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I Make Who You Are Better,
So Everything You Do is Better !

Hereís How, And Why We Can Do It.

As you read this explanation, you will see what weíre really made up of, and how we can make ourselves better.

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Founder & Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
27 years successful experience
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The body is made up of cylindrical layers of muscles and energies. And our conscious minds can only make use of the parts that are open and accessible. Usually, we express only whatís contained in the top layers, on the surface. This is because all of us grow up with lots and lots of tightness from both physical and emotional experiences, and lots and lots of embedded negative energies from how we were treated when we were young, and in more recent times, too.

Tightness restricts both energy perception and neurological sensing. It limits what we can feel, even about our own selves. It also limits what we can do because our muscles are restricted and we can only move in a limited way. So our minds can just perceive the surface parts of our being, and thatís all we can function with, from "our own" intentions.  Thus, our bodies can only express part of what theyíre designed to do.  We arenít in touch with, and arenít using, a lot of our own potential.

These tightnesses and negative energies are embedded in these muscular and energetic layers of our bodies. They form the blocks that we notice mentally as reduced performance and an inability to act in the way we want. Many people think this is just "who they are." But what they, and most of the rest of us miss, is the fact that these "problems" are really caused by "separate things." We can actually objectify, and then remove these "things" with well worked out techniques. The fact is, that many of our hindrances, including our inability to see and use more of ourselves, are physical conditions that can be corrected.

The accumulated shortness and tension in the body also makes our shape too compressed. The actual muscles, and all the blood and lymph vessels in them, are tightened up. Besides reducing health, this condition makes us psychologically uptight and physically tense, all the time. Things bother us more than they should, we canít "let go" very easily. And we canít express ourselves in a free and open manner.

The shortness also misaligns our bones and muscles at wrong angles to each other, so they work at odds instead of with one another. That means lots of parts of us are separate, and at best, we have to make effort to keep things in control.

The tightness even reduces the optimal nerve and energy flow weíre supposed to have. And, it restricts our breathing, even for those people who breathe pretty OK, like my Olympic Athlete clients. So a lot of our energy potential is restricted.

This ongoing tension has shaped many parts of us; and itís been so solidified for so long that we actually think this restrictive form is who we are. We struggle to work with, or try to change, this part of "ourselves." And we do this by making physical and psychological compensations on top of whatís already there. While that helps somewhat to get things done in the world, it also adds tension and strain to an already restricted condition.

Everyone who goes deeply through the releasing process sees that this condition is not who "we" are. Itís just pollution and distortion affecting the real "us." These Performance Enhancement, body-oriented treatments actually remove both the tensions and the negative energies. Even the very first session shows this by releasing weeks and months of accumulated tightness. And as "we" become more and more cleared of "it," our true potential starts to show and we can notice an increase in how we feel and perform.

We start the release on the outside of the body and go deeper and deeper into the entire structure, all the way down to the bones, even clearing out some restrictions in the organs. The procedure is methodical; and in the process, it addresses the specifics of each personís blockages. It works in a series of inter-related muscle groups that have both physical and psychosomatic significance, and also works through the sequence of psychological layers that all of us seem to have. Each session on specific areas or layers also makes greater improvements throughout the whole of our being, in all the parts.

To a large degree, this treatment "system" can correct all the problem conditions associated with tightness and pollution. Right away, people notice it creates greater flexibility, deeper relaxation, less stress and more "aliveness." They even feel "lighter." It also makes breathing deeper and fuller so more oxygen gets into every cell of the body. This even happened for Olympic and professional athletes.

When our misalignments and shortnesses are corrected, we have more strength, power and flexibility to express ourselves, and all that expression goes in the same direction we are putting it in. This in itself improves both athletic and expressive performance.

Before, because of the tension, a lot of our energy and muscle movement would go in the opposite direction from where we wanted it to go. You see, when the accumulated tensions are not cleared, we are literally fighting inside ourselves; we try to use muscular effort and psychological technique with some muscles and nerve patterns in order to overpower restrictions in other muscles and in other psychological patterns.

But if we simply remove the restrictions, we can function much easier, and feel much better. Then, anything we do to better ourselves can be done with more parts of us, and those parts are better organized so they make improvement more enjoyable and they produce greater results.


We Make The Good Parts Of You Bigger, And Better,
While We Make The Bad Parts Smaller.

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