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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Founder & Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
20 years successful experience
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Read Details of My Unique   Abuse Effects Removal BOOK

After expressing what my issues and behaviors were, the ones I'd wanted to clear up, Lou coached me through a method that actually released the energy residues of past experiences that were still in my body. These residues, it turns out, were actual physical things, and they are what made up a lot of those issues and behaviors I've had. This includes the tensions, thought patterns and bad habits Iíve experienced in stress.

Instead of "my" making the choice to see the world and behave as I'd been doing, it was really these energy packets that were activating like videotapes of old soap operas. So I, and the people in my current life, ended up repeating the same things that had happened with me and other people many years ago. Many of these energies, or dramas, were from preverbal and prenatal times, and even when I'd been knocked unconscious. They are experiences I never remembered. But they were there, none-the-less.

These behaviors truly are "tapes," but they weren't really me. They were just "recordings" still active inside me. And a series of key events, one or more from each important time frame, had made up the tapes. Lou says it's like a screenplay that keeps acting itself out in one time frame after another. And each time frame episode that gets embedded adds energy to the pattern. So it gets stronger and stronger. The method to remove the tapes is simply to erase them one after another, actually dissolve the energies out of the body and its energy fields.

I processed out traumatic energies from my birth and from different times of childhood, infancy, prenatal going all the way back to conception, and even a little teenage and adult stuff. We also released what could be called detailed "past life" experiences that exactly paralleled my early childhood ones. Neither Lou nor I knew whether these were actually past lives, or scenarios coming out of the mindís creative unconscious, or even "genetic memories. But he likes to smile and say that's the beauty of the method; you don't have to believe in any of these things to have the process work. There's nobody around except Lou, me and the walls of the room. So it's just stuff coming out of my body in the present time. And when it's released, I physically relax further, on a permanent basis, and I've reduced a major portion of the "charge" in my negative pattern.

To do the method, Lou taught me how to connect my current feelings and thoughts to these energies. Although they were embedded in the past, they were now still in my present body, "playing" the same way that they were originally recorded, as present tense statements and actions. I'd use my "awareness mind" to consciously feel my body sensations and emotions, and see the pictures in my mind's eye. Then Iíd let my brain translate what I saw or felt into sentences, and Iíd say them out loud, said as if the event was happening right now, in present tense.

What I picked up about the personís speech, Iíd speak as if the person was saying them right now in the room, about a current event. Iíd do the same thing for the personís thoughts, feelings and even actions. Even though the person might not have said something out loud, their energies were still saying it. And I had picked all that up, too. Otherwise it wouldnít be inside me.

Lou explained that, right now, itís all just a recording in an energy form. I was just like a sponge at the time. So I got an entire energy imprint, with speech, thoughts, feelings and actions all being absorbed at the same time, moment after moment in each episode.

The idea of the process, Lou says, is to remove each "frame" of the recorded movie by staying conscious and expressing the energy of each moment. When I felt the energies or saw the picture, and then said out loud what I was feeling or seeing, I would erase that moment in the recording. Then, when I looked or felt, I got in touch with the energy again. But this time, it was the next moment in the movie that would appear to me. I didnít know what would be coming up next. I just went with the expression of the moment that my consciousness could get in contact with. After that was "dissolved" with the technique, the next momentís energies were "right there."

In this way of feeling or visualizing, my consciousness was able to experience the energy and then release, or dissolve, each part of every significant, key episode, actually line by line, in detail. And I still remained conscious and in control of the releasing. I'd express the energy as actual sentences that were said or implied in emotional feelings and physical actions of those events. This material, by the way, included the energies of the other people in the scenes as well as my own. Again, Lou pointed out that the body part of me acted like a sponge for everything and everybody in the surrounding area, inside of me, and outside, nearby me.

