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See:  "Structural" Stretching & Hands-On How-To Video Info Page

A different kind of performance improvement.
Proven results for 22 years. 
State of the Art Methods, Taken to the Next Level
by Integrating them into a better system than doing only 1 or 2 would be.
Proven to significantly & noticeably increase the
    benefits of verbal, breathing, energetic &
    introspection types of psychological & personal
    or professional growth practices.
Increases Job Performance & Interpersonal
    Relationship Behavior Immediately,

even if the old ways were the same for years. 
Brings out what people have "known" what to do,
    but it now "actually"  comes out much better,
    automatically, & immediately.  "Your Mechanism" gets


The World Record Holder in the Long Jump said he no longer had to work at control as much. What he wanted his performance to be, that he'd already learned, just came out as he intended, better.  It was more effective, because his mechanism was made more effective, and he was already the best in the world.  He also said, I can use my strength & power more easily because of the improvements this treatment gave me, and, after the third
2-hour treatment, I had the best workout I ever had in my life.

The same kinds of benefits also happen in mental, emotional & expressive ways as well as the physical.

If you're paying a lot for professional development skills & business building knowledge, maybe you want to pay a relatively little to be able to absorb and implement that knowledge, do those performance skills, and also do a better job and have a more enjoyable, more fulfilling time, both at work and with your family at home.  Other people have.  Their testimonials say so.

Free personal consultation - Free product gift.  For: 
     Body-structure, health, trauma, personal growth,
     blockage removal, &/or life path

I make who you ARE better,
So everything you DO is better.

Personal Attention.
28 year successful track record.
Immediate, Lasting, Cumulative, Significant Benefits.

Products you can get by mail.
Sessions you can do on the
Sessions we can do
in-person with hands-on.
Single, Bi-weekly, Weekly or more frequent sessions.
Intensive Multi-hour, Multi-day Visits to Warm, Sunny Florida
I'll even travel to you!

This is one of the Best Kept Secrets on the Planet & I want
    everybody to know about it.

    I make "you" better.  What I do, and can teach others to do,
        creates an innately higher performing man, woman or
        child who is sitting or standing within that environment,
        and who will also be able to implement that learning even
        better when they leave the learning environment & take
        it back into their daily lives. I even did it for kids in regular
        schools.  They did better, academically as well as
        physically. Teachers told the parents that.

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Lots more info on the Videos Page

1.  "Structural" Stretching   In use & taught for 22 years. 2-hrs
A unique method that really works !   Has effectively removed back pain, chronic tightness, other pains, tensed up emotions & stress.  Develops your focusing ability at the same time.  Works to teach you stretches you can do a little at a time in athletics, the office, the car, and health club, and also gives you a whole body loosening routine.  And it teaches you how to do ALL stretching to get Greater Results.
2.  How to Do Bodywork on Your Own Head, Face & Body -1-hr
Helps Stress Removal, Mental & Emotional Abilities, Physical Well Being

3.  How to Help a Friend's or Family Member's Back, Neck, Shoulder, Head &
Arm tightness, and also make the whole body looser & more erect &
stress free. Hands-on, 1-hr for backs to heads can be done in a chair, with clothes.  All can be done thru clothes as well.
 2 hrs
4.  How to Help others' or them to you, Deep Legs & Pelvis hands-on designed to help athletes, dancers, seniors, executives in tension, people who walk a lot. 2-hrs


Back Fix BOOK         Body Works Better BOOK       Stress Removal BOOK
Abuse Removal BOOK            Athletes & Performing Artists BOOK
Mr. Green's Natural Health, Raw Foods & Energy Improvement BOOK

Elite & Olympic Athlete
, Coach, Trainer, Runners  (4 parts)
Trauma Release        Personal Growth       Stress Removal
Back Pain Removal        Neck & Other Pain & Tightness Removal

Seniors      Health Practitioners      Meditators     Yoga Teacher & Students
Summary of the different benefits of the Bodywork-Alone

From Master Postural Integrator Lou Gross.
Body-Mind Therapist,  Stress Removal Expert
Raw Food & Natural Health Body Rejuvenation Expert,
& Soul-Path Movement & Blockage Clearing Life Coach
Known also as a tremendous information resource.
I have been called an Encyclopedia of Natural Health and a walking Bodymind Therapy Clinic.  You do your work & I do tremendous support for you.

