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(I take no responsibility for the accuracy or abilities
of any practitioners or methods on these sites.  They are listed for information only.  I, personally, have found the information

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Body Structure & Bodymind Performance Specialist
27 years successful track record
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** Look at schools with red sentences about Practitioner Lists
*** See Gray's Anatomy link for illustrations of your muscles

Postural Integration **    Movement Education
Neat Anatomy Stuff ***     Netherton, and Reichian Methods of Therapy
Other Structural Bodywork Sites **     Natural Health & Raw-Living Foods
Astrological Analysis             Zen & Other Buddhist Meditation
Additional Healing & Body Improvement Sites, including Bodybuilding & Supplements
       & Healing Devices, Back-surgery consultation service, Energy Healing, etc.       
Directories with Reference to my Website

** Look at schools with red sentences about practitioner lists

I am a Graduate Postural Integrator from Jack Painter's School.  But
I take no responsibility for the information or abilities of any schools or practitioners.

http://www.bodymindintegration.net  This is Jack Painter's Home site for Bodymind Integration, which includes Postural IntegrationHe has a list of practitioners, including many in Europe.  Click on the Postural Integration banner and read Jack's article on Transformation of the Whole Self. 
     Since I'm a master Level Postural Integrator, my work in Bodymind Transformation has elements of Jack's approach in it.
Postural Integrators are trained in the Structural Integration method.  And they are also trained in Reichian, Bioenergetic and Gestalt methods of Bodymind Therapy, and even in some acupressure energy flow practices.
      To see how I add to the Bodymind Releasing abilities of P.I. by using the Netherton Therapy Methods and some other practices, see my P.I. Plus article and the many other Bodymind articles on site. You can also see Jack Painter's article on Massimo's site at http://www.integrazioneposturale.it/jack.htm

Search for Postural Integration and in your area such as Postural Integration New York.

www.integrazioneposturale.it   This is  the website of Massimo Soldati, a Postural Integration trainer in Milano, Italy.  email:  maxsol@tin.it  While most of his website text is in Italian, Massimo speaks English and on his site, he has a number of links to other sites regarding a variety of subjects, many in English.  For info about Postural Integration on my own site, see my Bodymind section on the Home Page and/or Free Articles page, and look at Postural Integration Plus.

http://www.bodymindintegration.com for the first page, and in English http://www.bodymindintegration.com/english.html  Jack Painter has taught a LOT in Europe since the 1980's.  This is a Postural Integration center in Belgium. It is 
'ES' - Institute for Bodymind Integration and Holistic Bodywork and a Training Center for Postural and Energetic Integration. The main person here is Dirk Marivoet, Ph.D.  Postural Integration is practiced by a number of psychological therapists, both in the US and in Europe.  I was trained in California, in the basic course, by two Clinical Psychotherapists who were also Postural Integration Bodyworkers. 
      Remember that Postural Integration is also very Reichian Therapy oriented, (as am I, but I also use a lot of Netherton Therapy in which I have also trained), and P.I. uses Structural Integration in combination with the Reichian orientation to create better and fuller transformation.  Again,
Postural Integration Plus.
      At bodymindintegration.com, there are some very good links to related sites including the Postural Integrators' Trainers group, http://www.posturalintegration.info/, Reichian Therapy information, and a lot more, including The Visible Embryo, that describes, in detail, the many stages of development we undergo in the womb.
 Since Postural Integration also includes Chinese Medicine Understanding there is a link to visual drawings of the acupuncture meridians with their individual points indicated  http://www.acumedico.com/meridians.htmThis site by an American trained Israeli Chinese Medicine Doctor includes info on his very educational book.  http://www.acumedico.com/ .
 Postural Integration is also interested in Reich's orientation toward the autonomic nervous system.  This website has a very good link to a LOT of neurological information - Neurobiology - by a Professor at George Washington University.  http://sky.bsd.uchicago.edu/lcy_ref/synap/Neuronode.html .
  I've also taken some movement education and anatomy website addresses from this site, too.   They are listed just below. This P.I. Website says it trains people, so it has, online, these resources for their Bodymind Therapy students' education.


