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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Founder & Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
25 years successful experience
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I'd start by focusing on the sensations, pictures and words I was aware of, and each statement of a sentence would both clear out that amount of energy and open me up to the next frame or frames of the "movie." I saw that this movie, with all its behavioral patterns, had always been with me. And now it was purposely being played out and simultaneously erased by this process. Instead of the movie acting "me" out, as it had been doing in my daily life, here, we took it to the laboratory. And by being conscious, I, myself, could express the energies of that movie, and that released each sentence or "energy bit" from inside me.

Usually, (but not always), the strongest energies to my conscious mind were first the other person's anger and attack, and after I released that, it was my own tightening up in protection and fear. And the next deeper layer that came out was my direct reaction to the physical pain. Sometimes Iíd first contact episodes that were verbal abuse only. But after they were cleared, we'd always find earlier episodes in which I was hit, grabbed or shook. And during that physical contact, the very same words and feelings of the other similar situations were also expressed. It was part of the same stack of episodes, but stronger. These more physical episodes always had more emotion in them than those with only verbal experience. And when I released them, a lot more tension and tightness was dissolved out of my body. I actually felt looser and lighter.

Lou explained that all hang-ups and blockages are caused like this, even for people who weren't repeatedly "abused." Something physically overpowering and scary caused us to contract, or tense up, and that contraction locked in the emotional as well as the physical energies of the scene. This tension then remains, and is an actual physical wall that keeps the old behaviors active inside us. And our own biological energies canít freely flow through our muscles. Underneath that wall, our own "inner self" is blocked from fully expressing itself out into the world. A part of our inner creativity and love is actually held back even though we donít want it to be. And we may keep having fears about the same kind of instances because the fears are also locked inside the tense wall.

In addition, the other personís angry or repressive energy is locked in there, too. So when we, inside, "look out" at the world through this "filter," we see our current experiences "colored" with those old experiences, and with those abusive people. When our hearts "do" try to reach out as weíd like, the old fearful energy often comes up even more to consciousness. Our outward expression from inside pushes these other energies more to the surface. When I removed my walls with this process, I didnít experience those fears or repressions anymore.

This wall is made up of layers of physical tissue and also, layers of emotional energy. We release specific amounts of blockage as we release each layer of the wall. And this wall persists in a physical way even after we work on our issues psychologically. In fact, Lou explains that it's almost impossible to find that physical aspect of the wall using verbal psychotherapy only, since the body recorded it in a physical way, and not a mental way. We can indeed get to understand that we have blocks and hang-ups in our behavior, and even analyze it mentally in some detail. But there is also a physical component, and because the emotional energies are stored right in the midst of that physical tightness, conscious analysis alone cannot remove these feelings, thoughts and flashbacks, even if it connects with them where they are in the body.

Typical embedded words within the body tension would be, "I'm so mad I could kill him," "I can't stand this any more," "You're bad," "This is hopeless," "I hate you," "I have to get out of here," "I have to protect myself," "I'm so scared," "This hurts so much," "I don't know what to do," "Don't leave," "I feel so guilty," "It's all his fault," "I wish I'd never done this," and so on. As the words are released, the energies that got stuck inside are also released; the words are the vehicle to get it out. In the sorrowful energies are words like, "I'm so sad," "I miss him so," "I don't know what to do," and so forth. There are many, many others. A lot of episodes take a couple hours to clear out everything from everybody down through all the energy levels we picked up.

Underneath all the trauma there are actually very loving words and feelings of everything being OK. When we get down to this level, the pictures in the mind often look peaceful and usually, the scenes of the trauma have disappeared. The result is that we've seen the specific episodes much more clearly than before, and the emotional charge and body tension that was stored inside us has also been eliminated. When this happens with enough key episodes, the body's emotional "systems" and biological energy flows (as in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine) "work" better and give out positive feelings on a more regular basis.

Lou thus explains that this is another form of bodywork and energy healing, rather than typical mental psychotherapy. He is also an ordained clergyman and, while he has studied some of the methods in his system from psychological pioneers, he considers his work as personal growth and spiritual development, rather than an attempt to just work on psychological problems. In fact, he says that, from a body point of view, what we're actually trying to do is restore the "naturally healthy," or "proper" functioning of what he calls the human "body-mind." This process does that by correcting the distortions and "pollution" weíve accumulated.