Lou Gross BSEE
28 Years & 23,000 Hours Experience
Healing and Transforming well over
1000 individuals, many in depth.
321 726 9083   EST   GMT-5

I return all calls & emails, speak with you in-depth, personally, and both demystify your issues and give you a knowledgeable direction to go in, to solve your problems and reach your goals.  I Can Travel to You, Worldwide.  And can do some sessions on the Phone or Instant Messenger Voice, as well as help you with my videos & books.
Just phone or email for your Free Consultation - worldwide

More Bio?  BS Electrical Engineering Syracuse University 1965
US Army Officer 1965-67,
  School Certified 1982, 83
Membership Director & Board Member of a $1 Million per year
spiritual & personal development organization.         See
About Lou

You have now connected with a different kind of performance improvement.  

I make who you ARE better, so everything you DO is better.

You've probably never heard of me before because I'm not in the mental achievement, learning productivity & training you to make money group of people.  Instead...

I am a Human Potential Specialist.  I've been doing it for 22 years, so I'm very good.  (In fact, I've been in the personal Development World, Heavily, for 36 years.  I make the physical and energetic being of who you are, better, regardless of the level of mental or athletic ability you currently have.  And from this being-ness increase, your mental, emotional, psychological and athletic performance all increase, too, noticeably, for the long term, usually starting in the first hour, often significant in a half hour. 
More Bio - About Lou

Even physical tightness people have had for years, that medical doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists have not been able to improve much, can be re-lengthened in a straightforward manner.  People can also sleep better, too.
See Bodywork Performance Improvement Testimonials
Physical Performance, Injury Repair, Back Spasms, Long Term Back Problem, Increasing Endurance, Stress Management, Stress Removal, Focus & Attentiveness, Loss Removal

If you already make decent money, you're good on the "outside."  You've probably heard many times, that how you are on the inside determines what you have on the outside.
I can make you better on the "inside."  And even if it doesn't make your money making skills or internet marketing programs better, I guarantee it'll make "you" better, or you don't have to pay me.  (But, so far, everybody pays me and says "Thanks.")

I can give you a refresh and a boost to do even more of anything you want to do, while making your body feel years & even decades younger.  We can also dissolve old issues you've had all your life, without your having to try to overcome them.  You'll get a lot of personal attention on a number of "levels,"  and information about how bodies and minds work, and can work better.  I'll even tell you how to get benefits from other practitioners in your own area.

And if you want to raise your quantity & quality,
I make your Universal Consciousness Interface, Your Mind's Amplifier and Antenna, better - clearer - more positive - & with stronger energy.
 You can automatically attract more into your life that helps you reach your goals.

Read the 8-paragraph clear explanation of what I can fix, from negative to positive, "in you."  Three major things that people don't know, about how their non-mental & unconscious aspects are physically & energetically going against, and-or limiting. what their conscious intentions & actions are working to do.
You can automatically receive & transmit more information & feelings, & handle them better.

I make who you ARE better, so everything you DO is better.
I really do.  And I love seeing the great results for you.

Go to What's the Gift - And, What You Can Buy for low cost, JUST BELOW
Go to Consultations Explanation BELOW THE TESTIMONIALS JUST BELOW    
Look over the Holistic Professional Enhancement Programs WAY BELOW

Note:  Professional Stretcher on Secluded Porch
 Position effectiveness requires what to do with different parts of the structure
 Get Dynamic Movement, Fascia Spreading Instruction for Whole System
 from Stretching Video


My BODYWORK CREDENTIALS alone are said to be impressive, even by athletes: 
2 Track and Field World Record Holders, a 6-time British Women's Running Champion, a dozen more Olympic Team Members, a College level Track Team with a Dynasty, 2 College Training rooms, 2 Chiropractic offices, and 22 years of success curing chronic back problems, and neck and other pains, routinely helping seniors get looser and pain free, removing years of stress from the bodies of nurses, psychologists, business owners & even a Hollywood Agent, making actors perform better, immediately, and increasing the knowledge of health practitioners as well as the health of their body structures, including their "formerly" painful and tight arms, & tightness from their years of athletics.
See Testimonials Summary - which gives you links to individual testimonial lists on all these subjects.

