in that flesh.
         These contracting energies and muscles were created from three kinds of behaviors.  Two happened simultaneously.  In the older episodes, other people were attacking and the person tensed up.  The third kind is physical pressure from Mother's body; her abdomen tightened up and pressed against the fetus when she herself was upset during our prenatal months. We also received pressures from her birth canal during our birthing process.
         Once these strong "binding up" or "compressing inside" outer energies are gone, the energies deeper inside, and lower down in the body, start to come out.  And our conscious minds can also be aware of them, getting their messages.  Before, they were wrapped up and pushed deep, and what we were consciously in touch with was the energies of the pushing wrappings that also included our tensing up.
         So, for instance, if there was a lot of battering, and the person was repeatedly tensing up and protecting himself, that muscular tension will have been holding other kinds of energies inside.  The person might have been displaying a lot of outward anger whenever he felt tense, rejected and fearful just inside.  The outward anger would have been a transference of the other people's batterings that he had absorbed.  After both these fears and the rage is gone, the person's actual resentment, and revenge will appear.  And both right on top of it, and underneath it, will be more fear as well.

         So what are these deeper things, and what do they do in current life to the person, when they start to come out?

         First, the energies of episodes stored deeper in the pelvis, legs and inner abdomen will often percolate to the surface and rise upward.  They will fill up the outer muscles and organs, like more dirty water being poured into a sink we just cleaned.  They’ll often get all around the person’s head and cause another emotional overwhelm of the type he’d been tensing against for years
         The person’s conscious mind experiences this as another repeat of the same kinds of energies we have already cleared out.  In fact, because the outer tightness of the head, neck and upper torso has been released, this intense inner feeling can now be felt a lot more.  It may even be more overwhelming than he’s experienced in years.  Yet this is a good sign because it means a “large piece of garbage” has become free from where it’s been held for so long, and we can easily remove it with Release Processing.

         Because this happens, I try to keep contact with my clients between sessions, and I explain to them what might occur soon.  A person might get triggered from fearful and stressful events in current life.   If he isn’t clear about this “percolation,” he might say, "Oh, no! It's all happening all over again.  Nothing helps!" 
         This is where the old hopelessness of repeating, traumatic negative experiences has finally reached the conscious mind.  This "happening all over again - nothing helps" is what happened to the child with repetitive rapes or beatings.  It’s what happened to Mother with a problem husband who might have gotten drunk regularly, or with repetitive pains at the person’s birth.

          The problem is, if the person is unconscious about what’s happening, he can stop the treatments, just when he was getting at the material his body has been tensing against ever since the actual incidents a long time ago.  Or, at the very least, he'll undergo some un-necessary suffering.  That's why I try to keep on top of the situation.  But, unfortunately, the internal energies often win by keeping the other person from contacting me, or following my suggestions.
         However, when we do clear these energies, which include the abuser’s anger and violence as well as the victim’s fear, then the person usually feels a lot calmer, and from deeper in the body. This is a milestone. And the process can easily be done on the phone a few days following the last formal session.  That's when the "stuff percolates up.
         Another benefit of processing out this "critical point" material is that the anxiety and holding back behavior of the person's daily life is now usually diminished. She can be "out there" more, because the significant fear about doing so has been dissolved.  The rapist's words of "Don't move or I'll kill you," for instance, no longer exist.  Nor do Mother's words at birth of, "If I just stay still, it won't hurt so much."
         When this is gone, many people will experience getting loved and appreciated more because there's more of an opening to the person's inner torso energy levels.
         The key to doing the releasing at this point is simple, that he or she has to see this anger and fear is just "stuff," including his or her own angry resentment. The person needs enough awareness in the "observer" conscious mind.

         When this "percolating" occurs, we can help with Structural Integration Bodywork.  It'll clear some of the newly created tension in the outer torso muscles and the head and neck muscles.  And it'll remove some of the overwhelming emotional energies now going through all those muscles. That enables us to do the processing with more of the person's conscious awareness available.
         It's important, though, that we don't keep relying on just Bodywork to stop the stresses once they're triggered.  We want to clear the deeper causes of the triggering further down in the body and energy fields.
         It's important to remove the sentences that were forced upon us that say the episodes will keep happening.  While some of its "repeat" manifestation can be cleared with energy techniques, the original episodes from much earlier times can only be cleared with the Release Processing that removes both the energy, and the sentences, by seeing "who" in the episodes is actually saying them.

         Percolating occurs during straight Structural Integration, too.  It's common for people to have strong emotional feelings come up between Bodywork sessions.  They could even be energies we "act out," in our current lives.  There's a surge, and then it's gone.  If we can do the Release Processing during the Bodywork session, we can minimize the "after effects."  I have also done Release Processing on the phone for people between the sessions.  It's just as easy to do as in person.


