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                     I make who you are better...   so everything you do is better.


What this Institute is about...

         Most systems of Performance Enhancement involve things we learn and practice; and with that additional information and new skills we can do a particular activity better.
         This is a different kind of Performance Enhancement. 
We raise the actual quality and capability of a person's innate State of Being.  Then, anything the person does physically, mentally or emotionally has more power, comes from a deeper and clearer part of his or her being, and more parts of the person are automatically inter-connected and coordinated in the activity.
          As a degreed electrical engineer, I call it People Engineering.
          Excellent, significant results have repeatedly been created for 20 years in athletics, business, inter-personal relations and personal-spiritual development.  Large improvements happen fairly quickly, last a long time and are even permanent, and greater and greater improvements manifest immediately as more area and depth of the person goes through the processing.

            I synthesize a highly effective combination of proven State-of-the-Art Body and Body-Mind Techniques.  My clients repeatedly say these methods & this system does a lot more in a lot less time than many other methods they've tried.

Many Excellent Services & Sessions available by Phone as well as in Person.  Educational Information and Personal "Success" Guidance also available by mail and e-mail.

            I offer free detailed explanations & consultations.
Special trainings on concepts and techniques are available, as is a large amount of descriptive written material.

Louis Gross
Founder & Director - since 1999
School Certified Master Postural Integrator
BS Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University 1965
30 years Meditation & Spiritual practice
Former Lieutenant US Army - Operations & Administrative Officer

2 years successful track record in Structural Integration,
Body-Mind Release Processing, Natural Health, & Life Direction Analysis
Over 2000 hrs specialized training, over 22,000 hrs clinical experience
For more information & free consultations,
call 321-726-9083,



Success Directions...

A very sophisticated and detailed method
to help you better find out where you're going
and how to more effectively get there.

          This is a System of Life Guidance I've developed.  It analyzes your behavior characteristics and your "soul path," strong points and blockage issue.  Then we use the Bodymind Transformation therapies to help you strengthen the strong points and transform the ones where you are blocked.  It's great guidance to improve your skills, personal growth, psychological therapy and even your spiritual development.
          As it says in the "slogan" about making "who you are better," the treatments unblock more of you, strengthen it, and integrate it with the rest of you, so you operate as an integrated whole.
          Structural Integration has this as an aim.  My additional practices take the benefits your get from the bodywork and add to it tremendously.  Conversely, they enable your Bodywork Transformation to be of greater use to you.
          We also analyze your life's timing and your geographical location.  We even look at very effective analysis methods.  We combine all this with marketing and management ideas from my many years training in this area. 
           I am uniquely trained in all these areas, including the spiritual one, to help you with this kind of system.

CALL 1-321-726-9083 for details.   I'll talk with you at length and in detail.  With your own input and my skills, we can even set up the idea of a program, what comes first, etc.

People Engineering...                  

          My Human Potential Performance program includes the Structural Integration, Psychological therapy, Personal Growth practices and Nutritional information found on the Back Fix Bodywork site.
While this site is under development, all the programs and methods are described on the Bodywork site.

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Performance Enhancement & Stress Removal Programs
   Specifying Appropriate Benefits

PERFORMING ARTISTS Dancers, Actors, Singers, Musicians - Noticeably Increased Physical & Expressive Capabilities
HEALING THE HEALERS Physical & Stress Rejuvenation while Creating Increased Professional Abilities for Health Practitioners & Caregivers
POLICE, FIRE & MILITARY Increasing Physical Capabilities, with Stress Reduction & Trauma Removal
EXECUTIVES, LEADERS & Lawyers -Improving Presentation, Performance, Focus & Creativity, with Stress Reduction

Meditators: Improving abilities & increasing results
STROKE, MS, Parkinson's, Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Injury, Accident Crippled - Tightness Removal & Improved Flexibility & Mobility

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