Lou makes my body work the way it's
supposed to work !
The World Record Holder - Long Jump

Lou, you're a miracle worker !
The World Record Holder - Triple Jump
See Olympic Athlete Testimonials

I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to send any of my athletes to Lou.  He can be an enormous asset to athletes and medical professionals alike.
University Head Athletic Trainer
See Trainer & Coaches Testimonials

          In the past 12 years as a sports consultant, I have traveled well over a million miles.  And it is very hard on the body: the tight shoulders, the sore back, tightness in the gluteals (buttocks muscles) and legs.  For the stiffness and tightness that comes with my job, I've had various treatments and massages all over the world.

         When one of my clients, three time Olympic runner Christina Cahill, recommended I see you for treatment because of the lower back pain I was having, I thought, 'Well, let me give it a try.'  She said you were a miracle worker, having helped her with a hamstring injury.
          Wow!  The single treatment that I had was truly an enlightening experience.  I could not believe the mobility and flexibility that I had after one session with you.  I felt like a new person with the body of a teenager; in fact, I felt two inches taller.  I could bend and move my neck and back with a freedom I hadn't felt in years.  My entire body felt refreshed.
          Because your treatment encompasses the complete body structure, everything becomes loose and relaxed.
          As a person who has worked with athletes for over a dozen years, I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of them.
International Sports Agent

My BODYMIND IMPROVEMENTS are just as impressive.  I remove the remnants of sorrow and its frustration, even if a decade old, in 2-3 hours, I remove the blockages and fears caused by long term abuse and rape, I enable professionals to have more self confidence, automatically, and I help people with their inter personal and family lives, including seeing their parents in a loving manner, and understanding them as people. And I definitely clear out stress, even tightness from decades that goes deep through you.
See Performance Enhancement Bodymind Article  Said to me by a professional athlete - personal mind and body trainer, to be one of the best articles on my whole site.  
Also see
Stress Removal & Psychological Benefits of the Bodywork Itself 
And, Trauma & Grief Removal from the Body. From these you'll see lots of links.

Most of the time I've felt tense.  In just the first session I felt like I relaxed years.  I feel I can let those years go now, and I can move forward.  I feel like I can think smoothly.  And I don't ever recall feeling this good in the past 10 years.
Attorney and College Women's Basketball Coach, age 32
See Stress Removal Testimonials

I feel much better after a treatment.  All the symptoms go away, and more than that, I feel more capable of dealing with the problems, so that they'll produce less stress.
Aerospace Scientist

I don't feel trapped in stressful job situations the way I used to feel. Goals that I used to have, but that seemed impossible because I didn't think myself capable of them, now seem possible.
Architect, Meditator
See Personal Growth testimonials

I don't tense up now in what used to be stressful situations.
Intensive Care Nurse, Family Man

Does it help me with stress?  Definitely!  It takes it out of my body. What more could you ask for?
Intensive Care Nurse, Mother of two Grown Kids, long term Meditator.

I began a series of Bodywork and Body-mind releasing treatments soon after my father died.  I was feeling sad, depressed, and dissatisfied with all my relationships in general.  In the first session I released a lot of pent up frustration as well as grief and felt "100%" better.  Through succeeding sessions I've developed a greater, and growing, sense of well being and self worth.
Entrepreneur-Businessman, Black Belt Martial Artist Teacher & Meditator, age 20
(In the next year, he got married and began his own carpet cleaning business - with the help of a large loan from a Businessman-Friend.  Within 1-2 years, he made, gross, $100,000 in one year.)

