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UNIQUE Abuse Effects Removal BOOK


A personal growth & personal development
  system for Performance Enhancement.
It rapidly and significantly
  improves our actual "state of being."
  & REMOVES Trauma, Grief & Blockages, fast.
Advanced Emotional Release Bodywork

Actually removes a series of related episode's emotional trauma &
    clears even horrid trauma & abuse, including infancy, birth, pre-natal.
Removes negative belief systems & negative commands from the
    victimizing people.  Removes OTHER PEOPLE'S WORDS that you often
    think are yours.  Clears & Removes Phobias.
Results - Your Body, Energy Fields, & Mind are clearer & more capable

Even feel looser and lighter, & More of You is Available for You

Much available effectively by phone, worldwide-IM Voice, Skype,
   using my Structural Stretching-Loosening method
   with my Advanced, State-of-the Art Netherton-Reichian.
Comfortable, thorough, permanent clearings of old
   negative emotions AND negative behavior patterns
   & belief systems.

Easy to Do – Works Fast – Feels Great
Low & No Trauma even releasing past trauma
Significant, Long Lasting and Even Permanent Results

Structural Integration Bodywork
Combined with Netherton & Reichian
Bodymind "Blockage-Release" Processing &
Body-Energy Strengthening techniques

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Founder & Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
21 years successful experience    Professional Training:  About Lou
For more information & free consultations,
call 321-726-9083, EST  GMT-5hrs

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The Human Body is actually a Body-Mind. The physical, emotional and mental parts of who we are, are much more interconnected than most people realize. So how well we perform is actually a manifestation of how well our physical and energetic "structures" are working. How much can your Body-Mind receive and process information and then express itself in its most effective way, in accord with your "biologically designed" potential? And would you like to make that performance a whole lot better?

The techniques employed in my Performance Enhancement System have a 40-year track record of consistently, and very significantly, improving everyone’s performance in these mental, emotional and physical ways, for both professional and personal success. In addition, they improve a person’s psychological outlook and actually clear out a lot of old negativities from the past.

Even when people are already doing "fine," their centeredness, grounded-ness and awareness all increase. Their thought processes see both the bigger picture and the small details better. And they can articulate what they think and say more clearly. They also become more astute in their ability to understand and relate to others. People even look and feel better, and others notice.

Because we are actually improving the physical and energetic condition of your body, and mind, we are improving abilities like focus, attention and concentration.  And we are opening up more channels for creativity, insight and intuition.

Results start happening right away, right in the first session. And each session adds to everything we’ve done before. For most people, four to five 2-hour sessions create a significant, very long lasting change. Ten to fifteen sessions can create a major life transformation. And everybody can feel it happening.

This is a personal development system that unblocks the parts of you that have been tight and-or shut off from optimal functioning, often for years.  So we actually give you more of who you are.  And we reduce the size of the parts that were not working so well, or not with what you want.

You are already capable in your work accomplishments. You’ve learned a lot. Now you can be even more accomplished as you become able to incorporate more of who you are into everything you do.
We quite literally increase what I call your "State of Being," and it’s very noticeable.

First, what we are already good at gets better; our abilities increase in both quality and quantity. Yet doing what we do also becomes easier. Most everybody notices more energy, longer endurance and a higher quality performance. What we’ve done is remove actual physical and energetic hindrances that have been there, probably for a long time.

Second, what we have been blocked from doing well also gets better; we can open up many long tightened areas of our being, perhaps for the first time in decades. Further, we can increase the positive qualities of these parts because the process makes the parts of us that were blocked by negative experiences now function in a "healthier," more likeable way. At the same time, that "freeing up" removes the negative qualities you might have noticed about these parts when they were blocked and "polluted" with the old stresses.

In addition, our tightness and negative energy has accumulated in a random way; that is, our bodies and minds have one distortion and restriction piled on another. This accumulation has taken us away from the more effective, biological way we’re supposed to be functioning. So the releasing system actually re-establishes our own proper "organization" and "integration;" each part of us works more efficiently, it isn’t hindered by tightnesses in other parts interconnecting to it, and each part works better with all the others so all the parts of us function together, as a cooperative unit. This is very noticeable in athletics, in leadership and in everyday activities, too.

Those who get massage, acupuncture or chiropractic find those treatments can do more for them because their bodies are more opened and function better. Those who work out or participate in sports find they get more conditioning and strengthening benefits, they stay more flexible, and they perform at a higher level.

The improvement within us also manifests on the outside of us. We actually become more "aligned" with our physical environment, and even draw more energy from it. We’re better balanced with gravity, we stand straighter with less effort, we move more freely, we’re more deeply relaxed even in the midst of activity, and even our metabolism and breathing are better. People can feel their energy flow up and down their whole bodies, and from the surface all the way to deep inside.  Some say they feel more confident, both athletically and professionally.

A lot of previously un-seen stress is now noticeably gone and we can become more harmonious, and "natural" in our interpersonal contacts, even in the midst of busy times and with hard to deal with individuals. We can be better aligned with our interpersonal environment and help that environment be better aligned with us.

My Olympic and Professional Athlete clients found they could immediately do much more of what they wanted to do, easier. In the same way, most business people find they, too, can apply what they already know how to do, better, and it’s easier.  In interpersonal relationships, people find their negative behaviors have noticeably diminished while their positive and more constructive ways of relating increase.  Even their kinder and loving feelings come out more.

In the 1970’s, laboratory measurements showed that the body’s physical muscles and tissues actually had a "better" energy frequency; it had become more harmonious, "coherent" and "likeable." These energies were also stronger than before and each part of the body was more balanced with all the others. People actually do feel more opened and balanced inside themselves and they relate in more balanced ways. Plus, they say they feel much more "in" their bodies.

You’re already good at things on the outside. You can call me "Mr. Inside," because I create depth and wholeness in you. And at the same time, we are reducing, and even eliminating, the negative and blocked conditions you’ve been trying to adjust to, or work around, for years.

This State-of-the-Art Technology has repeatedly shown to produce greater, more thorough results, faster than anything else I, or my hundreds of clients, have ever tried in the past 20 years!

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I Make Who You Are Better,
So Everything You Do is Better !

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