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How to stop negative, automatic affirmations
from Broadcasting, using the Netherton-Reichian
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Mechanisms of Body Storage and their Effect

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          Removing the energies of abusive, negative people in past episodes removes similar kinds of abusive, negative people from our current life.  They are usually replaced by positive people who like and support us.

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
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This article explains the reasons this kind of negative pattern does indeed, consistently get better.  It also explains some of the techniques of the process that does it.

Besides the clearing causing negative people to leave, and new positive people to appear, the change in our energies affects our relationships with people already in our lives.  Nice people who were already in our lives, who would otherwise have wanted to approach us more, may not have, because of all the withdrawal, anger and chaos stored in our tissues, and the psychological attitudes these energies had created in our behavior.  After clearing these energies, those nice people can, and do, approach us more.

Stored energies from past experiences are like movies.  They always turn out to be recordings of specific events, not feelings or comments of a general nature by our conscious minds.  It also turns out that the most formative events, the ones that set up the patterns that keep repeating in our lives, were the ones in which another person, an abuser or victimizer, forced those patterns upon us.  These are the events that are most important to remove from our bodies, from that part of what we might mentally call our unconscious minds.

In the uncovering of past episodes, we will also come in contact with other kinds of stored scenarios in which "a person" is not really abusing us.  But this kind of "natural" event of a similar kind is still blocking our movement forward; it is trapping us behind a wall, causing sickness and loss, and even making us feel like we should have done more to prevent the situation.  These feelings and experiences in the past, internal episodes are the same kinds of things we are feeling in our current lives.

But both inside and outside are the manifestation of the embedded pattern; some might call it the old tapes.

I want to emphasize that our healthy, natural state of being is to make pleasurable contact with the world.  I am in agreement with psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich MD, and his successors, that what stopped the pleasure was a confrontation in which pain or abandonment was ”put on us”  by a controlling person.  Because it was such a strong circumstance having a survival issue, these energies also got stored into us  So now, the entire movie still exists in our own body's physical and energetic form.  It is not just a mental memory.

Many people have repeats of these very abusive confrontations.  That's a time when it's easy to see the parallels from the past experiences.

But at other times in our current lives, we may not have this kind of forceful confrontation.  We might have an experience where we feel "bummed" by someone's actions, but there's no battering.  Or, we might get depressed over a personal loss.  But if that event also brings up the kinds of issues we’ve had our whole lives, then we should know the current loss connected us into the stored episodes that have the larger pattern; and that larger pattern includes the issue of loss.  The material already in the body resonates when one of its elements happens in our current lives.  Then the whole pattern of the stored material becomes active.

When any form of the episode gets active, it's an opportune time to use the Netherton techniques to clear the internal stored energies.  We want to erase those old episodes out of our body.

So we focus on the internal episode that appears to the conscious mind, at the top of the stack.  And we first try to focus at the point of the confrontational recordings in that episode.  As we say the words or sentences that express each line of the movie, we are erasing the movie.  The energy literally gets used up as we speak it, as long as we are doing the process correctly. 

The statements must come out of the location of the feelings or out of the picture in the mind's eye.  And they have to be expressed as if the person in the activity was saying sentences at that time.  It can't be as if the person doing the process is "reporting," in an observational sense.  That's Ok, when we first find the experience.  But to dissolve the energies out of the body, we then change the form of the statement so it's as if the person back then was speaking him or her self.

Trying to do a release process while screaming hysterically about the current "triggering" experience doesn't erase the old embedded energies either.  It may help us feel better from the tensions created in the outer muscles this morning or yesterday. But it doesn't address the experiences of another time.

To release those energies from our muscles, we have to express the energies by being involved with those experiences.  This is especially important in trying to remove the "words" that have been defining our ongoing belief systems and long term emotional attitudes. So awareness and focus is required in this kind of technique. When we do it properly, it is exceptionally effective.

Once a person understands what we're trying to do, he or she can get the hang of it, and with some coaching help I've found people can do it quite well. The more episodes we clear, and also, the more the Bodywork process continues, the better a person gets at it.

