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Detailed instruction in about 40 Stretches. How to stretch more effectively, even in Yoga, & adding to massage & bodywork. 
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How to Make Your Body Work Better ... and Do More for You
Structural Integration Bodywork
for Increased Physical and Mental Well Being

by Lou Gross, Certified Master Postural Integrator
27 years successful track record

This is an educational info book that gives a lot
of information about what our body structure is made of
 and how things go wrong, plus, how the Bodywork
 (and to some degree the stretching) makes bodies work a lot better.
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tailored to your own structure.
Most people get nice benefits & want to continue
with the videos.  If you like to read info as well,
then get this book, too. 

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This is a good E-Book to get if you are getting or considering
 getting a series of the Structural Integration Bodywork system
 from a practitioner.
The most common Brand Names are
Structural Integration, Rolfing (r), Hellerwork (r)
& Postural Integration.

This book is written with most of the paragraphs having
bold sentences at their beginning.  And the language is
designed so you can just read the bold face type
 through the book, and cut your reading time down
 to 1/4 or less of the book.  You may then stop and read
 any full paragraphs on any subject you want.

163 easy-to-understand BIG 8-1/2 x 11 Full Size pages,
- single spaced - with 11 point Microsoft Word text
(Equivalent to 390 12-point 6x9 regular book pages)
Also, my text is known to be very "thick" with information
not just discussion you might skip over.

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OVERVIEW of this Unique Book
See below for Table of Contents, detailed Chapter Summaries, Book Excerpts, Testimonials & more.
Have Little Time ?
You can scan the bold on the info descriptions and the testimonials.
My Professional Training

"I've been reading your books, very helpful.  They're very clear and easy to understand which is rare when people talk about stuff like that." 
Personal Trainer & Professional Athlete

        Wouldn't it be nice to have a physical body that, at any age, is very flexible, moves around easily, stands up straight without effort, relaxes deeply, feels light and alive, and is free of back, neck and shoulder stiffness and pain? It has happen for thousands of people because they had Structural Integration Bodywork. Their faces also looked younger and less stressed.
        If you're a person who wants to know about the workings and detailed benefits of a treatment that can improve athletic performance, remove pain and greatly help seniors and children alike, this is the kind of book for you.  The treatment also helps psychologically as well as physically. 
         This book tells people in all walks of life how their bodies work in ways that, probably. nobody ever told them, but in language that most folks can relate to. There are two big chapters, of almost 30 pages, that explain how to contact, interview and use practitioners in this field, or use practitioners in other fields, to make our bodies work, feel and look much better than most folks have thought they could.
         Many people who already know about improving their body's abilities, like professional athletes and advanced yoga students, will find that here's a treatment that really does the kinds of things they've been looking for. They can even use know how they read in this book to make their own stretching and other self help practices more effective.  See - My Stretching DVDs
Review - 11 Benefits for Yoga      Fixing Fibromyalgia
Seniors Rejuvenation      Executives

           The Structural Integration approach does more than just lengthen one area here and one area there.  It is an systematic approach to the whole body, and it improves physiology as well as structure.  The body works better and does more for what we want it to do. 
Getting even just a few hours improves many aspects of athletic performance and expressiveness for both sports and the performing arts. Getting the whole body done with the organized series of "steps" does a lot more.
            This book addresses specific concerns of tightness, and tightness caused pain, like arms, legs, backs, necks, shoulders, breathing, and so forth.
And also talks at length about the ability of this unique method to actually transform the entire body in how it looks, feels and operates.

         For stress reduction, and removal, the Structural Integration treatment gives us a release of tension and tightness far beyond massage and relaxation tapes. But once done, it also empowers massage to do more and the tapes take one into a deeper state of relaxation. Plus, once people have been treated, they were a lot less susceptible to stress. 
Stress-Performance Testimonials

         This treatment creates a Bodymind, or body-mind, improvement. It has cleared out a large amount of long term tension and accumulated emotional stress. In fact, people's stressful behavior attitudes were diminished, too, because they were now in a much less stressed condition. And at the same time it removed the stress and tension, it made people more flexible, lighter, more centered and stable, yet also more comfortably open, and more aware.

