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MD's, Chiropractors,  Dentists, Nurses, Nurses Aids, Massage Therapists, Hospice Workers, Home Care Givers,  Acupuncturists

  • Removes Stress and even chronic, worsening pains
         Removes accumulated negative energies.

  • Loosens Tightness Enormously

  • Makes Noticeable Physical Performance Improvements

  • Provides New Knowledge about the body you can use to help yourself and your patients

  • Gives You Nourishment, to refill your psychological and spiritual reserves as well as your physical ones.  Includes Chinese & Western Tonic herb suggestions, High-Nutrient Food recommendations and caring touch combined with rebuilding energy practices while the Bodywork is done.

  • Optional Trauma Release & Negative Blockage Release Bodymind processing technique (non-traumatic method)

A Lou Gross Whole-Person
Structural Bodywork Enhancement Program

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator,
20 years successful experience
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I can do treatments and classes at your home, business or physical performance site.

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Specific Help  for Different Types of Professions

          Massage Therapists really need their arms done.  Even after a thorough whole Body Structural Integration or with a lot of yoga and massage, the arms still bunch up a lot.  And this will tighten the whole body through its interconnections.  Tight arms also reduce the energy in the acupuncture meridian flows that go through those muscles.  These reduce the wellness of the large and small intestines, the metabolism, the heart and lungs and the circulation.
          Relengthening the arms, shoulders, back and neck, and even the whole upper body, helps massage therapist greatly.  It becomes easier to do their work  The arms feel lighter, longer and more flexible, and a lot of pains go away.
          And every time the arms are re-lengthened, if the rest of the person has not bunched-up much, then the whole body feels better.
          Chiropractors:  Who would believe chiropractors get back problems.  But they know they do, and leg tension, torso tension and especially arm, shoulder and neck tension.  That's simply because they bunch up their fascial soft connective tissue just like everyone else.
         They push with their arms and upper bodies a lot.  That tightens them the same as if they were pushing weights in the gym. They're also bending down over those low tables.
          I have helped a number of chiropractors. Arms and shoulders can be loosened, backs can be made longer, straighter and less tight, and legs can be loosened so they also provide more power and a better stance.
          Dentists bend over a lot, too, and make twists in their bodies as they have to hold them rigid.  And for long hours, too.  This makes the front of the torso, the sides of the torso, and especially the neck shorter, all now held in those positions by bunched-up fascia.  Relengthening a dentist's whole body, especially the arms, hands and face, can "clear out" the stress from weeks of work, along with a nice straightening and loosening.
          Nurses can get tight, too, especially if they have to lift and move patients.  Nurses' Aids get this a lot. They may wear a back brace, but they'll also be bunching themselves up in a backward bend, with tight necks and shoulders, and especially, tight arms.  Again, it's all bunched up in the fascia.
          Surgeons get tight arms, very tight arms.  And their heads and faces get tight, too.  A tune-up from the face to the arms and down the whole back can help give a feeling of refreshed looseness and a release of emotional tension.
          Home care givers, especially family members, get a lot of stress.  This treatment removes layers of stress so that the psychological and emotional state of being feels cleared out and renewed, the mind can think clearer and the body feels lighter and looser.  A lot of negativity and even hopelessness can be removed, too.

The Four areas where I help Healers

* Removing Tightness & Stress, and often structural Pain.
* Improving Physical capabilities, including athletic abilities.
* Re-supplying your body with "receiving " nourishment.
* Increasing your knowledge about the body from my field.

        One of my specialties is healing healers.  That is, I remove months & years of tightness, stress, and I simultaneously replenish the "emotional nourishment" of being cared for that so many health practitioners and care givers can use.
I'm exceptionally good at correcting body misalignment and releasing chronic contraction and tension, which is the underlying cause of a lot of health practitioners' pain.
          These treatments have made big differences for massage therapists, chiropractors, dentists, nurses, who have to do a lot of lifting, surgeons and other health practitioners.  The mental and emotional benefits that come from this kind of physical treatment, especially in the way I do it, have also helped "replenish" psychotherapists.
          Further, I explain new information, from my field, on how the body works structurally and psycho-somatically, so the practitioners gain insight into how to to their work better.

         My "living & raw foods" nutritional recommendations have made a number of healers healthier, given them more energy and helped them reverse their chronic neuro-muscular retightening.
         My results usually come fairly quickly and are long lasting.  In the course of the treatment process, I educate healers about principles of body usage, self help stretching and spiritual awareness.  All of this makes the person happier and makes their work more effective.  I even provide deep insight into life direction, internal personal growth and successful things to do, including astute marketing recommendations and interpersonal insights about how to be more effective with co-workers.
         Besides working with individuals, I also work with groups. I can come to your clinic, or assembled group, explain what I do and why it works so well, and teach self-help Structural Stretching and high-level nutrition.  If you have me come from a distance, you just put me up and I do intensives of a number of hours for each interested person.

          For more information, including how I can give a group in your office the Structural Stretching and Energized Relaxation classes, and raw food and herbal information talks, please call me at  1-321-726-9083.  I can work at your office as well as your home.

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A Summary
Healings for Healers  - Increases abilities in a number of ways
*  Gives YOU attention & nourishment - Rebuilds nourishment stores
*  Removes Months & Years of built up physical tightness, especially arms, shoulders & backs
*  Removes months and years of accumulated Stress from dealing with patients, staff and paperwork day in and day out
*  Actually Increases Physical Power and Flexibility, and Endurance
*  Increases ability to Focus and concentrate, and to handle more information at a time without feeling overloaded as much.
*  Improves ability to feel compassion and express caring, automatically, while also improving your own attention to your own nourishment

Lou Gross' Whole-Person Structural Bodywork Enhancement Programs
are tailored to the specific needs of each person and
emphasize improvements for the particular fields of endeavor
All Reduce Physical Tightness & both recent & long-term Stress
All Increase Physical, Mental, Emotional and Expressive Abilities
All Teach Knowledge about the body and how to enable it to Perform Better
All offer optional, easy-to-do trauma release processes
Police, Fire & Military
Executive, Legal, Sales, Environmental, Government & Leadership Positions
Performing Artists          Meditators
Physically Disabled or with Body Rigidity, through Injury, Stroke or Disease

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