See Trauma Release Testimonials

I was very impressed with Louís skill in his Bodywork and with the combination of Bodywork and Netherton, Reichian Method Bodymind release processing.  We released traumatic childhood incidents and I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted out of me.   I felt clearer to be able to be in the moment.
Registered Nurse, with a B.S. College degree in Nursing, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Energy Healing Master, PSYCHIATRIC NURSE and Former Chief Administrator of a 400 bed Psychiatric Nursing Hospital

This treatment made it easier for me to access long buried feelings, and it had a lot to do with expediting my psychological therapy.  The two, Lou's Structural Integration Bodywork and Bodymind release processing, (with the Netherton & Reichian Therapy) and my verbal psycho-therapy, work together very well.  It's a good combination for anyone trying to get in touch with themselves.
Special Education Teacher & Meditator

      I used to have a filter between me and authority figures.  This filter would always say, "Be careful what I do and say, because they're going to hurt me."
      Now that I've had a few Bodywork and Bodymind releasing sessions, I've noticed this wall is clearly, noticeably and remarkably missing.  Before it was removed, I had no idea the filter was even there.  I just automatically listened to the message and thought it was "me."  Now that it's gone, it's obvious it's just not there.

Special Education Teacher's Teacher

I have a lot more of me, available to me.  I was filled with anxiety and confusion within myself.  Now there is an empty space where that had been, and itís available to me for nurturing myself.
Long Time Meditator & spiritual practitioner

Note:  Professional Stretcher on Secluded Porch
 Position effectiveness requires what to do with different parts of the structure
 Get Dynamic Movement, Fascia Spreading Instruction for Whole System
 from Stretching Video

I also do Past Life therapy if you're into that kind of thing.  Actually, I wanted to catch your attention & tell you that I was school trained by a nationally known PhD Psychotherapist expert in regressive release therapy, and two other PhD Clinical Psychotherapists who did Reichian Therapy and Bodywork as well. 

Whether or not past lives exist, we take Reichian Therapy back further, and deeper into the body, and it "does" work
We also work with birth and pre-natal tightness, including specific psycho-somatic event clearing, which in itself, is very helpful. 

See Past Life Therapy - a real Release Therapy, Compared with Past Life Regressions, an Observer-Mind Information Guidance.  Tells you about both.  Also see Postural Integration Plus for a logical explanation of how Systematic, PhD developed, Body Oriented Psychological Therapy and Personal Development works.  (Versus just bodywork for emotional release.)

What is your gift today?  Information in general and a very specific analysis and suggested plan of improvement, that you can do on your own, with me, or with other people.  I tell you what is not the best, or is wrong, why it is so and just what you can do to make things better.  You get concrete information that you can understand and do.  It's not advertisement to get some other information.  Loads of great info spoken and written that solves your problems, or tells you how to solve your problems better than a lot of other approaches do.  Plus a sample of my stretching on your body, over the phone, if you want.  If you just like to read information, try my annotated links to 20 plus articles. 
See articles on Free Articles Page

Typical general questions answered - besides your personal consultation

What else can you get from me?  Basically, a re-furbished body & body-structure, and a clearer and more capable mind, with a lot less emotional baggage, stress and limitations to do what you want to do. My hands-on and Bodymind services, my teaching of it, my in-depth living foods information book, and my unique special stretching system videos that help you rejuvenate your body and make yoga and other stretching better.

What do you get from the book and/or videos?  You can get the 2-hrs of videos and the 130 pg 8-1/2 x 11 single spaced big health E-Book for $89.97.  And that INCLUDES ME, too - you get my additional personal phone and email consultations and health or stretching coaching Free.  Really.  No strings.  You do not have to join a monthly payment program!  You may also buy inexpensive 100-200 big 8-1/2 x 11 page books, besides the free one that's part of your gift.

The health book itself guides you to what to do specifically, and also, where to get even more excellent book info and services from other experts.  I also coach you with the stretching because I can, on the phone, make you even better, with these excellent tapes as a foundation.  I teach you how to use the tapes even more effectively, and specifically tell you how to make your other stretching & yoga do more, easily.

