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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Founder & Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
25 years successful experience
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Now, on top of these push away layers is whatís called a "secondary" personality. This is the behavior scheme we were forced to adopt in order to survive the earlier difficulties.
Some people might always act helpless while others will never let down into weakness. Some may act very emotional while others never show any emotion, or limit their expression of anger or crying. Some people may retreat whenever rejection or trouble occurs while others may rush out to fix it and still others may just act angrily about it.

Some people are always good and others are always bad. Some people are always tense and others are kind of soft. Some people are very alert and aware while others might be lay back and not so attentive. But both the softness or tension, the good or bad, and the alertness or non-attentiveness can each operate as a push away part.

Each behavior we were forced to adopt was a way to get more love or acknowledgement but itís also a way to prevent abandonment, rejection, embarrassment or physical harm. Weíll be one way because that way keeps us safe, even if we really donít have to be all the time in our current lives, and other ways would be more successful.

Even people who might seem very successful and make a lot of money have these kinds of internal conditions. Some people who are in charge in business are arrogant, and engage in angry battles and negative put downs of others. They hold onto resentment, and make sure they "win," and conquer all. Thatís actually how they got on top. A secondary personality of always winning was created because early experiences, when other people were in charge, caused them physical or emotional harm. In order to survive and avoid further harm, the person automatically created ways to avoid getting hurt, and the socially acceptable and most effective way was to always keep moving to the top.

But the problems these successful people keep running into are due to the negative experiences that hurt them in the past. In the layers underneath their successful outer behaviors, they are still burdened with inner behaviors that limit their even greater success: the hurt, the angry control or chaos from others, and the resentment they still store in their abdomens and legs. There are also sometimes statements that say, "Iíll never let you close to me," and "Iíll never trust you." There a lot of "I woníts" at this level of behavior.

When the negative push away, contracting and walled layers are cleared from the personís body-mind, he or she still has the successful secondary personality abilities intact. But now, the soul path and primary personality are also in contact with it, and direct it. Not only do the people become a lot nicer in their stressful circumstances, but they win more effectively. They can still take a strong stand, but the anger and resentment that had been re-creating more negative energies around and through them, will not keep coming up anywhere near as strong.

Further, the "other" people in their recordings kept attracting similar kinds of people in current life to do them "harm." But now they wonít keep popping up as much. Since the recordings of the original attacking people have been removed from their bodies, the energy that kept attracting those kinds of people is also gone. And because the personís conscious mind is now connected to his or her own "nicer" quality energies, the personís own behaviors will tend to influence others with those same "nicer" qualities. The person may still have to connect with the same old negative people, but the experiences will in general, be more successful and more internally satisfying.

So what you have in these more outer layers is what you became, or at least thatís what you became in this part of you. And what we want to do with the treatments is give "you" access to all the other parts of you as well. And that will also get you unstuck from always behaving from just this one.

Secondary personality characteristics are not bad. Necessity is the mother of invention. For whatever reason, either Godís divine plan or your own "karma," these are important learned skills. We all gain compassion and "gifts" that we can use in the world to help ourselves and help others.

But the problem is that when we are only operating from these outer layers of our being, we cannot express ourselves other ways. So we do not have much of a choice in how we respond to the variations of life. This alone will cause us to have problems in relationships and business success. Further, associated with these fixed behaviors are our own negativities about how we were treated or restricted, and also the negativities of the people whose actions forced us to learn to behave that way.

These negativities always come out. Some people act like a rebel, and can only see society, or authority figures, or people of the opposite sex as something to be feared and resented. If they were trained to be "good" on the outside layer of their secondary personalities, they will tend to think of themselves as nice people, and itís the others who are bad to them. But they donít acknowledge that their mental negative put downs, or demeaning jokes, are really expressions of their angry resentment about how theyíve just been treated by the people who are the object of their comments.

The outer "nice person" layer is holding in the negative feelings, but the negativity has to come out some way, and so it comes out in the "acceptable" way he or she learned in upbringing, via the negative joke or put down. Because these people are only operating from their outermost layer they donít see how their comments might be hurting other people. And because the experiences that created their blockages prevents them from opening up to their own hurt and angry feelings, they cannot easily communicate to other people about how they were affected in their past restrictions and how theyíd want things to change now. This outer layer, and even the resentful one that sneaks out, do not communicate in that open way. And the person is stuck to their scripts. No one "deeper" inside is speaking about what these "acting roles" are doing.

What is needed is for the fixation in these and other layers to be dissolved and the primary personality to come out. Remember, weíre dealing with physically formed flesh with recorded energies of the past. And the mental behaviors are simply manifestations of these physical conditions.

You might be surprised to learn that when the negativity, tightness and energy restriction in the layers is removed, the rebel role does not go away. Rather, it is transformed into something positive. The repressive experiences of the past have helped to awaken and develop the personís innate ability to see and take action in ways that are different than the "society" or people who did the restriction. But when the energies of the restrictive experiences are still forming the personís state of being, he or she is still stuck in the same negative restriction in adult life and the same negative, resentful reaction to what had happened.