Even the non-verbal actions of people in the past experiences have gotten embedded in us as energies.  But we can still use our current, adult brains, to express in sentences what that non-verbal action could be saying in a first-person, present tense statement.  That translation and expressing activity is what dissolves the energy.

The energy packet could be looked at as some kind of irregular egg-like shape, and as we are guided through the movie and express what everyone was saying, thinking, feeling and doing, the egg keeps getting smaller and smaller.  It is possible to dissolve out the whole egg of each episode.  And that's just what we do in a series of sessions.  In each session we erase one or more packages of embedded energy, each one pertaining to a particular event in a particular time and place involving particular people.

Remember that we are focusing on the confrontational part of the episode, the part where someone else forced us into the pattern.  So when we erase the set of episodes that make up this egg-like packet, we will be erasing the form of the whole movie that has been taking over our minds, our bodies and even the circumstances of our lives.

So what I want to clearly point out is that we are erasing both our own, victimized energies and the victimizing energies of the other person.  We are erasing the sorrowful energies of the bystanders on our side, and the jeering energies of the bystanders on the other side.  And whoever feels guilty gets erased, too.

In fact, we are also erasing the events that make up the victimizing scenario.  We erase “the plot” as well as the actions and reactions of the actors and actresses who play all the roles.

Do enough of these episodes and the pattern in our current life diminishes greatly.  What will happen is our conscious minds develop a new, and better attitude.  That attitude comes out of the mind's experience of the changed world.  It is not that the person tries to make a new, more positive attitude while bad things are still happening.  The body-oriented process actually changes the events of the world.  When the consciousness recognizes that, it naturally shifts "the person's" mental attitude and behavior.

This might be a different approach from what you have normally tried; to practice having a better mental attitude first, in hopes that will create a better pattern of people coming into our lives. But just doing mental thoughts doesn't do much.  And it's very hard for most people to do in the face of the very solidly embedded energies.  Because they're still broadcasting inside ourselves, they keep giving us the same thoughts and crummy feelings that we had right during the past, negative experiences.

I want to emphasize that the person's body energies change his or her mental state as well.  This is key.  Part of the experience of the world is coming through the body.  It's not just a visual, audible and smelling experience.  Our mental and emotional experience of the world is also related to the experience coming from our tissue quality and what is coming through the filters within our chakra energy centers, located along everybody's spine.

In this kind process, the external energy broadcasting, the internal energy improvements and the consciousness change all happen together; and they continue to improve further as we erase more old episodes and get the deeper Bodywork.  All that's required of the conscious mind is to cooperate by doing the process and looking inside oneself.

As I said, there are a number of these episodes in each person.  There is at least one key episode, with a survival component in each of the different time frames that this energy pattern became active.  There's childhood, infancy, birth, prenatal and “before.”

The episodes also cover a range of degrees of being controlled.  these relate to what we could call the “levels” of victimization.  The first level people get to and erase is complete annihilation.  They couldn’t fight back.  Then they had some power, but lost, and finally we get to where they battled very well, and still lost.

What's important to understand is that in all these episodes, we lost!  This includes when we were very benevolent and very capable both mentally and physically.  It is part of the plot, that we do a really good job, and we lose.  We don't lose in areas of our lives that are not part of these old patterns.

We do not lose when we have no fear.  And we do not lose when we are relating with non-abusers.  But we do lose when we are caught in the scenario of the pattern.  If we strain to get out of the pattern, while we're in it, that strain is also probably an element of the pattern itself.  The only way to not lose is to not be caught up in the pattern.  That's one reason to just stop what we're doing when we see we're caught in the problem, just take a break and do things that disconnect us from the stress and deep fear. 

One trap is when a person thinks he or she is going to avoid the defeating pattern by being more and more capable, or nicer and nicer.  In the pattern, they are still playing a role in the movie in which the nice and capable person loses.  You cannot get out of the scenario that way.  You must either dissolve out the movie or never start playing it in the first place.  With this process, we are dissolving.

When we erase the episodes at each level of victimization, our inner strengths take another step “up.”  Our power in the world also broadens.  That is, we go from complete overwhelm and restriction to becoming more capable in different areas of our lives.