I work with people world-wide.  Besides the U.S., folks in England, Italy, Norway, Japan, Canada & Singapore have gotten my videos and books.
Practitioners use them to help their own clients, athletes & performing artists benefit, and even people with partially missing disks get pain & tightness relief.

What do you get if I travel to you for in-person work?  You get 3-4 hours a day of treatment, usually for up to 2-weeks  You get free coached stretching & free optional Bodymind Release Processing, you get free nutritional coaching & I make juices for you, you get free concentration-focus meditation teaching & practice, you get free energy clearing & self-help energy balancing and calming exercises, you get free mind-into-body guided relaxation processes, and you get a discount on rates.  Your family members get free mini-bodywork tune-ups.  And you even get free phone & e-mail follow up for months afterward.

I teach this stuff, to groups and individuals, professional or not.  I'll even come and train your spouse, your own personal massage therapist and/or your psychotherapist, usually in conjunction with my sessions on you, or by themselves.

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Set it up:  Free Gift:  310-285-8132     louisryoshin@yahoo.com

Note:  Professional Stretcher on Secluded Porch
 Position effectiveness requires what to do with different parts of the structure
 Get Dynamic Movement, Fascia Spreading Instruction for Whole System
 from Stretching Video

Let me Tell You More about your Free Consultation
 & about the Personal Development & Trauma release
 & the Structural Integration Body Improvement
 I specialize in.

Jump Down to
Lou Gross' Whole-Person Structural Bodywork Enhancement Programs are tailored to the specific needs of each person and
emphasize improvements for their particular fields of endeavor.
These simple pages will give you a list of benefits and some links to very informative articles on this site.

I'm an expert,
and at the very least, I'll give you your gift interview telling you what foods & supplements to eat, what kinds of practitioners to see, and what the nature of your problem is, and how to best fix it.  I'll also be able to arrange for a life direction - soul path analysis, and I'll even do a professional & personal growth psychic reading for you if you want.  (Yes, I can do that, too.)  I was a computer equipment development engineer and an engineering project manager for some years, too, so I can ask the right kinds of questions and give good answers as well.

Besides the links on this page, I'll direct you to the articles on this site best for you to read, and which E-Book to download for free.
Jump Down to Typical Questions I'll Answer in our consultation.

This work adds an additional, very empowering improvement, that does something different from, probably, all the other methods you have approached.  And it does some things a LOT better for reaching your goals.  That is, some things I do are the treatment of choice.  Others, enable the best parts of what you get in various trainings, to do more.

If you're like hundreds of other people I've helped over more than two decades, what I can DO for you is terrific.  Basically, I can give your being, to varying degrees, depending on how many things we improve, a makeover, in a big way, from your outside looks and feel down to your soul and bones, literally, and in a psycho-somatic, long lasting way.

Whether you have back pain, tightnesses, heavy stress, illness, severe emotional & physical trauma, even from childhood abuse, or your work performance could improve, with greater endurance, clearer thinking, a naturally more positive & productive attitude, and a clearer vision.  Even with free food tips, on site, I can help you reduce pain and be more "stretchable."

My BODYMIND approach can help you do more of what you want to do.  I'm not going to teach you about sales, goals or any of the other methods that the other people on this conference are offering.

Instead, I can help transform the substance of what you are, so "You" become a higher performing being, by increasing your physical, emotional, psychological, mental & physical qualities.  Performance Enhancement Bodymind Article  Said to me by a professional athlete - personal mind and body trainer, to be one of the best articles on my whole site.  Also, see the very informative Intro to the Bodywork.

In addition to making you feel physically great, there is a MUCH easier way to get rid of the blocks, pains and stress you have besides mental and psychological efforts.  YOU can be physically and energetically changed.  I just "smoosh" off the old stress & accumulated tension, permanently.  And in the process, I improve the function and feel, of each of your pieces, and the organization & integrated relationship of your whole group of pieces.  They, and you, become noticeably, and permanently better.  Stress Removal & Psychological benefits of the Bodywork Itself Also, Trauma & Grief Removal from the Body

In fact, I have a number of constructive criticisms about the mental overpowering of your issues, and the use of neuro-muscular body methods alone to fix structural problems and release emotions.  So I can tell you straight, from 22 years experience, what will work for you well, what won't, and why.  Plus, when to do each one in what sequence. 

