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Why Most People have their Fibromyalgia
and how to actually Cure it !

Using Structural Integration Bodywork
Living Foods Nutrition & Herbology, and
Body-Mind Emotional Release Clearing

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Athletics, BACKS, Pain, Muscle Tightness, Trauma, Stress
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The Three Universal Causes of Fibromyalgia
     & How My Methods Fix Them

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
23 years successful track record
2000 hrs specialized training, over 17,000 hrs clinical experience
BS Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University 1965
Body Structure & Bodymind Performance Specialist
A Resource for Body Professionals of all Kinds
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and sometimes a little diet modification-addition
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         I  was told by my doctor that I probably have fibromyalgia, was put on a dairy-free / wheat-free diet, and supplements such as fish oil and vitamin C (for inflammation). Some mornings my legs seemed almost paralyzed, and it would take 15 minutes to loosen up all my joints before getting out of bed. After shuffling and hobbling around for the first hour, I would gradually begin to limber up enough to make it through the day.
         I discovered Lou's website on the internet, and called him.
Lou was very patient, asked questions, and listened. Then he guided me through a process of stretches over the phone. They were a bit intense but gentle at the same time. I was sweating heavily  and drank water - it seemed like a lot of 'junk' was sweating out of me.
Over a  couple hours on the phone I learned ;  !.) how to make immediate changes in my diet    2.) how to do the stretching on my own  3.) how to release muscle tension caused by trauma.    The next day my legs had improved. I continued the stretching throughout the day. The second day my legs were noticeably different. I could get out of bed right away, the pain had lessened, and I wasn't as tired.
 I am very impressed with this technique. Months of chiropractic and  massage therapy did nothing to affect change  the way this has, and I actually feel hopeful for the first time in months.
          I would like to
recommend Lou to anyone who feels they suffer from the same condition.
Lou is also a very compassionate person to talk to.
L.Z. Phoenix, ARIZONA
See more testimonials below


I can assure you that Lou has a wonderful understanding of the human body  He has a knack for not only treating a particular problem but helping to correct the cause. Often times, that cause is far away from the site of pain. 

Lou has complemented the work we do in the training room with his own special brand of health careWe all work on flexibility programs, but Lou really attacks the problem and usually has wonderful results.

I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to send any of my athletes to Lou.  He can be an enormous asset to athletes and medical professionals alike.  He has definitely provided Pepperdine University's athletes with a fantastic service.
College Head Trainer, Los Angeles

The REAL Definition of Fibromyalgia - What it is
Fibro refers to the fibers in the soft connective tissue of the muscles.  Myalgia refers to pain sent to the brain from the nerves.  So this "disease" refers to feeling pain in the soft connective tissue of the muscles, (rather than in the joints, from bones, as in arthritis). There are about 50-60 different soft tissue conditions, all with their own "disease" names, also called Fibromyalgia.
          Thus, Fibromyalgia is just pain in your muscles, especially due to tightness, or shortness, in the soft connective tissue.
           So, to correct your Fibromyalgia condition, you would want to understand what's happening in your soft tissue to cause that pain, and then fix that cause, or those causes.
           The next little section describes the three causes I have always found, and then I'll explain how to fix them.
            And, oh, yes, these cures work.

The Three Universal Issues causing Fibromyalgia
1.  Accumulated shortness in the soft connective tissue.
2.  Toxicity in this tissue, and a lack of calcium and magnesium in the muscle tissue itself.  Even if you take supplements. There is a better way to get them.  See Foods for Structure article

(3.  For some people - Long term emotional anger, usually from childhood upbringing.  However, this can also be due to toxicity, tightness & the liver organ being stressed.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver system includes the muscles & tendons.)

Most Cases of Fibromyalgia I have encountered in over 20 years of practice, are simply due to bunched up soft connective tissue in the muscles and not enough calcium-magnesium & other minerals, and also maybe some excess toxicity in the muscles because the tissue is all tight. 