When these negative emotions and attitudes are cleared away, the personís physical and energy layers can all start operating in an integrated, more powerful way, and he or she can become a leader in alternative and pioneering products, services and organizations.

Capableness is very important in business. Some people have very large outer capable layers, especially after a lot of Bodywork and some Release-Processing has removed the restrictions and pollution in them. As I said in the beginning flyer, these people can now do much more of what theyíre already good at. But if they donít also open up the very deep inner layers, all their very capable efforts do not bring them the success they desire. Their own need centers, which are physical, receiving things, are still somewhat blocked and polluted. The cells donít operate sufficiently, the energy field is weakened and covered over by other, negative energies, and even the spaces inside the atoms have other peopleís defeating, negative words broadcasting out of them like a negative propaganda radio station.

Like other secondary personalities, this one also has a "script." This kind of script says things like "I can do it alone, my way, and I donít need any more help. ĎIí am very capable."

What the "person" misses is that this ĎIí is not all of them, and it surely doesnít represent the need centers, which itís probably been pushing back all its life. In fact, that pushing down was originally a set of commands, and some physical restrictions, forced upon the person in childhood, and embedded by others even earlier.

At the same time, the personís capable part was encouraged to grow, either with positive comments from others, or with determined self-interest, because it was the way to survive at the time. Then later, capableness became a big ego thing, something they got appreciated for and something they took pride in. This capableness is very helpful; it can do great things. But itís only so big because the personís body and energy field are blocked in the area of getting his or her deepest needs met. Energy comes out of the person, but the energy pattern of the body-mind is not even. Some parts have too much energy and others never get enough.

This imbalance can be significantly improved upon. When the Performance Enhancement techniques clear the restrictive tensions, the energies of the need centers can actually fill up while the capableness areas stay just as strong. Then, as the need centers actually get nourished more, from the personís new, more satisfying experiences, the whole body fills up further, and the capableness can even do more. Lots of people experience this quite noticeably.

On top of all these globes is the outer globe, what I call the "nice person capable personality." Itís all the skills we have, from brushing the teeth to being a good wife or husband to being skilled in your work. These are computer programs we learned. Whatís important to realize is that these outer skills are used by the layers underneath!

Psychotherapists, success coaches and others in the performance enhancement field often teach behavioral change. And that will occur, to some degree, in this globe, or section of muscles and energy, located more to the surface than the others, on the outside of the body. But that kind of learning is often not enough to create an ongoing improved behavior because the negative behaviors deeper down, in the push away layers, will often sabotage what the person has learned.

Married couples, for instance, may go to weekend workshops to learn how to relate better. But when they get home, they revert to their own, deeply embedded ways of relating. The energy of the workshop environment allowed them to develop the behaviors on their outside layer, but the ones underneath have a lot, lot more energy to them, and they will predominate in their usual lives. For people still fixed in their tightness, this can often be the anger, distraction or avoidance of the push away layers. These layers will use the skills of speech and memory of recent events to justify pulling away or being angry or resistive.

The same thing happens in business. Unless a person is free from self-defeating blocks, he or she will not be able to effectively use the improved methods that can be learned. Even more so, some people wonít even go for the training in the first place and they donít want to change their behaviors. They donít even see a need to. And this is the behavior of only those negative energies of defensiveness and spite located on top of hurt.

But if we clear out these strong blocks and self-defeating internal commands, people can much more effectively excel in the direction of their success. When the negative behavior globe is significantly cleared, so its colors align with the primary personality and soul path globes, all that musculature and energy can now be used to make the skill layer bigger and more capable.

In fact, as the treatments clear deeper and deeper into the body and energy fields, whatís left of the negatives becomes clearer and can be articulated better. People can define and work on the crux of the matter inside them better. The same improved abilities can also be applied to projects in the world. In fact, these skills are applied automatically because this is now how the person functions.

I want to emphasize that what we are doing is improving the way the person is "put together," the way he or she functions internally. That function is also how we perform in the world.

The physical transforming process makes the good parts of us bigger, and better, while we are simultaneously making the bad parts smaller. The bodyís muscle and energy system becomes more differentiated, and more organized. And since this is the avenue through which we express ourselves, and the avenue through which we perceive and understand others, our actions and perceptions will both become clearer, more articulate and not be distracted by outer emotional side issues. We can then use this more capable "functioning" for greater success. We will have aligned the soul path, our "real self" and our tools all in the same direction.

Itís important to understand that the original skills we have developed on the outside, especially in accord with our unique gifts, are in line with our soul path. This is true even if we have been forced to learn them through difficulties. The way it often works is that we would not develop these disciplines if the other avenues of our activities were not limited at the time.

So we are forced to channel our efforts in these developmental ways. Then, after we have developed spiritually to a sufficient degree, so that we can use these skills for the greater good, and also, that we have developed the compassion for others that we didnít have before, then, we find someone who can help us eliminate these negative "side effects" of how we were painfully forced into developing the skills.

What we want to do is have people see "the real us." And if thatís aligned with well-developed skills, weíll have more success. The "real us," that primary personality aligned with the soul path, is then more likeable and earns the appreciation and respect of people around it.


We Make The Good Parts Of You Bigger, And Better,
While We Make The Bad Parts Smaller.

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