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Correct pain,
Improve performance,
Reduce chance of injury, &
Remove stress,
By re-lengthening the soft connective tissue "system," over the whole body.

by Master Postural Integrator Lou Gross
Director of The Institute for Enhanced Performance
28 years successful track record
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        We have many kinds of physical therapies and medical treatments available in our advanced society.  Yet, at least half the population of the U.S., including a lot of affluent people who have gone to get treatments, still have significant back pain and other tightness problems.
          Many I've spoken with have been suffering with structural pains for months and even years.  And they haven't found any way to fix them yet.

          My experience in the past 20 years, however, shows that if we get an effective treatment that addresses the body "appropriately," most people do NOT have to "live with" most back pain and other structural pains, nor with so much chronic tension and accumulated stress. 
         Most folks can also become much more flexible and agile.  And athletes can prevent and heal injuries better.

There are a number of ways to increase looseness and flexibility, and correct the cause of structural pain.  Structural Integration isn't as well known as many other treatments, but it happens to be one of the most effective.  It even makes bodies able to get better results from stretching and yoga.
I, myself, have proven these results in thousands of hours as a practitioner. So I'm speaking from actual experience.  I have gotten a lot of benefits myself, and I have helped hundreds of other people from age 5 to 91, including my family members and friends.
While I'm sure people the world over get the same kind of benefits as my clients have, when I give reports of results, I can only speak for myself.
In my own treatments, Olympic athletes, and  people who worked out regularly, noticeably increased their physical abilities; and together, we removed pains that had been there for weeks, months or years.
Previously torn hamstring muscles of elite runners and jumpers were made to feel a lot better.  With muscles a lot longer again, an elite track team that had won the state championship with the help of my weekly visits, also stayed healthy after I'd left, winning the next fall's cross country state championship.
The treatment provided the same kinds of benefits for children, and for seniors in their 70's and 80's, too.
Business people and health professionals experienced tremendous decreases in long term stress.  They also discovered their own greater abilities to focus, connect with others, handle difficult situations without getting stressed, and balance their lives between work and family.

            To find out what it does, you can start with Intro Part 1 - Benefits & Intro Part 2 - Treatment.  Or just read the testimonials because the people say specifically how the treatments helped them. 
 Summary of Kinds of Benefits - Testimonials   Olympic Athlete Testimonials   Stress Testimonials
  So, even if you've been told by another kind of practitioner that there's nothing that can be done for your tight or painful condition, based on my experience, there's a good possibility that well applied Structural Integration Bodywork can help you.  So I believe it's worth a look.
Many people want to know why it works and on what scientific principles it is based.  I've explained that in many of the articles on site.
This is a scientific system; it was developed by a PhD Physiologist more than 40 years ago, and some MD's, Chiropractors and physical therapists have been practitioners.  To remove tightness and the pains that it causes, this approach is actually more thoroughly based on the function of our human anatomy than many other body therapies.
         That's because it takes into account that the soft connective tissue system of the body often gets pushed into an increasingly "shorter" shape, and then holds the muscles and bones in a "misaligned" form. I have found that this kind of misalignment is, by far, THE most common cause of low back problems.  And it reduces physical performance in school children, active adults, and  seniors as well as top athletes.
         This method also takes into account that it is relatively easy to re-lengthen this tissue and significantly improve most of these misaligned conditions.
          This understanding, and the method that's used for re-lengthening, are why the Structural Integration system gets such good results even when other, more well known treatments haven't helped that much.  They just aren't addressing the soft connective tissue in this way.

Structural Integration is an available treatment with a proven track record for over 40 years.
           It not only corrects the cause of many structural pains, but it has been shown to enable people to function more effectively, and more efficiently, even those who were not in pain to begin with.  In fact, the system was purposely designed to improve our structure and physiology to do just that; enable people to function at a higher level, automatically.

  For a detailed, many-page description of the "body" principles upon which the method is based, go to Free Articles, Method Pt 1 & Pt 2 They're excerpts from the book, Back Fix Bodywork.
          For a briefer description of how a "zig-zagged" body misalignment causes back pain, go to the Back Fix Bodywork menu itself,
What Causes Back Problems.

  For reports of the documented studies that have been done, and for other books and articles, try contacting sites of the Rolf Institute, Hellerwork International or the Postural Integration Headquarter Schools, and the sites of other practitioners.  Books are also available from booksellers.
Perhaps the best way to judge how the treatment works however, is to feel it for oneself.  Many practitioners hold open houses and/or, like myself, give samples by appointment. 


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