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"Mr. Green’s"
Natural Health, Herb & Holistic Raw & Living Foods
Vitality Program

How to Put More Energy & Health into Your Daily Life

And What Books and Experts to Consult,
to Learn & Do More
Can Improve Athletic Performance
Definitely Improves Stretching & Bodywork
Often Removes Pain & Muscle Tightness

If you're looking to get healthier,
this is a good book to start with & use for a while, too.
Since it also guides you on what other books to get
from the Health Food Store or Amazon.com

Includes how-to conveniently
incorporate healthy, high energy & muscularly strengthening
 foods into YOUR life.  And to "know what you are doing."
Explains and de-mystifies a lot of the why’s and how-to’s
of natural health, even beyond just diet.  Includes Ann Wigmore
Living Foods Center program ideas with Raw Food, juicing,
detoxification and high level nutrition programs
of other renowned experts.

A 130 page, 8-1/2 x 11 detailed “guide book.”
A systematic approach developed by the author
over 9 years, for himself and his clients.

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Includes Free Q & A Consultations.
It's a how-to book, an explanatory book & a guide book
to many other accurate how-to & info books by experts.
You also get a 15 minute personal consultation.
All for just $25

by Lou Gross, Trained & Experienced Natural-Health Professional
28 years successful Bodywork track record     |
 321-726-9083  est   gmt-5 hrs

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Consultations - by phone
Free 15 mins with this Book Purchase
for illnesses, energy increases, muscle tightness, fixing pain,
for resources & books to go to and get.
Includes herbs, inexpensive "foods" as supplements not usually mentioned, self massage, trauma release and other methods
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Lou advised me about diet and certain supplements I could get
on my own, and from just one food I feel more energy in three
days, and with another food I feel more nourished  and have stronger but calmer energies.
Occupational Therapist

Emotional Component Clearing
          Many illnesses and injuries have an emotional trauma component, say from the physical blows in an auto accident or from extreme tightness & emotional holding during rape, abuse or other trauma.  My professionally trained trauma release methods work quickly and easily to remove them.
Trauma Release Therapy Article

I did a number of sessions of Bodywork & release therapy, and when we got to release an experience where I was forced to eat poorly by a dominating, abusive adult, I could actually change my diet the very next day and had none of the old intestinal spasms from the healthier food, as I would have before.  Also, I had my liver checked at the doctor's, and from the release of anger and tension through a number of sessions, my liver is actually working healthier.

Aerospace Technician and Creative Graphics Artist

Nutrition Increases Bodywork Benefits
         Helps improve muscle and connective tissue consistency and metabolism.  Makes Structures more relaxed and more easily stretchable, helps to decrease pain and tightness, reduces reflex point tension, removes stress & makes people less susceptible to tightening up in stress.



The purpose of this unique book
How this Book is different
from other books you might have read

by Lou Gross, Trained & Experienced Natural-Health Expert
28 years successful Bodywork track record    

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A detailed description of what's in each part
of the 107 page booklet set.

          Here's a book that explains Ann Wigmore living foods, raw foods, western & Chinese herbs, and juicing, and gives a common sense approach on how to introduce and incorporate them in your diet.  It emphasizes  ways to add high-level nutrition, exercise, detoxification and both bodywork and bodymind therapies that even busy people can do, and enjoy, in their daily lives.
The book explains how to make it easy to incorporate these practices into our lifestyle as we start with some of the parts and add more later on.  It gives us a lot of background information so we, ourselves, understand why we might want to do these things.
             Yet, since this is a health improvement book and not a doctor's program to cure an illness, one doesn't have to make drastic changes and suddenly give up our favorite things.  It even explains how adding some more nutrition of various types can balance out some of the "using up" that happens when we eat unhealthfully, or go through a lot of stress.

             This information saves people a lot of time looking through lots of other books and researching lots of other programs.  It gives you the benefit of my many years doing this already.  I've lived at three Living Food - Raw Food Centers, including two Ann Wigmore style Centers.  I even started one of my own.  And while not that many herbs are covered in the book, I give free updated consultations involving them.