Whether you do it with me or with other people, my advice to you verbally, by email and in my books and articles, is a unique, very valuable and complementary gift to you.  I make people's lives better.

        The treatment has lasted, even 4 months after my last Bodywork session. In fact, I recently had a cold and didn't do my exercises for a month; I thought it would be a problem to start again, that I'd hurt myself. But when I did I found it fine and that my body had maintained the looseness and agility.
You really made a big difference in my life, Lou, and I incorporated in my daily routine a lot of the things that I learned from you. Thanks again for everything.

        One big result is that I no longer wanted to have emotionally abusive family members in my life, and in fact, they stopped connecting with me.  In their place, I made new relationships with people who were more than happy to want to help me and make my life better.
        I also got rid of: a family of financially draining borders; criminal teenagers regularly coming to my house; an abusive, controlling family member whoíd kept falling down on his promises; and a financially draining house that I no longer wanted.
        I moved into a much nicer apartment I was very happy with; I spoke up to my boss about his sexist put down comments, (and he agreed with my strong stand); I got two better jobs in other cities that pay more, with people who are more respectful to me and more appreciative of my talents; and I have a new, loving husband.
Computer Help-Line Specialist, age 38, Mother of 2.

My hands-on and bodymind approach, are all school taught, and I am now experienced with them and have integrated them into an individual client based system, for over 20 years.  You can also have your deepest soul-path more directly connected to your outside doing self in the world and the quality of your energies will be more likeable and probably bigger.
Postural Integration Plus

I have helped Olympic Athletes run faster and jump higher, with less effort to control, and a better physical feeling during and after their performance.  Olympic Athlete Testimonials
Also Improving Athletic Performance --  Fixing Accumulated Shortness --
Sports Medicine Benefits - include Olympic Athlete Testimonials

I have helped business people automatically have increased propensities, and power, to focus & not be distracted, & to not be stressed in stressful situations.
  Stress & Performance testimonials

And if you're one of tens of millions of people with back problems, I can significantly help you get rid of them, and make you more flexible and "alive" than you've probably been in years.  Even if you're 70, 80 or 90 years old.  Back Testimonials

And none of it is a mental technique.  You cooperate mentally by doing the process or getting the sessions, even some over the phone, and by maybe reading my books so you have a more detailed understanding.  But the real effects are done through the Body & the Bodymind.

And my Unique Stretching Video Tapes and DVD's help, even people who have been doing advanced yoga. You can do some of what I teach you on the tape to reduce stress right in the middle of your tense day.  Even loosen up your neck and lower back, wearing a suit, in the office. 
Structural Stretching Videos Detailed Info       Stretching Tips Free Article

This adds a new dimension to stretching.  I'd never done this kind of stretching method before.  It is really effective.
Long time Yoga Student & Computer Software Company Owner

Not just another Yoga Video.  This is new.
Co-Director, Yoga Shakti Residential Country Mission, Florida

I've been working with a few clients and I tried some of the hamstring and lower leg stuff we went over.  They seemed to think it was very helpful.
Personal Trainer & Professional Athlete

We did Lou's stretches in the class on Structural Integration and fixing backs he gave.  I was impressed that you could fix the back without even touching it.
Massage Therapy Student, Kaiser College

These are very good stretches you've shown me.  I can now stretch a lot further. 
English National Team TRACK & FIELD OLYMPIAN.

As a spiritual-meditation practitioner & personal growth student, both for 30 years, I know a lot.  But I'm not going to be teaching you some way to make more money, or some way to love yourself better or be in better touch with more of you.  Other people have well worked out systems to do this.  I do something complementary and very empowering.

Instead, we can make "the body come first," let "it" and your energy systems take you where you want to go, by making "them" more highly functional.  Your emotions & thoughts will come out of this. 
People find that their own Physical Beings have the ability to be self loving, automatically.  All we had to do was remove the tightness and Foreign Pollution they picked up and accumulated for many years.