        So this is a very informative book. It's packed with useable information on almost every page.
Besides being very helpful for lay people who want to be healthier and do more in their lives, it contains a lot of specific information that can be used by body therapists, like massage therapists, athletic trainers, yoga teachers and personal coaches, to improve the way they help their own clients with their particular techniques.
          This information has already helped chiropractors and sports medicine doctors, too.  And its Bodymind psychology and professional expression chapters can be a help to psychotherapists and counselors, too.

My specialties include
            1.) improving athletic performance of professional, Olympic and recreational athletes, and dancers, and improving the expressiveness, range of voice and speech, presentation and "bearing," of actors, singers, musicians & other performing artists.  Performing Artists Benefits
            2.) fixing back pain and other pains, and removing both recent and long-term, built-up tightness
            3.) helping the elderly move around better, Seniors' Testimonials
            4.) stress reduction and creating a more stress resistant condition,
            5.) enhancing personal growth (or personal development) and psychological therapy, and improving the state of people's Bodymind.
            6.) improving the quality of expression for creative artists, removing blocks, increasing their clarity,
            7.) improving the meditation positions and energy generating abilities of meditators, and increasing yoga abilities and benefits.
Meditator's Testimonials      Yoga Practitioners' Testimonials
          My Professional Bodywork Training:  I was trained in Postural Integration by the founder, Jack Painter PhD, and certified trainers  Jack Haer PhD & Marv Treiger PhD.
          I also took classes and workshops in Structural Integration and Integrated Movement with Rolfer (r) Roger Pierce PhD and Rolfing Movement (r) Teacher Alexandra Pierce PhD, developers of Movement Enhancement.  I had a workshop each with Joseph Heller, developer of Hellerwork (r) and Ted Looyen, P.I. trainer and developer of Looyenwork.
          Besides a lot of P.I., I've had treatments from other Structural Integration types of methods.
More detailed training info

160+ 8-1/2 x 11 pages
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I want to encourage you that
You can also do a lot for yourself !
By also getting the
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To decrease tightness, also read, for Free,
Foods for Structure

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Who can benefit from this Book
Introduction -What Are Our Problems & Why Haven't They Been Corrected ?  This One-Page Introduction from the book asks a list of questions that show us the wide range of applications that "improving the fascial system" helps.  You can answer these questions about yourself and how you'd like to improve yourself physically.
         Then it explains how "improving the fascial system" can help you add a very big increase toward your goals.  And this book explains in detail how that happens.

Descriptive Table of Contents
 See just what the book covers - titles are explanatory, so you get the picture of what the chapters explain.
There's a chapter on legs, one on arms, a couple on metabolism, one on backs and necks, another few on athletic performance, and so forth.
             There are chapters, for example, on how to find practitioners and get a better treatment.
             And there are chapters on increasing the benefits of massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, medicine, psychotherapy and even professional growth seminars.

The Book's Section Introductions
            Gives more explanation about what the sections tell us.  This book is a well organized presentation of first, how to make "parts" of us work better, and then, how to make "all" of us work better.  After that, it explains how to get treatments and how to use them with your other therapies and personal growth practices.
Chapter & Section Summaries

Thinking about getting this book?  Informative summaries.  If you're a Bodyworker, even this overview can increase your professional knowledge.
Descriptive Testimonials
A summary of 24 people's
descriptions of benefits, from Olympic athletes to Back pain & tightness sufferers, from seniors to stress sufferers & even to meditation practitioners.
For a lot more testimonials, click on the selections at the bottom of the Summary Testimonials page or on the Home page menu.

