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THE 4 & 5 Hands-on Courses
 For Practitioners I recommend all 5 DVDs & all the E-books.
 I usually recommend DVDs 1,2,3,4 for individuals
      w/tightness & pain.
  See just below

Louis A. "Lou" Gross  BSEE
Master Postural Integrator since 1983
   24,000 hrs & 25 years - Body Structure Improvement Experience
   Olympic Athletes, Runners & Coach-Trainer
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   Championship Jr. College Track Team Consultant-Practitioner
   Innovative Stretching Coach since 1984
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To order anything - contact Lou by email or phone
Free Consults include free Stretching & some Hands-on Self-Help How-to

A Key reason My Methods seem to work when what
people have already tried didn't work as well,
   ...is because as a Structural Integration Bodyworker,
I've been trained to know which deep & interconnected
          muscles need to be lengthened,
   ...and then, how to teach people
          both hands-on & stretching movements
          to lengthen those muscles in their "fascia" parts.

Info  Free Consultation for Stretching, Bodywork & Body-Mind Therapy
Info  Detailed Q & A on Structure, backs, tightness, stretches, misalignment
Info Page  Checklist for structural problems
Big Info Page  DVD details   

Which DVDs to get: - a brief summary.  Much more details below on each one.
    Practitioners get all.
    Individuals with tightness & back pain get: a DVDs 1 2 3 4
includes shipping,
two structural E-books (over 300 big pages)
And some nutritional emailed pamphlets - 50-100 pgs. 
And it includes ongoing free coaching from me to help you choose the best stretches and sequence for your condition and activities and how to do them well. 
Ask about special pkgs.
(If you're very low on money, just get DVDs 1 & 2 or 1 & 3,
 & I offer discounts for very low income folks.)

Runners, Dancers, Tight legs get DVD 5  -- $55.
Massage therapists & friends-family can learn & do it for you.
Excellent for seniors.

DVD 1 is the basic stretches you would want to use and DVD 2 adds more from yoga and that I invented.  You get to do more kneeling and lying down as well as standing that really does add to the benefits from DVD 1.

DVD 3 is hands-on for yourself.  I have found that most people can do the hands-on that I show, and that adds a lot of looseness and length, especially when people alternate it with their stretching.  And the hands-on can get at key specific areas more so than just the stretches, as effective as they are.  The hands-on makes the tissue stretch further after it is done, and the stretches break up muscle hardness and get the fascia to soften up to prepare for easier hands-on.

I made DVDs 4 and 5 a year after DVD 3, so I like people to get DVD 4 as it shows a lot more for yourself on how to do details for the arms, legs, pelvis, and even the chest and abs and neck - and head another way than DVD 3 shows.  DVD 3 is specifically for your own hands-on.  (But it can be adapted by others on you incl massage therapists.  DVD 4 was specifically intended for others to work on you but I found that people can use the info they see in DVD 4 to work on themselves better.

And I offer the free ongoing coaching and consultations for all the DVDs as well - both hands-on and stretching.

DVD 5 is deeper on the legs and pelvis and duplicates some of DVD 4, but adds more - but it is a lot for someone else to work on you.  You can get that, too, now or later.

I also prefer people do a free initial consult with me with a long stretching and teaching session on the phone - including some hands-on, so we can both see how it works for you, where you are tight, how the interconnected way of stretching various areas makes a difference for you, and how the hands-on improves looseness easily as well.

What's in Video 3, &
Why to Use it in combination with Video 1.
Why to maybe also get Video 2.
Free initial consult and session by phone before
   you decide to buy. 
It also teaches you how to do the stretches
   in a good order for you,
& how to add some hands-on in the parts that
   don't give way in the stretching so well. 
That way you see the hands-on is easy to learn
   & how much it helps the tightness you had just
   minutes before, even after the stretching had
Bodywork adds to the stretching

And- If you have a Massage therapist or family member who can do Bodywork on you, then definitely, Video 4 can be very helpful,

& if you have really tight legs, or someone in your family does, then Video 5 will help in addition. 

Video 4 helps relengthen tightness all over the body, including the head, & is specifically designed to help backs & decrease stress. 

Video 4 hour 1 is done on a chair, stool or sitting on the side of a bed.  Video 4 hour-2 & Video 5 are done with you lying down on a bed, rug, outdoor area or massage table. 