And whatever people have already worked on, gets more powerful, right away, once the blocks that restricted your inner self, are removed.

We remove blocks.  We don't teach you alternative ways to have to deal with them. 

Then, what you positively want to do from your soul, comes out.

        As a bodyworker and release practitioner myself, I've found that the combination of Louís Structural Integration Bodywork and Bodymind release processing is especially beneficial for people who are serious about personal growth and evolving.  And it's also especially beneficial in facilitating emotional release.
       The combination creates a synergy so that it's far greater to put the two together than to do either one or the other.  In fact, Iíve gotten a lot more physical release, a lot deeper, than I could ever have gotten from the Bodywork alone.
        Besides helping me with my personal growth work, I've also benefited from Lou's Bodymind approach as a yoga teacher.
       I highly recommend Lou's program and skills.  I was very impressed with his technical abilities in the Body-mind release processing; how he could tell where the next energies to process were located, what they were probably saying, and how they related to my lifelong issues and current situations.
Specialized Kinesiologist, Licensed Massage Therapist,
Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Yoga Instructor,
Certified Nutritional Consultant, Professional Dancer

We can make you a more capable person, who loves herself or himself more.  You'll embody the wonderful ideas of win win and caring about others.  And you'll be able to feel stronger and more centered, to handle even difficult other people.

While I was a loving, caring person before the treatment, it specifically opened my heart more and helped me let go of the fears and past difficulties that caused me stress in both my social and professional lives.  Now I can better deal with people who are closed and help them much more.  And I feel confident with who I am and what I can do.
Social Worker & Registered NURSE, age 28

You'll be functioning with higher performing cells and a better energy field.
 You can be someone who can get clearer about his or her vision, and happier about it, and especially, someone who is automatically in touch with, and integrated with, many more parts of you, with old negative emotions being literally dissolved out of you.

I have a lot more of me, available to me, since Iíve been doing Louís Bodywork and Bodymind release processing.  I was filled with anxiety and confusion within myself.  Now there is an empty space where that had been, and itís available to me for nurturing myself.
Professional Vegetarian Chef and Healthy Food and Lifestyle Consultant,
Serious Spiritual Meditator and Practitioner for many years.  Age 63.

In your free consultation, I can introduce you to a new world, or, if you're already knowledgeable about some of this I'll give you more information.        
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Set it up:  Free Gift:  310-285-8132     louisryoshin@yahoo.com

Here are some sample questions you may want to ask me, and/or have some of your own.

Like, what amino acids and special foods should you take to make your mind sharper, memory better, stress less and emotional demeanor better.

What coffee does bad, and good, to you and what to eat to more than replenish and balance it out.

What herbs from which easy to get source should you take to strengthen the adrenals, thyroid and even long life sexual energy.

Why the liver is your own personal "live er" and how to make it work better and last for a longer time.

What books to read by experts to restore your health and that of your family.  Remedies that have worked for decades

What kind of Bodywork should you get to fix your back pain, and where should it be applied.  Why massage is not often the best treatment of choice and why chiropractic wants you 3 times a week for months and still doesn't make you all better, nor improve your whole body so you're more flexible and freed up than you've been in years.  How to make chiropractic do more and last longer.

What stretches should you emphasize to lessen back pain - they're not all in your back.  What stretches for shoulders, arms and neck?  What for stress, and breathing deeper? The fuller the breaths the more oxygen and the more brain power.

How should you do stretching with your mind into your body in order to get the best results?

What should you be aware of regarding lower back surgery, even if you have to have it.  What else should you do in conjunction with it.

How to bring in help by going thru the universal life force.  How to see people as beneficent instead of challenges.

How to increase the power of your body as an energy amplifier and transmitting antennae, so your crystallized vision and thoughts of what you want come to you sooner.

How to change what happens to you from the childhood and life long patterns.  And I don't mean affirmations.

How do you get rid of long term stress and the effects of abuse located inside your body?  What kinds of treatments dissolve it out of you in a straightforward, comfortable manner?