I take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of these sites' information for any particular person nor the abilities of any practitioners

http://www.aaple.com/  Dr. Morris Netherton PhD's former website, Netherton Therapy.
  Morris developed his methods as head of programs for the LA County Juvenile hall.  He then became a state licensed psychotherapist.  His is a classical regression THERAPY and adding its techniques improve the method of Reichian therapy.  Sometimes, scenarios that are not seeming of this life, Christian clients of Morris called Creative Unconscious.  Morris is now retired and I do not recommend the practitioners there, now.  The books are worthwhile to get if you are a regression release therapy practitioner like Reichian or Bioenergetic therapist. 

On the site it says the Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experience but there's no more association to speak of and the term past life does not particularly mean reincarnation, it means in Morris' own words, "anything that happened before this session of therapy."  A lot is done at birth and prenatal traumas and tensions.  This is the Center at which I took the Netherton Therapy classes in the 1980's, and where I received most of my 200+ hours of Netherton Therapy Release as well.  Then, they had a big group of good practitioners and helpful classes.  The current office is at, Netherton Center for Hypno-Therapy,
3367-1/2 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039, (323) 913-1500  but again, it is not the way it used to be at all.  And the person doing it is also a hypnotherapist.  And not trained in Reichian Therapy nor Structural Integration & Chakra Energies-Chinese Medicine Organ Systems, both also for emotional understanding & clearing.  Search for Netherton Therapy.

This is the site of PORE, Public Orgonomic Research Exchange.  It's a Reichian orientation site.  Wilhelm Reich MD, the psychiatrist, was also very much into the Orgone Energy flowing though all of us, something like the Chi in Chinese Medicine (Ki in Japanese).  (Orgone refers to energy of the organism, ie human organization - cellular energy, energy systems like acupuncture, etc. There are some interesting articles, a very interesting list of Therapists using Orgone Energy practices, a Public Forum, links to a few more Reich websites, a biography and photos of Dr Reich, and a lot more.  Search for Reichian Therapy.

There are a LOT of good Personal Growth, Transformation, and Emotional & Trauma Release practitioners in North America, Europe and other areas of the world.  I recommend people search the web, look in their own alternative health newspapers and magazines, and check around.  My own books, tapes, consultations and even the free articles on this site can help you understand what this practice is about.


I take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of these sites' information for any particular person nor the abilities of any practitioners.

http://www.feldenkrais.com/  Moshe Feldenkreis was an Israeli Physicist who developed a movement education system that is taught in many countries around the world.  It explains how our movement abilities, how we use ourselves, is in a certain part of the brain.  And we can do special movement exercises to increase our movement abilities, even our stretchability.  At the same time, this puts more of these abilities into the brain "wiring."  So we increase the image on that part of the brain. In Feldenkreis words, we thus increase our "Self Image."  And, in his book, Awareness Through Movement, he says that improves people's psychological as well as physical well being.
     Since Postural Integration is also interested in using key movement education systems, this would be an interesting site to visit.

http://www.ati-net.com/  The Alexander Technique, another movement education system was developed by an Australian Shakespearian actor named F.M. Alexander.  This is their main site.  Jack Painter used to show us how to put the body in a "better" Alexander position while we were doing the bodywork strokes.
      Before I had almost any Structural Integration Bodywork processing, I had an impossible time understanding what my Alexander movement teacher was trying to have me do.  I stopped it for a while, and after I had received a number of Hellerwork and P.I. sessions, I went back to her and "got" the experiential state she wanted me to get into, right away.  My body could do it, and my awareness could get in touch - integrating body and mind, just as the websites on P.I. say.

http://www.aston-patterning.com/1-775-831-8228/Aston  Patterning.html is the homepage of Aston Patterning.  It's my understanding that Judith Aston helped Ida P. Rolf develop Rolfing Movement education and later went off on her own.  This method developed, in part, out of the experience of the body that Rolfing gave them.  Even from the limited training I've had in Rolfing Movement by a certified practitioner, I found this kind of movement education has enabled me to use my body in a way that works more effectively and can create less tightness when I move and do my activities.

Including two Natural Healing Information Sites

http://www.bartleby.com/107/  Gray's Anatomy, that icon of anatomy books, is online.  Here's the link.  It's a bookstore with a lot of other links for books.
Look in here for Anatomy Illustrations & Descriptions.
  Use for self-help hands-on & stretching understanding.

