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A 4-Hour Highly Informative                
…and, Hands-on Workshop             

Let School Certified Master Postural Integrator Lou Gross
Give you the benefit of his 20 years professional experience
and his warm, informative and clear teaching style.

1-321-726-9083         louisryoshin@yahoo.com

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Your will learn this information: 

  • How muscles really work and how soft connective tissue (called fascia) plays its part in our whole body structure – including information not usually spelled out in regular anatomy classes and education for doctors, chiropractors, nurses and even massage and physical therapists.
  • How fascia soft connective tissue in our muscles actually “bunches up,” or gets short, even in our daily activities and workouts, and how that affects us locally, interconnectedly from one place to another in the body, and even how it throws off our whole muscle and joint system.  This whole body misalignment of our bones and muscles, as well as our joints, includes making the spine have excess curves in it.
  • The difference between the daily muscle tightening we get (and then can relax) versus the increasing longer term bunching up shortness, in the body’s soft connective tissue system.  It is this accumulating shortness that causes most people’s increasing aches and pains.
  • How this shortness in the body causes key front to back zig zags and side to side zig zags, and how these cause a lot of our stiffness and pain, and can lead to injury. You’ll even learn how to see some of these in yourself and in other people.
  • How back pains are created from accumulated shortness and these zig zag misalignments, including how the muscles pull the specific vertebrae out of position and create bulging disks, pinched nerves and sciatica.
  • An informative overview of the 10-step Structural Integration Bodywork process and how it aligns and integrates our musculo skeletal system so we “work better” and feel better in our body structures.  This system is “designed” to significantly and even totally correct those zig zags, the interconnected pulls and tightness, and how to significantly improve upon the underlying cause of most people’s back pain.


You will learn these How-To’s: 

  • A hands-on technique for spreading the fascia soft connective tissue of the muscles, which enables you to make a lot of tightness noticeably looser. You’ll even be able to do this through light clothing as well as on people’s bare skin.
  • Places to apply this powerful hands-on method for yourself, family, friends and even clients and patients, in a safe, comfortable wayThis loosening has been shown to reduce stress, takes away some pains and tightness and it can even help chiropractors do a more effective job in their adjustments.  It can also help massage therapists, and non-professional massagers add to their effectiveness.  We’ll do some backs, necks, arms, shoulders and faces.


 You will also learn How To Do: 

  • A few simple, yet unique stretches that actually spread, or lengthen, the fascia soft connective tissue and can help people alleviate some, or even a lot of, their stiffness.  The stretches will teach you a very effective method that can easily be applied to other kinds of stretching and positions you may do, including yoga. It has been repeatedly shown to make all stretching work better. What you’ll learn are also helpful for enabling chiropractic adjustments to do more .
  • A simple, guided mind-into body relaxation process that can turn off most people’s unconscious muscle tensing that we do throughout the day even in the midst of our daily activities.  Doing this relaxation process relaxes muscles, organs, and our metabolism as well as reduces stress and enables massage therapists, chiropractors, even doctors and dentists to relax their patients better.  And it definitely helps many people get to sleep.

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