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How to Identify and Fix...
One of The Major Causes of Inefficient Structural Performance & Chronic Structural Pain

Probably much faster, and quite possibly much more satisfactorily, than with anything you've already tried !

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        This long, but easy-to-read booklet will explain why people get tighter and tenser over time, how they develop pains that just don't go away, and why many of the more well known therapies often do not fix these problems.
        It explains that our bodies accumulate shortness in the "soft connective tissue system." And that this is what diminishes our physical abilities, at any level of achievement.
        This information is well proven, and is based on the scientifically developed treatment called Structural Integration Bodywork.

         I'm a trained electrical engineer and I've been correcting problems with equipment and people's bodies for over 30 years. This very informative booklet is for lay people and health professionals alike.

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Body Structure & Bodymind Performance Specialist
A Resource for Body Professionals of all Kinds
20 years successful track record
2000 hrs specialized training, over 17,000 hrs clinical experience
BS Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University 1965
For more information & free consultations, call 321-726-9083

          While this training is not a part of the medical curricula, a number of medical doctors, and chiropractors, have taken it.  Hundreds of thousands of people, including Olympic and Professional athletes, elderly people and accident victims have experienced significant improvements over the past 40 years by using this system.  I, myself, have successfully treated MDís, DCís, acupuncturists, nurses, psychotherapists and massage practitioners.


Section 1.  Why You're Tight.  Overview.  (Part 1) This kind of pain is a symptom of a systemic problem.  A close analysis, to find out why, shows there are a lot of shortened muscles causing the problem.  Besides creating pain, the shortness also decreases a person's physical performance and can limit his or her everyday capabilities.  This shortness is located all over the body, even in areas where there is no pain.  And usually, there's nothing that doctors can find "wrong" with the muscle.  A correct analysis and correction of this systemic problem requires someone trained in this specialized field.  This work is not a part of regular medical nor chiropractic practice, nor even of physical therapy, acupuncture and regular massage.


Section 2:  What You're Made of and What Creates Shortness.  Overview.  (Part 2   Part 3)  Now for a closer look at your "soft" connective tissue system.  This is what your body's made of.  Once you know this, you'll easily understand why some of its qualities cause some things to go "wrong." And that (reversible) condition in the soft connective tissue causes you structural pain and tightness, even when your muscles and nerves seem to be operating OK.  This section, and those after it, will give you some down to earth facts that will help you actually fix your problems. Terms like arthritis, fibromyalgia, protruding disks and pinched nerves are only labels for the end result of a body condition.  And even though some medical doctors may say they have no cure, nor do they know why it happens, there are reasons.  Trained Body professionals have been fixing these reasons for decades.


Section 3.  How to Re-lengthen.  Overview.  (Part 4)  How to relengthen the accumulated shortness to make the pains go away and also make the body more flexible and deeply relaxed.  We just use the right hands-on technique coupled with the knowledge of how to unravel a body's inter-connected shortness.


Section 4.  Shortness Created Pains, parts 1 & 2.  Overview.    (Part 5   Part 6)  Now that you know about shortness and how we relengthen it, we can take some time to cover specifics.  Here is an explanation of different kinds of structural pains and injuries, and how they are caused by soft connective tissue shortness.  These are the well known problems that doctors give labels to, and offer surgery, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy to heal.  While these treatments may help repair already damaged tissue, they probably wonít correct the systemic shortness.  Often, simply relengthening this shortness in enough areas will take away the pain and tension, and correct a pinched nerve condition.  Re-lengthening will also help injured tissue to heal by removing the strain that caused the injury in the first place. 


Now YOU can put 20 years of Structural Integration Experience to work for you.    


        I give consultations over the phone, explain how you can find a practitioner in your area and I, myself, have a travel program to work in peopleís homes.

        I also teach both the principles and techniques, to classes and individuals, lay people & massage therapists alike.

        And Iím available to massage therapists and other bodyworkers, to consult with about how they can best treat their clients with regard to loosening tightness.

Please call anytime:
Louis A. Gross  24-hr voice-mail 1-321-726-9083



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