This bookstore website also has many other famous old texts on line; see the selection tabs at the top of the page.

Use this link for a muscle by muscle anatomy - origin, insertion, actions, &
even which nerve activates it & from which vertebra 
the nerve comes out of  - with illustration of the muscle in its area of the body - excellent - clear info


Shows nerves & organs from nerve bundles along spine.   Chiromatrix

http://www.meddean.luc.edu/lumen/MedEd/GrossAnatomy/x_sec/ The Visible Human Project - Cross sections of actual anatomy photos of different body areas.  Educational for Anatomy students, bodyworkers, etc.

http://www.martindalecenter.com/MedicalAnatomy.html  Martindale's On-Line Virtual Medical, Anatomy & Histology Centers -
an incredible list of links on many subjects and organizations, with resources on site.  A fascinating site for information.  Describes the stages we go thru in the womb.

http://www.acumedico.com/meridians.htm - Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Info
has good pictures of acupuncture energy meridians and the points on outline illustrations of the body - a lot of details.  Works well in conjunction with the following other site's information.

http://www.qi-journal.com/tcmarticles/acumodel/listpoints.asp - A terrific website.  This link lists the acupuncture points on each meridian, without the graphic illustration, but describes exactly where they are located anatomically so you can feel them and press for acupressure.  Also lists conditions each point is effective, or used, for.  This site also has information about traditional Chinese health and fitness,:  Tai Chi, QiGong, meditation, Feng Shui, Astrology, Culture, books, videos, audios, herbs, statues you can order, practitioners you can contact, and a lot more, including a Chinese-English cross reference dictionary right on line.  LOTS of free articles.  May also have meridian path illustrations as well.  Works well with the other site listed here that shows the meridian lines and points in some detail.

http://users.mrbean.net.au/~wlast/meridians.html  This page of a large natural health site includes Acupuncture Meridian-Disease relationships,
with time for each organ and illustrations of the paths, and instructions on how to do magnetic therapy on the meridians.  At the bottom of the page are links to natural cures for diseases, spirituality, body therapies, food, emotions and other energies. One link is http://users.mrbean.net.au/~wlast/diseases.htmlFrom the home page, http://users.mrbean.net.au/~wlast/index.html, you can purchase the website as a book of 494 large size pages, The Natural Way to Heal, 65 Ways to Create Superior Health, by Walter Last, for about $40-$45 USD.  He is from Australia but the book is also available from the US Publisher in Virginia, at discount through this site.  There are many solutions - ranging from nutrition, bodywork & even color therapy - offered with details, yet each is not the overall most effective method in various cases.  But for free, on line, it is a good resource with LOTS of information.

http://www.herbalists.on.ca/journaleastwestpart3.pdf  This PDF file includes information about Chinese Five Element Theory and especially Chinese and Western Herbs that rejuvenate the heart, and for the lungs, liver & other organs - details I have not found any place else.  I found it very helpful.

http://www.dragonherbs.com/  link to Master Chinese Herbalist Ron Teagarden's Dragon Herbs website with good amounts of information on each herb.  which includes a nice photo of the inside of their store.  The Yahweh site has a link to Y.S. organic Bee products.

http://www.drclark.net/  Hulda Clark PhD Information Site - she is an excellent resource, especially about parasites and related illnesses, zappers.  Dr. Clark is the one who discovered a link between parasites and Cancer, HIV and many other diseases.  Her books are very well known and the website has helpful information.  Her herbal remedies and build-your-own electrical pathogen "zapper" really do work to some degree.

** Look at schools with red sentences about practitioner lists

I take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of these sites' information for any particular person nor the abilities of any practitioners

NOTE Rolfing (r) and Hellerwork (r) are proprietary names.  Only graduates of their schools are allowed to use those names to identify what kind of work they do.  I especially do not claim to do either of these practices.  Rather, I am a School Certified Master Level Postural Integrator. I do Postural Integration, something I call Body-Mind therapy, and a form of Structural Integration that combines what I learned in my P.I. training with my ongoing experience in this field and with other trainings I have received.  I do NOT do Rolfing nor Hellerwork.  However, I have had treatments from certified practitioners from both these schools and I got benefit from them, so I list some links in these fields here as part of my independent Personal Growth resource list, because they have interesting information

ALSO:  Please note that, even though I give a little back and neck massage to my friends for fun, what I do as Postural Integration, Body-Mind therapy or my form of Structural Integration, is NOT massage.  I am not a masseuse, nor a masseur, nor a massage therapist.  These trained practitioners do something different from what I do.

