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To help you get treatments
   & learn the techniques of
Structural Integration Bodywork.
Includes training for Therapists & Family-Friends.

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by Master Postural Integrator Lou Gross
Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
28 years successful track record
For more information & free consultations, call 321-726-9083

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Structural Integration Bodywork
is available in many countries,
not just in the U.S.
I offer, as a livelihood, a few ways to help people get treatments, wherever they may live.


          I, myself, give sessions locally, and I travel,
by plane as well as car, to people's homes to give a series of sessions on consecutive days.
          I can also work in offices, health clinics and athletic training rooms.
         I've developed a special hands-on technique that's been allowing me to do many hours in a short time, easily and effectively.  This means people can feel a lot better very quickly, rather than waiting many weeks to get in enough hours, as is usually done.
         For local treatments, just call to set up appointments.  I often specialize in house calls.
         For "travel intensives," you simply put me up at home, at a friend's or at a nearby motel.  We can set up the basic schedule and logistics on the phone, and make any adjustments we need to while I'm there.  I'm usually able to be flexible and I'm supportive to my clients' work schedules.

My sessions also include immediate tension release from the accumulated stress people get from having ongoing pain or other difficult circumstances.  And they include self-help stretches, guided relaxations, awareness and focus improving exercises, food tips and optional emotional or trauma release techniques.


            I can also
train you or someone you know in how to do it, or just how to refresh your condition with tune-ups.  Having a local person you're familiar with is especially helpful for athletes, for people with debilitating physical conditions, and for those with stressful jobs.
            So when I go for an "intensive" visit, training, even of family members, can be part of the program.  Most experienced massage therapists, and even some non-professionals, seem to be able to pick up my technique and a few principles pretty quickly.


            If you can't come to me or have me come to you, you can look for someone in your own or nearby area.  In this regard, you can still avail yourself of my own 20 years experience if you wish.
           Since most of us feel more confident after talking to another, knowledgeable person, I give
phone consultations for a reasonable cost.

            Even on the phone, I can help people know the kind of practitioner to see and how to find one; and what to do on their own, to improve their tight condition and increase their performance.  This includes the diet suggestions for healthier and more easily stretchable muscles.
            I even coach people through some of the "connective tissue lengthening" stretches, right on the phone.  They're the same ones I do with my personal clients.


My two books also include chapters on how to find, interview and work with a practitioner.  And I offer the key chapters as a stand alone booklet.

            My "structural stretching" tape
            These stretches help the Bodywork do more, they help people get more out of their yoga and athletic training, and they can help on their own.
            One 70 year old woman attended
three of my free stretching classes at a senior center, took notes, and removed the pain in her hip in three months.  She'd stopped using her cane after one month.  So, almost all of us can help ourselves, wherever we are.


            You can even find a lot of answers, for free, on this site.  I purposely put up documents I've been writing for years, so I can reach many more people than I could just by phone.
            See the Free Articles and Foods for Structure sections.  You can start with Tightness, Pain and Backs, and with Sports Medicine and Performance.


I can go to where you are.  I offer group trainings in Structural Integration and Body-Mind therapy to massage schools, to clinics where there are a few interested practitioners, and to groups of both health practitioners or non-professionals.
             You get worked on in the trainings, as well as learn how to work on others.

            Your own training program can be customized for your depth of interest.  I offer a half-day mini how-to; monthly weekends with a few evenings, of in-depth basic how-to; and a multi-week course, teaching an "enhanced" whole Structural Integration basic recipe.  Other, custom arrangements can also be made.

Please feel invited to Call me for  more information on all my programs.  You can leave up to a 3-min message. 
Toll Free:  1-321-726-9083

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