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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Founder & Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
25 years successful experience
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As each of my sessions continued, we'd first clear the outer behaviors of me and the others in the episode, and then clear the deeper ones that were embedded underneath. So we'd get feelings like the outside rage of someone and then his or her guilt, fear and confusion inside as well. I found that different emotions were often located in different parts of the body: sorrow and hurt in the chest, fear in the diaphragm, anger in the guts. And wherever I got hit or grabbed, there was the energy, and words, of the person who attacked me. I also saw how I might have been conscious of my sorrow before processing a significant episode, but during the processing we also got to my fear, depression and anger involved with the same incident. These had gotten stuck in my body at the same time, but I'd never been conscious of them because they were lower down than the chest, in the torso and legs.

Lou's method also allowed us to clear the polluting energies and tensions from my inner organs, as well as my outer structural muscles and my surrounding energy field. He used his knowledge of Chinese Medicine along with his intuitive sensing of my body and his perception of what words were actually coming out of my tissues. So, for instance, besides removing my parent's angry energy out my head and buttocks (where I'd been hit) we could also focus on removing my own anger out of my liver, the resistance deep in the buttocks and thighs and the deep sorrow out of my heart.

As you can imagine, this kind of healing technique removed a lot of energy and tension that had been held inside my body structure and its energy flows, for many years. And just as importantly, by saying the words that defined the energy's form, it also released the "command statements," or unconscious belief systems, that had been running me ever since those events.

Words like "You're stupid," "You’re bad," "You’re not worth it," "You’re the problem in my life," "It's all your fault," "It's hopeless," "I have to get out of here," and "I can't take this," were simple statements of fact or negative accusations that were said or felt at the time. But they had also become programmed into my subconscious mind simply because there was serious physical contact and muscular contraction at the same time in the events. These statements in the subconscious mind then become the underlying phrases of my beliefs about life, even though, mentally, I "know" better.

Due to my psychotherapy and spiritual practice, my conscious mind may no longer believe that I'm stupid or bad, nor that certain kinds of situations are hopeless or all my fault. But if I still can't remove my tensions and internal reactions, or that I keep getting accused like this from other people, then we know that the embedded, subconscious energies stored in the body, are still at work. They exist in parallel with my conscious intentions. And because they are actually located in another part of the body from my conscious mind’s "neurons," they are not "changeable" with my conscious understanding and intention alone.

Lou's release technique, which is a synthesis of a few well-established methods he was schooled in, is a "technology" that accesses this other physical part of us. So it can find, and remove, the subconscious energy that causes these "other reactions."

In addition to the special verbal guidance, Lou also had me do special breathing and movement techniques at various times in the session. That was key to loosening energy that had been compressed deep inside my body, even to where it had created constant tension along my spine. This also brought it up to consciousness so I could find it and process it out.

Lou pointed out that there are other techniques for finding and releasing some of our subconscious programming. Many of these work especially in the neurological patterns of our brains and peripheral nervous systems, like the spine and the body nerve "plexes." Usually, these techniques are specialized kinesiological methods, the most famous of which is Network Chiropractic. And there is also Three-In-One and some other, more advanced techniques. Kinesiology can even reprogram the neurological information in the subconscious parts of the brain. And it can also be very helpful in finding out some of the specific events that are causing the unwanted behavior. Then, Lou says, he could process out the large amount of actual stuck energy from his body with the "release processing."

Often, when a kinesiological method deprograms the mental pattern of decision, it will release some stuck energy out of the body that was being held by that unconscious neurological pattern. This is usually from when the person him or herself made the upsetting decisions about their life situation, and that pattern in the brain held those emotions and tensions in the body. Lou has found this very helpful with a number of adult experiences he’s had, but this amount of release is a relatively small quantity of energy as compared to what comes out from much older and more traumatic experiences with each session of the release processing.

Lou says that he's worked on almost a dozen practitioners and clients of these methods and they were all very good at accessing and then releasing these stuck body energies. And when they started, they all had a large amount of negative energy packets of trauma and programming still in their body structures and energy fields. When they processed out the actual physical material, their bodies loosened and opened more, and their issues cleared up considerably.

Lou also pointed out that Body-mind release processing is not the same as Neuro-linguistic Programming, often known as NLP. NLP as well as hypnotherapy are very helpful techniques to give us the subconscious programming to do what we've already consciously decided we want to do. It's a behavioral modification method that works to set up patterns in the subconscious mind.

It is also not the same as the current psychotherapy technique called EMDR, which uses just one feature of the larger Reichian techniques this release processing employs. While EMDR does help some old energies release from the body, they are usually less formative for our negative patterns and they aren’t as traumatic. Lou said he’d also worked on people who’d done EMDR, including a PhD psychologist, and they, too, had the majority of the energy of their past traumas and negative patterns still embedded in their bodies, which they could easily release with this Body-mind processing.

Release Processing is a method to remove energies and physical tensions in the body that can actually keep re-sabotaging all the good intentions our NLP and hypnotherapy are trying to help us with. Clearing out the physical components we don't want allows the new mental patterns we do want to exist unopposed inside of us. If we don't clear out the underlying negative "dramas," they'll still activate in parallel with the new mental programming. And they'll usually "win" because their energy is always much stronger than anything mental we get. They have body energies that were formed in extreme stress, which connect to more basic parts of the brain than the higher centers that are reprogrammed with these other methods.

Lou thinks highly of NLP as well as other behavioral modification methods. But he also believes it's important to remove the underlying material that actually causes our "behavior" and emotional centers to "malfunction," even if the brain is trying to send out good instructions.

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