To find more Practitioner's Websites, Search for Structural Integration, Rolfing (r), Hellerwork (r)  and in your area such as Structural Integration New York, Hellerwork Metropolis, Rolfing Smallville, etc..

http://www.structuralintegration.com/  This is the site of a Bodyworker in North Carolina which is listed here because I think it gives a nice explanation of what her Rolf Method of Structural Integration is about, with photos.

http://www.hellerwork.com  is the site of Hellerwork InternationalThey have a list of practitioners on line. 
     I list their site because I like the information in their Client Handbook on line, which even has illustrations, about what's in each step of the Hellerwork treatment series.  I received 11 sessions of Hellerwork years ago, and also took a weekend workshop with Joseph Heller himself.  I personally find it helpful to read what they say about what I experienced.    http://www.hellerwork.com/handbook.html  

http://www.somatics.de  The Somatics website of Robert Schleip, M.A. of Munich, Germany, faculty member of he Rolf Institute and the European Rolfing association.  I list this site because he has a list of a number of interesting articles some linked in English and some in German.  You can click on the link to the association, under his Tips in English page, and get a list of Certified Rolfers in European countries.

http://www.idaprolf.org is a website set up by an independent person, dedicated to accumulating information about Ida P. Rolf and Rolfing. I list this site because there are some links to other sites for explanation of Rolfing principles, and there are some nice photos of Dr. Rolf and a history about her.  It has a list of some books in the field.   http://siresources.homestead.com/Schools.html is a page on this site that lists a few additional schools that teach Structural Integration.  Some may have lists of their graduates.

www.rolfguild.org is the Site for the Guild for Structural Integration.  The practitioner list I received from them some years ago listed Certified Rolfers and Hellerworkers and a few other folks, and I am now led to believe this Guild has its own school.  I list their site because I've noticed some interesting articles there.  They have a list of practitioners on line.
Here's some information about the developer of Structural Integration Bodywork,
Ida Rolf PhD,  http://www.rolfguild.org/idarolf.html   And some information about top athletes who have had Structural Integration Bodywork
http://www.rolfguild.org/otherssay.html .

http://www.rolf.org is the Site of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. They offer trainings and have a practitioner list on line.  A bookstore of some books in the field is on-line.  I received three sessions of Rolfing years ago.  This site is listed because it has some short articles.  One about testing how your structure moves if you have back pain is at http://www.rolf.org/about/backpain.html

http://www.lomiwork.com/lomi.htm  This is a soft connective tissue manipulation form of Bodywork and Bodymind Therapy.  In their words:  "
Briefly, Lomi bodywork uses a somatic approach to massage and bodywork. Somatic comes from the Greek word "Soma" meaning the living body in its wholeness: the body, the mind and the spirit. What you do with and to your body, think with your mind and believe with your heart has an impact on your well being or wellness. Your state of wellness shows up in your body or in other words, your biography becomes your biology"
http://www.lomi.iohome.net/cgi-bin/Library.pl?public is a directory of Lomi Associates.

http://www.myofascialrelease.com/  John Barnes PT
teaches manipulation of the fascia in workshops and classes. A number of massage therapists have taken his training.  It is not a form of Structural Integration but it does lengthen fascia. It might help if you do not have access to a structural Integrator.  I would guess he has "trained" practitioner lists.

  HealthyGreat.com  Health Directory and Health Insurance Resource.  See the following long link for their list of Structural Integrators that they trade links with, people with websites that might be in your area, and who often have info about Structural Integration on their website.  This is, of course, not all, by far, the Structural Integrators with web sites.  But it will add to what you would see readily on a google search. http://www.healthygreat.com/alternative-medicine/bodywork/structural-integration/practitioners/2.html.

www.lifeandwellnessnetwork.com    Massage Therapist - Pressure point pain releaser - Loosen-er in Los Angeles- Long Beach area, Calif.  Art San, LMT and Reflexologist -
helped my left side a lot - not fascial lengthening like Structural Integration, but deep pressure on muscles throughout the large area - made lasting loosening.  thepaineraser@yahoo.com   310-800-4617 cell,  562-292-1746 home.