How to do special loosening bodywork on your own head, made up of almost 30 bones.  They end up really tight, but shouldn't have to stay that way.  Tight heads increase stressful responses, tighten up the whole spine, and even hold emotions in your gut.

How does reorganizing the soft connective tissue system of your whole body make you a more focused, more aware and less stressed person, and maybe even a better golfer.  For sure, a more relaxed and focused golfer.

What is the best thing to emphasize now in your work and when will you get the rewards for what.

How to make your connection with a loved one more connected and more loving, without all the garbage blocks and armor.  It has to be done physically, and then it works for years and years.           Top      Home

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Lou Gross' Whole-Person
Structural Bodywork
Enhancement Programs
are tailored to the specific needs of each person and
emphasize improvements for the particular fields of endeavor
All Reduce Physical Tightness & both recent & long-term Stress
All Increase Physical, Mental, Emotional and Expressive Abilities
All Teach Knowledge about the body and how to enable it to Perform Better
All offer optional, easy-to-do trauma release processes

Click on a link for any of the programs.  Call me for your free, detailed, personal consultation and expert advice.
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Bodymind Release Processing is available to many
countries of the world.

Healings for Healers, Health Professionals, Care-Givers
Executive, Legal, Sales, Environmental, Government & Leadership Positions
Police, Fire & Military
Performing Artists          Meditators
Physically Disabled or with Body Rigidity, through Injury, Stroke or Disease

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THIS IS FOR YOU.  Take time to read this and see if it is.

     "One of my greatest skills is, I'm a hardware guy.  I come from a strong spiritual & meditative background, and I'm a good communicator & teacher, but I "do" things in the physical, and that includes removing, from your body & energy field, the negative energies that were put into you in past events, including birth & the pre-natal.
     "One thing most people don't know, is that many of the negative belief systems you got were put into you by other people, without your even having conscious awareness of it.  Many were put into you before you were a child with a reasoning mind.  They are much more than conditionings that you can reason or affirm away.  They are physically embedded, INDEPENDENT energy packets, with entire scripts of their own.  They are not in "your" mind.  It is just your "observer mind" that notices them.
     "But because you aren't aware of the detailed episodes stuck in you that contain all these statements and feelings, "you" think they are "your" thoughts and feelings.  With my state-of-the-art psychotherapist & psychiatrist taught methods, we can get these out of you, even on the phone.  (Much more than other methods, & quite non-traumatically.)
     "Another thing people don't know is that the structural shape of your body & the way your parts work together, also determines how you will present yourself to the world, and, how you think.  I make people's bodies perform at a higher, more positive level, in athletics, performing arts, business &, as the World Record Holder in the Long Jump said, even while just walking around the house.
      "And finally, people don't know that tightness, especially in the head, keeps them from being able to handle lots of inputs and energies, and automatically assimilate and organize them.  And everyone gets tightness, including a lot in the head.  This problem is even more so when you have old emotional tension stuck inside you, too.
     "So besides fixing tightness & pains, I make your whole being work better on many different levels.

     "My expertise, what I do, is transform your "state of being," not just your thoughts and ideas - with my hands, my higher mind , my energy system, my vast knowledge & excellent techniques, and drawing on 22 years and 22,000 hours of in-person, doing experience. 
     Following my knowledge and training, and getting your being cleared of negative forms and energies, you can perform at a higher and more enjoyable level, automatically.

"I make your Universal Consciousness Interface, Amplifier and Antenna, better.  You can automatically attract more into your life that helps you reach your goals."

It is a complement to IBI's Super Learning from the point of view that their goal is to create a learning room & system that increases the ability to absorb and use the information.
    Super Learning is a room and presentation method
        that people build, that creates a much better learning
        environment.  The stuff given to you is "presented" to
        you better.

As I said at the beginning, I make you better ad you can get even more out of leaning environments.  So we can improve both sides, with the right techniques.

To change you significantly starts below $100, a lot can be done for $500-$1000 and a huge body-mind transformation can be done in a 1-month to a year or two to four.

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