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The Power of Our Ability to "Focus," is a Capability of the Body's Physical and Energetic Condition
  • Increases Focus, presentation, mental clarity, ability to receive and process more information.
  • Improves physical stature and appearance.  Increases range of facial and bodily expression.  Even increases power of intended emotional and speech inflections.
  • Significantly increases physical looseness and flexibility.  Removes tightness from physical workouts
  • Removes or greatly reduces many pains including chronic back problems.
  • Reduces Stress greatly
  • Even removes emotional trauma from past events and ongoing illness
  • Increases body energies and circulation, even metabolism
  • Removes body toxicity

A Lou Gross Whole-Person
Structural Bodywork Enhancement Program

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator,
20 years successful experience
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Lou Gross' Whole-Person Structural Bodywork Enhancement Programs
are tailored to the specific needs of each person and
emphasize improvements for the particular fields of endeavor
All Reduce Physical Tightness & both recent & long-term Stress
All Increase Physical, Mental, Emotional and Expressive Abilities
All Teach Knowledge about the body and how to enable it to Perform Better
All offer optional, easy-to-do trauma release processes
Healings for Healers, Health Professionals, Care-Givers
Police, Fire & Military
Executive, Legal, Sales, Environmental, Government & Leadership Positions
Performing Artists          Meditators
Physically Disabled or with Body Rigidity, through Injury, Stroke or Disease

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