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You can increase your psychological and emotional capabilities, toward where you'd like them to be.
You can also increase your physical agility & power.

And you can do a technique that can
fairly easily remove any built-up violence
& trauma that your body's muscles
may have absorbed.

  • Increases physical abilities - significantly greater looseness and flexibility, more agility, coordinated muscle strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination
  • Removes or greatly reduces many pains, including shoulders and even chronic back conditions
  • Removes tightness and pains created from intense working out.  Corrects spasm injuries and enables torn tissue injuries more "room" to heal better.
  • Removes weeks, months and even years of accumulated stress and built up up-tight emotional tension, and restores more balanced emotional demeanor
  • Simultaneously increases mental alertness, quick responsiveness, and ability to handle more information with less effort.  Even makes personal expression more powerful but enables a wider range of expression and even allows for "letting down" and "letting go" after the event.
  • Actually removes the lingering physical, and mental, residues of past serious events, including shootings, falls, auto accidents and personal loss.  These residues in the body show up as various pains and emotional trauma.  They are often labeled "post traumatic shock syndrome."  Memories of the events actually become clearer while the emotional charge and physical tension created during the events is literally dissolved away.
  • Increases body energies and circulation, even metabolism
  • Removes body toxicity

A Lou Gross Whole-Person
Structural Bodywork Enhancement Program

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator,
20 years successful experience
For more information & free consultations, call 321-726-9083



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I can do treatments and classes at your home, business or physical performance site.

Please feel invited to contact me for a free personal consultation about yourself or your group.  I also give special stretching instruction that teaches people how to do their regular stretching more effectively.   1-321-726-9083

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Lou Gross' Whole-Person Structural Bodywork Enhancement Programs
are tailored to the specific needs of each person and
emphasize improvements for the particular fields of endeavor
All Reduce Physical Tightness & both recent & long-term Stress
All Increase Physical, Mental, Emotional and Expressive Abilities
All Teach Knowledge about the body and how to enable it to Perform Better
All offer optional, easy-to-do trauma release processes
Healings for Healers, Health Professionals, Care-Givers
Executive, Legal, Sales, Environmental, Government & Leadership Positions
Performing Artists          Meditators
Physically Disabled or with Body Rigidity, through Injury, Stroke or Disease

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