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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
27 years successful track record



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Free Ones

          I offer FREE phone consultations that add to the information on this site, explain my own methods and how I can travel to you or treat you on the phone.
          You can get a stretching sample, bodymind release therapy sample, & guidance to what to read on site.
          I include FREE consultations in Bodywork, Bodymind Therapies and Natural Health - Nutrition for people when they buy my books.
          I give existing clients FREE consultations about their family members and friends.

Inexpensive Bodywork Support

          I offer inexpensive ongoing structural and body-mind analysis, and natural food and health tips.  These are consultations for people interested in working with other practitioners, and also wishing for ongoing support from someone who understands your condition and can answer your wholistic health, emotional and structural questions.
           These include coaching in my Structural Integration Bodywork stretches and some Body-Mind Stress Release processing.
           If you're interested in doing something like this, you can call for FREE to see if you want to set something up.  No obligation.

Massage Therapist Client Consultations
Also Inexpensive

 I've found that a number of massage therapists like to get my technical advice on how to work with their clients, what muscle groups to work on to clear up "stubborn" conditions, and how to work with clients better, for their emotional and psychological frames of mind.
             I'm really good at this, because I'm very knowledgeable, I'm usually very intuitive so I can feel what's going on, and I like to help and share what I know in a supportive, understanding and caring way.
              My support is multi-level.  It comes out of over 20 years experience working with thousands of people, and it includes addressing the spiritual, structural and nutritional needs of you, the practitioner as well as your clients.
            I also include an analysis of how past physical and emotionally traumatic events are causing complicated conditions now.   And I can usually determine a sequential and systematic overall plan for improvements.
These consultations are Free for body therapists who are also my own clients.
                And, I can do this in person as well as by phone.

                You can call for FREE information about setting up a support program for you.  No obligation.

One Time or Regular
Natural Health Information

            You can purchase an hour or two of natural health and living food consultation and use it up sections at a time.  I do this because people usually want initial advice, and then almost always have questions and need encouragement as they get involved with a program.

Regular FREE Phone Support:

            I give regular, FREE phone support between sessions to all my Bodywork and Body-Mind Therapy clients and students.
            Since all this work takes us into health improvement experiences we may not have had before, it's helpful to have a friend who can answer questions, offer stretching and nutritional information and give support.  I provide this as an integral part of the series of treatments people have with me.  I get paid at the time of the treatment, but this service is included.
             This includes answering particular questions about the stretching techniques (that usually come up) and even doing some free short release processing to clear up "residues" that just started to come out after the previous session.
             It also includes friendly chat, meditation encouragement and explaining what I know in response to natural health questions.
              When time and workload permit, I also provide ongoing clients with FREE stretching, self energizing and meditation sessions, either just with me when I do my own or with a few of us together.  The group energy, even as "2" helps us all.

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