              But the book helps you become more self sufficient, too.  It guides you to a number of books, of the pioneering experts.  I want you to make sense out of what's out there so I've given you titles, explanations of the authors' approaches, and some ways to put their methods into a logical program of your own.
There's also information by modern day medical researchers that's easy to understand. It concerns our food supply and what you get in supermarkets.
             So this book can save people time and money.  It goes a long way in helping them make sense out of all the information and advice that's out there.  It is a guide book to the field, and a book that opens the door to finding out more on ones own, in a knowledgeable and organized way.

            This is also a guide book for developing one's own natural health and wholistic health program.  It's not just a food and diet book.  A lot of the information comes out of my 25 years getting treatments from various kinds of body therapists, physicians and so forth, both when I was pretty healthy and also when I was pretty sick.  So it's a report of real experience you might be able to use.
            The bodywork and bodymind therapy information comes out of my 20 years as a professional in the field.  So here, you're getting information from an expert.

 This i
s excellent information for Health Practitioners so they can become more knowledgeable & do a more thorough job for their patients.  No matter what one's particular methods of treatment, I think it helps us do those methods better when we know more about the body and other areas of health.  Much of the information isn't in the curriculum of MD’s, DC’s, OMD’s & LAc’s, Nurses, Massage Practitioners, Physical Therapists, &  Energy Healers.  Some, like the physical and psychological therapies, are not even in the education of Ann Wigmore style Living Food, Raw Food & Macrobiotic Health Educators.

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Disclaimer, and advice.
Using these foods and practices "intelligently."

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          Please note this disclaimer:  Mr. Green's Vitality Program is not a prescription to cure any disease. 
Rather, this is a discussion of things I have learned, and done. I pass the info on to you. It is your responsibility to use these suggestions and information booklets in accord with what you feel comfortable with in your own body.
          But I'm not just making a disclaimer when I say consult a knowledgeable physician for illness or injury healing programs.  The healthy foods and treatment practices talked about in these booklets are pretty common knowledge. Even the U.S. government and a lot of MD's say to do them. But for illness, I think we need to know more specifics.
         I've seen a few, but too many situations when someone had something seriously wrong that needed medical, or at least very knowledgeable naturopathic intervention, and either natural health lifestyle friends, or licensed health practitioners (including MD's, OMD's and Nurses) missed the serious problem
         I emphasize that people learn a lot about their own bodies and find experts they can rely on.  The information in this book is meant to help you become more knowledgeable in this way.

          As a Bodyworker, I've found juicing dark green leafy vegetables, raw diet, herbs, detoxification, body energy techniques and body manipulation methods could indeed heal some injuries, a lot faster and more thoroughly than the inflammation reducing drug and rest programs my doctors recommended.  But I knew what I had because I'd gotten it checked out.  And I knew what I was doing because I'd done it a lot before, when I wasn't injured.
So I also tell people with persistent structural pains to get their condition examined and properly diagnosed so they, too, at least know what they're dealing with.  Then they can do what's necessary to get effective, established help, whatever it is.

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Here's What's in the Set of Booklets
JUST $20 - Contact Lou

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1.  Mr. Green's Vitality Program
The How-to Booklet

2.  A Key Resource Booklet
What the Experts Say, &
What Books Should We Read

3.  The Bottom Line
Life Force & Green Leafy Vegetables
Information & Suggestions

4.  When Rebuilding the Body with Nutrition
Understand the Different Diets

5.  Clear Q & A Information from a Practitioner
Join the People Who Enjoy
the Living Foods Lifestyle

6.  A Program One Can
Incorporate into Daily Life

Dr. Ann & The Living Foods Lifestyle
How it developed and What it consists of

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Mr. Green's Vitality Program
The How-to Booklet
48 detailed 8-1/2 by 11 single spaced pages

