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        Hello !  My name is Lou Gross, and Iím an expert in what is called Structural Integration.  If youíre having tightness, pain or some other physical limitation, Iíd like to talk with you.  My Structural Integration has significantly improved many peopleís performance and removed their restrictions at the same time.  Long lasting results usually happened very quickly and then got better.


Lou makes my body work the way itís supposed to work!

Mike Powell, World Record Holder, Long Jump

(regular client in 1992 before gaining his 2nd Olympic Silver Medal)


          If you have pain, tension, or stiffness, youíre probably experiencing what we call accumulated shortness in the soft connective tissue of your body.  This is a putty-like substance that surrounds and goes through all our muscles.  For everyone, this material ďbunches upĒ little by little over the years.  Eventually we notice it as greater and greater tightness or more and more pain that now doesnít go away, even with stretching.  This side effect of our physical activity is not a muscle or nerve injury, so massage, guided relaxation and even muscle relaxants donít take it away.  And it never shows up on x-rays, MRIís nor most other medical or chiropractic tests!

        So maybe Structural Integration, that properly re-lengthens this tissue, could help you.
          If youíre interested, allow me to give you a free body analysis, to describe what I see in your structure thatís causing you problems, and give you a free mini session and some stretching tips.  I can do analysis by phone and from photos as well as in person.

        Iíll also explain how our body structures are put together, and what goes wrong for all of us, information that youíve probably never heard before.  By using this information, you can probably improve your condition and level of performance, right away, as many other people have.

If youíre interested, please call me,
Master Postural Integrator Lou Gross,
Body Structure & Bodymind Performance Specialist
A Resource for Body Professionals of all Kinds
1-321-726-9083,  louisryoshin@yahoo.com



Athletic Performance Booklet
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