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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Founder & Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
27 years successful experience
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Now, think of your body as a set of four lighted globes of the world, one inside the other. Each globe represents a particular layer of who we are and the light that we see on the outside is the combined filtering of all those globe colors. This is what people see of us. Ideally, weíd like all those globes, or parts of us, to be aligned so that the maximum brightness can shine out in the pattern of who we are, as unique individuals with a specific purpose for being.

The light bulb in the middle is your life force, or God light or however you wish to think of it. The most inner globe represents our soul-path, what weíre supposed to be doing with our life. The next globe out is our "primary personality." This is our true creative self and it could express itself clearly in all our endeavors were it not for the next globe outward which blocks it. The idea is to align the primary personality globe with the soul path globe and enable the inner light to flow all the way out into the world, expressing who we are. That always brings the success we are entitled to. In fact, it even draws supportive people to us and gives us a better sense of what we should do.

However, there are reasons that positive experience doesnít happen. First of all, the primary personality is almost always restricted. It doesnít have enough room in there to function well. Itís covered over by physical tension and its energies are polluted with the other energy that we absorbed, that tells us we canít or shouldnít express ourselves in the best, most creative way.

You see, the next globe outward, between the primary personality and the outside world, represents all the negative energies we experienced in very serious circumstances. And it is made up of the physical tightness and the embedded emotional qualities that we have accumulated through our life long experiences, even going all the way back to our biological conception.

In fact, some of the most restrictive tensions and negative emotional "recordings" happened during our infancy, birth, and the pre-natal nine months. Even though we donít consciously remember those actual events, at those times our bodies were embedded with patterns that are still "alive" for years afterward. They are physical tightnesses and recordings of negative thoughts, actions and ideas. And these still limit and block us in our adult affairs because these recordings act us out. They are that powerful, because they have a lot of energy associated with them.

We also arenít using all our own parts sufficiently because some of them are restricted and "polluted" with these self-defeating qualities stored as the tightness and energy. Things that were put there quite some time ago stay there just like videotapes in your VCR. Because these are really physical things in the body and not mental thoughts that "we" have, standard psychotherapy usually cannot find them nor clear most of them out. And many of the recordings and physical restrictions also occurred very early in our lives, at times our conscious minds donít remember. But these Performance Enhancement techniques, with the Bodywork, do find and clear them. In fact, we can access and release them in a fairly easy and non-traumatic way.

The innermost layer of this "negative accumulation" globe is the fear, and even the terror that we experienced when we were confronted, or abused, by much bigger forces. It contracts inward, pulling us into ourselves because, when it got embedded, we were afraid of being hurt. And ever since then, these pulling in muscles and energies have held those emotions of fear and running away right inside them.

You may also know that you, as an adult, also pull in with fear, most often in the belly, but also maybe all over your body, as general tension. A lot of people tighten in the pelvis and thighs, and there are internal muscles that go from the top of the legs to the lower back spine which contain the nerve plexus for the intestines. These muscles also contain reflexes to the kidneys, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the negative emotion associated with the kidney system is fear. Hence, tightening up from fear, in the guts, tightens both the intestines and all the muscles from the diaphragm just under the chest to the legs right down to the knees.

The reason each of us pulls in, when confronted with our specific issues, is, in part, because thereís a lot of tense energy in those locations already. It got stored there during the past similar, but more intense experiences. The embedded energies are right inside the tight muscles and they contain emotional "words" and feelings that actually define our lifelong upsetting patterns. Those words are what the energies would say if they could borrow our mouth and speak. And, as you will read, that "speaking" is how part of these clearing techniques work.

Our conscious minds nowadays, connected to our outermost muscles, may not be thinking fear, but this inner layer is an actual recording in the physical flesh of much earlier events. And what you should know is that the recording is still broadcasting within us all the time. Even though itís now years later, part of us is still pulling inward instead of being able to express itself outward, the way "we" would now want it to. And that restricts the primary personality and soul path from coming out into the world. So how can they be successful?

As you continue to read this explanation, please remember that we all become physically stuck with restrictions from the past, and these physical restrictions cannot be overcome with new ideas, or verbal arguments to others, to try to get "them" to change.

Each globe of our being has a different function. The primary personality, and what you will see is our "skill layer," on the outside, can adapt to change, and the skill layer can learn new behaviors. But these recordings canít change. We cannot change recordings in our bodies any more than we can change the recordings on a videotape or CD. If are spiritually or professionally developed enough so we know theyíre not in our best interest, we will be able to behave in other ways much of the time. But the physical condition we picked up long ago is still reducing our effectiveness.