 This is a booklet designed to save you time and money while you get healthier.  It draws on the author's 10 years experience finding out what works, and easy ways to do it.
 It covers many natural health practices, suggesting what to do, when to do it and how to do it, plus how each part of the program fits in with the others.
  Some is taken from programs in Ann Wigmore Living Food Lifestyle Centers, but an awful lot is from books by other experts, and ALL are practices I've employed for myself.
        Rather than aiming at curing disease and suggesting various vitamin and mineral supplements, this book lays out a natural health lifestyle for improved energy and well being, one that people can incorporate an easy step at a time into their current lifestyle.  And it tells exactly where to look elsewhere to get more specific information, including how some experts say to heal particular ailments with natural methods.
Tips are given on how to do the practices even on a busy schedule, even how to be "creative" and make them convenient. The tips are my own. The practices are those emphasized by experts who’ve improved the health of tens of thousands of people each. I then give you my own experience and insight from doing it for 10 years, including how I've combined the best from each program.
          There are numerous references to many experts, and to a lot of their easy to find and easy to read books.
 The booklet encourages you to get them so you can read much further on your own.  With this amount of understanding, people can browse the health food store book shelves and investigate various programs and products more knowledgeably.
           This is an actual “guide book ,“ which, along with the following supplemental booklets, de-mystifies a lot of the vast realm of natural health.

The subjects included are:
         1.) Foods, living foods, raw foods, with juicing dark green leafy vegetables, sprouts, sea vegetables and herbs, along with the "life force" concept and my own “just add good stuff to your body” philosophy. 
         2.) Water, why we need it, oxygen, how it helps, fortitude, which is a must, aerobic, mild weights and rebounder exercise, and how to do it with little time at home, lymphasizing for curing disease, and self massage.
         3.) Intestinal Cleansing, and detoxification, which includes tips for home enema’ing and colonics as well as a description of a number of available herbal programs created by actual practicing natural healers, and the author’s experience with them.
         4.)  Body therapies, including how and why each of them works, and helps you:  massage, acupressure, chiropractic and Structural Integration Bodywork, plus a nice commentary on reflexology, chi kung self massage, and polarity therapy, with book references.  There are even tips on self massage, couple’s massage and family massage.
          5.) Fasting, both water and juice, with suggestions from the different experts' programs that you can incorporate in your daily life.
          6.) Improving Positive Attitude and Thoughts though meditation, especially breath counting, and including a few easy how-to methods, affirmations and mantras, and how they improve our energies and emotions, and emotional release clearing that removes old trauma from the body tissues that contribute to illness.  Also mentioned is how these and the other physical practices work with each other.

This booklet is unusual in the Living Foods & Raw Food field.  It adds very helpful bodywork and bodymind techniques to the usual natural health & raw food information.  It tells you why and how they help.  It gives you many pages of information that isn’t well known in other health care fields as well as in natural health and raw food circles.
           The booklet is also unique in the way it gives encouragement on how to work at the program.  That, too, comes out of my own experience and what I've talked about with my friends.


A Key Resource Booklet

What the Experts Say, &
 What Books Should We Read
16 detailed 8-1/2 x 11 single spaced pages


         A discussion of water fasting, juice fasting, raw and living foods, detoxification and internal cleansing, especially of the colon and lymph, by reviewing the lives and teachings of Arnold Ehret, Norman Walker, Paul Bragg, Ann Wigmore and others.  Explains how they overcame their own health challenges and developed their own specific kind of wholistic health programs.
         Emphasizes how they all came to similar conclusions, and basic methods, which are covered in my own How-To Booklet.  Yet they each emphasized something a little different.
Discusses wheatgrass juice and living food centers.  Also mentions resources and books from C. Samuel West, John Christopher, Richard Schulze, Robert Kirschner, Achavar Houvanessian, Victorus Kulvinskis, Steve Meyerowitz, Edward Howell, Stan Malstrom, Paavo Airola, David Wolfe, Jack LaLanne, Rich Anderson, Bernard Jensen, Bud Curtis, Louise Tenney and Ron Teeguarden.
         A good way to get oriented to a fasting, juicing, raw food and inner cleansing health program, also pointing you, in a logical way, to which books to read, and the information they contain.