Lou also points out that these energies and tensions weíre releasing are not in our conscious minds, and they arenít even our own "current life energies." So they canít be removed nor "fixed" psychologically. In verbal therapy, we can be aware of these words and feelings, and try to develop other ways of relating to the world. But we just canít "clear them out" assuming they are something our conscious minds are doing.

Lou says that in his experience, something very nice occurs from this kind of body clearing; itís rejuvenation. After the body gets significantly cleared of the rubbish we all pick up, everyone behaves much more like the "higher" loving and "open" way many of us wish to be. And the people who'd worked on their issues "mentally" found they could behave this better way much more fully and effectively after they had the body release. So Lou thinks this change indicates that our natural functioning is this kinder, softer and more open way of being and expressing ourselves. And that is also what the experts he's learned from say, too.

As a person clears out the negative behaviors, Lou shares guidance that comes out of his spiritual orientation and also out of his knowledge about where different emotional energies and negative "attitudes" get stuck in the body. Key features we can more easily develop when we do this kind of release processing are awareness, patience, empathy and especially appreciation.

These are, of course, spiritual qualities we get from working on ourselves. Most of the time, people try to develop them through practice, and to "let them come out" through lots of meditation. Having the body-mind working better enables us to manifest these attributes more fully, and without "other" parts of ourselves getting in the way. The negative residues of anger, fear, and so forth, have been removed. These energies also usually include chaos and they surround these inner parts of us. So they make it harder to be centered, and make it much easier to get caught up in negative reactions.

With this processing, our muscles and biological energy centers can actually become more open in a real physical and energetic way. That is, theyíre less tensed up and "polluted" with the old negative energy. So we do get more centered and our conscious minds can see, and feel, our own deeper feelings better, and therefore feel those deeper feelings in others, too. "We" also have more use of our emotions and expressiveness, coming out of a deeper level inside us. And our feelings of compassion and understanding for others become more available, too.

Of course, Lou says that we have to be spiritually or psychologically developed enough to want to get rid of the negative residues, and to change our bio-energetic state of being. That means we've already done a lot of work on ourselves. He specifically says that we've developed a "place" and set of behaviors from which we prefer to live. Yet we aren't able to do that as well as we'd like with out the body and energy transformation. It also takes a certain amount of spiritual "depth" to do this kind of processing. We want our conscious minds' awareness to come from a place deeper inside us than the more shallow "stuff" we process out. That way, we can actually see it's separate from "us," and objectify it. And then we can use this method, or others, to clear it out.

Lou shared that he's also used this technique to remove the energy residues from specific traumatic episodes, as happens when a person is suffering from "post traumatic stress syndrome." In actuality, Lou says, thereís nothing wrong with the way the personís functioning. Itís just that the overwhelming energies from the event are still stuck in the personís body even though the actual event is over. It isnít that the personís conscious mind is ruminating over it. Rather, the traumatic physical energies keep giving the pictures, thoughts and feelings to the conscious mind. Itís the same mechanism that causes flashbacks and great fears from childhood abuse. And it can be taken out of the body with the same technique.

In this way, Lou has successfully helped people get over traumas from being mugged or shot, from an auto accident, from wartime experiences, and from major loss, like that of a parent, child, spouse, close friend, marriage, career, finances, home and so forth. In these cases, the person didn't have a lot of lifelong pattern bothering him (or her) at the time. But the trauma of the event caused a physical and energetic blockage in the person's ability to move forward. Lou explains that even when we "handle" a situation mentally OK at the time, we still seem to get physical and emotional energies stuck inside us as well. The release technique helps us continue our lives without all that energy charge from the specific event impinging on us.

Lou gave examples. One young man, a strong meditator and a well-balanced person, had been shot and then refused to come out of his apartment for fear of being shot again. Just 1-1/2 hours of release processing cleared the phobia and he was fine. Traumatic loss of a parent always embeds the sorrow and uncertainty that occurred at the time. When it's cleared, and especially if the person is much older and more stable, this kind of release opens the doors for a more fruitful life development. i.e.; All of the person can go forward again, even if he or she has fond memories of the parent.

A serious auto accident almost always embodies the fears that occurred right at the point of impact, just before, and soon after. It also embodies the trauma at the hospital, in the ambulance, and during recuperation with key events and interactions that are serious and upsetting. One young woman kept saying, "I don't want to die," for weeks after a moderately bad accident. Processing out the accident scenario and the difficult stay in the hospital, plus the experience of her husband being out of the country and her being alone in this, removed a lot of her traumatic, hysterical and helpless behavior.

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