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Fixing Back Problems with Structural Integration Bodywork
Understanding the Cause
of Back Pain
And How to Get It
by Lou Gross, Certified Master Postural Integrator
26 years successful track record

Tilted Pelvis?  Misalignment?  Low Back Pain?
Sciatica?  Hip Joint Pain?
See the Blue Narrative just below.


Your book offers a very clear understanding of the problems that are manifesting by the millions in this country. 
Mr JK, physicist and back problem patient for years, USA

Very Clear & Very Exact Writing.
Concise, yet easy to read, understand &
grasp what he is describing.
I could even visualize what Lou is talking about as
I read his words.  And it's one of the best methods
for fixing body conditions I have ever read about.
Ms PK, Successful Massage Therapist who ordered all DVDs & E-books

What an awesome read that Back Book is.
I've realized my problem is muscular for over a year
& know my illiacus and psoas are a problem.
 However, your book showed how it affects many muscles
as well.  I also realize how the muscles themselves are probably OK.  Once the fascia is lengthened
the muscle will soften easier.

Mr PI, Bodybuilder-Athlete, Back Pain Sufferer, UK

If you get this book. mostly just read the Intro & Sect's 1 & 2,
& you'll know about misalignments & fascia shortness
& Lou will consult with you, for Free.
I'll even help you improve your back with stretches
& self-help hands-on, right on the phone.

A Better, Scientific Way to Stretch the Anatomy
that Corrects the most common difficulties
much faster
In the E-book & in the coaching session,
you'll learn why Leg muscle tightness,
meaning short fascia, is always involved in
developed back pain and stiffness.
And in the coached stretches, you'll see how special stretches,
that others don't show you, lift the chest
& head up, & open your shoulders better.

117 easy-to-understand BIG 8-1/2 x 11 Full Size pages,
single spaced with 11-point Microsoft Word text
(Equivalent to 165 12-point, 6x9 regular book pages)

Also, my text is known to be very "thick" with information
not just discussion you might skip over.

Easy to read - in 40 short, easy to understand chapters. 
This is an educational info book that gives a lot
of information about what causes the back condition
and what the Bodywork system can do.  It demystifies
back problems. 

This book & the CD ROMS are great info for Body practitioners, too.
IThe Book does not show the stretches nor hands-on how-to.
For that, please see
DVDs for how to FIX
Yourself &/or Clients, Family;
with Lou demonstrating and explaining each step.
DVD Videos Info Page for How-to
Back Fixing Bodywork Hands-on
& Fascia-Alignment Stretching

DVDs & CD ROMS teach
Family, Teammates, Massage Therapists & Trainers
  how to do stretches & hands-on for their clients & family
I even offer the E-books greatly discounted with the DVDs
in reasonably priced Combo Packages.

Back Pain Testimonials      Back Pain Bodywork Sessions
Foods for Structure  Free Article for easier stretching & reduced pain

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Structural Understanding CD ROMS 1-3/4 hrs - describes fascia,
interconnected shortness, misalignment shortness, the basic imbalance,
how the bodywork system works & the stretching system works
& why different pains occur
and where to stretch & do hands-on to fix them.

To purchase
go to home page,
then on top use link to therapy area button & choose $33
for CDs Alone  -- $13 if you also buy this e-book.
Totally refundable if you purchase DVDs.



OVERVIEW of this Unique Book
See below for 
**Table of Contents, 
**Chapter Summaries, 
**Book Excerpts, 
**Testimonials & more

Have Little Time ?
   You can scan just the
bold type sentences
   on the info descriptions and testimonials.