American Botanical Pharmacy    1-800-herb-doc
The phone access is from Mon to Sat
Dr. Richard Schulze's Herbal & Info store in the L.A. area.  Mail Order, too.
Very good quality and high potency herbal tinctures and great info.
I often tell people about this as a resource.
I like his Free Catalog-Info Book, (which is on the website), and Free Get Well and Answers Your Questions DVDs and his (for money) Create Your own Healing Miracle video.  His catalog tells you what his program is about & what you should get to start.   His info is not the end all be-all but it includes a thorough natural health program.  I refer people to this because he's had good results and he covers a very wholistic range of healing.  Personally, however, I also suggest people look into eating a lot more rose hips, dark green leafy organic produce, and seaweed than he uses in his Superfood product.  I, myself eat a lot of both kelp and wakame sea vegetables as well as extra dulse.
See My Foods for Structure and Mr. Green's Program on site.

http://www.wigmore.org/  Website of The Ann Wigmore Foundation, living foods health center in New Mexico, out in the country, about an hour west of Albuquerque.  They hold retreat educational health programs.

http://www.annwigmore.org/  Website of The Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico.  Health Programs.

http://creativehealthinstitute.us  Creative Health Institute in south central Michigan.  Living Food Health Center.  Health Programs.

http://www.livingfoods.co.uk/  The United Kingdom center for Living Foods.  Health Programs.

http://www.living-foods.com/articles/living.html  Living and Raw Foods resource site.  Lots of educational information.

http://www.assemblyofyahweh.com/living.htm  Non-denominational country home Ann Wigmore style living foods educational center, with lots of wild greens growing nearby during late spring to early fall.  I, myself wrote all the articles on this living foods site.

http://www.rawguy.com/  Creativity abounds !  This is the site for Raw Food "Meals on Wheels" in Atlanta Georgia.  See his links page.


http://www.haizen.com    Astrology from Sedona with Haizen Paige
Explanations of how to easily use this resource and information about other regular astrological events we can use more effectively, are on site.  Haizen is a school trained spiritual counselor & energy practitioner as well as an astrologer. He's had my Bodywork and Bodymind processing.
     Nowadays, besides having years of experience in Western Astrological Analysis, he focuses on Vedic Astrology with the Systems Approach of Dr. Choudri.  Haizen provides dates of time frames, lots of good, compassionate analysis, and even remedies that are used in Vedic Astrology.  He'll even do an astro-cartography reading including an understanding of what your good, bad, strong and weak planets are.  

http://www.mountainastrologer.com   The site of a popular astrological magazine.  From their links page,
and through the magazine's advertising and practitioner sections, you can get to various other astrology sites which, in turn, have lists of links to more astrology sites, and so forth.

http://www.astro.com   The Astrodienst site.  Includes creating your own astrology charts with LOTS of free analysis reposts,
including astro-cartography.  A very big resource that even non-astrology people can use with relative ease to get very helpful info.  I use it very often.

http://www.holisticshop.co.uk/r_pastlives.html  Past Life Therapy, a site in the U.K. (England).   Netherton Therapy makes use of "past lives."  This is a link on a holistic website, to a page with a few other links on his subject.

TRANSITS - real time    Today's Transits    from Classic Legend Books  



http://www.zencenterutah.org/others.htm   Zen Center Utah, Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi's Center.  He is Maezumi Roshi's second successor, and is currently the president of the White Plum Asangha, the group of certified successors in Maezumi Roshi's lineage

http://www.mro.org/zmm/white-plum.shtml  Zen Mountain Monastery, John Daido Loori Roshi's Center in upstate New York.  They have a Publications organization (and even a prison outreach program).  You can get tapes and books from Daido Roshi's teachings.  You can get to almost all of Maezumi Roshi's successors' sites through these two links.

