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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Body Structure & Bodymind Performance Specialist
27 years successful track record
A Resource for Body Professionals of all Kinds
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Do you have chronic back pain and a lot of tightness, especially low back pain?  
Read What's in It
Understanding the Cause of Back Pain & How to Get it Fixed
Other books aren't going to tell you this information.
So I wrote a book that does.
It de-mystifies the problem and gives a reasonable solution.
Know someone with Back Pain, Sciatica, Low Back Pain,
Pinched Nerves or Disk Problems?
Why not buy them this book as a Gift of Health.

Do you have tightness and want to know how the Bodywork will help you?  This covers Back problems somewhat, too. 
Read What's in It
How to Make Your Body Work Better & Do More For You
There are other books on Structural Integration & body structure issues. 
This one fills in loads of specific information those don't explain to you.
If you're getting or thinking of getting this Bodywork or
 doing Stretching.  Or you want to find out how to perform
 better in professional work, daily life or athletics, you
 can do better from reading this book.

Do you have tightness, back pains & want to stretch and see how different muscles affect others?  Are you athletic or a performing artist?  Want info on the Bodywork Steps.
Read What's in It
How to Make Your Athletic & Performing Arts Best, Better
& a Sports Medicine Orientation of this Bodywork. 
Includes many chapters of the How to Make book and adds more, in depth

Written for Athletes, Performing Artists, Body Therapists
Stretching & Yoga Teachers & Trainers.

Do you have a lot of stress, or had a lot of stress?  Are you tight from the stress?  AND, would you like to know how the Bodywork & BodyMind Therapies can help you specifically?
This book describes just what is in each of my four 2-hr sessions, in a series, for stress removal; where I work, what it does for you, what other practices we do in the sessions, and body-oriented stress information, plus, Bodymind therapy articles. 
  Read What's in It
A Body Approach to Physical, Emotional & Mental Stress Remvl
How the Bodywork, Special Relaxation, Structural Stretching & Bodymind Release Processing Removes Years of Stress in Minutes & Hours,
& Simultaneously Creates a More Stress Resistant Person. 
Even Removes Grief, Old Trauma & Body Tightness & distortion created in
Childhood, Birth and the Pre-natal.

Tells you what's in the sessions, combining parts of steps 1-7, in the Bodywork Recipe, Especially doing Head, Neck & Back right away for Great Stress Removal.
Includes many testimonials, in the Overview on this Site.
Also explains how to expand a Stress Removal Program into a simultaneous Personal Development through the Body & Bodymind Program.

A Great Idea for Bodyworkers & Massage Therapists.
Tells You Which Areas to Work & What Other Methods to Include. 
Structural Stretching & Hands-on How to Videos  Available.
Combine this with Mr. Green's Program or Foods for Structure for even greater Results

Were you abused and still have blockages, fears, anger and tightness from it, even if it happened years ago? Or do you know someone who was and is still affected.  This book is based on 22 years of experience.  Abusive episodes create a layering in the body that not only stores the victim's fear and the victimizer's anger, but also causes lifelong tightness & a wall around the creative person deep inside.  This book describes these conditions, how to clear them out and restore a wholeness and wellness to the person, and what happens at some junctures along the way of the clearing.
Great for Psychological Therapists & Bodyworkers
Read What's in It
How to Fix the Affects of Abuse -  in the Body

Want to start or improve a natural health and raw-living food lifestyle?  Want to know about how the methods work and what books by experts to read?  Want info on a whole host of Nutrition, Cleansing & Body Therapy?  Want some references to get good products with successful track records? Want to know what to do to make your brain work better?  This is a what to do, how to do it, and why to do it program that also is a good Guide book to other key books by experts and their Natural health Methods that have helped themselves and tens of thousands of others.
Read What's in It
Mr. Green's Vitality Program
Want to get healthier - start here, inexpensively
HOW to Incorporate Health Into Your Life,
WHAT other how-to books to read by Experts
And WHY to do each part.   Not about pills or capsules much.  More about Foods, etc.
I wrote a book that tells you 4 things. 
1.)  How to integrate a detailed raw and living food high nutrition program, and herbs, fasting etc, conveniently into your lifestyle.  I even tell you how to easily incorporate just a few things that make a big difference. 
2.)  Why to eat certain kinds of foods & why not to eat others, with some not very common knowledge. 
3.)  What books to read by what pioneering authors and what they teach you.  And what some current experts say. 
4.)  Whom to contact for nutrients.
Not yet on E-Book but I currently E-Mail it easily

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