"I've been reading your books, very helpful.  They're very clear and easy to understand which is rare when people talk about stuff like that." 
Personal Trainer & Professional Athlete

Lou's Professional Training

          This book explains how the great majority of chronic back pain, including lower back pain, is actually caused by accumulated shortness in the "fascia" soft connective tissue element of many muscles, and not in the nerve and "muscle" parts.
           So the usual neuro-muscular and joint manipulation methods often won't fix the cause of the problem because they're not addressing this fascia.
           If you, or someone you know, has a back "condition," or often has a lot of back tightness, this book can explain just why you have it and what you can do to actually fix it.  This treatment can usually do that and also reform your whole body so it's more flexible and agile at the same time that the back problem gets less, or even goes away.
           You can even do some lengthening & tightness removal with the kinds of stretches I show on my videos.
The structural integration bodywork method, and my structural stretching method, also both make it easier to keep stretching out and massages usually do more, too.  This big improvement in how the body feels and works usually happens for everybody, regardless of their age.
See - My Stretching & Hands-on How-to DVD Videos Info Page

          When you understand the way our body structures work, it can clarify why other methods you've tried have not worked, or perhaps, have provided temporary relief but haven't given you a long term fix. 
The book explains all of this in great detail, as well as outlining the method that does create long term fixes
  & how this treatment or these stretches can help other practices like massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and even surgery, be perhaps more effective.

         There's also a chapter on how to find and interview a practitioner.
           If you're a massage therapist, yoga teacher, chiropractor or athletic trainer, this book can give you concrete information that you can use right away to be more effective.
           Add in my Video how-to's for both the stretches and the hands-on and you can do even more.  They are designed for people to do a stroke by stroke and stretch by stretch follow along as an actual session.  And subsets of the stretches can be done quickly throughout the day.

          The underlying cause of developing, and on going, back problems, including a lot of protruding disk, pinched nerve and sciatica conditions, is a "whole-body" shortness of that "fascia."  Many muscles are all bunched up in a lot of areas, and the place it often "shows up" is in the back, especially the lower back.
           This overall shortness causes a distortion in the body's shape. 
The most obvious thing we see is from the side.  There's a zig-zagging between the person's legs, torso and head.  They don't line up on top of each other in a balanced straight line.
        Most typically, the pelvis tilts down in front, called an anterior pelvic tilt, the legs lean forward, the calves bulge backward, and the lower back arches backward, while the entire back of the body from head to heel is contracted tight and short.  Some people have an additional tightness so that it shows up as a dip in the back of the pelvis, a posterior tilt, often from wearing high heeled shoes.
        Above this, the head and neck may jut forward, the chest and shoulders may round forward, there may be a lot of upper back and neck tightness and even the rib cage is tilted down forward with overly shortened abdominal muscles.
        Further, the feet and knees will often be splayed outward.  In essence, the entire body's muscles system is shortened and one part pulls upon all the others.
        Part of this distortion can be seen in the spine. It's misaligned. Even when the person lies down, the curves in the lumbar and cervical areas are two sharp. That in itself can keep putting vertebrae out of alignment.
        There's also chronic tightness in the back muscles, and the vertebrae are pulled too close together so they might pinch nerves and compress disks.
        Another example is with shortened abdominals from sit-ups and crunches - then the only way to straighten up the chest and head is to thrust the hip joints and thighs forward & pull the back backward including the top back of the neck and the back of the head.  So the hip joints get put into a rubbing position of the thigh bones into the pelvic sockets.  Low back tightness & pain is thus related to hip joint problems.  And the upper vertebrae, the atlas and axis, are jammed into the lower back head bone, the occiput.  This even tightens the jaw & inside the mouth.  The whole structure is now misaligned.
        The book explains all of this in more detail, & the point of Structural Integration & my Structural fascial lengthening stretching is to remove all these to & fro tightnesses that are now fixed in the fascia so the body is more aligned again.

        Even when the person's nerves and muscle "fiber" parts relax, the fascial shortness still keeps everything too tight.  The distortion doesn't go away with massage to the painful areas, with magnetics or heat wraps in improve circulation, nor with adjustments to the vertebrae that are "out."  Those methods can make us feel better for a while, but the underlying cause hasn't been re-lengthened out.
          Furthermore, if back surgery just fuses vertebrae together, the same tight muscle pulls will still be there, pulling on the spine, neck, shoulders and even down into the legs.
         If one gets disk rebuilding injections, re-lengthening the shortnesses that caused the pressure on the disks can help the new tissue to grow "better," and the overall long term benefits can be more effective and maybe longer lasting.