My Stretching & Hands-on Self Help Videos Often Fix this for low cost.  People get improvements right on the free phone session.
I also teach you how to do it well, for free, over the phone

See Stretching Videos Info Page
See Free Phone Consultation - Stretching Session Info Page
See Article The Recipe for fixing tightness

Great Article Fixing Accumulated Shortness
See Info from my Book  The Underlying Cause of Back Pain
See  Article - Fascial Lengthening is different from Massage
See  Article - Fascial Lengthening Improves Chiropractic
See Foods for Structure article

The Solutions - read the detailed articles & booklets given with these links.  It's a lot of information, and for people with Fibromyalgia, who are almost always very, very tight all over, it may seem overwhelming to begin with.  If it is too much for you, you may call me for a free verbal consultation, and I will simplify the information for you, answer your specific questions, and give you some free on-the-phone self-help stretching and self-help hands-on instructions.

1.  Get Structural Integration Bodywork, which re-lengthens the soft connective tissue over the whole body.
Intro to the Bodywork     Part 1     Part 2
Fixing Accumulated Shortness-big booklet
Fixing Back Pain - Testimonials
Fixing Other Pains & Tightness - Testimonials
Structural Stretching Tape & Book

Get My Self-Help Structural Integration Stretching & Self Help Hands-on VIDEOS and Free Phone Instruction-Coaching session
Stretching Videos Info Page
Free Phone Consultation - Stretching Session Info Page
The Recipe for fixing tightness
A less expensive option --  That also helps people improve better who are already getting the Bodywork itself

2.  Eat a cleaner diet, with more raw vegetables and fruits, especially the dark green bitter leaves, and their juices.  Eat a lot of sea vegetables which combine with the dark green leafy's to give you a lot of minerals.  See these articles
Foods for Structure
Mr. Green's Vitality Program

3.  Do emotional clearing therapy such as my Body-Mind Release Processing.  Optional - but helps a lot - I do it over the phone for very low cost.
Trauma Release Body-Mind Processing
Netherton-Reichian Typical Session & Results
Psychological & Stress Removal Benefits of the Bodywork Itself

4.  See the Workshop offered below

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Getting Sessions

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Fixing Fibromyalgia For-Sure Workshop
or maybe a few classes in a series to keep them supported, connected and to keep re-emphasizing the practices, and taking them deeper into it.
This is now available by phone one on one
or on a phone Conference Call with your friends
   Also via Skype - computer to computer -
    with video from me -
      download free software - http://www.skype.com

Structural Stretching - Feel Better right here in the workshop, and have some techniques you can do at home.
Structural Stretching Video Info

of Connective Tissue Shortness and how Structural Integration Bodywork fixes it.

Nutritional info, with how-to tips on using your health food store, making juices and fruit and vegetable salads, how to inexpensively clean, and also build up, your tissues, blood and lymph streams and organs of elimination, and what easy-to-find books to buy.

Old Emotion Clearing - Explanation of how negative emotions get stored in the body, how they keep making you act negatively, and how some well established methods clear this storage in a thorough, conscious and non-traumatic way.

Why we should do all three.  How doing only one or another does not stop the problem for long.  Why it re-occurs.

Available for your Organization, in your own schedule.

Call Lou 1-321-726-9083  (or 310-285-8132)

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Getting Sessions  

Help Yourself
Structural Stretching & Hands-on How-to Videos Info Page

for the Stretching & Self-Help Hands-on How to VIDEOS
    From Athletes, Yoga Teachers, Dancers, Doctor
See More testimonials on the Stretching Video Page

I've Been Stretching Daily for 30 years & I learned things from Lou right in the free initial phone call with 3 stretches for both sides.   I went out & played squash right after  & my movements & performance were much better. 

Then I got the Stretching
Videos.  Tremendous Stuff, wonderful, beautiful.  You even mention the muscle names & what they affect.
72 yr old Fitness Expert Athlete in Australia

This adds a new dimension to stretchingI'd never done this kind of stretching method before.  It is really effective.
Long time Yoga Student & Computer Software Company Owner

These are very good stretches you've shown me.  I can now stretch a lot further. 
English National Team TRACK & FIELD OLYMPIAN

Lou Coached me thru some of his stretches for 25 minutes - right there in an herb shop relaxation area, and my chronic hip pain was gone, my leg tightness was much better, and I felt taller, more upright & more flexible all over.  And I have been stretching & getting body treatments that did not fix this.
Mother, Teacher, Part time Ballet Dancer.

I think the stretching exercises helped my back as much as
the hands-on Bodywork did.
(Showed him just 3 stretches from Tape 1.)
Computer Specialist & Community Orchestra Musician
Avid Recreational

I played video 1, for the first time this morning and did the first 3 stretches.  I was amazed at the amount of effort it takes to do those stretches but they work wonders.  My torso feels much looser. 