See on my own site,

Free - How-to Concentration Meditation Booklet  ---
Includes Stretching Advice

And Chapters from My Upcoming Book,

Buddhism, Bodywork & Body-Mind Therapy,
Great Methods to Make You More Accomplished
Ch 13 - Aim of Practice, 3 Poisons
Ch 15 - Atonement & Renewing the Vows

is a pictorial and narrative on Zen Meditation positioning, with a menu to the rest of the site.  Not a complete instruction, but maybe a help added to mine on site.  Other groups and books also have how-to instruction.

http://www.daibosatsu.org  Website of Eido Tai Shimano Roshi's centers in Upstate New York and NYC.  He is a successor to the famous Japanese Rinzai School Master Soen Nakagawa Roshi, one of the first Roshi's to visit America regularly.  There are books about this fortuitous connection in the early, mid and later 20th Century.  I was fortunate enough to study with both these Roshis when Soen Roshi was coming to the US in the 1970's.

http://www.kwanumzen.com  Website of the Kwan Um school of Zen from Korea, from the lineage of Master Seung Sahn, known a lot as Seung Sa Nim.  They are the largest Korean Zen group in North America with many centers and a number of teachers.

http://www.ciolek.com/WWWVLPages/ZenPages/HaradaYasutani.html  This is a subsection of another website.  It describes the Harada Roshi -Yasutani Roshi School of Zen Buddhism which is one of the three lineages that Maezumi Roshi was certified a Roshi in.  This document is a part of the Zen Buddhism section of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library edited by Dr T.Matthew Ciolek .  The purpose of this document is to provide comprehensive, factual and up-to-date information about the Sanbo Kyodan (Harada-Yasutani) school of Zen Buddhism.  Dr Ciolek's full site includes an extensive list of resources includes links to Zen newsletters, classes, practice centers, sacred texts, bookstores and event calendars

http://www.zenki.com  Website entitled Zen in Daily life, Zen teacher Dogen & the Soto Approach to Zen.  Master Eihei Dogen, recognized religious genius and great Bodhisattva was the founder of the Soto school of Zen in Japan in he 13th century.  Maezumi Roshi was a soto priest and a Roshi in the Traditional Soto school as well as Rinzai and Sanbo Kyodan.

http://www.sotozen-net.or.jp/kokusai/list.htm  A list of Soto Zen Temples in Japan that admit foreigners.  Interesting what one finds on the internet.

http://www.sfzc.com/index.html  San Francisco Zen Center, one of the first, and still one of the very largest Zen Centers in the US.  Made famous by the book, Zen Mind, Beginners Mind, of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.  A large soto school center with many associated centers including Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in Central California, Green Gulch in Marin County, Sonoma Mountain Zen Center and the Berkley Zen Center across San Francisco bay.

http://www.zen-azi.org/index_e.html  Website of The International Zen Association founded in 1970 by Master Taisen Deshimaru who was headquartered in France, but has successors in a number of places including the US.  He was well known.

http://www.whutaworld.com/zencentersworld.html  ZEN CENTERS INDEX Below you will find every Zen Buddhist Center in the world it says, but seems only to have links in US and Europe. It's on the website of Whutaworld Book Company.

Actually lists Zen Centers in  many countries with links to their sites, but a number of links are either not correct or the sites are no longer there.  This website, zen.buddhism.org, has articles and other information, plus, audio files of Roshi Talks in MP3 format.
http://www.xmms.org/ is an MP3 Player download site.

Worldwide list of Soto Zen Temples and Centers around the world.  Available in Japanese as well as English.
This specific link takes you to Hawaii from which you can click to North America, etc.

Website of No Zendo, Zen for the lone practitioner.   Good articles and references for people practicing without a zendo to go to.  Links to different articles and places.  Nice idea, huh?! 

http://www.well.com/user/btanaka/dw.html  Lots of links
to Zen Centers and other Zen materials. 

For a lot more links search for zen rinzai, zen soto, and zen meditation centers, among others.  Zen Meditation Centers has over 9900 listings! 