At the end of Video 5 I show you how to do some leg loosening with a person sitting in a chair.

Video 3 is good to work on yourself specifically with hands-on.
It shows me standing in front of you, with my hands on myself, mostly even through clothes, describing where to push and what you should feel

It is videos 4 and 5 that are more for working on someone else. 
But you can use them, especially video 4, to tell other people when  they work on you where to push, like on the back where you cannot  reach yourself,

And it adds hands-on methods to DVD 3's methods on how the head, arms and other places you can reach, can be done.

Video 5 is specifically for the pelvis and legs, repeating what is on much of the second hour of video 4, but then adding strokes and manipulations to go even deeper on the legs. 

But if you are limited in what you can use, then just start with video 3 for the hands-on.

DVD 3 combines fascial spreading techniques (not massage techniques) with your fingers, and then some with your elbows and back of loose fist, and later some elbow techniques for the arms and legs, but there are hands techniques for the arms and legs also.

There are a couple of twisting the body trunk stretches first and then we do hands-on for the head and face

- very helpful to combine with the stretches and I repeat the head and face releasing as a close up, later
- then work downward though the head, neck, some shoulders, a lot in the chest and lower ribs and side of the rib cage, and then some abdominals, and further to the pelvis, legs and arms and hands.

Then I talk about some other alignment and misalignment problems most people have that creates back, neck, shoulder & even hip problems,

--and then show my own unique method of releasing emotional tension & get to releasing from the legs where many of us stuff emotions of anger & hopelessness, including releasing our feelings with words..

Video 3 also shows how to stretch the torso a few ways to combine a turning or lifting motion of the torso with your hand or fingers fascial spreading movements going on at the same time.  Then you can get the tissue to spread even more as you do it.

Video 3's manipulations can be done at work, in the car, and some for different areas here and there in the day for a few minutes, as well as if you follow along with the video for a half hour or more.  It's rather easy to understand and get the feel of it.  People say it makes common sense, what we are doing. 
The manipulations for the head, neck, shoulders and arms would especially be good to help for sitting and hand-arm holding activities in the day.  Combine this with a few stretches from video 1 and I. myself, get refreshed.

Some of the explanations on video 3, repeat what I was explaining on video 1 or 2, for some areas, and add some information.  So you get to see the logic of it, to do both the stretching and the fascial spreading for the same and for different but interconnected areas, and that makes you looser and longer than if you did either stretching or hands-on by themselves.

Video 1  (see more info below)  has some good stretches for relengthening the arms, neck, and trunk so that the tensions that accumulate from your work in front of the computer can get released, even doing some 2-3 mins at a time at your desk.  If you do construction, or house cleaning, etc, it can help you many times in the day. Athletes have found it gives them an immediate tune-up.  It also has standing stretches that help your alignment and doing these shows you how to use other stretches you may know for lengthening legs and trunk.

Comes with free phone coaching help.  Where to stretch yourself more for particular issues & which stretches to concentrate on.

Video 2 has more standing stretches and some lying down stretches, one key one that I developed that helps the back and overall straightening considerably, and it includes kneeling back lengthening forward and backward stretches from yoga but I instruct how to do them to get more stretches than if you just tried to look at my visual and copy it.  I also have another arm stretch for spreading the arm muscles off one another so they are not tight like a blob all together, then the other arm stretches do more.  There is a demo of how to massage in a wiggling finger and hand movement all over the body in 2 minutes and mention how that helps the stretching.

My dialogue on all disks explains why we are doing something - what we want to accomplish with it - as well as verbally how to do it that combines with what you see visually.  Comes with free phone coaching help on getting the hands-on technique & where to work more for specific people.

If you already do lying down stretches or kneeling forward and back stretches, then it would help to combine them with Videos 1 and 3.  If you don't do those yet and are willing to put in 5-10 minutes at home at a time, and/or 2 minutes at a time at your best with your legs underneath the desk and leaning mildly in the chair, and to help your arms better, with something you can do in the car on the way to and coming home from work, then video 2 is worth getting as it really does add to video 1 in what it does to lengthen and loosen the structure, including, one of the leaning back torso spreading stretches shows how to do the first ones on video 1 work better.   Comes with free phone coaching help.  Where to stretch yourself more for particular issues & which stretches to concentrate on.