Then some things start happening to us, because of how we've changed energetically, or rather, because of how we've removed the negative energies that were polluting us. Once we’ve erased a certain number of episodes and had some Structural Integration Bodywork, the quality of energy in our outer muscles is actually better. It's more positive, and more in harmony with the natural forces of the earth.  To other people, it's more likeable.

This energy radiates from our bodies, and it’s now significantly different from what it was when we started.  Since it's now positive and likable, positive and likable will also be the kind of people and events our bodies magnetically attract.  The energies of the abuser have been cleared from the part of us that interfaces with the rest of the world, our outermost muscles and energy field.  And some of the energies of the overwhelmed and repressed victim have been cleared from those tissues as well.

This can, and often does, happen even before a person is consciously aware of it.  Their outermost energies are now attracting “positive” people.  But the next level down, inside the person, isn’t recognizing this improvement quite yet.  Those tissues still have the old energy that experienced the world as a negative place.

When we clear a little deeper, we’ll erase those energies that embody this negative opinion. Then our conscious minds finally open up to the change, and we start being more receptive to the good the world has for us.  Remember, also, that this is a physical process, and our muscles are physical things that allow energies to come in as well as create energies that go out.  When we remove their contraction and old negativity, the quality of these muscles changes, too.  They go from resisting and repelling to receiving and accepting.  So, not only does our mental attitude change for the better, but our physical behavior that connects us with the real world also changes for the better.

Depending on how much we’ve already worked on this change mentally and spiritually, we’ll eventually allow the Bodywork and processing to open us in this manner.  And of course, when we’re consciously, and purposely receptive, we will accelerate and enlarge this flow of receiving good.


Let me describe the change another way, because it’ll lead into more information about how we do the process. As I said, when we erase the negative energy of the other people in our stored episodes, it helps change the way other people treat us in our current lives.

Why?  To review, since the energies of the old scenarios get dissolved out of our bodies, the negative kinds of people those energies have been attracting also start disappearing from our lives.  The actual incidents have been gone for a while. Now, their energy residues are also gone. Many people notice that negative individuals are replaced by more helpful people, who like and support us. And even when the same individuals remain in our lives, their behavior to us changes for the better.

This benefit is well known by those who practice Science of Mind treatments and affirmations.  They, and others, know that whatever we say and do will appear in our lives, especially when we dwell on it or repeat it.  They know that what we think and say has both a biological effect on our bodies, and an energetic effect on us, and on our connection with the universe.

What most people don't yet realize, however, is that the negative energies their bodies absorbed during past traumatic events are also broadcasting, continuously. These energies may be felt only as feelings in our guts, and the person who put them there may not even have actually spoken them.  But once stored in our bodies, the energies operate in parallel with what we want and wish for. Because all the people and behaviors that happened years ago are still energetically alive, they keep sending out the exact same scenarios that have troubled us for years.  And they're very strong, because the stored episodes have a lot of energy in them.

We could even say they are broadcasting negative affirmations 24 hours a day, to cause these abusive or troublesome people and their behaviors to keep reappearing.  And these broadcasts are not dependent on whether we're having fears yet, nor if we are yet caught up in the pattern.  This is very important to understand.  The broadcasts from energies that got embedded in the past have nothing to do with our own minds now.

But the fact that they do bring in more people just like the "others," reinforces the person’s belief about what his world is like.  The energies can even start bringing in accidental experiences, in which things happen to us without other people around.

When the energies are removed, this broadcasting stops. The negative patterns do not continue. That’s why we know that expressing the energies as sentences does not reaffirm them.

In this kind of releasing process, we are not dwelling on our past the way people do when they talk about their problems.  That’s not a release because the speech is coming from the observing forebrain.  Nothing changes in the other part of the body where the actual material is recorded.

When the speech comes directly out of the body’s physical energies, however, these energies finally have a chance to leave us and dissolve away, after all these years. The patterns they have continuously been creating stop.  If we also improve the quality of our tissue with the Bodywork (and nutrition), these negative patterns are automatically replaced by better experiences, almost immediately, and also on a continual basis.