I take no responsibility for the accuracy of any of these sites' information for any particular person nor the abilities of any practitioners

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This is the site of an acquaintance-friend of mine, who specializes in devices that help the body through electricity, energy, ozone, sound, etc.  I've tried a few and those do help.  Here's what she says:  "Selling over 50 Do-It-Yourself health devices to balance the body, subtle, frequency & powerful energy devices. Body zappers, Edgar Cayce products, Color Sound Therapy devices.  This is very scientific stuff, a number of devices in this genre were developed by Bob Beck & other electrical & other medicine pioneers and inventors.  FREE CONSULTATION  -  In fact, here is what Mary's own site says:
DO-IT-YOURSELF Health Devices  ---  Rev. Mary Seid is a vibrational therapist that sells color, sound, Edgar Cayce, magnetic therapy devices. Powerful and subtle energy devices. Frequency replacing devices, Hulda Clark and Bob Beck zappers, self-diagnosis devices and much more. My company uses Vibration Medicine devices to bring back optimal health & restore energy. WONDERFUL FOR ALL IMBALANCES OF THE CELLS. Catalog available.
     Come see my aura photo experiments of before and after; drinking, smoking, cellular phone, healing sessions, paranormal aura photos and so much more.

Organic Baby Clothes, Bedding & Gifts

Dr Barbara Hodal, an old friend, is a chiropractor and owner or Crystal Baby Organics, an on line baby store featuring organic clothing, bedding and gifts.  Dr Hodal has been going "organic" for several years and decided to venture into the children's arena because the earlier the better to start positively contributing to your health. We just take for granted that the clothing and bedding our children live in is innocuous, but when you research and realize all the chemical toxins used in growing cotton, you start to pay attention.  This site has lots of great information on pesticide facts and "why organic" so you can make an informed decision on what to expose your children to.




worldwide -incl by phone  http://www.globalpatientnetwork.com 
Mark Mintzer, a former disk replacement patient himself has developed a system for presenting your case on line to top surgeons around the world.  Before you have spine surgery discover all your options and make a more informed decision.  These surgeons include those who put in replacement disks.
http://www.ispine.org -The international spine patient's information network - one part is a lending library - creating a place for resource material where people can check out or borrow information or how-to's and some of it is hard to find to find elsewhere, including for instance, surgeon's conferences papers that they presented  Also has a discussion forum where spine patients around the world can come for community support or technical information about the latest in spine surgery.

See my on site articles (sections of my Back Fix Book) 
Compatible with Chiropractic       Improve Orthopedic Work   
Different from & Compatible with Massage
In my opinion, based on my own 27 years professional experience, getting Structural Integration Bodywork & my Structural Stretching or well-thoughtfully applied yoga & other stretching, releases tightness & pressure on the spine & vertebrae, & also prevents damage to disks & nerves from occurring to begin with.
     For one thing this can remove the excess curves in the vertebra line & the tightness causing the vertebrae to be pulled too close together & also going out of alignment very often.
     However, if you have significant disk damage, for instance, there are now surgical methods to get improvements. 
     And in complementary treatments, in my experience, when a person has gotten the tightness & back problem causing overall & vertebral misalignments corrected with the Bodywork & Stretches, then the spinal improvements from medical methods often feel better & other vertebrae don't pop out as easily nor is the back musculature so tight.
     Even if there is a legitimate concern of not wanting to pull on the damaged or repaired area by overall stretching, the hands-on Structural Integration & some knowledgeable stretching in other parts of the body that does not pull on the back area can create overall looseness & help the surgery benefits & injured area as well.

Health Practitioner who Can Analyze & Treat over the phone, |
& Supply Supplements   (I have been to her in person)

Naturopath who can work with Radionix testing even over the phone, at a distance.  (An energy technique of analyzing body conditions - it worked accurately for me.)  Dolores Spence ND in Hillsdale, southern Michigan (who has treated me in person & is familiar with my Bodywork) can analyze one's condition and determine appropriate herbs, homeopathics, nutritional factors, spiritual orientation, and so forth, monitor your progress. 
Her out patient clinic is Back to Basics where she can also do a nutritional and organ condition of blood analysis testing (not like what an MD lab does).  She grows some of her own herbs and makes her own tinctures.  She also works a lot with Nature's Sunshine brand of quality western and Chinese herbal capsules and some other brands.  She can create special homeopathic remedies.  517-283-2310 and herbstoo@dmci.net   (If you're Christian & you care, Dolores is also, but maybe not fundamentalist.  She often asks for God's help & guidance - and has done so in health sessions with me.  Dolores is familiar with natural & raw-organic foods & has a large garden at her place.