So whatís very important to understand about this pulling-in and the other tightnesses we absorbed is that the largest part is now solidified in the soft connective tissue of the muscles. Itís no longer a neuro-muscular or energetic pattern "we" can release with mental intentions or hands-on energy techniques. And even the parts that are just energetic and neuro-logically programmed cannot be released with standard emotional or energy release methods. The great majority of this stored material, and especially the physical tensions that now hold everything restricted, require special processing.

The next layer above the retreating fear is an actual wall of tightness. It was created to protect us from harm. We tightened up against pain and anger, or against the blow of a fall. But now, with no harm really occurring outside, we are, in a sense, still protecting ourselves inside, and we might even be feeling and thinking consciously that we have to do so. Many people even say that they have to protect themselves, and they act that way while their friends see that they really donít have to.

But remember, all of these patterns are really muscular tightness, contracting energy and words and thoughts recorded into the body in the past. While this wall was originally created as an on-the-spot-protection, it got solidified inside our physical tissues. And from that moment on, it has literally prevented the good from other people from getting to our primary personality, and it has prevented our primary personalityís good from getting out there to others. The person "we" would like to be is still trapped inside a physical and energetic wall even if our mental intentions donít want it to be. And we simply cannot receive all the benefits our innermost efforts deserve.

So if our primary personality is blocked, how do we relate to others? We do it with a "push away" set of layers and with whatís called a "secondary personality" and then a "nice-person capable personality" on top of that. This push away behavior is the next layer outward.

Right on top of the wall is a set of behaviors that push outward in a self defeating way. And again, itís a recording. Itís not our own efforts to express ourselves in the world successfully. Itís energies that keep creating distraction or chaos in our lives, itís our own avoidance, mental put-downs, anger and rage, and even how some people break off relationships.

These behaviors, too, were the actual experiences we had when we were forced to put up the wall and retreat inside. Thatís what was going on around us and then how we responded to it. Now, these qualities, too, reside inside us and serve to keep us from getting to that primary personality which has the ability to make us successful. Push away behaviors always keep us from having that success. And because we are often unconscious about where these behaviors are really coming from, we attach to them, act them out as if theyíre our own, and point them at others in our current lives. I call it, "shooting ourselves in the foot."

As I said, the emotional energy from the old experiences is recorded right inside the tight muscular and energetic layers. And that energy contains actual statements from the other people in those old incidents that say weíre no good, or stupid, or no one wants us or no one cares about our needs or feelings, or that we donít deserve to have our needs met, because weíre not good enough. Theyíll even say we have to strain to try to get what we want, or weíll always lose, or we shouldnít even try. The "forms" of these recorded energies are these kinds of verbal statements.

In the verbal releasing technology I use, people feel their energies or see the mental pictures of whatís going on, and with a special kind of awareness, theyíre coached to make sentences, expressing what these feelings and images would be saying if they had been verbal statements spoken by the people in the original episodes. And since the recordings are still in exactly the same form that they were when they actually got in there, we can go through each episode as if we were watching, and participating in it right now.

But in this method, as people speak out all the sentences of a scene, the pictures of that scene, and the associated feelings in their bodies, actually dissolve away. And so does the emotional charge. It is a technique to remove energy out of the body. And people do indeed notice that their walls, fears and push away behaviors diminish more and more. In fact, progress happens quite quickly.

Right inside this tension of the push away behaviors are additional kinds of statements that were impressed on us by others, like statements of control, manipulation, and lack of commitment. And the technique releases them as well. We have been physically embedded with commands from other people. And from our unconscious minds these commands have been telling us how "we" should be limited.

In fact, they not only limit us with words, but the actual physical tensions themselves greatly limit our overall healthy energy flow, and they block our inner "core" energies from coming to consciousness or getting out into the world. Those experiences set up a psychological attitude, and that "attitude" is expressed by these "instructions." Year after year, both the words, and the tightnesses keep re-creating our problems.

These statements say we canít show our anger about being abused because weíll get hurt worse. And they tell us that we shouldnít show our emotions because thatís weak, or it gets in the way of our daily tasks. So weíve had to stay stuck with physically solidified muscles that hold these emotions in us, even to this day, because all our bodies create emotions of every kind, quite naturally.

For many people, this kind of tightness eventually creates ongoing low back pain, fibromyalgia in the shoulders and other kinds of joint stiffness and muscular shortness in between the joints. It even creates tight legs, a tight chest, ongoing overweight and tense abdominal organs, because each of these places is where our own programmed neuro-muscular behavior and energy patterns put the emotions we are still being forced to hold in.

Instead of our inner primary personality and soul path activities, what many of us are only aware of mentally, and what other people see of us on the outside, are these "push away" behaviors. In fact, many peopleís conscious minds are so stuck to only the outer, dysfunctional layers that they donít see their own inner withdrawal thatís going on at the same time, nor do they have any conception of the positive possibilities available from their primary personality. Their behaviors just push out at others, in a negative way. And all those behaviors, from distraction and chaos to anger and avoidance, stop us from being successful in both work and personal relationships. They make us chaotic, tense or inefficient, and they turn other, capable people off.