Embedded energy is physical, and is located inside of us in a "logical" pattern.  There’s an actual physical arrangement of which energy gets embedded where in the body.  The other person’s energy is on the outside. And our own fears are just underneath.  Of course, it makes sense spatially.  The abuse, or restriction, came at us from the outside.  We tightened, and withdrew under that.  These set up a two-layered wall that keeps these parts of us confined inside, even though we want to be fully out there in the world.  When it happened, the other person’s energy got embedded in us, closest to him (or her), and we protected ourselves by tightening up, more inside us.

When we go to reach out into the world, we first run into our own “holding in” tightness.  Then we meet up with energies that say it’s dangerous to try to make contact with others.  We might even stimulate chaotic energies that make us confused, or distracted.

If we’re not aware that these are physical energies in the body, we might think all we have to do is make behavioral changes and we can overcome our restrictions.  But for many people, that alone doesn’t work. Behavioral changes work best when we are already convinced they’ll help, and when we don’t have an energetic block that says we can’t reach out that way.  It’s when we do run into these old scenarios that we can use some help with release processing.

As we clear the old recordings from our flesh, we’ll be going deeper and deeper inside our actual physical structures.  The big, outer doing muscles are also used for protection.  Clear them, and we clear their programs that say we always have to stay rigid and tight to protect ourselves from harm. That frees up the doing muscles for doing.  So obviously, this process can help us do more of what we want to do.  We can actually find, and erase, sentences that say, “I have to keep protecting myself.”  These “words” say what the tense muscles are doing.  When we’re in contact with episodes of physical abuse, we get in contact with sentences like this and with the tensions that are in there as well.

When we do Structural Integration Bodywork, our tissue gets softer, the body gets much more flexible, and the person can relax quite deeply. The muscles are then available for our own powerful and creative self-expression.

The creative expression part of us has its roots at our deepest core. And the negative scenarios that are still left lie between the core and our cleared outer muscles.  So they'll still block or distort our expression.  And when we get triggered, they'll again use these muscles for protection.  If we've had a lot of the Bodywork, we'll probably be able to release the muscular tension easier.  So even Bodywork alone is helpful.  But it does get tight for a while and the inner tightening and emotional upset still happens, too.

The "trap" here is that many people who get the outer parts freed up think they can get what they want for the "inside" by using the increased power they now have on the "outside."  But that's a fantasy.  It doesn't work; the inside is still blocked from receiving what the person really wants. There are still energies of abusers and being abuse in those tissues, too.  The outside parts work better so the person may be much better at work, for instance.  Because work is usually done from the outer muscles, even office work.  But their need centers are not yet working effectively.  They can't receive what they want.  In fact, they still may receive what they don't want. The same kind of negative patterns that were in the outer tissues, the same kind of scripts are in there, too.

There are now four layers.  The outer layer is freed up and more capable.  The very deepest inner layer has the desires to reach out positively.  The more outer middle layer is all stopped up.  And the more inner middle layer is heavily polluted.

The person's attempts to force in the outer world come from at least two places.  First, it's caused by the trauma located in the middle layers. The person still has a lot of embedded fear and abuse that they're running away from, admittedly while not being conscious of what's going on inside them.  Second, especially for people who were abused, there's strong resistance to let go and open up, and usually, there's revengeful rage located in another part of the body.  This emotional "power" can now be directed outwardly, and it uses the now available outer muscles to try to "force" the situation. But, s I said, thinking we can get our inner needs met with only outer forces is a trap; it's a fantasy.

When we do also clear the deeper negative energies, then the expressions we want to make come out into the world from the deepest part of ourselves. They'll have more power because they're not being distorted or blocked by the energies of old restriction.  And they can make use of all the big muscles of expression.

If a person has already done things to improve her skills or attitude in the area of interest, he or she will already have a positive “mental base.”  It’ll be coming out of the confidence this capability or awareness naturally expresses.  When we then remove the negative energy that's been overlaying this good energy, the person often experiences a more positive, confident attitude right away. And more of they've wanted may happen immediately.  Affirmations for the positive things people want now suddenly seem like they'll work, too, and they often do.  Energies of affirmations and mantras can also make fuller use of our bodies and energy fields.  And there’s a lot less “negative energy” to compete with, or block the good energies, too.

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