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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
25 years successful experience
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  Your book offers a very clear understanding of the problems
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     JK, physicist, and back problem patient for years

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     I'd had chronic lower back pain for 50 years and had tried acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, diet and been to famous doctors. This bodywork was the only thing that really helped, removing the pain completely for weeks and months at a time.
Mrs. I. G., Artist/Homemaker, age 76
    I've had a lower back problem off and on for 30 years. Lou's treatments that corrected a chronically tight, spasming and painful right leg have also corrected this back problem. It even used to hurt when I coughed. Now it hasn't bothered me for months.
     Doing my work is easierI donít have to strain, I can twist my body without it being tight, and Iím more flexible.  I can do my own exercises and stretches and demonstrate them for my patients, and I couldnít do that before.  Stuff moves now.
     Lou's book about fixing backs with Structural Integration is great. I've even used some of the material out of it with my own patients, specifically the information about releasing the tight soft connective tissue and helping to properly align the legs and pelvis with the lower back. It was easy to read and the part about chiropractic is a good tie in; adjustments are easier to make and they stay in longer.
Dr D.S., DC, CHIROPRACTOR and Advanced Kinesiologist
     I was absolutely ready to schedule back surgery for a severe extruded disk in my lower back at L5-S1 (12 millimeters). (My spine surgeon said even 6-8mm is considered bad.) I'd had low back pain on and off over the years which had gotten very bad in the previous 3-4 months before the bodywork. I also had sciatica in the right leg for the previous 2 months.
     I was very incapacitated although wearing a corset belt helped.  Besides consulting the back surgeon, I had been to a chiropractor for treatments and saw an acupuncturist once. Nothing had helped. I thought that my right leg would never function properly again and that I was not going to be able to walk well again.
     I had 5-hrs of Bodywork in two sessions. About two weeks after the second session the pain completely subsided and I had full use of my right leg.
     Two years later I am still well. I would recommend you highly to anyone, Lou, and have already told a lot of people about you.
Mr. N. S., Interior Designer & Firm Owner, age 38
     I had some really severe muscle cramps in my lower back, so much so that I could barely walk. I also had general tightness all over my body. The Bodywork helped release all of that tension. I felt better from the back problem right away, in the first session.
Mr G.H., Economist/Programmer, age 37
     I never had this quick a response to any treatment, and I've been dealing with the same lower back problem for 20 years. Usually, when it hurts it lasts for 4-5 days and I have to totally rest (except to go to work). Even then, when I walk around I have extreme difficulty.
What's so different about this treatment is how rapidly it makes big improvements. I had a 3-hour session. I'm standing up straighter with less pain. I notice a big improvement in flexibility in my neck, shoulders and chest. My hips and pelvis are much looser, as are my calves. And my feet are heavier connected on the ground.
     Overall, I feel I'm better aligned. I even feel more peaceful inside. And I feel carefree and at ease in a situation that usually gets me tensed up.
      I had a second treatment of 2-hours a couple days later that improved my condition even more.
Mr K.B., Counselor,
Former High School and College FOOTBALL LINEBACKER
     I had lower back pain and neck pain. From just 1-hour treatment, both pains are gone, my body is straighter with better posture, Iím more relaxed and comfortable and I feel taller.
Mr. E.P., Age 15, KICKBOXER
     I had a back injury due to intensively working out combined with a chronic back problem that includes a disintegrated disk at L4/L5. I'd suffered back pain on and off for 40 years, and had been to at least 25 other practitioners before coming to Lou. These included 10 chiropractors, trager work, deep tissue massage, and other practices.
     This time I had difficulty walking and was in constant pain, and was so tight that I could not do a self adjustment on my back as I used to.
     After the first several bodywork sessions, the acute pain was relieved and it brought me back to my usual walking capacity. I continued sessions to get a fuller overall treatment and structural integration, which very greatly reduced my chronic back problem.
Lou's thoughtful, scientific and dedicated approach has helped me where all these other practitioners did not
Walter J. Urban PhD, PSYCHOANALYST and Business Consultant, Author: Integrative Therapy, Foundations of Holistic & Self Healing, Former Director of Theodore Reik Consultation Center of N.Y
     I'd had a sciatic condition that had been severe for some time. This treatment improved my condition considerably, including taking away all or almost all of the pain and making me a lot looser & more flexible. 
Ms L.K., College Professor, age 40
     The treatment has totally removed the chronic lordosis of my lumbar spine
Ms J.S. Registered NURSE, age 47
     Before, when I had chiropractic adjustments for my spasming low back, the vertebrae would go out in about three days. Now they just stay in and I don't have to see the chiropractor. 
Mr. S.S. Former High School Tailback, KARATE TEACHER, age 21
     I was very tight all over with neck and lower back pains. Now, after just 1-1/2 hours of Bodywork, the pains are gone and my body is straighter, taller and much looser. In fact, Iíve never felt more relaxed and pain free in my life. I also breathe deeper and a lot easier. 
Lou is very knowledgeable about body structure and his technique is excellent, even "awesome." And as someone seriously involved with improving my body condition and my knowledge about the body, I would even like to learn how to do this. I would also highly recommend Lou to anyone suffering from any kind of pain. 
     I'm an elite athlete and train hard including using a lot of weight work. I have very strong legs but I've also had tight hamstrings and have known my body is out of alignment.