        Repeats. This is where the deeper energy just stays inside and projects itself onto the person’s current life.  It's transference, even when real life circumstances are difficult.  So let me explain transference from a body-energy standpoint.

         If they weren't difficult, the person wouldn't have a serious fear and stress, so the inner energy wouldn't get triggered.  It's usually the fear that we have that connects us to the stronger past energies.  And sometimes it's our anger, our reaction.
         Problem is, the inner energies are combining with the outer world and we end up in the battles again, unless we can be aware and spiritual enough to not fall into the patterns.  Also problem is, these energies of our past stresses are very strong.  Plus, they give us their thoughts in the brain.
         So the idea of developing a strong power of awareness  through meditation is:  the stuff may come up, we may feel very uncomfortable in it, but we won't get lost in it psychologically.
         The current life circumstances are energies.  They resonate with the energies deeper inside us.  So we say they "trigger" the stuff still deep in the abdomen, pelvis and thighs.
         In this case, too, Bodywork is helpful to remove the outer tension.  But it doesn't remove the episodes on the top of our "stack," the ones whose energies are inside those deeper areas in the body and energy field.


        As we do more Release Processing, we will indeed clear the body to deeper levels.  Doing the episodes might be uncomfortable just because the feelings and thoughts are unpleasant.  But clearing out yucky stuff makes a person feel much better, and it lasts for a long time.
        Obviously, once something that got stuck in the body years ago is processed out, it never exists in the body again.  For a certain amount of time, one episode after another is going to come up and we might feel tense for a short period before we clean out each one.  But the long term effect is one of increasing improvement.
         People can feel the increased relaxation and openness. It really starts getting much more open deeper inside, even into the organs. They also notice it gets easier to clear up the physical stress of these repeats.  The energies just aren’t as overwhelming as the earlier ones we cleared out, and the person’s body is a "cleaner" system.
         The body is now also made of tissues that have a more positive energy, the structure is functioning better, and the person feels better in general.  Especially from the Bodywork, even the metabolism and circulation work better.
           From the combination of methods, the body processes energy out faster and easier with the techniques, and it works as a "whole system" that is more stress resistant.  People don't even react as strongly to outside stresses.
  Even with Bodywork alone, that was proven at a mental hospital in California in the 1930's.
         This is a physical and energetic improvement.  The mental and so called psychological are manifestations of the more "concrete" state of being.

Even after some long sessions, still, the first few times to clear out transference takes a half hour to an hour, or more, until the person gets calmer.  And the tissue is usually very tight.
        But after a bunch of hours of Bodywork and Release Processing, the tissue is much softer, it’s not being “held in” like it was, and it might only take ten to fifteen minutes, at least to feel OK in the head and outer muscles enough to go back to work, etc.  And, while energy healing, acupuncture or a long yoga class may not have cleared up a “repeat” overwhelm before, they often do now.


        I mentioned something about this above.  Now I'll go into more detail.  This section reviews (and repeats) the way material gets into us from different episodes in different time frames.

         It turns out that the most important episodes to clear embody the most threatening and terrifying circumstances.
While a person’s conscious mind may remember only verbal anger coming from the parent, I always find physical shakings, squeezings and hittings when the person was much younger.  These physical actions are more overwhelming in a way that locks tension and sentences into the person’s body.
         While there are a series of these very threatening events, they are relatively few as compared to a whole lot of lousy experiences the person remembers consciously, even if he got hit a lot. We usually only have to clear these in order to clear out the energies of each level of the pattern.
It still takes a number of sessions, but it doesn’t take years.  Changing oneself and developing as a person is, of course a lifetime’s work.  But clearing out the gunk from the past is a finite job.

As I have said in other articles, these “cornerstone” episodes got recorded because the child or infant perceived its survival was at stake.  Or, Mother or Father felt that way while the kid was ill or hurt. At birth and in the prenatal, Mother always does, sometime, have these feelings or thoughts. And we did in a series of past lives (or call them creative unconscious episodes if you like). I’ve always found that the episodes that run the pattern all contain sentences in which the person’s survival was at stake, whether his conscious mind has found that out or not.  “Somebody” in the scenario is saying something about dying or killing.  And at this time, a lot of tightness gets embedded.

