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Improving the Body Structure & Energy System
   in this  State-of-the-Art Bodywork way
   significantly improves breath meditation
   abilities & results.
Helps in health, psychology & spiritual
   purposes for meditating.         

Breath Concentration Meditation, counting, following, controlling, etc has been used for both physical and mental health benefits for over a thousand years and is practiced by people of many religions.  It is a very effective way to use the body, breath and mind to strengthen oneself and improve attention, focus, awareness and good feelings.   It builds up energy in the body's systems and tissues, including helping the organs, and is used in some health centers.  And by paying attention to the "physical" in the lower abdomen, on the breath flow in and out of the body, it brings the blood flow more from the thought biological center to the digestive and rejuvenation-rest biological center.   So it quiets our minds, not only for relaxation but it makes our minds clearer and sharper. Even some professional, Olympic and college athletes use it.

It's often done in a cross legged or kneeling position (as well as sitting in a chair).  And that causes tight legs, back & shoulder or neck pain and so forth.  In addition, people are generally tight to begin with, making it not only harder to get in these positions, or even sit comfortably in a chair for 20-30 minutes, but it also limits the energy and awareness improvements the technique is designed to give.
  • Increases flexibility and body "length" to be able to get into better meditation positions such as half and full lotus cross legged positions.
  • Makes sitting postures straighter and more upright.
  • Removes or reduces many pains as in the legs and backs.
  • Makes the tissue more malleable, so stretching and self-help massage will make longer re-lengthening, easier.
  • Increases breathing capacity, enabling longer, fuller and easier breaths.  Chests are lifted up.
  • Energy generated from breathing is stronger.  Increases Energy Flows in the acupuncture meridians,  body energy centers and through all the body cells.
  • Increases "centeredness" and awareness. Often increases alertness and uplifts emotional demeanor
  • Improves body's and energy field's abilities to create and handle greater energy.
  • Removes emotional trauma from past events and ongoing illness
  • Increases circulation, even metabolism
  • Removes body toxicity

A Lou Gross Whole-Person
Structural Bodywork Enhancement Program

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator,
22 years successful experience
For more information & free consultations, call 321-726-9083


Low Cost Unique "Bodyworker Designed" Structural Connective Tissue Stretching Video.
Improve the ease of getting into better meditating positions, and maintaining them more pain free during multi-day retreats & intensives.  Increase Energy Flow, Concentration attentiveness & centeredness.  Increases ease of yoga stretching and its results, and helps chiropractic do more and stay in longer as well.
Also enhances the benefits from Massage, Structural & Postural Integration & Myofacial release sessions.

          I've been a meditator for 30 years.
          So I know how it is to get tight legs, have knee pain and back pain, and have trouble sitting in a good position.   I'd had some benefits with yoga, and stretching helped keep me loose up to a degree.
          But I never got to be able to sit in half and full lotus cross legged positions, and without a lot of pain all the time, nor get so much good energy flow, until I had a lot of this Structural Integration Bodywork.  And I made it better, and maintained it better, with my "Structural Stretching" method itself, and applied to my yoga classes.

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To learn about the treatment briefly, you can glance at the introductory green boxes on Intro - Pt 1 and Intro - Pt 2 and continue reading if you like.  There are also references to how this treatment makes chiropractic adjustments and massage work better.

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