Other Resources

http://www.breathing.com/  A nice site I came across by "Michael Grant White, LMBT, NE, "The Breathing Coach," Breathing Development Specialist," he calls himself.  It emphasizing the benefits of good breathing and helps you breathe better with free and purchase-able info.  The site has a lot of good, useable information.  There's even an air pollution locality report.  He has a breathing video and he has a free do it yourself breathing test on line at:  http://www.breathing.com/tests.htm   There are products to buy that can cleanse the lungs and so forth.  You can even subscribe to a free optimal breathing on-line newsletter.

http://www.positivehealth.com/Default.htm  Positive Health Magazine, the largest alternative health magazine in Great Britain.  Run by Sandra Goodman PhD, who has also written a couple books, including Vitamin C, The Master Nutrient, which I recommend.  My article on Trauma Release Body-Mind Processing was published in early 2003.  See the summary and link to buying the issue at http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Bodywork/gross86_p.htm


Energetic healing Over the Phone

Energetic Healing:  NOTE:  This is NOT laying on of hands nor religious practice.  They are scientifically corroborated technical methods. All living things have energies and energy fields.  There are various methods, some used by nurses in hospitals and at health centers, and some by specialized medical doctors, that help increase and balance one's energies and that in turn helps the physiology of the organs and emotional feelings as well.

Energetic Healing & Stress Removal:  http://humanenergyactivation.com
Mike Howell   hefamike@gmail.com
is my friend Mike Howell's tel number

Mike does an exceptionally powerful energy clearing method that I've never seen elsewhere in over 20 years.  He routinely works at a distance & both I and my friends (even 1000 miles away) have seen big, immediate results. 
They feel better, lighter, more relaxed and relieved, and whole lot of accumulated emotional stuff has been cleared.  I always feel so much more deeply relaxed. Call him for details - he is very good at removing negative energies from body & massage practitioners - that other energy clearing methods I have encountered in 20 years professional practice do not remove.  He does phone clearing sessions routinely and his costs are very reasonable.

This is my old friend Karen Frank's email address.
  She has really good energy and the results of her own intensive year study shows.  She does Body Talk, Reiki, prayer, "spiritual" healing, sends energy, level one Chi Kung instructor - includes healing features - learned from Grand Master Fu at www.DaDaoChan.com and Sound-Energy Dynamics known as Tuning" by placing vibrating tuning forks on and around the body (studied with Christopher Tims at The Order of the Blue Star - search for their website). 
Karen is in Sebastian, central east coast Florida and does treatments for people and animals at a distance.
     Attn:  Gardeners & Farmers:  Plant & Crop Improvements:  Karen also works with plants (with an actual "plant talk" system)
 She has studied a bit with the developer of this system who used the body talk method to apply to his own field.  He has over 25 years in Global Agricultural experience and is university educated in both horticulture (BS) and plant pathology (PhD).   Plant Talk can be applied to crops & at a distance as well.
     Karen has worked with plants a lot. 
Her own plant has gotten a lot healthier since she has been "communicating" with it. (I knew a nice older Jewish lady friend of my parents who said she'd never been good with plants before, but her philodendron was doing beautifully.  She said she talks to it every day, "Hello, Mr. Plant, Hoe are you today?  etc)
     Also see www.bodytalksystem.com  and www.planttalksystem.com

Michael Derowin -
Psychic & Emotional Counselor - worldwide readings by phone, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 403-283-2459  Mountain Time.  (Sorry no email available for readings) 
I know Mike by phone & had a couple readings from him.  Besides his direct landline, you can get readings free phone connection on computer to computer, on Skype (michael.derowin) and yahoo IM voice michaelderowin@yahoo.ca, and MSN IM voice cosmichaeling@hotmail.com  -and until Dec 31, 2006 free from your Skype in the US or Canada to his land line phone.

He feels and sees – and has very fast response as you talk with him and gives details - and you can check what he says about you and the other people from what you already know.  His Specialty is – emotions – he senses them from the person getting the reading on the phone and from other people the reading is about, and he helps people deal with their emotions in relationship, in family matters, and within themselves.  By understanding the feelings people are having he can communicate his own views about them and also what he sees and feels would resolve things for the better.  Again, you can check with what you already know.  He also specializes with reading and treating women (more than men).  He worked on a psychic line in Canada for a year and had a very loyal following.  He also has been a Tarot reader for 20 years.  He works on a sliding scale starting at $80/hr  $50/half hr (and working downward).


Florida at OyMap.com - a world directory


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