PDF Download  of the whole:
Table Of Contents, Section-Chapter Info, & Overview

From the Book

Good Pointers for
Anyone interested in bodies, and
Massage Therapists, Yoga teachers,
Athletic Trainers, Coaches, Athletes, Dancers, Sports Medicine Doctors

The Structural "Fascia" Form - What It Does and What It Can Become - Chapter excerpts from the Book, describing first, the basic problems with "bunch-up."  And then, 1.) specifically how that negatively affects the face and head, including how it detracts from the presentation of entertainers and newscasters.
Then it points out that we can improve the body's shape, and function,
2.) by re-lengthening "interconnected" groups of muscles,
3.) by correcting misalignment, and
4.) by restoring the body's innate high level function as a "tensegrity" structure, rather than staying in pain and tightness as a "compression" structure.
      We can even use
5.) "structural body reading" to see where the body is tight and prevent injuries before they happen.


For your Convenience,
Here are links to Excerpts from the Back Fix Bodywork Book

The Structural Integration
Method pt 1 of 2
(very detailed - long document -
The Structural Integration
Method pt 2 of 2
(very detailed - long document -

How itís Different from &
Benefits Massage

(detailed explanation -

How itís Compatible with &
Benefits Chiropractic

(detailed explanation -

How itís Compatible with &
Benefits Orthopedic

*** (detailed explanation -

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I've had almost constant pain in my arms and right leg (diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy with Reynauds).  And I've felt negative, humdrum, unhealthy and "doomed."
      After just 2-1/4 hours of Lou's Bodywork I felt like a new person: relaxed, clear and free of pain...more than I'd been in a long time!  The tension I had in my face is also  gone,  my color is better and I look younger.   "I feel good!"

Ms SB, Businesswoman, age 41

I'd look forward to the total relaxation after each session.  I slept incredibly.  It would free my mind of all STRESS.  When Lou worked on my head, right away deep relaxation would flow through my entire body.
    The overall effects of the sessions carried into my work and home life.  I always used to push myself, even if I was already straining.  Now, if I need time out during the day, I can let go and take it.
        I can also now focus on what is most important and things don't "work me up" so much.

Mr. CL, VP Finance and part Owner, Computer Systems Firm, age 37 

     Lou's Bodywork increases my health and vitality, and makes me feel calmer.  It clears up conditions; when I'm starting to get ill, it puts me back on center with my health.
       Along with this,
when I feel I'm "stuck" in my career or personal life, I notice I'm also "stuck" in my body. 
The treatments help me feel better and move forward by breaking up this stuck energy and tightness.
        It also helps me psychologically.  It helps me through emotions.

Ms SL, Businesswoman, age 43  

    The treatment fixed  tightness and limited motion from fractured neck vertebrae C6 & C7, from a skiing accident.  It got rid of the stiffness and nerve twinges, my head and neck are now more aligned with my torso, and my neck feels and moves better.

Mr. TF, Corporate Chief Administrator, regular ATHLETE, age 48

     I can now bend over fully, with knees bent, without pain, whereas before I couldnít do it at all; people had to pick things up for me.
     I definitely walk more upright and move more readily, including walking up stairs without holding on That was something that was gradually getting worse and worse all the time.

Mrs. CS, Grandmother, Age 68

      It's freed up my lungs and increased my breathing capacity.  My performance has increased, including the fact that I pass people at the end of the marathon, going up hill.
       The most incredible result of all has been my very fast and easy recovery.  I have no problem completely recovering from a 26 mile marathon run, in 3-4 hours,
to where I would enjoy running again if I wanted to

Dr BP, MARATHON RUNNER, age 29, Dentist

        It's certainly improved my meditation.  I now have much more flexibility in my legs and torso, so I can sit half-lotus, and for longer periods with less pain.
        My chest isn't pulled down either.  When I sat in the past, I couldn't breathe deeply, but now the looseness in my whole chest and abdomen lets me breathe deep and longAnd I have a much wider range of motion in my whole body.  It's all much looser.

Mr KDS., Graduate Student, Zen MEDITATION Student, age 23  (Later became a Zen Monk)

   Louís Bodywork and Body-mind release practices put my mind and awareness more into my body I can also get into more positions easier and they stretch further.

Ms JM, Certified YOGA TEACHER, Licensed Massage Therapist