    I've had sciatic nerve pain in my left leg down to the calf on and off for a few years which had returned the past 1-1/2 months. The chiropractor I saw recently told me my disk was not damaged but my nerve was pulled against the vertebrae causing the pain, and I also had a slight scoliosis.
    I've just started treatment but have felt improvement already. The sciatic pain is better just standing up and now I can lean way backwards without it hurting, whereas before it would hurt with even a slight lean. The knots I usually feel in my front pelvic muscles and hamstrings are a lot less, a lot looser, and I have more flexible movement in my hips and sides. I also have spring in my bare feet whereas they used to be "lifeless" and I needed shoes to get the spring. The improvements feel great.
     Just 1-hour of Lou's treatment fixed an ongoing back, shoulder and neck pain that neither massage nor chiropractic treatments had fixed. 
     I had lack of overall flexibility with pinched and degenerating disks in my lower back. I had pain and was restricted in my movements. In racquetball, it was hard for me to move on the court
     Now the pain is gone, I can move again and play a good game of racquetball. In yoga, I can now get into positions I never could before, and I can push beyond limitations that I'd had. And I used to wake up stiff in the AM, and it took me a while to loosen up. I don't have that anymore, either. 
Ms R.S., Businesswoman, age 44
     Just 3 hours treatment removed the pain from a flare-up of a 6-year old problem, and it stayed away for a few months. Another 2-hour treatment then also kept the pain away for a few months. In both cases, my overall tightness diminished, my posture was more upright, and my movement and balance were easier..
     The Bodywork took away a strong lower back pain that had recently occurred, in just one session. With additional sessions, my chronically tight lower back became more flexible on a regular basis.
Mr C.L., Computer Firm Owner and 10K RUNNER
     My neck and lower back problems have significantly improved. I also feel taller, looser, lighter and more flexible. I'm standing straighter, my movements on the court are more fluid, and I don't have the stiffness and tightness I used to have after hours on the tennis court. And my body tenses up a lot less in play.
Mr S.G., USPTA Certified Member,
      The Bodywork has almost totally corrected a spasming neck and upper back for which I had to go to the chiropractor each week. It's removed a "glitch" in my lower back left over from a car accident years ago that included a slipped disk. And it's removed middle back tightness and pain from a year old injury that had been severely restricting my years old advanced yoga practice to a much more beginning level. Now I can again do advanced level yoga and it also doesn't pull my back out nor cause pain as it did before the bodywork
Ms J.W., Photographer, Long-Time YOGA PRACTITIONER
     I had 2 chiropractic adjustments for an ongoing back pain. They helped but did not relieve the deep tension. Lou's 2-1/2 hour session did relax that tension and soon after I was pain free. The treatment also increased my muscles' range of motion beyond what I could have done for myself with any other technique. And I felt years younger. I could even keep good posture for a long time. Lou's explanations, about why I had the pain and tightness, were helpful and made total sense. 
Ms L.R.
     Just 1-1/2 hours treatment relieved a lower back pain and tightness everywhere in my body. 
Ms S.P., Designer and Businesswoman, KICKBOXER
     I'd had lower back pain near the sacrum when I was confined in the hospital and again later when I returned home. Both times, just an hour of Lou's treatment removed the pain and made me feel a lot better. 
Ms B.M., Casting Director and Acting Teacher
     Iíd had a lot of lower back pain from athletics and a work injury. Iíd even had an operation. And Iíd had lots of tightness all over. Fourteen hours of Bodywork helped more and more so that now I feel very free and loose, and just need a little deeper treatment on my legs.  
Ms K.L., Age 40
     I had really bad back pain, from an old injury as well as from general chronic tightness. I'd wake up each morning feeling as if I'd been run over by a truck. Now when I wake up, I feel hardly any pain at all and usually feel loose. I also sleep better; I don't have the regular insomnia I used to have.  
Mr B. I., Architect, age 40
     I had a number of bodywork treatments along with chiropractic to treat a chronic low, middle and upper back problem, with chronic pain in my left knee and a lack of flexibility. I have had a significant scoliosis and rotation in my lower spine. I had stopped my work for a while, particularly because of the low back pain. I started treatment when the condition became so severe that I was immobilized. I first had a few chiropractic treatments that fixed this severity and I could walk again. The (less severe) condition was then as it had been for years. I then also started the bodywork.
    The first few hours of treatment immediately helped me be able to stand for four hours at a time whereas before my back hurt if I stood for only two hours. It also allowed me to sit for a while in a straight back chair which I had not been able to do.
    After a number of bodywork treatments the chiropractor had to do a lot fewer adjustments and my lower back got a lot better. And I could stretch in ways that were previously painful.
     I continued with more bodywork sessions that further improved
my condition. My lower back pain and knee pain are much better. I now can do a lot of stretching and other exercises, I've been bike riding and I'm a lot more flexible.
     The special stretching exercises Lou taught me really help a lot.
I also noticed that my left knee pain and my lower back pain are related, and if I stretch my legs, they both get better.
       My life is much better. I'm more lively, I have more stamina, my posture is better, and I'm willing to do more things. My family has also noticed. And if my back pain occurs, a chiropractic adjustment takes it away again.
       The treatment has lasted, even 4 months after my last Bodywork session. In fact, I recently had a cold and didn't do my exercises for a month; I thought it would be a problem to start again, that's I'd hurt myself. But when I did I found it fine and that my body had maintained the looseness and agility.
You really made a big difference in my life, Lou, and I incorporated in my daily routine a lot of the things that I learned from you. Thanks again for everything.
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