         The way to actually correct the tightness and the pain it causes is to methodically re-lengthen the fascia "system" of the whole body.  This requires a specialized hands-on technique and a knowledge of the sequence needed to unravel the many tight and interconnected muscles.
         Thorough Structural Integration Bodywork can do this. 
And much can also be done for a lot of people with "knowledgeably applied" massage and stretching.
See - My Stretching & Hands-on How-to DVD Videos Info Page

        This is know how you can get from the book. It tells you just how things are distorted; which muscles are affecting what bones so that this section zigs and that one zags.
        Then it gives you the principles about Body Structure that enable us to re-lengthen and re-align the head-to-toe shape.  It also gives the areas we work in sequentially, the "recipe" of 10 steps used in the basic Structural Integration process.
It even gives some ways we can modify the order of those steps to make the treatment more effective.
        In fact, I have now found that my expanded stretching repertoire of my Structural Integration Stretching really helps improve structural alignment and even on the phone, in a sample stretch coaching session, people have removed their back and other pains.  Right then. 
        Now, as I said above, I also have DVDs for how to do hands-on Bodywork for yourself and also for people you know, family-friends, even massage therapists. 
        So you can get a combination of the stretching, the hands-on and the knowledge, all in one package.

See - My Stretching & Hands-on How-to DVD Videos Info Page
See - Package Deal of these items, just above on this page

        This info won't give you all the details nor teach you the hands-on method to make you into a practitioner.  But if you're into stretching or deep massage, you can be a lot more effective.  If you're a new Practitioner, this book can be a good guide to help you get better at fixing back pain and other tightnesses.
         Even if you do need surgery to repair severely degenerated disks, or remove bone edges, or you gain benefit from a general massage and other physical and nutritional therapies, you can read in this book how getting Structural Integration helps all these do more for you.
          My Professional Bodywork Training:  I was trained in Postural Integration by the founder, Jack Painter PhD, and certified trainers  Jack Haer PhD & Marv Treiger PhD.
          I also took classes and workshops in Structural Integration and Integrated Movement with Rolfer (r) Roger Pierce PhD and Rolfing Movement (r) Teacher Alexandra Pierce PhD, developers of Movement Enhancement.  I had a workshop each with Joseph Heller, developer of Hellerwork (r) and Ted Looyen, P.I. trainer and developer of Looyenwork.
          Besides a lot of P.I., I've had treatments from other Structural Integration types of methods.
More detailed training info

Call Lou, Toll Free VM 1-321-726-9083
310-285-8132 in L.A., or foreign, or e-mail
Also please call 321-726-9083 direct to Lou.

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Descriptive Table of Contents

 See just what the book covers.  Simply read the explanatory chapter and section titles.  The chapters cover what causes back problems - and what this treatment is that has fixed tightness and pain for so many people.

Section-by-Section Summary
Thinking about getting this book?  See more of what's in it. Pick up a few pointers about Structure for yourself and others, and find out more about the cause and correction of so many people's problems.

Descriptive Testimonials
Does it really work?  24 people's
descriptions of back problems fixed.  Covers:  low backs, sciatica, pains for many years that other treatments didn't fix, compatibility with chiropractic - even reports from a chiropractor, medical doctor & Olympic athlete.

Download PDF of OVERVIEW, Table Of Contents, SUMMARIES

How itís Different from &
Benefits Massage

(detailed explanation - from the book)
How itís Compatible with &
Benefits Chiropractic

(detailed explanation - from the book)
How itís Compatible with &
Benefits Orthopedics

(detailed explanation - from the book)

From the Book
Good Pointers & Great Detailed Info for
Anyone interested in backs, and for Massage Therapists, Yoga teachers, Athletic Trainers, Coaches, Athletes, Dancers, Sports Medicine Doctors 

What Causes Back Problems
& Why Other Methods Fall Short 
Overview from the book)

How Our Structures Work
& Why We Have Problems
(A few chapter excerpts:  Insights about Body, Mind & Backs from the many in the book)

The Structural Integration
Method pt 1 of 2
(very detailed - long document -
The Structural Integration
Method pt 2 of 2
(very detailed - long document -

How this Book is Different
from Other Books about

     This is a unique kind of book. Rather than just looking at the back itself, it examines the real cause in the bigger picture.  It describes just how back pain, pinched nerve and even protruding disk problems are very often symptoms of a whole-body condition. 
Also, other books about Structural Integration do not describe the specifics of shortness and misalignment that cause back pain in any where near the detail that this one does. 