In fact, those were the types of stretches I have been looking for for quite some time.  I needed something that would work the muscles at the same time I stretched.  And now I have found them.  It is amazing how loose and relaxed my muscles feel after just those 3 stretches.  And I even used to do yoga.
28 yr old New Mom with lots of back & other tightness-pains in FLORIDA

Lou is my patient.  He asked me to watch the videos to see what I thought of them.  They're wonderful !  I felt better and I bought the thorough foundational tape 1 for myself.  I use the video regularly.
Physicians' Assistant

Not just another Yoga Video.  This is new.  Watch part of the video.  Practice it.  Then watch some more.  I've been doing and teaching yoga for 20 years.  I've been trained by Ma Yoga Shakti.  And I learned some new things from this video that I've now incorporated in my own yoga practice, especially the technique of how to get more length by taking my attention into the muscles and spreading the fascia.  I also learned new positions in order to lengthen more of my structure.
Co-Director, Yoga Shakti Residential Country Mission, Florida

This is how yoga SHOULD be taught.
Another Bodywork client who was a yoga teacher (His emphasis)

My College Women's Volleyball team enjoyed the different approach to stretching.  They experienced increased flexibility and released muscle tightness in the low back and shoulders.  And it helped them release stress and tension from the day. 
College Coach & Former Championship Team Player

As I watched Lou's Video, I saw more effective ways to do the stretching positions I was already doing and I saw ways to stretch areas I never stretch.  And I stretch daily.  I am a certified neuro-muscular stretching practitioner.
The logic of Lou's better positions and method were immediately obvious.
    This is indeed an outgrowth of Lou's 20 years Structural Integration Bodywork experience. 
I found his information, manner of explanation and demonstrations all excellent.
Long Term Senior Athlete and Personal Trainer,
     including PNF Stretching Certified.

Besides demonstrating and explaining the actual stretches, Lou explains why we want to do them to help ourselves.  He explains how the body can be made to work a lot easier, for the average person to follow.  And most other stretching videos don't explain like this Lou puts his hands on areas and explains the muscles there, the basics, and describes what we want to be doing with them and why, and how that helps us.
     Lou shows how to massage oneself.  Just 5 minutes massaging my left arm made it a lot looser.    And my whole body feels more relaxed.
Office Worker , Avid Social Dancer.

     We did Lou's stretches in the class on Structural Integration and fixing backs he gave.  I was impressed that you could fix the back without even touching it.  I liked how Lou taught us to actually lengthen the fascia in the appropriate places.  It's obvious from his teaching that Lou is well educated in his field.
Massage Therapy Student, Kaiser College

     I liked the whole stretching part in the beginning of Lou's class, to give the limbs a good range of motion.  It's something I would give to my clients.
Massage Therapy Student, Kaiser College

I've had long term pain all over, and recently got 10 sessions of Rolfing (r) and now get trigger point therapy and chiropractic, so most of the pains are gone. Yet my neck is still sore and my deep muscles are still tight.
    I did Lou's first Video and felt so much lighter and even straighter.  Lou also analyzed my structural photos I sent him and he explained how I still have a big zig zag and indentation in my lower back with neck sticking forward.  And this misaligned shape is part of the inner tightness being there.
    Lou offered me advice on how to use the video stretches and to get more Bodywork.  By looking at the photos of me at the computer, Lou also gave me a suggestion about how to use the computer with less tightness and strain.
Computer Operator

I also used to have a lot of low back pain from cycling.  Each time I'd cycle the pain would get worse.  Now I do these stretches before I cycle and no longer have the pain.        
Health Food Cafe Assistant Manager

I've looked for many years for something to correct my ongoing neck pain; just the wrong turn or tweak and it would be in great pain for 2 weeks at a time.   I'd been to doctors, acupuncturists and other treatments, which helped, but didn't fix it.  I even had to get a job position that didn't tighten it and put it into pain. 
       Lou's stretching videos have taken the pain and severe tightness awayIt has also made me stronger.  Because of my stretching the way Lou taught, I can relax the muscles, and I have actually added an inch to my arms in just two months.  Before, I couldn't add any bulk from working out.
Retired Railroad
Brakeman & Conductor

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