Some folks even stop in the middle of the releasing process, and then blame the process for not fixing them. This, of course, is the same pattern that has been sabotaging their lives all along. And it is the recording of whatís located in the outer layers of their bodies and psychological issues. This layer of recording is a script; it can only say certain kinds of things. And it has no concept of letting itself go or of having satisfaction. Those letting go abilities are only part of our deepest layers. But if the deeper parts are cut off from consciousness, and all a personís mind can connect with is the surface layers, then that self-defeating action is the only way he or she can behave.

Often times, people do want to express positive things. And instead of being aware of the negative behaviors on the outside, they are aware only of their positive intentions on the inside. But the negative ones are what come out to others. And they donít even realize those qualities have been in them. Itís like the writing on the outside of a balloon. Thatís what other people see. But because these folksí conscious minds are connected only to their inner layers, they donít see the outside of the balloon. In some circles, this is whatís called "hidden" personality qualities, and to be successful, these people should become more aware of those characteristics.

These unacknowledged behaviors include the embedded energies that the people absorbed from their restrictive, angry and perhaps abusive parents. The child, and now the adult, identifies with his or her own role in the recordings because in the past events, it was the other people who acted abusively or expressed physical control or mental put-downs.

The personís primary personality has been forced to live restricted by tight muscles, solidified in shortened soft connective tissue. But that is covered over, in the push away layers, by both the parentsí angry and restrictive behaviors, and also, the personís own unacknowledged, angry resentment.

Psychotherapists might say these "push away" behaviors are our defenses, to avoid the hurt deeper inside. And they do function that way. We naturally push away energies that come at us that will be harmful. With embedded energies, what we, and others did a long time ago is still alive in our bodies, so "we" and "they" are still pushing away, and itís "transferring" itself onto events in our current life.

If some people are offered input on how they could change their behaviors, they will ignore the comment, or distract to another subject. And when that doesnít work they could get very angry, and even break off the relationship. Some people always keep themselves busy, or they drink or smoke, or their lives get interrupted by other peopleís chaos. But these distractions and strong emotions are not our defenses. They are the defenses created long ago and they now operate on their own, but inside of us. Our problem is when we think this behavior is us, instead of a condition weíve been stuck to that is running us. When we adopt the belief that it really is us, we have "attached" ourselves to a sure-fire recipe for reduced performance and failure.

As I have said, many people are simply not consciously in touch with their deeper layers. And this is a physical thing. It isnít because the person is consciously trying to avoid sensing. The consciousness is truly blocked with physically hard muscles, and the blockage contains actual sentences from the past that say to avoid looking deeper. Our minds automatically relate from what they are in touch with. But in this case, the peopleís minds are just in contact with the outer tensions and defenses instead. Their minds are not conscious of large portions of their being underneath.

What the Performance Enhancement techniques do is erase the tightness and the negative information out of the layers of flesh and energy. And it doesnít matter whether or not the person is initially consciously aware of all the layers and all the behaviors or not. The Bodywork alone removes a lot of energy and much of the tightness from each soft connective tissue layer as we go deeper and deeper into the Body-Mind. As each amount of tightness is released, peopleís conscious minds perceive more and more of the layers, and globes underneath. And simultaneously, the negative thoughts and behaviors associated with each layer are reduced and are replaced with a more relaxed, more open and more capable behavior instead.

Much of the Bodywork is quite comfortable and often feels "great." And it produces an increasing comfort and enjoyment of oneís own body.

The Blockage-Release Processing adds to this clearing and feeling of release and comfort because it removes more energy from the layers and can even access deeper inside the body, even into the bones, organs and spine. It also removes the negative belief systems and unconscious negative command statements that were recorded and solidified in our past events. We can even remove the negative attitudes created by the voices of Mother, Father and other people in those very formative episodes of childhood, birth and the pre-natal months. Because this state-of-the-art technique is done with our conscious mind clearly aware, we also get to see the details of each past event, and get to understand it much better than we had before.

But this is not a mental technique. We are using our consciousness, not our descriptive intellect or reminiscing memories. We use the conscious awareness in a very focused way to access the body, and then release the negative energies from that body. We employ a clear and down-to-earth verbal technique that is coached and guided in a very detailed, school taught way. It is quite different from what almost everyone has done before. Yet it is easy to learn, non-traumatic to do, and people get better at it as they continue to release more.


We Make The Good Parts Of You Bigger, And Better,
While We Make The Bad Parts Smaller.

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