Stretching Video 1
Many Stretches for the Back, Chest, Abdominals,
Chest & Sides, including organs; for the Pelvis,
Buttocks & Groin Attachments, all round the Thighs  
& the lower Legs, especially the hamstrings, calves,
adductors & inner lower legs; and also the
Shoulders, Arms & Hands, Face, Jaw, Eyes, Head & Neck. 

It teaches soft connective tissue "fascia" spreading and a method of "interconnected" lengthening, including how lengthening one body part releases other parts.  Lots of education about how to straighten the  upright posture of the body to bring the neck & up, open the shoulders from the rounding down, and especially correct the tight muscles pulling down toward the front, that often causes back pain and          overall muscle tightness & stiffness.

Stretching Video 2
Adds to the first tape, going thru a famous yoga series,
both standing and floor stretches, explaining how & where
they help the body, plus more of Lou's special stretches,|
including some effective lying down ones for the back, with
more for the arms, shoulders, and neck.

There's also a standing up series for the neck.
There's self massage, all over the body, including the
face, and massage you can do to remove fatigue at work. There's an energy balancing technique for the
acupuncture meridian flows that go through many of our
muscles, & how that helps us.  And there's demonstration,
on how to get even longer lengthening, through neck, torso,
arms & legs, by getting assistance from a friend.

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Video 4 -Hands on for others to work on you, for you to work on others, even as a professional body therapist or just a friend or family member or coach-trainer.  And you can even work on yourself in areas you can reach like head,  neck, arms, front of torso, some legs.  It's good to combine with Video 3 & the stretches also add to this.  Some people get videos 1,3 & 4 in a package.  Comes with free phone coaching help on getting the hands-on technique & where to work more for specific people.

Especially to release tightness of the BACK, NECK, SHOULDERS , & head - for tension and STRESS removal, and for relieving back tightness & some pains.  Also releases a good amount of LEG tightness & makes the person feel a little more erect in posture.

It  starts with a Structural Body reading analysis of the model & then she sits on a stool and I do her back, neck, head, face & arms, so it shows you how to work all this on a person sitting in a regular chair. 
It is quite detailed stroke by stroke & I am asking for feedback from the model as I go along.  I show exactly how to do each kind of stroke.  Then she lies on a bodywork table, you can also use a bed or mat on the floor, & I work on the chest and some other places to make this part more thorough.  This does not do a lot of aligning of the whole structure but it does give people a lot of tightness removal, back, neck & shoulder relief & even a lot of stress release.  Even just the chair part does this.  Then we do a body reading and I explain what we accomplished.

Then she lies on the table on each side and I show how to release the pelvis, some of the buttocks, and the sides and some back of the thighs, and part of the lower legs.  Then I work more on the lower legs and the inner and top of the thighs. 
This is more specific work stroke by stroke than in video 3 and it adds another hands-on method. And then I work on the abdominals, a lot more than in video 3, and then some more on the chest, and show how to do specific needed areas.  Then we do another body reading, explain what we have accomplished and ask her for more feedback.

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Video 5 - The deeper legs & pelvis, even to the feet, deeper adductors & calves than on DVD 4, that also releases tightness from the abdomen, waist, & lower back through more thorough lengthening of the legs and pelvis than in Video 4. Hands on for others to work on you, for you to work on others, even as a professional body therapist or just a friend or family member or coach-trainer.  And you can even work on yourself in areas you can reach.  This was designed to both make the back work better and for athletes, dancers, seniors & others with tight legs.  Comes with free phone coaching help on getting the hands-on technique & where to work more for specific people.

I start with working on the model's pelvis and legs the way we did in video 4, but want to include it because this can be a stand alone video on its own.  But if you have done the strokes in video 4, then you can go deeper at this point in the same areas, because lengthening the legs has allowed deeper pelvis muscles and leg muscles to be lengthened.  Then I do more similar to video 4 on the legs, and then I work deeper on all areas, so that we get more than the outside of the outer muscles but deeper into the inner muscles of the thighs and legs, in some ways that are not shown in the standard class teachings.  At the end we do another body reading and we can see, compared the the before, that her structure is straighter up and down.  So we have shown a whole method and we have shown strokes to get deeper than beofre.

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