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THE SERVICES I PROVIDE  To help you get treatments in YOUR AREA
& learn the techniques of Structural Integration Bodywork from me.
Includes my training for your own local Therapists & your Family-Friends.

Just call Lou at 1 321 726 9083

Sessions too expensive for your budget?
Do you know you can get low cost DVD's to do it yourself?
Stretching & Hands-on both

Please Leave your
     phone number, &
     best times to call you.
I will return your call,
     and then you can call me right back,
and I will talk with you for a while & set up a date.

To answer questions about sessions, or about your condition, also call.
Initial calls are free
(At home I have flat rate long distance
but when I'm away, you pay for long distance)
Please include your email address & time zone to call you back.

E-mail works, too,
When  you e-mail, please tell me what articles you've read on this site, how familiar you are with Structural Integration from your past experience, where you're located, and the nature of your difficulties and desires.

If your first communication doesn't get into this yet, I'll eventually need it to help you either by phone or e-mail response.  I now have an e-mail-able summary sheet of lots of info you can include -even interspersing my items with your info.

If you're new to all this, please at least scan the Sports Medicine Article and some testimonials.  Then contact me.

If I recommend you call me, please do, because I can give lots more information, and help you better, a lot faster than on the computer

For trainings & public talks, go to Trainings, Tutorials, Classes

If you ever consider having me for an intensive
multi-session, multi-day visit, be assured that I will
communicate with you, in-depth & often, so you become
as comfortable with me as you are with the idea of the treatment.

Convenience Mini-Trip
One Day (4-5 hrs) - or -  2-Day Overnight Fly or Drive in (8-10 hrs)
4 hrs hands-on Bodywork, 1 hr Stretching type of Bodywork per day,
& up to 4-hrs Netherton-Reichian Release Processing per day,
Plus Free Raw Food & Herb info and Q & A

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Bodymind Release Processing,
Structural Integration Stretching
& Life Coaching with my unique
"Successful Directions"

are available by Phone, too.

People get Excellent Results.
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Postural Integration Plus      Trauma Release Therapy

In Bodywork, and in Body-Mind Therapies
I offer
     individual sessions,
     a group of sessions,
     & the whole Structural Integration series,
(with or without emotional release processing techniques included)

     in my current local area,
     and as intensives by traveling to your area
          and staying a few days to a few weeks.

If you ever consider having me for an intensive
multi-session, multi-day visit, be assured that I will
communicate with you, in-depth & often, so you become
as comfortable with me as you are with the idea of the treatment.

I work on athletic teams,
performing artists' groups.
& company executives & employees.

I can come weekly, schedule visits in people's homes
or work more often on-site or in the training room.

I can even work on a series of people
in offices & manufacturing plants
because my special technique
enables me to work through clothing,
and treat a lot of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and head in a chair.

I offer individual & group
Structural Stretching
on each visit.

I also offer self-help training
     for individuals, couples and groups

I teach couples how to work on each other
and include special body-energy relaxation & "connecting" techniques
they can easily use on their own, to strengthen and enjoy their relationship together

Couples' Sessions give you both
lots of Bodywork, Stretching & Relaxing, too.
  They can occur for just an evening or for 5-6 hours, making it a treatment, workshop and fun day together.

I can offer a combination of trainings and groups of
     sessions for professional therapists.

Trainings, Tutorials, Classes, Public Talks

My Bodywork program follows the standard Structural Integration sequence, but I also tailor it to a person's specific needs.
(Ask me about yourself if you want. )

Included in my "whole person" program are guided relaxations, acupressure energy balancing, connective tissue stretching techniques, "integrated movement" education for getting around easier while creating less muscle tension, a lot of "structural nutrition" tips and, if desired, easy-to-do physical and emotional "trauma release methods," to get rid of the emotional component of past accidents and other serious events.

For clients, I also give free between-session phone support, including stretch coaching tune-ups and answer any questions that may come up.

And, as I explained, I will train massage and other kinds of therapists, and even "regular folks" to work on you in how to do either the whole system, or just how to tune up backs, necks, arms, legs and so forth.
This way, some people can have their own local practitioner or family member work on them regularly.  This is an especially good idea for athletes, folks who've had strokes, injuries or debilitating disease, and for people who have stressful jobs.     

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To understand something about the sessions, see

The Many Benefits We Can Receive from Structural Integration Bodywork - Part 2 of 2

This article also includes
What Other Practices are Included in the Sessions &
My Own Background and Training

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