The Bottom Line
Life Force & Green Leafy Vegetables
Information & Suggestions

11 detailed 8-1/2 x 11 single spaced pages

           Life force is the key to health and a happy demeanor.  This inspiring booklet discusses how to put more life force in your body with foods, air, water, detoxification and special exercise.  It particularly emphasizes the benefits of chlorophyll foods and especially, dark green leafy vegetables and their juices, and describes different ways to put lots of greens into the body.
It discusses which kind of juicers to get for the greens.  And it discusses wheatgrass juice and some other green superfoods. There’s also a commentary about the necessity of plain water and one on how the greens counter the negative results of a very busy lifestyle.  All subjects include references to excellent books on the subjects. 

When Rebuilding the Body with Nutrition,
Understand the Different Diets
and beware the problems
with meat, milk, oils and cooked starch

10-1/2 detailed 8-1/2 x 11 single spaced pages

         This booklet discusses other health diet programs like the Atkins diet, the Del Mar diet, vegetarianism and veganism, macrobiotics, and then a raw and living foods diet.  It points out some of the benefits of eliminating starch, and how there are problems with getting our protein from animal foods.  It especially comments on the dangers of milk and flesh.  It explains the problems with some cooked vegetarian lifestyles and how both cooked starch and raw greens affect the liver and lymphatic system.
         It’s a good insight into these different programs because it gives solutions as well as mentioning drawbacks.  Books to read and references to successful contemporary natural lifestyle doctors are included.
It even tells you how to make tasty, yet uncooked barley bread and uncooked, unprocessed barley and oat cereals

Clear Q & A Information from a Practitioner
Join the People Who Enjoy
the Living Foods Lifestyle

10 detailed 8-1/2 x 11 single spaced pages.

              This question and answer style booklet gives a lot of good information on the following subjects.  What are living foods and raw roods and why are they good for us?  What are their major health factors?  What’s the difference between living and raw?  Can they be prepared easily and taste good?  Do they include breads, snacks and warmed dishes?  How can I build my health with them?  Can I lose weight with them?  How can I save money by eating these kinds of foods, and how do I take them with me when I’m out for the day or on a trip?  Do I have to be a fanatic?  Do I have to eat only living foods?  Can I still eat meat?  Is organic food better and how do I grow some in my home?  What are the specific kinds of good dishes to make?  Where and how can I learn more? 
            I wrote this booklet right after I'd spent three months in an Ann Wigmore style Center.  The program director there liked it a lot.

A Program
One Can Incorporate into Daily Life
Dr. Ann & The Living Foods Lifestyle
How it developed and What it consists of
12 detailed 8-1/2 x 11 single spaced pages.

            This Booklet will introduce you to health expert Dr. Ann Wigmore and the passion that led her to develop a lifestyle based on Foods that are Living, a lifestyle that can heal and regenerate human beings, not only physically, but by using the right nutrition, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.  You’ll also read about the properties of the different foods she uses and the wisdom behind choosing them.
It seems Ann Wigmore’s whole life was oriented toward learning about health, and then teaching it to millions of others.  She was guided this way from her earliest upbringing, and then by the unique relationships she had with just the right knowledgeable experts that came into her adult life.
                She was raised in Eastern Lithuania by her grandmother, the local herbalist and natural healer. And right from childhood, she trained young Ann in Natural Healing and ministering to the sick.  Ann saw how the treatments helped her and many others, including the soldiers horribly wounded near their village, during World War I.
                Dr. Ann also developed a strong connection with nature and the creatures in it, and so, her Lifestyle program emphasizes an approach to health that puts us in close contact with the natural forces of the earth and even encourages us to have strong faith that what happens has a purpose and things will naturally work out well for us.
                In this booklet you'll read about both this remarkable woman's personal determination, her stream of connections that created the "lifestyle" she found so healing, and as I said, the various foods that make up the Living Health Lifestyle program she taught.

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