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A Lou Gross Whole-Person
Structural Bodywork Enhancement Program - Info

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator,
24 years successful experience
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Physical Performance
          Lou makes my body work the way it's supposed to work.  The treatments allow me to do what I do, easier, and more fluently.  After each session my flexibility, range of motion, speed and balance are all better.After the third session, I had the best workout I ever had in my life and jumped 28-2, almost two feet longer than last years best in a workout.
               I also don't have to work at control as much; now it just happens, and I only have to work on the areas that need work.  My overall body positioning is also better, and the way I walk and stand is better.
                Lou's bodywork sessions are very relaxing and afterward, just walking around, they make you feel great.

Mike Powell, WORLD RECORD HOLDER Long Jump

Injury Repair - Tightness Removal from Working Out
                 After I broke my shoulder, I had this Bodywork.  Because of the treatments, I was able to have full range of motion in my shoulder which the doctor had thought would be impossible.  I also returned to work a month earlier than the doctor had predicted.
                 I’d also worked out in a gym after the injury was fixed to build myself up, but I also tightened myself up significantly again.  A few more Bodywork hours corrected that, too

                 Does it help me with stress?  Definitely!  It takes it out of my body.

Ms JS, Registered NURSE,  age 47
Skier, Works out & does Yoga regularly

Severe Back Spasms

              I had some really
severe muscle cramps in my lower back, so much so that I could barely walk. I also had general tightness all over my body. The Bodywork helped release all of that tension. I felt better from the back problem right away, in the first session.

Mr G.H., Economist/Programmer, age 37

Long Term Back Problem
               I've had a lower back problem off and on for
30 years. Lou's treatments that corrected a chronically tight, spasming and painful right leg have also corrected this back problem. It even used to hurt when I coughed. Now it hasn't bothered me for months.


Increasing Endurance
                       I've done 8 marathons and continue to get bodywork as part of my ongoing training program.
                 It's freed up my lungs and increased my breathing capacity.
  My performance has increased, including the fact that I pass people at the end of the marathon, going up hill.  I also feel more confident about my capabilities and that translates into better actual performance.
                 The most incredible result of all has been my very fast and easy recovery.  I have no problem completely recovering from a marathon in 3-4 hours, to where I would enjoy running again if I wanted to.  The next day I feel just normal tightness, no muscle soreness, no change in gait, no limp, and no tender walking.  I feel like I'm totally back to normal in two days.

Dr BP, MARATHON RUNNER, age 29, Dentist

Stress Management
         When I was working and under a considerable amount of stress, I was able to make it through that on an extended basis because I was seeing Lou regularly, once every two to three weeks.  Because his work accesses the deep muscular structures and actu­ally re-lengthens them, the effects of the treatments lasted much longer than the couple of days I'd have gotten from a standard massage. 
                  One of the benefits of the treatment is that it releases mental tension as well as physical tension.  As the physical tightness was removed during the session, the mental stress that I'd accumulated and couldn't "let go of" was also removed, and I felt good mentally again

Mr RM, Retired H.U.D. Manager, age 60

Stress Removal
                   I'm able to drop the worries of the job a lot easier.  Simply because of that, I'm sleeping a lot better and I even need less sleep. 

Mr BI,
Architect, age 40


Focus & Attentiveness
From my improved mental and physical condition, I wind up being able to focus on the actual problem at hand, rather than the interaction problems started by inputs from the other people. Before getting Lou's treatments, I'd get so caught up in the immediate interactions that I couldn't step back.  Now, rather than focusing on their real or imagined ideas about the problem, I can put that aside, step back and focus.  I can remove the other people's biases and abstract the real problem better.

Mr IB,
Senior Scientist, Venus Probe,
Hughes Aircraft, age late 40's.

Loss Removal
                     Just one Bodywork and Bodymind release session enabled me to release some sorrow and frustration from the illness and death of a loved one.

Mr. MB, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Specialized Kinesiologist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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