For example: Instead of going into a hypnotic trance, I used my consciousness to see the pictures in my mind's eye, and feel the feelings in my body. So I was in charge of my own process, giving Lou the information he used to guide me through "What happens next?" "Where is the other person, in front of you, behind, to the right or left?" "Are you sitting, standing or lying down?" "Where are you getting hit, on the head, torso, arms or legs? Where do you feel it?" "Are you tensing up at this time?" "Tense up now as you feel you did then, and say the words that this tension was saying, as if you were an actor (or actress) on the stage expressing it in words," and so forth.

Just as I can ordinarily express a sensation I feel in my belly as "I'm hungry," "I have to use the bathroom," or "I have an itch," I found that I could actually get the information contained in other sensations that were put into me a long time ago. I found out that my brain could feel the energies, see the thoughts, and then translate the non-verbal energy in my body into sentences I can say out loud.

My belly itself isnít speaking, and saying itís hungry. But the energies in that part of my body are expressing it non-verbally. My brain, which is another part of me, has the ability to convert that non-verbal energy into words. Because I speak English, theyíre English words. But Lou said that some clientsí brains had to go through a second step in the technique. Their brains picked up the body energy and converted it to a sentence, but it came out in Hungarian, because the parent was Hungarian, and the person doing the process knew that language, too. So then, the person translated what her mother said in Hungarian, into English, and spoke that out loud in the treatment.

Lou explained that certain tissues in the body, called collagen fibers, actually record the physical energies around us when we're in a deep "alpha" wavelength state. This state is used for subliminal programming tapes, like to stop smoking. But it also occurs whenever we're being touched, especially when it's a violent or overwhelming condition. Lou explained that he's always found that the episodes that run us were always those in which we had this kind of physical trauma and overwhelm, along with emotional upset that occurred for all the parties involved at the very same time.

The collagen fibers are located in the soft connective tissue that goes around and through every muscle, and also forms a kind of "suit" surrounding our whole body. The fibers form big webs that keep the musclesí shape, yet theyíll also stretch out when we move, and then come back to the same position we were in before. Any physical pressure from a blow, a squeeze or a fall, or an intense tightening on our own part, will push these fibers into a more bunched up position where weíre tighter than before. And itíll cause the emotional and physical energy of the event to get "impressed" into the fibersí recording substance. Then we carry around all this tightness and negative emotional charge until we do some physical process that removes it.

Our bodies also retain tension and emotional "charge" in their actual energy fields that intersperse with the physical cells. Some of these energy fields are generated from our cells and some are actually independent energy "bodies," so to speak, that are also part of our biological, or bio-energetic, structure. While most western medical science and psychotherapy have not yet made use of these energies for healing purposes, some doctors and therapists actually do, and so do acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopathic doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists and specialized kinesiologists

Modern psychological healing, by correcting the bodyís energy patterns, dates back to the very successful work of psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich MD in the 1930ís. Reich, a medical doctor and student of Sigmund Freud MD, developed the very thorough, scientific foundation that is still used, and added to, by thousands of practitioners. Reich discovered how this tightness and energy charge gets embedded in the body, and developed a set of methods to get it to release. Reichís understanding and techniques are one of the major elements of Louís method, that he adds to.

Physically abused people, for instance, get the physical sensations of the blows mixed in with their own fearful emotional experience, and with the angry and abusive emotions of their abuser. Often, the words we express in the release processing werenít actually said out loud, but rather, they were thought or simply "felt" by the different people in the form of tightness and movements. And I could often feel the tensions in the same place in my own body. I could also "see" them, in the picture of the other person in my mindís eye. Sexually abused people get all the physical pressures on their bodies mixed in with their recoiling and tensing, and with all the emotional and verbal statements and feelings as well. Even "bystandersí" feelings and words get recorded in the body tissues.

Itís a whole picture frame, like those that make up a movie. And this method erases the actual film inside us. In fact, we see, and simultaneously erase, the whole movie, frame by frame. Later, we can sometimes bring up a "memory" picture of what weíve just looked at and dissolved. But thereís no charge on that mental memory. The real charge that was stored in the body is now gone.

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