Also to review what I've said in other places, one way the energy gets impressed into the body is from the fearful muscular tension.  A second way is from the other person’s physical force, when they're hitting, shaking or pressing us.
The strong physical contact pushes their very angry and even life threatening emotions right into the collagen fibers of our fascia, exactly where we were violently touched or got squeezed. It also pushes in their confusion, guilt and sorrow.  And it causes us to be in such a deep alpha brainwave state that even the energies of people nearby get recorded.  The collagen fibers and other energy elements of the body “pick up” all this "informational" energy very easily, and store it, like video tapes.
          So while we didn’t consciously have the birth and prenatal emotional experiences ourselves, the energies did get into us physically, because our body got squeezed, pressured or otherwise effected. 
At the same time, other people were doing various activities around us (like Mother and the whole staff in the operating room, or Mother and Father in the prenatal argument). So their words and actions become mixed in with our own physical experiences.  They are having the battles, chaos and other emotional feelings, as adults, while we are having the pressures on different parts of our bodies.
         Later on in life, when we encounter the same kinds of stressful circumstances, the reaction of these internal energies will generate the same kinds of emotions they were having.  And it'll also generate the same kinds of contractions and pains we were having.
  In addition, we'll experience the pains and tensions Mother was having because we picked that up as well as her emotions.
        Thus, our whole pattern is created before and during the time we were born.  And it'll get re-emphasized during the first seven years of childhood development that I mentioned at the beginning.

Events that happen in infancy are also at the foundation of our patterns.  I've worked with a few people who were sick or injured as babies and their parents were frightened for their survival.  The emotions and thoughts the parents and doctor had got combined with the child's physical condition of weakness, grogginess and so forth.
       These connect in with Mother's feeling of tiredness at birth and in the prenatal, and the emotions and thoughts she had at those times.  And it often connects with the pain killing drug experience of both Mother and the baby inside her at birth, and with "past life" scenarios when the person was ill or dying and the people around him were saying, thinking and feeling the very same things that all these other recordings are expressing..

Why all this happens, either karmically or according to God’s divine plan is a matter for another discussion.  But it seems to happen to everyone.  And it sets up the issues for the rest of our lives.  Another psychologist named Stanislof Grof even developed an analysis of what kinds of psychological issues get embedded during which time frames of the prenatal period. (But I’ve found that information unnecessary in order to efficiently clear out the necessary pre-natal experiences.)

I emphasize to people that these energies and scenarios are not part of our own memories in the normal way we think of memories.  But because they are there, they keep re-creating our current life experience of that pattern. And when we "find" them with the Netherton techniques, we aren't remembering them.  We're sensing what we feel in our bodies when the old energies transfer themselves onto our current situations.  Then, by putting our awareness on the sensations, our brains perceive the details of what those old energies are actually made up of, and it puts that information on the viewing screen of our conscious mind.  Then we process it out.

However, if we try to remove these energies of birth, prenatal and before, with the same kinds of yelling or emoting that might have gotten rid of our own later childhood or teenage feelings, it may, or may not, give us some more emotional release.  But it surely won't get rid of the commands in the unconscious mind that keep us battling, unsuccessfully, against what we don't want. That way of attempting to release isn't expressing the subliminal movies out of us in the actual pattern that's been recorded.  And the majority of those commands were spoken, thought or implied by the energies of the people controlling us, forcing us into the pattern which we find ourselves in now.  So we need to bring to consciousness a clear picture of the internal episodes.

Remember that the body and its energy field has maintained the original recording, even if it occurred decades or even centuries ago.  To clear each of the different kinds of past scenarios, we still do the same movie releasing techniques. We release each frame by expressing the energies of each person in it, just as if he or she was expressing it right when it happened. And we express the sentences that define what the person's energies and actions are doing as well as what he or she might have been speaking or thinking.
         What we'll be seeing in the different scenarios will be very different pictures, from one time frame to another. But we'll notice that the words defining the energies are the same, even when one experience is violent and another is only emotionally troublesome. 
Some episodes actually have the violence in them, the other is about serious worry.  Both always include sentences that have to do with a fear for the person's survival, or a threat to the person's survival, "wherever in time" she might be.


         So this is how it always works.  We have a pattern, and that pattern is a specific form of energy.  The pattern itself is made up of innumerable events, all with the same script.  But as we unravel the different layers of our psychological issue, we only have to erase a relatively few episodes from each layer, and the unraveling takes us to the key, original episodes that include all the cornerstones of the  issue.
    When those key kinds of episodes are removed from the various time frames, people are very free from their issues.  Yet, even as we are just going through the layers, we do get freer and freer from our ongoing negative behaviors.  It's a process that should be completed.  But we do get benefits at each step of the way. 

         A key parallel practice that we should do is to become more open, and kinder, through meditation and nutritional practices.  This will allow us to not only do the releasing easier, but we also won't get stuck at the angry power places either.

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