     This book de-mystifies problems that affect tens of millions of people, many of whom are still suffering and have not gotten their problems fixed.  It explains a technique that has worked consistently for me and my clients for 20 years.

To Order & get more Info
Call Lou at 24 hr VM 1-321-726-9083
   and 310-285-8132     or E-Mail
Call 321-726-9083 Direct to Lou

PDF E-Book $20 +$1 PayPal

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Actual Stretches & Hands-on that
   have fixed many people's backs

Structural "Fascial Spreading" Stretching Videos & Videos for

Do Bodywork on Yourself or Family-Members, Friends & Your Clients
One on One, explains "why" as well as exactly "what to do."
Helps remove the muscle tightness pulls from all over the body, including tight legs, abdomens & pelvis, that cause and aggravate tight back muscles. 
Detailed instruction in about 40 Stretches. How to stretch more effectively in Yoga, & for maintaining & adding to massage & bodywork. 
Therapists learn about Body Structure Architecture & have immediate tools to teach their clients.  Taught for 22 years.

First You Can Even Get a
FREE Phone Consultation & Customized Stretching Session

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     Lou's book about fixing backs with Structural Integration is great.  I've even used some of the material out of it with my own patients, specifically the information about releasing the tight soft connective tissue and helping to properly align the legs and pelvis with the lower back.
      It was easy to read and the part about chiropractic is a good tie in; adjustments are easier to make and they stay in longer.

Don S. DC, CHIROPRACTOR and Advanced Kinesiologist

        I'd had chronic lower back pain for 50 years and had tried acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, diet and been to famous doctors.  This Bodywork was the only thing that really helped, removing the pain completely for weeks and months at a time.

Mrs IG
,Artist/Homemaker, age 76

         Just 1-hour of Lou's treatment fixed an ongoing back, shoulder and neck pain that neither massage nor chiropractic treatments had fixed.
 It also changed the shape of my body so that my excessive lower back curve was less and I'm standing straighter and taller.  The pain in my neck, shoulders and back is gone, I breathe deeper with longer breaths, and my whole body is looser and more relaxed. 


           I was absolutely ready to schedule back surgery for a severe extruded disk in my lower back at L5-S1.  I'd had low back pain over the years which had gotten very bad. I also had sciatica in the right leg for 2 months. Nothing had helped.  I thought that my right leg would never function properly again and that I was not going to be able to walk well again.
I had 5-hrs of Lou's Bodywork in two sessions.  About two weeks after the second session the pain completely subsided and I had full use of my right leg.  Two years later I am still well.

Mr. NS, Interior Designer & Firm Owner, age 38

         The treatment has totally removed the chronic lordosis of my lumbar spine.

Ms JS, Reg. NURSE, age 47

         I had really bad back pain, from an old injury as well as from general chronic tightness. I'd wake up each morning feeling as if I'd been run over by a truck. Now when I wake up, I feel hardly any pain at all and usually feel loose. I also sleep better.

Mr BI, Architect, age 40

           My life is much better. I'm more lively, I have more stamina, my posture is better, and I'm willing to do more things. My family has also noticed. And if my back pain occurs, a chiropractic adjustment takes it away again.  The treatment has lasted, even 4 months after my last Bodywork session.


De-mystifies Back Pain and Tightness

for sufferers, and offers a solution.

Gives Detailed Guidance for
Body Therapy Professionals,

 including yoga teachers & athletic trainers.
 Includes how to make chiropractic & massage more effective.

Shows how to make a body feel better,
operate better and even look better,
and that "better condition" is what corrects many back problems.